A lady in uniform : part-2

It’s a memorable journey for me as I got a sexy gal in police uniform to make love ,so as we both ….(A lady in uniform – part 1) ..Mohit & sima got exhausted ,she is bit shy and than she is on my wider berth with me .sima is posted in Uttar Pradesh police as she is looking too hot in her night wear and her physical fitness is attractive ,so while kissing her slender neck to loving her tight vagina ,I felt bit hot and her round boobs have given me a strong message of her virgin status.so we slept like couple as we slept soundly but as my eyes got opened ,I am shocked to her absence but as my eyes moved to my legs ,I can see him sitting while her uniform is on her sexy body…….

So it’s a pleasant morning as I wake up and moved towards washroom ,after having refreshment I am back as I put my trouser and shirt with bermuda inside it.so on time ,train reached new Delhi as looking at me ,sima asked

“you are here for couple of days ,isn’t it ?
(Me)yes , tomorrow I have to appear in a exam and than in night I will be back
(Sima)ok ,so where you will stay ?
(Me)in a hotel but what’s your problem ?
(Sima) nothing serious ,ok .”

And we both moved out of train as I am bit confused about her query and as we both are walking out of platform,I asked

“you will go to Ghaziabad to join training
(She smiled)not today ,I have to report there tomorrow morning
(Mohit) oh I see !you will stay in your relative’s home
(Sima stops walking)you are too innocent ,Mohit I have asked you about your stay ,isn’t it ?
(Me)sure but …..
(Sima)I have no option other than to stay in hotels room
(Mohit bit excited)sure ,we can stay together
(Sima)no it’s not safe for me
(Mohit)means we can stay in same hotel as our rooms will be different .”

And she looked at me in an adverent manner as we both are in autorickshaw stand ,so thinking where to move for hotel and she have some idea of it.sima have shown her sexy body as I have loved it while she have enjoyed with me but her tight hole of vagina have not received my long cock ,so as we both have put my luggage in auto ,she is bit outspoken as she said “need a room in hotel
(He)in which area madam ?
(Sima)I think Karol Bagh will be good for us.”

And than we are sitting in autorickshaw as our eyes are meeting quite often ,so as we both have walked towards Paharganj side , rickshaw driver now took us towards railway overbridge as it’s a less traffic road in the early morning.so after 15 minutes ,we both are in a hotel red castle as we hold our luggage and room was available but as we are getting inside ,she asked…….

“Mohit ,we can live in a single room also ,will you feel disturbed ? ” and I responded positively as we are on reception ,so looking at lady police , hotel manager smiled as he asked to enter details on register ,so she took sima’s police ID as documents and we are on second floor .so a service guy put our luggage as he asked

“sir , anything you need
(Looking at eachother’s face)yes ,cup of tea only .”

So lady cop sima sit on bed’s corner as she hold her big bag ,now put it on her thighs as she opened it and I took out my bermuda ,so she took out her pyjamas with kurti .so as I hold my buckles to open it ,I felt bit shy and she moved inside washroom with her clothes.now I removed my clothes in hurry as I put my bermuda and vest only ,so waiting for sima to come out of washroom as I want to urinate and have refreshment.so she came in room as i moved inside ,a double bed spacious room with A/C facility as attached washroom is neat and clean ,so as my eyes are still in sleepy mode ,I moved in room and I can see sima on bed.so I switched off the bulb as night bulb is on and now I slept on bed while putting my face towards her opposite direction.as I am looking for her desires to see “how she feels with me in a room “and as I closed my eyes,door bell starts ringing.now I moved to door as i opened it ,a guy came inside with cups of tea for us.so we both are having it as I locked the door and than I get laid on bed ,this time our faces are in same direction as we are looking eachother and lastly ,my hand moved to her waist as she put away my hand………

“hello mr.don’t try to touch a lady cop
(I felt bit nervous but than sima laughed)you are so sweet ,can’t believe it.”

And now sima moved closer as we both hold eachother in arms ,she is kissing my face to lips as her soft boobs are pressing hard on my chest…….

“Mohit ,you need sleep or
(Mohit while rubbing her butts)I want to sleep but it’s your choice” and she is bit shy ,so now she is putting her lips on my lips as my hand hold her hairs and now I opened my mouth as I took her lips in it.so while sucking her lips with my hand pulling down her pyjamas ,she is too horny as she is also doing it fast and as I freed her lips ,she pushed her long tongue in my mouth.now as my hand have removed her pyjamas ,while sucking her tongue my hand is rubbing her vaginal zone ,it’s nude as her closed eyes with fast breathing is making her sexy.so as her nude thighs to legs are being rubbed ,she have hold my cock and starts jerking it ,now while she pushed my face back to free her tongue ,I am a hot guy.

Now I made sima straight on bed as I leaned on her top but not before removing her kurti ,so as her nude body is under my body I starts kissing her soft neck to face but she is also rubbing my back as her hand is measuring my butts and so after kissing her face to neck ,I put my face on her chest as I hold her breast and swallow it to suck ,so sucking it hard I am squeezing other ones and sima is screaming “uh ah um , haven’t got satisfied in train ,so do it nicely “and my mouth than made her soft boobs hard as it’s nipple erected ,so looking at him ,her face is reddish as she is smiling on me

“Mohit ,your cooperation in train have turned into a physical affair
(Me)don’t you want it ?.”

And sima is ashamed but I put my finger on her lips as she hold it and sucked it also ,so as I swallow her breast in my mouth ,she have hold my erected penis in her hand and starts masturbating it.so we both are in fire as she is sounding sexy “uh ah oh ,now it’s itching Mohit “and than I left her boobs as I put my lips on her tummy ,so kissing her tummy to waist ,I am feeling fully aroused and as I am loving her waist ,she have put her legs crossed .so I hold her thighs to make it wide but her resistance is making me wild and so I made her legs wide as I put my face in between her thighs and so my lips are sealed on her sexy vagina as I can smell natural odour coming out of it.so sima is still trying to push my face back but my hard hold on her thighs made her a little hot one as she starts screaming “uh ah um ,let me wash my vagina ,oh I have missed it after having urinal .”

But as my tongue starts licking her vagina ,she put her fingers and made it little wider ,so my tongue is licking her hole as my cock is fully erected.now I am intensely licking her clitoris as she is in fire ,so as she have put her hand on my head she is pushing my face towards her vagina and now I wake up as I slowly guides my finger in her dry cunt.so as I sit near her face ,she is not now a lady cop for me as her sexy body is fully aroused ,she hold my long cock and swallows it.so while fingering sima’s cunt I starts fucking her mouth with my long thick penis and it’s unexpected as she have been with me in train but like a shy gal and as sima put her elbow on bed ,she starts spinning her head fast as her cunt got wet ,I took out my finger and now while feeling my penis growing bigger and harder in her mouth,I am screaming in pleasure “oh uh um ,you are so sexy aahh suck suck hard”and as she took out my penis to lick ,my cock started ejaculating semen and she than jerked it while holding it.so I forced her to suck it as my cum dropped on bed ,she swallows it and licked my cum to taste it.we slept nude on bed……….

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