When Love Is Wrong – Is it love or lust for her brother?

Is it love or lust for her brother.. When Love Is Wrong.. I’ll never know what came over me.

Maybe it was the heat. Somehow, in summer, I always felt the air was filled with the scent of raw male. The way my short summer skirts would swing against the back of my bare legs, the way the sudden cool breeze would caress the strands of hair resting at the nape of my sweaty neck, like a lover’s whispered breath.

Maybe I was mad at having been cheated on by my loser boyfriend. Betrayal rumbled deep in the pit of my stomach that summer. Bitterness laced each waking day. Sex had always been a part of our power play. Maybe I had come up with the only way to trump him.

Or maybe it was the way Nick carried me upstairs and tucked me into bed when I’d tried to drowned my sorrows, pulled the covers up to my chin, tucked my fringe behind my ear and kissed my forehead before leaving my room, careful to leave my door half open. His tenderness touching me even through my drunken haze.

Or maybe it was just time.

The morning after my now infamous drinking binge, like hundreds of morning before, my little brother was sitting at the counter shovelling cereal into his mouth, engrossed in some textbook, as I stumbled into the kitchen. Leaning against the counter in my robe and nursing my coffee, I found myself scrutinising him, observing him, and, if I was totally, completely honest, deliciously, visually, devouring him. Having just turned 18, his still lanky body had an undeniable sexy awkwardness. Being 24, I’m used to fully built bodies, arms and legs muscly and strong. The way his legs folded and wrapped around the kitchen stool was boyishly clumsy. His upper body, however, told a different story. A rower all his life, his arms strong and tanned, the outline of his biceps stretched against his t-shirt as he continued lifting the spoon to his mouth at a record rate. I sighed as I dimly recalled how he’d held my body the night before.

“Hey Nicky, thanks for last night, babe. Hope I wasn’t too much trouble.” His grunt, though not an uncommon sound in the morning, seemed a little more loaded than usual. Never one to avoid any kind of conflict, real or imagined I asked,

“What’s up?”

Still looking into his industrial sized bowl of cereal, he mumbled, “You drink too much, Amy. If you’re just having fun that’s fine but I know it’s still over that shithead ex of yours. Get over it. It’s been a month. He’s moved on, in fact, he moved on while you were still together, remember? Do you really want to be pining over him?”

His words, as always pierced to the heart of truth. But it was his concern for me that touched. Not that being told what to do by my little brother didn’t irk though.

“Fine. No more drowning sorrows drinking,” I mumbled. Then to clear the air, I joked, “As long as every other kind is up for grabs.”

But he’d already returned to his textbook. I smiled at his face, scrunched up in concentration. I’d always admired how he’d devote himself 100% to anything he cared about. Pretending to be engrossed in my coffee I went back to observing him. His hair, black and wildly unkempt, falling back into his eyes as soon as he’d pushed it back. His sleepy face; wrinkled by pillow creases and unshaven. He looked young, rugged, sexy, beautiful.

He looked like the perfect summer afternoon fuck.

I shook my head, shaking the images from my head. What was wrong with me? Sex daydreaming about my little brother? I must still be drunk. I choked on my coffee, swore and hurried out of the kitchen. Nick looked up, following me with an amused, confused gaze.

Getting out of the shower later that morning, I lay back on my bed, naked, loving the feeling of the air conditioner blow over my wet skin. Images of my little brother, uninvited, again, flashing through my mind. His strong arms holding me down while he rocking his body against me. My fingers running up and down his inner thighs while I lay between them, my head bobbing up and down on his crotch. His rough cheek, harsh against my skin while he rubbed his face against my breasts. As I turned over onto my stomach, burying my face into my pillow trying to hide from the images in my head, the fan blew over my naked ass, making me shiver. Unconsciously spreading my legs, the soft breeze blew across my pussy lips. The sudden image of my brother, his head between my legs blowing softly over my labia made me moan and I reached under my body, softly rubbing the slowly dampening lips. Pulling soft pink lips apart, the soft cool breeze wafted over my clit as my pussy squeezed involuntarily, my juices starting to drip out over my fingers. I slowly rubbed the outside of my wet pussy with my index finger, my thumb slowly making it’s way to my clit, making me jerk once it made contact. Overtaken by an uncontrollable sudden horniness, I thrust my index finger deep into my tight hole. The wetness surprising me as my finger was sucked further and further into my hungry pussy. My thumb taking up a slow hard circling pattern over my clit, I slipped a second finger into my cunt, stretching it wide, as I pushed my body down onto my hand while my fingers pushed deeper into my hole.

Unable to rid the flashes of my brother finger fucking me and sucking on my clit, I gave in and closed my eyes, picturing him right there with me. Whispering his name softly under my breath, I told him to fuck me deeper with his fingers. Hearing my own voice saying my brother’s name in the middle of such intensity brought my orgasm on unusually fast. And as I pulled out my index finger to squeeze my clit while still slamming my middle finger deep into my cunt, the wave of orgasm washed over me and I screamed, “Nick, fuck, yes, baby. Fuck me, Nick” over and over again. My entire body pulsed with an incredible energy as I trembled with pleasure.

Falling down hard onto the bed, my fingers still under me softly caressing the soft moist folds of my pussy lips, my door swung open, followed by Nick running into the room panting, “What’s the matter? Are you ok?” before stopping dead in his tracks and letting off a torrent of obscenities. Exhausted from my mentally intense orgasm, all I could was reach over for the quilt, pulling it over my naked, exposed, freshly covered in sweat body. Turning towards him, I noticed his eyes flicking up and down my body.

Embarrassed, I yelled, “The least you could fucking do is turn around perve!”

He stuttered an apology as he turned around. “Sorry sis, I just heard you calling my name, I thought you were being attacked or something.”

Bringing my hands up to cover my rapidly reddening face, I snapped at him out of embarrassment. “What the fuck are you on about, I wasn’t yelling anything you must’ve imagined it, now get out.” Shuffling his feet he walked towards the door, then hesitated before turning around.

“I’m really sorry, sis. I really did think something was wrong, Have a good nap.” He smiled apologetically before closing the door.

Covering my face, I let out a stifled scream of embarrassment. I was almost caught masturbating to the fantasy of my own little brother eating me out. My body tired, I laid back, falling asleep, my dreams filled with a dark haired boy.

My hangover still hanging like a dark cloud over me when I got up mid afternoon, I thought a little sunshine would help dry up whatever alcohol I had left in my body, not to mention, I had to get out of my bedroom where I couldn’t stop thinking about the intense orgasm I’d had from thinking about my little brother. Spreading my towel out on the backyard patio, I looked around, and seeing no one, took off my bikini top, laying down letting the sun turn my back an even tan brown. The sun lulling me into a more relaxed state, I dozed off.

Some time later, I opened my eyes to a hazy figure in front of me. Nick was spread out in a similar fashion next to me, exposing his long body to the sunlight. God, his body looked good stretched out like that, I couldn’t help noticing the slight bulge in his shorts. I slapped my face, amazed at my own insistence at continuing this ridiculous fantasy. His light snoring making me giggle as I sat up, my back to him, clasping my bikini top back into place. Pulling my hair up and clipping it into place, I pulled some strands down to frame my neck and face.

Noticing his snoring had stopped I turned to him, shading my eyes from the sun. His eyes were fixed on my body but as I turned to him he shifted them up to my face.

“Hey you,” I said softly.

“Hey sis.”

“Sorry about this afternoon, I was just embarrassed. I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“That’s ok, sis. And anyway, I shouldn’t say this but you haven’t got a thing to be embarrassed about.” Making exaggerated fanning movements he winked at me as he said, “hubba hubba if you know what I mean.”

Glad to see the tension between us was broken, I laughed and slapped his leg. He sat up suddenly and grabbed my arm, pulling my body into his. My hand braced against his naked chest he held my arm tight while his hand pressed into the small of my back pushing my body closer into him, my face falling onto his shoulder. I shivered as his lips softly grazed my ear as he whispered to me, “You look amazing with those little wisps of hair hanging down your neck, sis. Really, really sexy.”

Then, letting my arm go he lay back down turning onto his stomach, facing away from me.

Confused at the intimacy of the moment, this time instigated by Nick, I gathered up my things and walked back towards the house. Deciding to pretend as though nothing had happened I turned back to him and asked, “Since Mum and Dad are away this week, do you wanna do something tonight?”

He mumbled, “I’ve got some of the guys coming over, only about 5 of them. We’re just gonna watch a movie. You’re welcome to join us.”

My relief that we wouldn’t be alone tonight was unnerving, what was I afraid was going to happen?

The night turned out to be relaxed and fun. Even though we’d planned to stay in, I’d taken some time getting ready, wearing my red string bikini, and a long white, almost sheer wrap tied around my waist to show off my (finally!) toned, tanned legs. My long black hair pulled up in a high ponytail high atop my head with soft ringlets cascading down. His friends, though younger than me, were mature and witty. Sitting out on the patio with the BBQ I got to know them better, while secretly enjoying their stolen looks at my body throughout the night. His best friend, Matt, whom I had known for awhile, was especially attentive. While the others were inside preparing the drinks, he brought one out to me while I was exerting my control freak tendencies about how the food was to be cooked. My back facing the door he came up behind me, placing one hand on my bare back, dropping a short sweet kiss on my shoulder before handing me my drink.

Leaning into me slightly he said “You’re looking amazing these days, Amy, being single must agree with you. Though I never imagine you’ll be single for long.” I pushed him away playfully, enjoying the male attention. Letting the drinks have their way with me, I playfully went along with his flirting. As the night went on, his touches became more frequent, more lingering, more daring. And as he became more comfortable, the opposite was taking its effect on my little brother. If I’m honest, while I enjoyed the looks from the other boys that night, not one meant as much as when Nick first saw me coming down the stairs in my outfit. He’d stared at me while I’d looked him straight in the eye, walking up to him and kissing him softly on his cheek asking sweetly if he needed any help setting up. He’s mumbled something in the negative and walked into the kitchen, swearing under his breath. Something was going on between us. I didn’t know what it was, but it beginning to be fun.

Throughout the night, Nick constantly interrupted private conversations I’d have with his friends, pulling me away for the most mundane reasons. I played along with him, letting him think he was in control, pretending not to notice his strange behaviour. That is, until I’d had too many drinks. During a particularly heated moment with Matt, Nick grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen.

“What’s your fuckin’ problem, Nick?” I yelled at him as he slammed the door shit behind us.

“Nothing,” he answered, his voice low and tense. ” I just don’t like that you’re acting as though it’s a free for all out there”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean you’re acting as though all it takes is a few drinks and a few compliments about your boobs is all it takes to get into your pants. I have to hang out with these guys, I’d rather they didn’t all think my sister was the town slut,” he flung back at me.

He’d gone too far, and he wasn’t going to apologise. Although we both knew it was his jealousy talking, we weren’t ready to deal with what was going on between us. I just shook my head at him and stormed out.

Running out into the backyard past the party, I headed for the end of the garden where I could verbally let out my frustration at the situation. Standing swearing into the wind for a while, I felt a figure coming up behind me. Matt wrapped his arms around my shoulders, dropping his lips down onto my neck.

“You ok?” His voice low, husky.

“Yeah, just needed some time alone”

“Want me to go?” His voice hopeful, he added, “Or can you be alone with me?”

Turning slightly in his arms, looking up at him, I knew that there was only one way to get Nick and those ridiculous feelings out of my system, to replace them with something else. I pulled Matt’s arms tighter around me and pushed my hips back against him. Groaning softly, his breath hot against my ear he ground his crotch hard against me.

“Ohhh Amy, you’re so hot.”

Reaching my hand behind me I started rubbing his already hardening cock through his jeans. Pulling his zipper open I dug into his pants and pulled out his cock. He was average thickness but long. Hard. Wrapping my hand in a fist around his cock I jacked him slowly while he rocked his hips against me. Pulling the straps down from my bikini, exposing my care breasts, he held both in his hands. Squeezing them hard against each other he bent over my shoulder and kissed soft skin between my tits. In between soft pants he coarsely whispered, “Fuck what I wouldn’t do to slide my cock right there.” As I turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck, voices from the back door called out to us.

“Amy! Matt! We’re going in to watch the movie now! Come on guys, we’ll wait for you.”

Matt dropped face onto my shoulder, groaning.

I giggled and pulled my bikini back over my breasts. “Come on, the night’s not over yet.”

As I walked into the living room hand in hand with Matt, I searched for Nick. Looking into his eyes, I was shocked what I saw there. The hurt and jealousy there was raw. Suddenly it wasn’t just my body, but my heart ached for him. He looked away and then back at me. His eyes almost pleading. I walked up to him wrapping my arms around him in a big sister hug. His voice cracking slightly he said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean any of it.”

Pulling away I looked him in the eye and assured him quietly, “I know, Nicky, forget it. Lets just enjoy the rest of the night. Come on, come sit next to me.”

We turned back to the room as Matt called out, “Amy, I saved a spot for you.” Seeing me turn back to Nick he said, “You too, Nick, there’s room.” Settling back into the couch, I pulled a blanket over the three of us, while the other guys made jokes about being left out of the Amy sandwich. The lights were turned off as the movie started.

Five minutes into the movie, under the blanket, Matt grabbed my hand gently and placed it over his crotch. He’d unzipped his pants and already pulled out his hard dick. Never able to refuse a hard long cock, I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began slow long strokes upon the entire length of his cock. Covering his mouth and coughing he hid a moan as I stroked the seam of his cock with my thumb. Getting into the rhythm of five slow long strokes and five quick short jerks of the head of his cock had precum dripping in loads over my fingers. The extra lubrication made the strokes slick and smooth. Matt, now sitting back, alternatively coughed and laughed to cover up his moans. Wanting to work him up into a long hard cum, I slowed down and let him get his breath back.

Feeling me back off slightly on his cock, Matt began to run his hand softly, slowly up and down my left leg. Caressing me slowly he moved gradually towards the inner thigh. Running just his fingertips against the skin, I sighed and unconsciously squirmed, spreading my legs slightly. Nick feeling me settling, turned to smile at me and put his arm around my shoulder. Matt , feeling a little bolder, moved his hand closer and closer to my pussy. Turning to him I pulled my hand off his cock and slipped my finger into my mouth licking his precum from my finger. As I reached back under the blanket and grabbed his cock, he began an assault on my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as possible, my horniness taking over completely. The incredible intensity of having my pussy touched while sitting right next to my brother was almost more than I could bear. As he pushed my bikini bottoms to the side, Matt wasted no time and plunged his long thick finger all the way into my cunt. I grunted uncontrollably, causing some looks to be thrown my way. Smiling weakly back I sat back, and shoved a corner of the blanket into my mouth. My hand still steadily working his massive erection, Matt pumped his finger deep in and out of my pussy, sensing my need he pressed his thumb into me, flat against my clit. Sighing, I laid my head back onto Nick’s shoulder. Feeling me jerking against him, he looked down at me, enquiringly. Seeing the flush rushing up my neck, and the way my close were closed …the similar look on Matt’s face, he caught on. Catching the conflict on his face, I pulled myself off him, leaning back against the couch Matt’s finger still pistoning in and out of me. His thumb flicking so fast over my clit, my orgasm was fast coming on. I reached under the blanket and pulled down my bikini top. Making Matt focus on his cock with a series of short fast tight fist over the tip of his cock, I whispered to him, “You’re getting me so close, just sit back and close your eyes and under our hands playing with each other.”

Now caring about nothing but my orgasm, I turned back to Nick, who was still in a state of conflict. Reaching for his hand, I pulled it up and cupped it around my breasts, he closed his eyes as I leaned towards him and whispered, “You know what would make me cum so hard, baby? I knew you wanted me to? Do you want me to cum?”

Opening his eyes he looked straight at me and said, “more than anything.”

I smiled at him and said “Just be careful not to get tangled up with Matt’s hand ok? Just flick my nipple baby You’re gonna help me to come so hard.”

Continuing my work on Matt’s cock, I sat back, one guy’s hand fucking me for all it was worth, each thrust getting deeper and deeper into me, his thumb building me to a incredible orgasm by flicking my clit and most of all, my own little brother’s hand cupping my tits, squeezing my nipple making it harder than it had ever been. In seconds all the blood rushed to my head, my little brother watching me, I let out a long low moan as wave after wave after wave of orgasms washed over me. Matt’s fingers were sucked into my pussy as I squeezed tight on him, my juices soaking the coach beneath me. I leaned my head back onto Nick’s shoulder jerking softly as he swore under his breath, his hands still rubbing my breast, kissing my forehead lightly and looking at me with eyes suddenly filled with lust. The intensity of coming with Nick’s hand on my breast was mind-blowing and I knew that I was going to want more.

Letting go of Matt’s cock, I changed my seating position telling Matt to spread his legs so I could sit between them and leaning back against his chest and lifting my legs up resting on Nick’s lap. By now I knew, no matter whether it was right or wrong, no matter who found out. No matter whether it would change things forever, I was going to make Nick want me so much, he would beg me to fuck him. He would beg to fuck his own sister.

Trying to pretend to be engrossed in the movie, I knew every two seconds his eyes flicked our way. Easing my butt against his cock, Matt began to slowly thrust his hips into me, his cock finding the smooth skin of my back stroking the underside of his cock with every thrust. Moving his hand up onto my breasts, he grabbed one in each hand and began to knead them, his finger instantly rubbing my nipples. The drinks, my orgasm and the dirtiness of the situation made me light-headed and I sighed loudly. Nick turned to me frowning slightly and I smiled sweetly back at him. As I pushing back softly against him, Matt moaned softly into my ear and said “Nasty girl, first you cum sitting right there next to your own brother now you’re giving him his own private show, that is so fucking sexy, I’m going to cum so hard knowing he’s watching us”

I thought to myself, not as hard as he’s going to cum later.

As Matt began to quicken his thrusts, I felt Nick’s hand began to lightly run up and down my calves. Slow butterfly soft caresses so gentle. The contact , almost feather light, sent shivers through me and I pushed back faster against Matt. Pinching my nipples hard now as he grunted “fuck, fuck, fuck” continually into my ear, he thrust his cock faster and faster against my back. Wanting this to be the one last show to push Nick over the edge, I rubbed my foot against his crotch. His breath catching at the back of his throat, he sat back and turned to watch us, his eyes never leaving mine. Placing the instep of my foot against the underside of his cock, I stroked him up and down to the rhythm of Matt’s strokes. His rock hard dick pushed down on me. Swallowing hard, his breathing quickened as he involuntarily rocked his hips forward against my foot. Fucking the hell out of my back, fast hard thrusts, Matt squeezed my breasts hard once, grunting into my ear “I’m cumming, you fucking hot nasty girl,” and then stilled, his cum splashing out in white ribbons over my bare back. Then jerking softly, he let go of my breasts and jacked the remaining cum from his cock.

Lying back against the couch he pulled me back onto him. My eyes still on Nick’s, my foot still stroking his twitching cock, I lifted Matt’s cum covered hand to my lips and sucked his index finger all the way into my mouth. Closing his eyes, Nick moaned and pushed my foot away from his cock, wrapping his own hand around his shaft jacking himself off as the cum built up in his balls and splashed out the top of his throbbing cock. Seeing him lie back against the couch, his eyes closed, I smiled ironically, knowing the confusion running through his head.

Pulling myself off Matt, I readjusted my bikini top and pulled the wrap up to my breasts covering my cum covered back. Standing up, I walked upstairs to my room laughing at the other guys who were so engrossed in whatever action movie they’d already seen a hundred times that they didn’t even notice the incestuous threesome going on on the couch. Taking off my wrap, I turned on the shower and stepped in. leaning my chest against the wall, I let the water pelt against my back, washing the cum from my skin. The cold of the tile wall made my nipples tingle. I shivered as I remembered Nick’s hand on my breasts flicking my nipples, squeezing it, making it so hard. Straining against the thin bikini material I closed my eyes wishing I was holding his head in my hands while his lips were locked around my hard nubs. My face grew hot as I reminded myself that all these thoughts, all this energy I was putting into seducing this guy, it was my little brother. Why wasn’t I feeling repulsed? Why did it only make me hornier? I was high on the sexual energy exuding from my fantasies.

Closing my eyes I let my body relax, the water massaging my back. Suddenly, I felt a figure step into the shower behind me. He pulled me away from the wall and into his arms, wrapping his long body around mine. Laying his head on my shoulder, he whispered “I love you sis.”

Turning around in his arms, I looked at my little brother, fully clothed, water … and tears running down his face and I knew then, it wasn’t just sex. I loved him too.

His eyes pleading with mine he said, “Don’t sleep with Matt tonight, ok?” Knowing that now was the time to deal with the day’s incredible events I asked,

“Why not, honey?”

“Just promise me you won’t, send him home,” the urgency in his voice growing.

“I need to know why baby. Just say it” Watching the conflict run across his face, I couldn’t put him through it anymore. Pushing away the wet hair plastered across his face, I whispered, “Are you jealous, Nick”

“You know I am.”

“What if I promise not to sleep with him tonight?”

Looking at me with such hope, he smiled, “really?”

“Of course, you know I’d do anything for you, haven’t I been your big sis all your life?”

Hearing me refer to our relationship he let go of me and turned to the other wall, punching it before swearing and muttering, “What the fuck am I doing?”

His pain and frustration tore through me. The stakes had changed. Over a day I had gone from loving him as my little brother, to wanting to fuck him, to loving him as a man. I pulled his arm, turning him to face me.

“What’s going on in your head, Nick?”

” I don’t know, I’m so confused”

“Just blurt it out,” I probed.

” I want to make love to you ,ok? God, I want to just rip that bikini off you, and touch you, lick you, suck you! I want to feel you cum while I’m holding you, want to make you cum with my cock inside you. Oh my God, don’t hate me, I’m so sick”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his sweetness

“Baby?! What the hell did you think that whole show going on downstairs was about?” Wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled his face towards mine ” I want you to do all those things to me. And more.”

Looking down at me, his eyes so vulnerable, he blinked once and then dropped his mouth onto mine. Pulling me deep into his body he ravaged my mouth with his. Forcing my lips apart, he sucked my tongue into his wet warm mouth. His tongue entangling with mine, his lips crushed against my own, I moaned at the emotions overtaking me. Pulling away from my mouth he gasped for breath, spluttering at the shower water before dragging his mouth down my neck. My arms still around his neck I arched back, his mouth drawing a pathway from my jawbone over my collarbone and onto the tops of my breasts. Pulling me back to him, he covered my lips with his again.

Reaching down his body I fumbled for his cock. His hardness jutting out of his short, he groaned into my mouth as I wrapped my hand around him. My fist stroking the head of his cock, he pushed my back against the wall as he pulled away from my mouth and moved his mouth over my bikini covered breasts. Arched over he sucked the hard nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the tip. His hot breath over my cold skin sent trembles down my back and he let go of my nipples and pulled me back into his arms. Sighing loudly he pulled my hand from his dick and up to his mouth. Kissing it softly he smiled at me and said “Are you sure you want his”

Looking at him, simultaneously loving him for his tenderness and his strength I said, ” yes baby, I do. But being the older one, I need to make sure that it’s what YOU want. I know I’ve been teasing you and playing with you but I don’t want you to do anything to hurt you.” Dropping his lips down on mine for a sweet short kiss he said,

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted.” Turning the shower water off, he said, “Let me get rid of the guys. Then I’m all yours.”

Letting go of me he stepped out of the shower and out of the bathroom. I followed the water trail he left behind, standing at the top of stairs waiting for him. The commotion from the lounge room drifted up the stairs.

“She’s not feeling well and you guys are making too much noise.”

“What the fuck, man? We’ve been watching the film, not saying a word!”

“Whatever, come on, out you go. See ya later!” I could her Matt asking after me.

“Yeah, she’s fine mate, she’ll call you tomorrow, she just suddenly felt sick that’s all.”

Then the door slammed shut. His running footsteps stopping at the bottom of the stairs. He looked up at me. His eyes burning into me. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I’d love him forever. Taking one step at a time, I held my breath, as he come to a stop as his face came level with mine. In one motion he lifted me up into his arms, my swooping his arm under my legs. In a delighted gasp I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head against his chest. His heart pounded in my ears as he carried me into my bedroom. Laying me carefully onto the bed he dropped his mouth down onto mine. My mouth went into his wet hair, caressing his cheeks, feeling the skin of his neck as his lips caressed mine. He kissed with his heart, the way he knew to suck on my bottom lip while I tentatively licked his top one. How he dipped his tongue into my mouth and then drew it back knowing mine would chase it into his mouth. His experience surprised me. I had no idea of his sexual knowledge, he’d never brought any girl home, but I knew he always carried condoms.

Pulling away, he kept his eyes on mine as he peeled his wet clothes off. Pulling his T-shirt over his head, his bare chest gleamed at me. His chest, strong, hard, built and his nipples brown and hard. Undoing the button and pulling his zipper down, he dropped his short and stepped out of them. His cock straining against his jocks he rubbed it briefly before sliding them down his legs. His body, lanky, I thought, in clothes, was perfect naked. His hips slim, his stomach peppered with little hairs, his shoulders broad. And his cock. About 8 inches but thick at the base with a wet, round head.

I reached out for him, “Come back to me, baby. I want to feel your body on mine.”

Sliding towards me from the bottom of the bed he slid his hands up my long legs. Following his fingers with a trail of soft kisses he left goose bumps in his wake. Pushing my knees apart, he ran his lips up the inner thigh of my left leg. Feeling me shiver he licked one long line from my knee all the way to the edge of my bikini bottoms and then down the other side. Laughing at the way I’d whimper every time he skipped over my crotch, his tongue left long wet lines over my skin. Then in one swift movement he pulled my bikini bottoms down my legs, baring my naked shaven pussy. Lowering his head he buried his face into my crotch, rubbing his cheeks over my pussy lips, his mouth, his tongue. Watching my brother, his hard cock resting against his legs as he knelt between my thighs lying between my legs, made my pussy squeeze, juices dripping out onto his lips.

Smiling he looked up at me, “You’re so beautiful. I want to lick up every drop of your sweet pussy juices. I want to make up for all these years of having to settle for sneaking around smelling your sheets after knowing that you’d masturbated.” I looked at him shocked.

“I never knew you did that!”

“So who’s been playing who, sis?’

Before I could answer he pushed my pussy lips apart and slid his tongue into my hole. Letting out a scream, I arched my body pushing myself deeper onto his tongue. Pushing his face further into me, he wriggled his tongue licking the inside of my pussy. Pulling out he sucked on his index finger, rubbing in circles the outside of my pussy before plunging it all the way in.

“Fuck, sis, you’re so tight. So sexy, I love the way you’re pussy’s swallowing my finger.”

Lying flat onto the bed he lifted my legs over his shoulders, his finger sliding deeper and deeper into me with every thrust. His finger felt so good thrusting into me I pushed down meeting every thrust. Holding my lips apart he brought his mouth down right over my clit blowing cool air over the tip. Feeling the sudden pressure on my clit made me squirm turning grinding my pussy hard over his finger. He took the chance to bend his finger stretching me tight, grazing my g-spot. I gasped at the stimulation, my legs clamping over his head. Pulling his finger out he stroked my inner thighs calming me down. As I lay back down he pushed my pussy lips apart, and lifting my ass up slightly he dragged his tongue from my little pink puckered hole all the way over my pussy stopping at the bottom edge of my clit. It felt so incredible. He began again, pushing his wet tongue flat against my ass and licking o long wet line all the way to my pussy. I moaned over and over, “Oh God, I can’t believe my little brother’s licking my pussy, oh God yes.”

As he continued to torture me, stopping every time just before my clit, my orgasm built. I brought my hands to my breasts sliding them under the bikini and started to flick my nipples. Seeing me lying back, my nipples in my hands he whispered, Oh baby, yes, flick those nipples, make them hard, make them hard for me so I can suck on them later.” I’d given up all control and put myself in his hands. His licks became faster, harder, my breath came out in quick heaves. Needing so hard to come I slipped a hand down to my clit. Seeing my intention he grabbed my hand and put it on the back of his head saying, “I want you to push my face down, I want you to want to swallow my head with your pussy, baby,” and with that he stuck his lips over my clit sucking hard and forcing two fingers into my cunt.

Screaming uncontrollably, “I’m cummiinggggggggggggg oh fuck oh yes, fuck I’m cumming, fuck my pussy with your finger, Nicky,” I came so hard, my pussy clamped over his fingers as he pistoned them in and out of my hole. His lips sucking on my entire clit sending wave after wave of pleasure over my body. My body arching from so much pleasure, I push his finger deeper into me.

Feeling me slowly begin to get my breath back he pulled his mouth away from my clit. Bending both fingers he pushed hard against my g-spot, feeling my whole body tense as another orgasm built, he rubbed his thumb hard over my clit stroking it hard and fast, as I tipped on the edge I looked at him as he winked and said, “Sis, I’m going to make you come like never before,” and moved his mouth down to my ass and forcing his tongue past the tight ring. Knowing nothing but the incredible intense pleasure I came screaming his name as he fucked my ass with his tongue and my tight cunt with his fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, yes, yes, lick my ass, baby. I love how you fuck my holes, little brother!”

As I clamped down on his fingers, he said, “Give me those juices, sis, I want to taste you, I can’t get enough of your taste in my mouth,” before lapping hard at my quivering cunt. As he watched me slowly come down he pulled his fingers out from my pussy and slid them into his mouth. Moving up my body covering my stomach with kisses, licking my nipples over the fabric making me jump and kissing my lips softly before resting his head on my chest, he whispered, ” I told you I wanted you to come, sis.”

Giggling softly at his playfulness, I pulled his face up to mine. I whispered, “Did u like the way I taste honey?” Crushing his lips down onto mine he slipped his tongue into my mouth sliding it all over the inside of my mouth, sharing me the salty sweetness collected in his mouth.

“I want to drink you every morning for the rest of my life,” he sighed softly. The huskiness in his voice caught at me as I looked into his face. Needing to satisfy my own need to taste him I pushed him back onto the bed. Straddling over him, I ran my lips over his skin, making him shiver as my lips left soft kisses over his stomach while my wet hair left a trail over his nipples. Licking my way back up his chest, I dragged my tongue in a circle around his nipple. Moaning as I brought my tongue closer and closer to his hard nub, he arched his back when I dropped my lips completely over his hard nipple sucking it into my warm wet mouth. My tongue flicking it fast he held my face in his hands his hands entangled in my hair. Dragging my tongue over to his other nipple I began my slow torturous circling pattern around the nipple. Loving the perverse joy of sucking on my brother’s nipple making him squirm I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth.

Sliding my way down his body I knelt between his thighs. Looking him in the eyes I unclasped my bikini top, my breasts falling out onto my hands as I playfully flicked my nipples. Bending over, I rubbed my breasts over his hard cock. Pushing it back against his stomach I rubbed my full tits over the underside of his cock. Settling back I grabbed his cock in my right hand. It was the first time I had ever really looked at my little brother’s cock close up. I’d caught him running from the bathroom naked to his room a few times over the years but had never really seen him like this; massively hard and throbbing in my hand. I looked him straight in the eye as I dropped my mouth around the head of his mouth and slide my lips all the way down the shaft. He groaned and fell back onto the bed his eyes closed. I gripped him tight around the shaft my palms resting on his balls as I dragged my lips, pulled tight, all the way up his cock, stopping as my lips caught on the rim of his throbbing cockhead. Letting my tongue slide into his cockhole, I swallowed the precum oozing out my cheeks squeezing around his cock before sliding my mouth all the way down again. I continued my long slow strokes, my tongue grazing the underside of his cock, pressing against his throbbing vein. I loved the way he filled up my mouth, his cock so thick stretching my lips tight over his skin.

“Oh fuck, sis, I can’t believe my fuckin cock is in your mouth. Oh my God, my sister is sucking me off. ” His words spurred me on as I began a different rhythm of five long strokes and five short sucks on the head of his cock, stroking his shaft with my hands, pumping the cum from his balls. His orgasm built quickly, feeling his balls tighten, I pulled my mouth off him, letting him calm down. He whimpered softly, wanting to release his load, making me smile. The power I felt over him was incredible. The interplay between sex and love and the absolute taboo of the situation making me want nothing but sexual satisfaction. Jacking his cock with my hand I dropped my mouth down to his balls. Sucking one into my mouth I rolled it around with my tongue making him gasp before sliding my mouth around his second ball, rolling them over each other in my mouth. Dropping them from my mouth I slipped my mouth back over his cock. Dripping my saliva all over him making his cock wet mixed with his precum.

The sounds filling the air were delicious. His moans and my lips sucking his wet hard dick. Needing more than the occasional drop of precum, I knew that feeling him shoot his cum onto my mouth and lips would be the ultimate fantasy.

Turning towards him I asked, ” Tell me baby, do you want to cum?”

Between moans he managed to say, “God, yes, make me cum. I want my big sister to make me cum.”

“Ok baby, but only if you do exactly as I tell you, ok?”

“Anything you want, sis, anything. Just let me cum. Please.”

Grabbing his arms I pulled him up onto his knees. I laid down resting on my elbows and then slid my mouth up and down his cock once, testing for height.

Looking up at him I said, “I want you to fuck my mouth, baby, just like I’m going to let you fuck my pussy later like I know you want to.” He moan as I said that and as I jacked my fist fast up and down his cock. “I want you to pound my mouth, slide it all the way down my throat and I want you to cum. I want you to shoot every single drop onto my lips and tongue, I want you to empty your balls into your big sisters mouth. Remember you promised.”

With that I wrapped my lips tight over his cock my finger lightly rubbing his balls. Taking a deep breath he held my head in his hands as he started to rock his hips slide his cock over my tongue. I knew he was so close. Pushing onto his cock I slid all the way down to his shaft deep throating him, showing him I could take him all the way in. Pulling out and with the tip of his cock still in my mouth, I said “Do it, baby, how many times have you wanted to fuck your big sister’s mouth, now’s the time to make her your cum slut.” Hearing my dirty talk he lost control. Thrusting his hips he fucked my mouth hard, his cock ramming deep into my mouth with every stroke.

Hearing me gagging softly over the thickness of his cock he grunted, “Fuck, yes, take my cock, sis, I love fucking your mouth. Take my big cock all the way into your throat.”

Almost on the edge of cumming, he eyes rolled back, as he began short fast the rim of his cock head catching on my lips every time. I felt his balls tighten, and then holding my face still with his hands, he pulled his cock out. Looking him in the eye, I whispered, my voice begging, “That’s it baby, shoot your cum into my mouth. I wonder what I’ll look like with your cum dripping from my lips.” Holding my mouth wide open, I grabbed his cock, jacking it tight and fast. His hips jerking, he yelled “Fucking hell, I’m cummmminnngggg, oh God arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Swallow my cum, sis!!” His massive cum shot out onto my mouth, dripping onto my tongue. As I swallowed another shot hit me on the lips. Opening my mouth I wrapped my lips around the tip catching the last few shots, his cum warm and sweet, filling up my mouth and dripping out onto my lips. Licking his cock clean rubbing him up and down gently he fell back onto the bed pulling me with him. Pulling my face down I thought he was going to kiss me, but he licked the side of my mouth softly. “Mmm, my cum never tasted so good as when it’s licked off your skin.” Covering my cum tasting lips onto his, he held me close as our tongue softly played together. The last thing I remember before falling asleep is his hand on my breasts, softly caressing my nipple, and him whispering, “Thank you, sis. For the best blow job of my life. I love fucking your sexy, naughty mouth.”

Waking up, sometime during the night, I was still lying in his arms, his head lolled off to the side snoring softly. Smiling quietly to myself, I remembered the pleasure we had just shared. I didn’t take long though before the thoughts took on a darker note. The same old doubts coming back. Surely what we were doing was wrong. Had I broken unwritten rules for the sake of momentary lust attack? Remembering the moments of tenderness between us, how I had felt that it was more than sex, and more than platonic love. I loved him as a man. A lover. Had I been deluding myself? Looking over at him, his face relaxed in sleep, my heart pulled. What if I was hurting him, getting him caught up in my own confusions? Was he too young to know the difference between right and wrong? His moral code based on the short term satisfaction of sexual desires?

Rolling softly out of his arms and off the bed, I pulled on my robe and tip-toed to the bathroom. The harsh light of the bathroom was throwing images of me I didn’t want to see onto the mirror, so I turned the light off as I slipped into the bath, filling the tub with hot water. Lying back, letting the tension seep into the water, I resolved to talk to Nick in the morning, before anything else happened. But the thought that he’d want to stop what was happening between us was frightening, and I realised, that even if he wouldn’t be hurt, I would. Self-preservation reared its head. And the head won its fight over the heart. The reality of the long term seemed impossible. And I wasn’t prepared for the aftermath of our actions for something short term. It had to end. Now.

Lying back with my eyes closed, I tested my resolve. Trying to rewrite history, convince myself that it had all been about sex. Flashes of the night filled my mind and as I pictured his mouth on my clit I felt my nipples begin to harden, my pussy grow warm beneath the water. Keeping myself in check, I reminded myself that it was just because I’d been sex starved for so long that he was having this effect on me. Bringing my fingers up to my nipples I flicked and pulled them, tracking the moisture in my pussy making its way out onto my soft pink folds. Remembering the way he moaned as my mouth has wrapped around his cock, swallowing him whole, I arched my needing to feel something inside me. Just then I felt a hand reach under the water and slide between my pussy lips slowly circling my clit. Opening my eyes I saw Nick kneeling by the side of the tub his arm in the water watching his finger disappear between my legs.

“Sis, you insatiable little sex slut. You’re so wet already!” His finger working its magic on my swollen clit I forgot all about my resolution. Seeing me sit back and close my eyes he worked his middle finger into my tight hole, biting my lip I gasped as he rubbed his thumb and index finger on either side of my clit. His other hand reaching for my nipple, he sent shivers up and down my spine as he alternated pinching my nipple and my clit while pumping his finger into my cunt. Lifting my legs up over the side of the tub to give him better access he continued his assault on my pussy, driving his finger as deep as he could, while making me moan constantly as he played my clit to orgasm. I came in no time, my body thrashing under the water while he worked his hands over me.

Regaining consciousness and seeing him smile at me while I tried to get my breath back broke my heart and I blurted out. “We can’t do this anymore.”

His face fell into a confused look, “What are you talking about? I thought we decided last night already…”

“Decided what? That we were going to fuck? Maybe we’re lucky it didn’t get that far?”

Slamming his hand down onto the water, splashing us both, he looked straight into my eyes, his voice law, serious, “Don’t fuck with me, Amy. You can’t keep doing this. Playing with me then deciding that you don’t want me. I deserve better I’m your brother for fuck’s sake.”

“Exactly you’re my brother! What the fuck are we doing? What would Mum and Dad say. All for a convenient fuck!”

Standing up, he looked down to me, “If that’s all I am to you then fuck it, it’s over. But you’re gonna have to realise that there’s something going on between us before it’s too late. Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks? I love you. I always have. And it’s taken you this long to realise you feel the same about me. Deal with it. So what if it’s wrong?” Kneeling right down beside the tub he whispered into my ear, “And by the way? The fact that its so wrong is a bonus, when have you ever come as hard as you did last night. Whatever. It’s your decision, just don’t fuck me around.”

Watching him walk out of the bathroom I knew. There was no going back. He was right about it all. Who would think he would be so much more mature about it than me?! Pulling my body out of the bath, I wrapped the towel around my shivering body and walked back to my room. He was sitting naked by the side of the bed looking out the window. Not looking at me when I entered the room I walked right up to him. Standing by the bed, I pulled his head against my chest, rested my head against his.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s just hard thinking that it’s ok for us to be like this after thinking of us in a whole different way our whole lives.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked up at me. His voice cracking as he said, “I love you so much. My whole life I hid it from you but last night when we were together it felt so right. I can’t lose you now.”

“I’m never going anywhere again.” Turning to face me, he reached for the knot in my towel he pulled it from my body, his eyes moving up and down my naked body.

“God you’re so beautiful sis.”

His hands ran over my neck, my arms, my breasts my stomach, my legs, lingering slightly between my legs before moving behind to my back and down my ass. Pulling me into him he buried his face between my breasts. Holding his head in my hands I moved his mouth to my right nipple. As he wrapped his lips around the nub I wrapped my arms around his neck arching back, pushing my breast deeper into his mouth. Moving his flicking tongue to my other nipple he untangled my arms from his neck moving my hand down to his semi-hard cock. Stroking him softly, I pushing him back onto the bed. I knelt in front of him, sliding my mouth onto his hardening dick. Feeling his cockhead grow thick and hard in my mouth, he moaned as I began moving my lips up and down the shaft. Sliding my wet mouth down his cock, I licked his balls once I’d hit the bottom.

“Oh fuck, my God, I can’t believe you can do that, Sis. Most girls can’t even take me all the way in.”

Showing him how far I really could take him, I rested my mouth on his balls, his cock head down my throat. I swallowed letting him feel my throat constrict around him.

“Oh Amy, oh sis. You make me so fuckin horny, I’m ready to blow right now all over your face.”

His own words about shooting his cum on me made his balls tighten. Not wanting him to cum anywhere but in my pussy, I let go of him, climbing on to the bed and pulled him on top of me. Pushing my lips against his, I slid my tongue into my mouth, laying it on top of his while he ran hands up and down my body.

“I love your hands on me, Nicky. I love the way you touch me.”

Loving the intimacy of his body on mine and my tongue on his I spread my legs, feeling his crotch pushing against my pussy. Pulling away from his mouth, panting, I whispered, “I’m gonna die if I don’t feel your cock in my pussy right now brother”.

Crushing his lips down onto mine he moved up onto his knees. Pushing my legs wide apart he positioned his cock at the opening of my pussy. His eyes glazed over as he whispered coarsely “Beg me for it sis. I’ve been waiting so long I can wait a little longer, but can you? I want you to beg.” His sudden control play thrilled me and I pushed my body down wanting to impale myself on his cock. He moved away, his cock brushing up against my clit instead making me moan. “Say it, sis. Say you want your little brother to fuck your brains out.” His words had the blood rushing to my head. Rubbing the head of his cock lightly on my clit I knew I needed to have him fill me up. Moving his hand down to my pussy he slipped his index finger in to the first knuckle. I sighed as he wriggled it inside me. “That’s just my finger, sis, imagine it, imagine my long, thick, hard, throbbing cock sliding into your tight pussy.”

Moving to the side, his hand wrapped around his thick shaft he continued “Oh I know how tight you are. Even two fingers is a tight fit, imagine my cock, not stretching your mouth but your pussy wide, stroking every inch of your wet tight cunt walls.”

Not caring who was in control anymore, I moaned, “Just fuck me, give me your cock, I want it inside me!” In one swift movement he pushed my legs down onto the bed and slammed his cock all the way into my pussy, his balls slamming against my ass. “ohhhhhhhhhhhh Nicky, oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” My pussy was stretched so tight. He grunted as he pulled out and slammed his cock back in again.

“My God, this is even better than I thought. God, sis, you’re so fuckin tight, you’ve got my cock in a vice.”

Pulling his hips back he pounded his cock deeper and deeper into me with every thrust. My pussy was on fire as he slammed into me. His cock, so thick, stroking every inch of my pussy as he drove himself deeper and deeper into me. The sounds of his cock sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy filling the room as well as my moans and his grunts of pleasure. Lying back down onto me he sucked my nipple into his mouth as he pushed his cock deep into me, stroking his cock in and out in short fast thrusts. I wrapped my legs round his waist pulling him in deeper.

“Come on, Nicky, deeper, I want you to fuck right through me. Come on, make your sister’s pussy yours, baby.” Groaning he sat back up and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. “ohhhhh fuck fuck fuck” I moaned in time with his thrusts, his cock slamming even deeper into my pussy, the head of his cock banging against my cervix.

“Oh Amy, oh my God, my sister’s pussy is the tightest ever. Oh, swallowing my cock, oh God, I can’t wait to lick my cum from your pussy.” Hearing his words my orgasm built. Seeing me move my hand onto my nipple, he wrapped my legs round his neck and grabbing my hands he held them over my head. “I’m going to make you beg to cum, sis. I’m going to let you go know what it feels like to cum from nothing but your little brother’s cock in your pussy. The only thing you need is my cock fucking you to make you cum like you’ve never cum before.”

Locking his eyes on mine he began his rhythm of long full thrust into my pussy, with my legs up on his shoulders his cock slammed all the way in his balls slapping against my ass, his cock grazing my clit. He kept me on the edge as he slowed his pace but thrusting deeper and deeper, my breath heavy and fast. I struggled against his hands needing to flick and rub my nipples to push me over the edge. He held my wrists tighter, his eyes burning into me. Watching me as my orgasm built, he quickened his pace, short, fast, thrusts each one deeper than the one before. As my moans came out as breathy panting; he bent over crushing his lips on mine. My entire body was possessed by him. His body rocking on top of me, his hands imprisoning me, his mouth devouring mine. And yet I knew. I knew I was possessing him too. He was inside me, buried deep. Making his place, making his home, surrounded by me. I cried out as my orgasm began to spread, from the pit of my stomach. Instantly stopping his thrusts, he held me close. I moved my legs down from his neck down around his waist trapping him, his mouth still locked with mine. As I felt myself slightly retreat from the edge, he began his rocking again. Pulling away he locked his eyes with mine. The intensity burned into me and as the warmth exploded again and began its way throughout my body he whispered,

“I love you sis. Now cum for me. Cum. Scream my name. Cum. Cum. Cum. Just. For. Me.”

Emphasising each word with a thrust of his cock into me. As he watched my eyes roll back, he pulled out almost all the way and slammed his cock back deep into me. Fast long deep thrusts pushing me over the edge.

“oh fuck oh my God I’m cumming baby ohhhhh my God, I’m cumming on your cock baby. Oh my little brother is such a good fuck ohhhhhhhhhh”

Every single cell of my body was on fire as wave after wave of pleasure erupted over me. His hand on my wrists held me down as I thrashed around, pushing further down onto him. His thrusts never stopped slamming into me over and over, making me cum again and again. His face tense with the effort of holding off his own orgasm he never stopped his rhythm. My pussy clamping down on him he finally slowed his pace, stroking my skin softly, whispering words I’ll never remember. I collapsed back onto the bed as he rested his head on my breast. Lying completely still we cherished the feeling of my pussy pulsing on his hard cock.

Slowly getting my breath back, I squeezed my pussy on him hard. Moaning softly he lifted himself up looking at me.

“My beautiful, beautiful sister. God, you’re so sexy. My cock feels like its going to explode into a thousand pieces just by being inside you”

“oh my baby brother, why didn’t you come baby?”

“I wanted to enjoy every second of your orgasm, sis.”

Pushing him over onto his back. I straddled over him. Sitting up, my weight, pushed my pussy all the way down his shaft. “This time we’ll do it together.” Looking up at me, he hissed through his teeth as I rocked my hips in circles over his cock. “You want to cum, baby”

“oh God, yes, sis, God, I’m so close.”

“You want your big sis to ride you, baby? Once you cum for me you’ll be mine forever. Isn’t that what you’ve been wanting all these years baby? For your dirty big sister to ride you like a slut making you shoot your cum into her pussy.” He arched as I mentioned his cum, pushing down onto the bed with his hips and pushing up into me again. Knowing he was close, I didn’t want to wait any longer, all I wanted was to ride my little brother’s hard cock and make him cum for me. Wanted to possess him. Wanted him to coat my cunt with his seed.

His hands reaching for my bouncing breasts he flicked my nipples as I lifted my body off his cock and then slid my pussy all the way down his shaft. His hips thrusting into me at an indescribable speed, I bounced on his cock, riding him hard.

“Yeah baby, do you like that. You like your sister fucking you while you pull on her nipples? You like your hard cock fucking her cunt. Can you believe we’re fucking baby? Brother and sister. We’re so fuckin’ bad!”

“Oh God, Amy, I’m so close. I don’t fucking care. I’ve wanted to fuck my sister for so long. Make your little brother cum. Show me how you love it dirty. Cum with me, please, cum with me. I want your pussy squeezing my cock when I shoot my jizz into you” Watching me as I licked my finger and slid it down to rub my clit he moaned. “Yeah baby, rub your clit, rub it hard while you’re fucking me with your cunt. I’m so close. Cum with me.”

The incredible taboo of riding my brother’s cock and him telling me to rub my clit pushed me over the edge and as our thrusts became fast and erratic, out of control, I yelled, “I’m cumming, baby, oh cum with me, shoot your cum into me. Into your big sister’s pussy. Fill my cunt with your cum, baby.”

“Oh Amy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God. Oh my God. I’m cumming, sis. I’m cumming so hard, ohhhhhh.”

Nick jerked under me, grunted over and over, jerking and thrusting as my pussy clamped down on him, my juices sliding down over his cock onto his swollen balls while his cock exploded shooting cumshot over cumshot into my pussy. Grunted loudly as my pussy milked the cum from his cock, his back arched driving his cock deep into me. As his jerks slowed and I collapsed onto his chest, he pushed me back onto the bed, sliding down my body and spreading my legs. “Fuck, I can’t believe I came so much. I wish you could see my white cum dripping our of your little pink pussy, sis.” Pushing my sore pussy lips apart my little brother slipped his tongue deep into my pussy. Sucking his hot cum from my pussy he gently licked around the sensitive opening of my pussy, making my legs tremble.

Sliding up my body he lightly pressed his lips against mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth his cum dripping into my mouth. Lying back onto the bed we lay there, our bodies intertwined, our tongue caressing each other as we passed our cum back and forth. Exhausted, I laid my head against my brother’s chest. His heart pounding in my ears I whispered,

” I love you bro.”

Sighing with contentment he whispered back, ” I love you too, sis.”

I’ve only known my brother’s love since then. Whether it is right, or wrong, I’ll never know. But like he said …if it wasn’t wrong, it wouldn’t feel this good.

The End.

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