When Love Is Wrong – Is it love or lust for her brother?

Is it love or lust for her brother.. When Love Is Wrong.. I’ll never know what came over me. Maybe it was the heat. Somehow, in summer, I always felt the air was filled with the scent of raw male. The way my short summer skirts would swing against the back of my bare legs,

First ever sex with my sister

Dear friends, Hope you all are doing good, this is Pradeep with an new encounter with my sister rithika. Read my previous stories –  As you all know that my friend sai have fucked her in my home with my permission and showed pics to me. I was so happy after seeing those pics even

Art of sister seduction part-2

Hello guys this is pradeep, welcome back hope you read my previous part and next day asusual I got up at 6am for my college bus and I went in my sisters room,I saw her sleeping showing her soft bum,I touched it without making her to wake up realising that sai is going to enjoy