Gokuldham Society : Madhabi

Each saturday morning, after bathing in the sacred “Ganga” river Madhabi Bhide headed out to the famous temple for worshipping the Goddess “Santoshi Maa”. While chanting mantras in closed eyes with folded hands for her family’s welfare one day, she bumped by a touch from behind.

She noticed her neighbour Babita Iyar, who came to the temple first time for prayer so that she becomes a mother. Babita and her husband Krishnan Iyar lived in the same apartment “Gokuldham Society” where she also lived for more than 10 yrs.


Babita and her husband had a very open relationship, and were very open in sharing their experiences. Madhabi learnt a lot from Babita and she guesses that helped bring out the naughty side in her. Madhabi was in her late thirties where as Babita was in her late twenties and were both very attractive. Madhabi often fantasized about Babita but was never game enough to tell her.

On the way after completing the puja, Babita mentioned her that she had started recently involved in a swinging party at Kolkata, and was deeply impressed by it’s pleasures and excitement. She also wanted to spread it in Gokuldham Society, so that every member of the Society can attain great enjoyment from it and felt themselves as a united family. She mentioned next weekend they were going to be hosting their first party in her flat.

“Honey if you would like to come, you are more than welcome. I’ll text you the details.” Babita offered an invitation to Madhabibhabi.

Madhabi decided to join the party. She showered and slipped into a matching white bra and panty set followed by a white synthetic saree. She nervously headed up to the door that day. She could hear light music playing and people inside and not long after pressing the door bell, Babita opened the door.

“Oh god, Madhabibhabi you look so sexy. I might have to keep you for myself, but where is Bhidebhai?.” Babita said as she looked her up and down.

“He has gone for an urgent meeting about his school, but don’t worry, he is terribly excited hearing your proposal as he has been dreaming you for a long time, he would surely join later.” Madhabi said.

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They headed out to the lounge where the party had started. There were Abdul, Nattu Kaka with his nephew Bagha and his wife Bawri, another couple was Popotlal and his newly married wife Rita. They welcomed Madhabi with huge cheers. They started dancing and drinking and starting to get in to the mood and before Madhabi knew it, a few stripped off down to their underwear.

Looking around in the dimlight she however couldn’t tell who was partnered with whom. Babita took her hand and walked to a large couch in the lounge where they both sat down. After a couple of minutes Abdul came and sat to the left of Madhabi on the couch.

Completely naked she noticed his circumcised ( due to his muslim religion ) nice cock. Madhabi could feel her panties were wet and she couldn’t wait to get them off. Babita put her hand on Madhabi’s leg running her hand slowly up under the saree.

“Oh! Madhabibhabi, Babita didimoni, having fun.” Said Abdul to the left of Madhabi.

“We are Abdul.” Said Babita.

Abdul first embraced Madhabi, kissed her lips with mauling her soft boobs through the blouse, then grabbed her saree and petticoat, slowly pulled it up revealing her upper leg.

“Oh ! My God Madhabibhabi, you’re are really cute.” Abdul said staring at her smooth and clean legs.

“She is. We need to be gentle with her. This is her first time.” Babita said as she giggled.

After a few minutes., Abdul, the Muslim shop-keeper of Gokuldham Society slowly separated Madhabi’s legs allowing access to her panties. Madhabi could feel both Babita and Abdul’s hands exploring her inner thighs and rubbing her wet pussy through the wet panties.

She sat still allowing them to do whatever they wanted to her while she watched everyone getting naked. On the other couch across from them Popotlal ( Reporter ) and Nattu Kaka ( Assistant cum servant of Gada family ) sat as Bawri ( Bagha’s wife ) on her knees sucked their cocks.

By now Madhabi was so turned on. Babita got up off the couch and knelt in front of Madhabi. She slid her hands under Madhabi’s saree slowly removing her soaking panties. She ran her hands up her thighs spreading her pussy-lips before teasing her wetness with her tongue.

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Madhabi spread her legs further and she felt so good. Abdul got up and stood on the couch positioning his cock ready to fuck Madhabi’s mouth. She took him deep sucking him nice and hard. He grabbed her hair pulling her head closer shoving his cock deeper down her throat.

After a minute Abdul pulled his cock out of Madhabi’s mouth and hopped off the couch. Babita got up and took Madhabi’s hand before leading her to one of the bedrooms. With the door left open Babita removed Madhabi’s dress ( Saree, petticoat, blouse etc. ) letting it fall to the floor.

Babita laid her down on the bed, then slowly removed her own see through dress. Babita knelt on the bed positioning her pussy over Madhabi’s mouth in a 69 position. All Madhabi could think was how much she fantasised about Babita, and now her pussy was on her mouth to taste.

They lay in this position for a few minutes when Madhabi realised they had an audience. Popotlal’s wife Rita knelt up on the bed and started licking Babita’s asshole. Madhabi lay her head down as she moved close licking the taste of Babita’s pussy lips. Madhabi and Rita continued licking Babita’s pussy and asshole before her body froze.


“Oh god Madhabibhabi, Rita I’m cumming. Don’t stop.” Babita moaned as her body started to shake.

The taste of Babita’s pussy-juices so good. Madhabi still couldn’t believe her fantasy had come true.

“Her arse is nice and wet honey. Why don’t you come and fuck her?” Said the Rita licking Babita’s arse.

Next minute Babita got up and they were joined by a nice fat black cock of Nattu Kaka. He knelt behind Babita and while Madhabi lay licking her pussy. Madhabi watched his cock slowly enter her asshole, as he started fucking her nice and slow, Babita’s tongue licking her pussy faster as his cock thrust her. Madhabi was so wet and ready to cum as she laid her head down watching his cock fucking her ass.

“God yes, Nattu Kaka fuck her ass, don’t stop.” Madhabi screamed as she came all over Babita’s lips.

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The black cock of Nattu Kaka slid out of Babita’s arse as she hopped up off the bed leaving Madhabi naked and alone. As she looked around there stood Iyarbhai, Bagha, Abdul, Popotlal, Rita and Bawri. Before Madhabi knew it She was joined on the bed by Popotlal, Abdul and Iyarbhai. Two guys ( Popotlal and Abdul ) took turns fucking her mouth as the other ( Bagha ) knelt between her legs sliding his hard cock inside her pussy.

“How does you feel Madhabibhabi.” Said a Babita watching her Bagha’s long cock moving in and out of Madhabi’s sloshing cunt.

“She feels really good Babita didimoni .” Bagha fucking her pussy replied.

Madhabi took hold of both cocks beside her and as started stroking them while she looked around. Babita looked at her with a smile before kneeling down beside groping her breasts and sucking the nipples.

After a few minutes the three guys got up off the bed. Madhabi got up and stood back as Bawri knelt on the bed ready to be fucked. Nattu Kaka moved behind and slid his cock in her pussy fucking her nice and hard when Popotlal knelt on the bed shoving his cock in her mouth. Madhabi realized she was enjoying every inch of each cock. She looked around at the audience in the room. They were all getting off watching.

Babita took Madhabi’s hand and led her in to another room. Her husband Krishnan Iyar was lying on the bed with Popotlal’s wife Rita riding his cock. They stood watching for a few minutes before Bagha entered in the room, moved behind and slid his cock inside her pussy. It’s an amazing scene, two cocks of Iyarbhai and Bagha were moving jointly in and out of Rita’s cunt at the same time. Now with two cocks fucking her, she started to moan as she was about to cum.

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