Tollygunge Film-queen : Indrani Halder (Brother – Sister incest)

Indrani is his only sister  (BrotherSister incest) and he loved visiting her unannounced especially early in the mornings before she has gone to studio for a TV serial shooting and while her husband was at work. Jay loved catching his sister wearing just in her maxi, as he usually got a glimpse of her large breasts and pointy nipples along with her shaved bald cunt.

Indrani knew about her perverted brother’s stare at her body and flirted with him, letting her maxi’s top button’s fall open when she handed him a cup of coffee or as they sat at the kitchen table one of her large breasts would fall out and she pretended not to notice it happening.


Today was a total surprise and was totally unexpected she had phoned her brother and wanted to ask him for a favor. When he arrived and walked in through the back door, he found her waiting just in her nighty, his eyes grew bigger and his cock started to twitch, at the sight of her near naked body showing through her see thru nighty she was wearing.

At first Jay touched his mother-like sister’s sacred feet who brought up him after their parent’s death. Indrani also in turn blessed her only brother by touching his head.

“I will make us a coffee, then we can have a chat.” She told.

Jay kept checking out her body and her wonderful bubble butt as she faced away for making coffees. He knew from a long time that she wore size 12 panties and 12D cup bras, she is 49 years old with a slim figure due to her passion in classical dance and about 5’6 tall with long wavy black hair.

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As Indrani placed coffee down in front of her brother, her breast brushed the cheek of his face through her nighty, his cock twitched in anticipation that she had done that on purpose.

“Jay, I need your help, you are fully aware that your brother-in-law’s income is too much poor, even I can’t acquire major roles in films. All the incomes are coming from the acting in the low-budget TV serial, which is tough to maintain my filmy status ” Indrani sobbed.

“What can I do for you sweetheart?” Jay asked.

Indrani started to cry and Jay moved his chair closer next to hers and gave her a cuddled and his hand brushes over her breast and he feel her nipple becoming harder.

“Don’t upset Didi, I can’t bear your tears. I must solve your financial problems, only you have to follow my requests” Jay assured.

He pulled her body closer to him and give her another cuddled and kiss her on her cheek, and run his hand over her nighty covered breast and give her breast a squeeze.

Indrani then began playing with the ties on her nighty, and said. “I know you like looking at me and I know you take my panties from the washing basket…what if I let you fuck me…you do want to fuck me don’t you?”

She undid the ties on her nighties and let the front of the nightie fall open to exposing her lovely firm D cup breasts to her brother.

Jay stood up and lifted her respected didi to her feet and watched as her nighty slipped down her body to her ankles and onto the floor. The mature Bengalee actress stood there in front of her brother naked as he gazed at her sexy body, he could see that her cunt has been freshly shaved and he reached out and ran his fingers over the lips of her cunt, she let out a low pitched moan, and when he pushed a finger inside her cunt and gave his finger a few pumps, Indrani let out a louder moan.

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“Let’s go to your bedroom.” Jay said to her and take her by the hand and led her towards their bedroom.

Once in the bedroom the Bengalee film-actress laid down on the bed and spreading her legs apart gave her brother a clear view of her bald cunt. Jay reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone and switch on the phone’s camera and began taking photos of his famous naked sister. Indrani smiled at the camera and began to pose in different positions.

“Show me your cunt, pull your cunt lips apart and play with yourself, make yourself cum.” Jay told her and switched his phones camera to video mode.

After recording his film-actress sister’s masturbating and have an orgasm, Jay removed all his clothes and climbed onto the bed beside her. His cock was hard pulsating as he moved his cock closer to her mouth.

Immediately the tolly heroine opened her mouth, took her brother’s throbbing cock into her mouth and her brother started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth over and over, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth each time.

The mature Tollygunge queen began sucking harder, her mouth clamped around the cock shaft and Jay could feel the suction she was creating.

As, Jay started to shoot his cum into his sister’s mouth, she swallowed each load of cum that her brother squirted into her mouth, when he has finished cumming and his cock started going limp he removed his cock from her mouth.

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Then Jay started kissing her wonderful large breasts and sucked her nipple into his mouth and bit her nipple, pulling on her nipple with his teeth.

“Ow, that hurts,” Indrani screamed.

Jay let go of her nipple and began kissing her body all over as he moved lower down her body. He kissed her bald cunt and ran his tongue over her clit, he could feel her clit becoming harder as it poked out from under its hood, he sucked her bud into his mouth and she started to squeal and her body shivered as he kept sucking on her love bud.

As Jay began to finger fuck her wet cunt the great film-actress gave out a loud squeal and began moaning as her body squirmed and shook on the bed as she has an orgasm. Jay pulled her cunt lips apart and pushed his tongue as deep as he could into her cunt, inside her cunt.

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