My mom with my hubby :part-02

Hello readers,
I am really shocked as well as surprised to see my mom Julie enjoying with my hubby infront of me as we three have had great sex at night ,we three are feeling bit shy after that mom Julie in the morning ,prepared cup of tea for us as we three are sitting on chairs in balcony Read prev story My mom with my Hubby – par 1).

I am in my night gawn as my mom is wearing a saree and Anish is in vest as well as pyjama .we three are having tea as my mom Julie said…..


“Anish and my lovely daughter Bina ,don’t be shy of your activities as it’s natural but keep it secret
(Bina)ok but mom clarify me what happened there as you both started making love
(Julie smiled)I took bath in the early morning as I thought you both are sleeping ,so I came to my room from washroom nudely and
(Anish)I wake up and moved to dinning hall but I can see my mother-in-law nude in her room with curtains not in place
(Bina)oh and you Anish walked to my mom’s room and than
(Julie) I was putting my clothes as Anish hold me from back and started kissing my neck to face
(Bina)than you both started love
(Anish)yes but she resisted till I overpowered your mom .”

And we three are now talking like a shameless person with no emotional bonds and mom Julie walked away as I am looking at my hubby…….

“Anish you are still looking at my mom
(Anish)as you wish Bina ,we three can enjoy more
(Bina)no way ,have you fulfilled your wife’s desires
(Anish)you can explain ,I will fulfill it
(Bina)need to enjoy with my mom.”

As we both laughed and moved inside dinning hall.a 22 years old newly married gal have seen her hubby with her mom of 40 years ,that’s a mental trauma but my hubby as well as mom convinced me of their desires.we three will enjoy physical love again in the afternoon as I have prepared myself for I walked to my room as Anish is inside washroom and I am waiting for bath and maid is cleaning the room.later on ,mom came to me …….

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“bina use my washroom for bath and have breakfast also.”

So I walked to mom’s room and in her attached washroom with my clothes to wear.I have my bath as I put my long gown but without any undergarments ,now I came to dinning space as I can see Anish watching transparent gawn with no undergarments have given him visibility of my boobs as well as ass to thighs and legs.looking too hot in this dress ,I sit near Anish as I can see my mom Julie walking towards her room.anish smiled at me…..

“Bina your hot body is giving me a nice visibility as I can see your inner parts also
(Bina)you will be surprised to see your mother-in-law in this dress very soon
(Anish)oh but age matters
(Bina)sure you have seduced my mom , so age matters.”

And I walked towards refrigerator as I took out a bottle of wine and put it on table with glasses as well as Anish asked……

“Bina will you drink wine ?
(Bina)sure ,it will make me bold as we three are in relationship but we have to enjoy physical love .”

And than I can see my mom Julie coming out of her room,she is wearing a knees length gawn as her transparent cloth is showing her inner beauty.julie came as she sits on sofa and my hubby is sitting in between mom and daughter.looking at me ,mom asked…….

“we three are going to drink as it will make us hot and horny than we both mom and daughter will enjoy him .”

And Anish started putting wine in glasses as he is mixing soda in we three took our glass and started drinking as I have got the taste of beer ,I have never tasted wine but I want to be in drunkun State as I have to see my mom sharing my hubby with Anish put his hand on my mom’s breast as he pressed it hard and she “ooh don’t press it hard my son”shouted .we are drinking wine as I started removing my hubby’s cloth and his vest as well as pyjama is out of his body and his long thick cock is nude.He is nude in between us as I am drinking wine while masturbating his cock and Anish have put his hands on my mom’s as well as my boobs to press it hard.we three are making hot to each other as I can see Anish putting glass on table and he is kissing my mom’s lips to face as his hand is lifting her gawn upto her waist and lastly ,it’s out of her hot matured mom is nude as my hubby is kissing her face and now I am on my hubby’s legs as I am in drunkun State ,now hold my hubby’s penis and putting my lips on his sexual hubby Anish have put my mom’s lips in his mouth as he is pressing her boobs also as I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it.I can see my mom pressing her left boobs on my hubby’s chest as I am sucking his cock and my mom pushed his tongue in my hubby’s mouth as Anish is sucking it with his hand moving on my mom’s vagina.

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My mom’s sexy body is nude as Anish is sucking her tongue and I can see his long finger going inside her I took out my hubby’s penis from my mouth as my tongue is licking it and Anish is fingering my mom’s cunt fastly as Julie pushed his face and now put her head on my hubby’s shoulder.our oral sex is in process as I took my hubby’s cock in my mouth and he have hold my hairs tightly as I am moving my mouth fast to give him a nice blow hubby Anish is kissing my mom’s neck as he put his mouth on her big boobs and Julie put her breast in his mouth to suck.I am sucking my hubby’s cock fast as he is sucking my mom’s breast and his finger is still in her vagina .now I left them to have refreshment in washroom.I came back to see my mom sitting on sofa’s corner as her legs are wide spread and Anish is rolling tongue in her mom is screaming in joy…….

“oohh aahh Anish lick my cunt fast.”

As I can see his tongue fucking her cunt with speed and than I sit near my mom as I hold her boobs in my hand to massage ,she put her lips on my face to Anish took my mom’s cunt in his mouth as he is sucking it and my lips are on Julie’s lips as both are kissing eachother.later on ,Julie shouted …….

“Anish leave my cunt aahh oohh .”

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And my hubby left her vagina as mom walked nudely to Washroom.
I am standing in front of Anish as my one leg is on sofa and he is kissing my thighs as he lifted my gawn upto waist ,I removed it as our position makes three busy in oral my mom is on anish’s legs as her face is under my sexy ass and now Julie is kissing his penis as Anish put his face in between my thighs and his lips is kissing my labias.julie is rubbing my hubby’s glans on her face and lips as my hubby is now licking my low elasticity vagina.I can see my mom eating my hubby’s cock as she is sucking it hard and I have put my hand on hubby’s hairs as he is rolling tongue in my vagina ,my legs are shivering as he is licking it like a dog and Julie is sucking his dick like a whore as I shouted……..

” oohh uumm Anish I will cum soon.”

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