A lady in uniform

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Sexy lady in uniform,.. It’s midnight as 00:30 is in clock and at Kanpur central junction ,I boarded inside my coach in kaifiyat express as I looked at my berth number 13 inside A/C -2 tier coach and than I put my small bag on berth as I sit on it , so it’s a lower berth while I can sit on it easily.now train is at Kanpur junction and Mohit than removed his sandals as he sit on the corner of seat as remaining three passengers in my coup is on their berth with their curtains in place , now TTE came as he checked my ticket and so I can see a lady in police uniform standing beside him as he said

“madam adjust here ,you can see all berth full
(Lady)ok but if he will give me permission to sit here than
(Mohit smiled)you can sit here as I will be more safe with a lady cop here .”

And so she put her luggage inside berth as she sit on berth while maintaining a distance ,so looking at him ,I similed and train started moving as lady cop is young (22-23 years)as her fair complexion with short height as well as hair is making him a nice young gal and looking at me ,she smiled

“don’t hesitate to get laid
(Me)sure , where are you going madam?
(She)Sima ,not madam for you ,going to Delhi to join a week training in police academy
(Me)oh I see ! You can also take rest as I never got slept in train
(Sima)you are a gentle guy ,ok if I will feel restless than I will disturb you .”

As she inches closer and put her legs crossed as she is sitting with her head on seat’s back and her boobs are looking like pair of oranges going to liberate soon from it’s caged brassiere and shirt.so unexpected for me as I am eyeing at a lady cop’s sexy body and she have put her eyes closed ,so starts thinking to touch her and I screamed in a low voice “madam please sleep on berth ,you are looking too exhausted ,but her closed eyes gave me a chance to touch her ,so I just touched her arm as I hold it to make him conscious and so her eyes opened as she smiled

“oh ,I am feeling restless
(Me)so just wake up to blanket on it.”

As night bulb is making dim light inside coup ,I starts putting blanket on berth and lastly ,I walked towards washroom and after urinating I came back as sima is still sitting on berth. so as it’s A/C -2 tier berths are bit wider and as I have put blanket on it ,I asked “now sleep on it madam
(She)sima ,ok as you wish.”

And she removed her shoes as she slept on berth with her face in opposite direction and Mohit is sitting near her legs ,now my igniting mind is on a lady cop as I starts touching her legs and slowly I am feeling his toes hitting my sexy butts as she have put her both legs behind my buttocks ,she is hitting it hard as my palm starts rubbing her legs gently.so as her eyes are closed with no facial expressions of my sexy act,I am now too hot as I put my hand on her thighs and starts rubbing it hard ,so I can see her eyes gazing at me and as I put away my hand ,she smiled and I starts rubbing her thighs again.she is in shirt as well as pant ,so as my hand starts moving towards her zips ,sima wake up and hold my wrist and now as her face is showing resistance ,I am bit scared and she took me by email as she hold my hand and put it on her round boobs as we both are sitting closer on berth.now as my hand is squeezing her breast on shirt ,she put curtain in place and we both are safe on berth ,now she is a much horny lady as she hold me in her arms and feeling bit relaxed with a lady cop ,I starts kissing her neck and her hand is rubbing my back.so her soft boobs are getting pressed on my chest and sima starts kissing me hard as our bodies are getting bruised and my hand have hold her tight.now on berth ,in dark we both put our face straight as both kissed eachother’s lips and my cooperation with him turned sexy ,so missing her cop status ,I started unbuttoning her shirt and she is not reluctant as she took out her shirt ,so put it on berth ,now in a dim light her sexy boobs are getting visible and I am pressing it hard ,so as she is making my upper portion nude ,I put my hand on her back and unhooked her brassiere.

Her lovely boobs are nude as I put my shirt and vest on berth and now pushed her on seat as she get laid with her legs straight ,so as I leaned on him to kiss her face to lips ,she is rubbing her nails on my back and as I took her lips in my mouth to suck ,she is too horny and her hand is showing her desires.so as I kissed her face to lips ,my mouth is on her breast and I starts sucking it hard while she is removing my jeans ,now my mouth is watering as I left her breast and swallow her right breast as she is sounding sexy “uh ah um suck suck hard “and I can feel my jeans going down to legs as my cock is fully erected ,so I left her tits as I am kissing her tummy to waist and now I took out my jeans from my legs.so as I am sitting infront of her stretched legs and put my hand on her buckles ,she is bit serious as she asked

“please don’t make me nude
(Mohit rolling his tongue on his lips) trust me ,I will only lick it
(She)and than if you want to f_ck me
(Me)no ,not against your wish .”

And I got my hot zone to love as I removed her trousers in hurry .so her sexy thighs and a black full panty on vagina is making me hot and I hold her one leg as I starts kissing her thigh to legs and she is screaming “uh ah it’s in fire”and so while kissing her thighs ,I pulled down her panty as her palm covered the vagina.so not going to put away her palm from it ,j hold her other thigh as I am kissing it hard and her sexy butts is going up as sima is in fire .now my erected penis is hitting the brief as I pulled it down and she is bit shy as I asked “please give me pillow “and her head is on a blanket as I pushed pillow under her butts and her palm have moved away.so while eyeing at her reddish vagina with hairs on it ,first I was bit confused of kissing it but readers it’s a nice glory hole and so I hold her waist as I put my lips on it’s hole and while kissing her vagina ,my penis is looking for it’s cave but it’s not going to happen here and there ,lady cop put her fingers as her little flexible cunt got widened and I starts licking it ,she is too hot as her butts are up in air and so my tongue is feeling it’s heat as I am trying to make her cunt wet and curious to make her a wild lady to fuck her cunt as she is screaming

“uh ah oh it’s cumming ash” and my mouth hold her fleshy vagina in mouth as I sucked it to taste it’s cum. She is too shy at this juncture as I licked it and now while looking at him ,I asked “sima now it’s your turn ,so give me space to get laid “and as sima is completely nude ,she put a bedsheet on her sexy body and now I slept on berth as things are in progress normally.so as I am also nude infront of a nude lady cop ,she sit between my legs as she hold my cock and like a teenager doing it first time ,she is kissing my cock but it’s skin have been removed as her lips are sealed on its base to shaft as she is jerking it also and my body is in full sensation .

So sima looking at me , opened her mouth as she swallows my 2/3 Rd penis and starts sucking it while spinning her head,now it seems she will make my cock a wet one and I hold her breast as I am pressing it and while looking at her boobs and vagina ,I can guess she is not sexually active and so her head is spinning fast as I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah oh suck suck hard “but she took it out and put her long tongue to lick ,so she left my erected penis in a dying stage as I asked

“sima ,within a minute I will cum ,so please suck it
(She is too shy)but will not take it’s cum in mouth” and now she starts sucking it again as I am feeling too hot and so will be voiceless as I will cum in her mouth.so as I felt cock ejaculating semen in her mouth ,I put my hand on her hairs and hold it tight ,so pushes my whole cock as it’s glans stuck to her throat and my cock poured semen in her mouth as she was forced to drink my cum and now she left my penis as she is looking me in anger………so things changed again…….

Added by Mohit

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