Cuckold fun followed by bisexual fun of my wife with a muscular Pubjabi Guy in a farm house in Delhi

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Hi, I am Aditya (name changed) 32 years from Delhi. I was married to my wife Riya ( name changed) 7 years ago, ours was a love marriage. We have two kids and its a real story of mine in which I fullfilled my dark fantasy of having cuckold sex with a guy name Sundar Singh (name changed) in which I too had bisex with this guy.

The hero of my real story is my wife, Riya who is blessed with a sexy body, she is 30 and is mother of two, but she has maintained her figure as that of a college girl, she is 34-30-34, and is fair, on bed she is very good only when she is in mood, she generally prefers missionary position and sometimes doggy style( when enforced upon). She doesn’t likes kissing and never suck dick, and neither allow her pussy to be sucked (with me onlybut she did everything with Sundar Singh). About me, I am tall, handsome and equally fair as my wife, but I am very sissy type and soft, people generally knows me as submisisve, weak guy who doesn’t abuse or fights. At face people are good with me but at back they make fun of me and my feminine behaviour. But my wife was ok with me always and never made me felt that I am being weak, she like a good wife always did her duty, satisfied me and always made me feel stronger.

Our married life went on like that for 7 years, our sex life was becoming boring and boring, though I have immense sex in me and I used to have sex with Riya oftenly but used ti find that Riya was not at all enjoying sex with me and was just doing it as part of her duty with no feelinga or emotions. It then came to my mind to do something for my wife, to make her happy and to make her get what he deserved. I then started inclined towards getting my wife fucked by a well built, muscular, nice stranger who can show her good time.

I then secretly started searching for such guy on internet in popular sites like Delhi Swingers & Locanto, after a little bit of wait I met a guy name Sundar Singh who hailed from Punjab, I was very muxh impressed by his profile and his profile pictures. He was 6 feet strong, and handsome guy from Punjab and he was presentable, hygienic, and was having 8.5 inch cock, he has muscular body and was very good in talking and convincing. More importantly, I found him a trustable and nice human being as well, he was 26 year old and younger to both of us but was a manly man and mature enough to understand us. I got friendly with him through chats and phone calls. I narrated him everything about us and about my fanstasy. I also asked him if he has bisexuality feelings, to this he said, he was a true Punjabi guy and when is charged enough could fuck anyone, even a bitch or animal. I also talked about his stamina and lasting time to which he boosted about lasting for half an hour easily. I now shared with him pics of my sexy wife and charged him up for the grand show. When I was fully satisfied with the guy, I then decised to move towards next step, and that was to convince my wife for this. I never knew If she will agree or not but always had a git feeling that inside her, she finds me as a weak man, and craved for a matured manaly man. I thought of asking her, when she is hersel fully charged, I then planned for our sex and while I was having sex, I inserted my finger in her pussy, and started masterbating her, she was all charged and was moaning as well, I then said, “would you liked to be ill-treated like that by someone more manly as me or by different person”, as she waw fully charged she said, yes she wanted.

We then completed our usual sex, and laid down next to each other, on bed. I then said, do you rwlaly meant it, to this she replied that she didn’t meant it, I then confronted her that as a orthodox husband I dont want to bound her in her sexuality, and opened up a bit by saying I respect her sexuality, she then started openining her and agreed that if I was ok, she would try for sex with different person, I then told him about Subdar Singh and also showed his pics and videos. She was impressed and gave her consent. I then told her to be ready soon for a grand evening. I next day informed about the good news to our man Sundar Singh who was delighted to know it. I then made him speak with Riya as well. Both talked positively and normally. I was myself very happy as I was having a gut feeling that we all are soon going to have a good time together.

Me and Sundar then planned out meeting, we decided that Sundar will visit us in Delhi from Punjab and we will have sex in a farm house on a popular Farm house on Jaipur Highway (name I will not tell), we booked the room, and sent our children to their Aunt house, we checked in the room, and spent evening in the farmhouse, and discussing about the evening and fun we will have together. Sundar Singh then arrived by fligjt and took a taxi to meet us in the farm house. We all met each other as normal friends and decided to have a light dinner together. After dinner, we all went to our room which was very big and attractively decorated to meet our expectations.

I then hung a “Not to Disturb” sign board and also ensured our room has all the requirements like water, juice, dry fruit that would keep us hydrated and satiated for our fuck session. Sundar Singh was impressed by my arrnagement, bit I could read his face he was more interested in Riya. We then opened a bottle of whiskey, and we took 2-3 pegs to get in mood, we startes talking about our livea, likings etc, we then started passing non-veg jokes, Sundar Singh was trying to impress Riya and Riya also was laughing at his jokes. Riya took only 2 pegs, while Sundar and me took 4 pegs.

I then went to Washroom and when I returned found Sundar Singh was passionately kissing and rubbing Riya’s body. They stopped upon seeing me, I didn’t objected but only pointed that we should ho slowly and enjoy to the fullest. Riya then blushingly went to the Washroom. I then asked Sundar Sinfh to change his clothes. Sundar Singh removed his shirt, I wa shocked to see his muscular body, I started touching his body, and hugged him, he hugged me in return and also admired my body, he then intentionally grabbed my ass and pressed his tightly, I was shocked and taken aback, but I was feeling very nice in his arms and I lost my senses, I then grabbes his cock from outside. Meanwhile we hears the sound of bathroom from where Riya was coming out, so we separated out. I then asked Riya to flout his sexy body to our guest who has come all the way from Punjab to see it.

Riya firslt feld shy and didn’t agreed, I then tool her to a side and said, Honey we have already discussed this and today is our day. She then said, she is feeling a bit shy and nothing else, I then understood her situation. I then aksed Sundar to take initiatives, and begin the show, Sundar Singh was waiting for this moment. He went towards Riya and started kissing Riya, he was giving her French kiss with full passion and was rubbing her body beneath her suit-salwar. He then started pressing her boobs and with his one hand pulled down her salwar, he then put his rough hamd on my wife’s white ass and also pulled her panty, and threw it on me. I gave a smiling look to Sundar Singh and gave him a husbandly accord to carry on. Sundar and Riya became more open and started enjoying, we were drunk too and the atmosphere was fully sexually charged.

Sundat now removed the suit of my wife and also them her bra, she was now fully naked. He then inserted his fingers in her pussy and started masterbating her passionately, to say better then me. I then started doing my role, I started caressing their bodies, I started playing with naked body of Riya and also started playing with her ass from behind, I then started removing clothes of Sundar Singh for Riya, I first removed his vest then his pant and finally his underwear, when he got naked, we were shocked to see his 8 inch thick cock, I looked at Riya face she had never seen such a huge cock so far in her life, I then without any warning, grabbed his cock and started sucking his hardened cock passionately, Sundar was charged and he grabbeb me by my head and thrust his cock in my mouth, Riya was surprised too by my act and had never seen me in her life in this situation, but as we both were now not in a position for any failt finding and were both exposed in front of each other, she remained silent.

Meanwhile while I was sucking his huge cock, Sundar started foddling with Riya breasts, he then made Riya kneal, and asked her also to suck his cock, Riya then took the cock from me and amateurly started kissing it and playing with it, I could see she was delighted to see a cock that big, we also had a brief eye contact when she was sucking his dick. Sundar anyhow was not satisfied with the blow job he was getting from Riya, he then set me aside by pushing me and lifted Riya upside down, Riya was shocked and said surprisingly, ohhhh… He then turned her uspide down and made her suck his cock in inverted position while He was sucking his pussy. Meanwhile I was caressing the body of our macho hero Sundar.

Sundar continued in the pose for few minutes and then threw her on bed and they continued in 69 pose for long time. I could see, Riya my innocent wife was utterly enjoying the session and was enjoying. Sundar now was raring to fuck Riya’s pussy, he slipped hos cock inside her pussy in tradional pose, and was thrusting himself inside her, he then discharged himself inside her. I then, sucked Riya’s pussy and wiped her pussy by sucking all the cum, gosh it was soury one and for the first time I was tasting the mixture of juices of my wife and of Sundar.

Guys this is part – 1 of my story, in remaining part I will discuss about two more sessions that we had layer, and on which Sundar fucked and enjoyed with me more than Riya. So connece with me and give comments for me to write further.

So friends read it and send comment on my email id [email protected]

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