Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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It was December. Me and my wife Manasi were travelling by train to Delhi. We had two seats in the AC 2 tier compartment and the other two seats were empty. There were total four seats and two lower berths for sleeping and two upper berths. The compartment had a door and when shut four passengers could enjoy privacy.

‘You wear something hot’ I told my wife because I planned to enjoy the trip.
‘What?’ she asked with a cheeky smile.
‘Wear the short skirt I brought for you from Dubai’ I said, ‘and the matching black bra.’
‘You must be out of your mind’ she remarked ‘with those things I will be as good as naked.’
‘So what?’
‘If other passengers come? What then?’ she quipped with a smile. Her charming face lighting up in romantic mood.

‘Then you take a kambal (blanket) around you. We both will be inside the same single kambal, snuggly, hot and romantic’ I answered.
‘Wow! That’s going to be lovely’ she replied. ‘I always dreamt of getting caressed under a blanket.’ She said face lighting up.
‘We will honey moon under the blanket’ I said winking at her.
‘Naughty’ she muttered sternly but she took out the black dress from our baggage.
‘I will wear it in the bathroom and come’ she said.
‘All will see you baby’ I said imagining the reaction of males who would see her in such a slutty dress.
‘They won’t’ she said ‘I will wrap a kambal around me.’
‘If anyone sees you, you will get fucked’ I said laughing.
‘You will relish that, I know it you voyeur’ she replied back smiling sweetly.
‘I know you love cocks too’ I added to heat up the situation.
She went to change up. I was hoping that no one else would board the train and occupy the two vacant seats. I was planning to enjoy her under the blanket.

Manasi was 29, quite beautiful with big 38 size C-Cup boobies a narrow 28 in waistline and the mesmerizing 40 in hips with solid upturned buttocks and white milky thighs. Her biggest asset was her white, hairless and smooth creamy complexion, almost milky and that made her look ravishingly hot, especially when half naked. She used to go to the gym regularly to maintain fitness and she also did yoga to keep her pussy tight and muscles in good condition.

Accordingly, I had brought for her a slutty dress from Dubai worn by belle dancers which consisted of a black lacy bra that covered only the nipples and nothing else. The other part was a micro mini skirt, a tiny piece of cloth around the waist that didn’t hide the pussy rather enhanced the view between her legs. She looked like a sex goddess in that attire.
Her pink pussy was robust, fleshy and maintained clean and nicely shaven.
Soon she was back. I closed the compartment door and whisked off the blanket which she had wrapped around her.

‘Wow!’ She looked killing!

She had put on her favourite jasmine perfume and body spray and was smelling lovely like a flower. I noticed that she had also done up her face beautifully in a full make-up and had put on a red glossy lipstick she used made he look highly desirable. She smiled sweetly as I gazed at her.
‘So you are mesmerized?’ she questioned. ‘I look like a slutty whore in this dress.’
‘You look lovely’ I commented. I took her into my arms and started to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and I hugged her naked body. She was soft and warm. Her body was hot even in the cool AC. The very feel of her naked body rubbing against me was enough to excite me tremendously.
We were just beginning when the train had come to a halt.

‘Maybe a station’ I said ‘you wear the blanket around you and sit. I hope no one comes.’
I was wrong. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I opened it and to my horror I found a group of Bihari guys standing there. They were hefty, totally black complexioned and I noticed that they were from the lower labour class. They wore lungis. I could smell the sweaty odour emanating from their bodies clad in vests. There was also the stench of cheap liquor. They were drunk.

A huge guy stepped forward. ‘Saab, we have 2 seats here’ he said ‘but we are six, we didn’t get confirmed tickets so we will share. I hope you don’t mind. He came inside and saw my wife in the blanket. In a hurry Manasi had not wrapped the blanket well and one of her bare shoulders glistened in the dim light. Anyone could easily make out that she was naked underneath.
‘Memsaab bhi ayi hai’ muttered the big guy in Hindi with a knowing grin.
‘Darwaze ko bandh kar dena’ he ordered.

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