Wife Fucked By Young Salesman

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Wife Fucked By Young Salesman

My wife Rinsha and I live in Mumbai. I am working in an MNC in the senior management position which I reached after years of hard work.

I am 45 and my wife is 35. We have a lot of attraction towards each other and have bouts of sex almost every day. Our sex life has been pretty good. My wife does not expose herself completely to me while having sex unless I make our bedroom considerably dark. She is a voluptuous South Indian female and an ideal specimen of Indian womanhood.

Her statistics are 36 – 28 – 34. She is dusky and her height is 5.7. She attracts a second stare from any male who is virile and handsome.
As traditions have taught her, my wife is a kind of “keep to herself” in nature. However, she is very demanding in private with me.
She does not get into sex unless she feels my hard-on is enough to slice her between her legs.Of late, I have started to have some sexy fantasy once I enter her and to keep the fantasy present which contributed to my raging hard-on and free flow of her juices around my cock.

Initially, she was refusing to be a part of my fantasy and was not responding to my story, and the questions I used to ask her. But later, my wife started getting more and more into the fantasy.

The hardness of my cock which my wife was experiencing excited her, and she gave in and started giving me pushes from below. Both of us were enjoying the missionary position, although we experienced other sex positions also. Our fantasies used to revolve around the neighboring men, vegetable vendor, milkman, etc.

Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I used to feel that we should try out the fantasy with an unknown person.Once every week we both go out to restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters and also visit various markets for buying casual clothes in markets around Borivili, Kandivli and Bandra.

One Saturday I came home from the office a little early to take my wife Rinsha to the Linking road market at Bandra, as she wanted to buy some nighties for her and her sister who is in Hyderabad.

Linking road was a very familiar place to us as we often go there for purchases. Rinsha was also familiar with some 2 to 3 shopkeepers.
As we reached the designated shop, I asked my wife to get down the car and get into the shop. I would park the car and come back to catch-up with her.

It took me around 15 minutes to catch her in the adjoining shop. My wife was looking through some bras for her. I asked her what about the nighties? My wife said that the regular stocks are exhausted, and we had to come next Saturday for the fresh stocks.

I told her, “In that case, let’s go back, and we can go to some Chinese restaurant for dinner.”My wife said, “Madhu, we have come all the way from Kandivli here. I require some bras and panties, so let us complete the purchase. This boy is showing very good pieces and there is a 20% discount till tomorrow.”

I said, “Ok, go ahead.”
Rinsha finalized 5 pieces of bras and 5 panties and asked him for the right sizes. The salesman was saying, “Madam, iska size ek hi hai, bakika sab sizes miljayega, aur panties jo hai ek size aapko barabar fit ho jayega.”

I was surprised to hear about the panty size. How did this 20-year-old guy know the size of my wife’s panties? I looked at Rinsha and said, “Let’s take these bras and move.”

My wife said to the salesman, “Raja, for now, we will take these 4 bras and when I come next time, I will take the other ones.”
Suddenly, the salesman got up and moved towards the mannequin (female dolls kept in the lady’s cloth store to display the dress) and removed the bra of the mannequin.

This sudden action by the salesman put me in shock and embarrassment. The mannequin was without a bra and the boobs were in perfect shape. They were protruding and were so tempting. My wife Rinsha had lowered her head in shyness and was giving a naughty smile.

The salesman said to Rinsha, “Madam, aap ye le jayiyega, eh wohi size hi. Aur ye panties aapko ek dham fit ho jayega.”
Rinsha said, “Nahi Raja, mai try karke bina nahi le javungi.”

I said, “Rinsha, you take them. In case they do not fit you, we can return them. In any case, we will be back here next week for the nighties. Also, there is no trial room here.”

Hearing me, the salesman said, “Sirji, not to worry, we have a room behind our shop. Madam can try the panties there.” It was very embarrassing for me to hear this.

I do not know what kind that room is, and if someone watches Rinsha undressing to try the panties and bras.
Rinsha broke the silence saying, “Madhu, don’t worry, I will try both the bra and panty and come back in 10 minutes.”

The salesman complimented my wife saying, “Sirji, aap chinta mat kijiye, wo room hamara hi hai, hum madam ke saat jayenge, aur vaapas 10 minutes me aa jayenge, aap idhar aaram se bait jaiye.”

It was 5 minutes since both Rinsha and Raja left the room, and these 5 minutes had been like hell to me. Unconsciously, I moved out of the shop and went behind to see where the room was.

I walked behind the shop. I saw a small house with two rooms adjacent to each other at a distance of about 100 ft. I went near the rooms and saw one is closed and the other one’s doors are slightly opened.

As I was nearing the room, I heard the voice of my wife Rinsha from the closed room. It gave me a shiver in my spine as to how my wife was allowing a 20-year-old boy to be in the room when she was trying out a new bra and panty.

A thousand flashes ran through my mind as I entered the other room which was open. Mixed feelings were running through my mind as to what both of them must be doing inside.

The room had a small window that opened into the other room where my wife was. I peeped inside. I saw Rinsha standing in front of the mirror and adjusting her bra.

Her blouse was lying on the chair nearby. Behind her was the salesman Raja observing her back and telling her, “Madam, ye bra aap ko bahut achcha fit huva, aap ye panty bi try kar ligiye.”

My wife with a naughty smile on her face said, “Kya fit hoga Raja? Thum itna chote ho aur thumko sab aurathon ka size kaise maalum?”
Raja said, “Yes to bahut aasan hai madam. Aapka blouse dekte hi muje patha chal gaya, aapka size 36 hai aur aapka panty 34 karke.”

“Issliye vo putli ka bra nikalke muje pehana diya? Raja bolo ye galat hai na,aurathon ka sizes dekna vo bhi husband kesaat aya hun tho?”
Suddenly, my wife remembered that I was waiting at the shop and said, “Oh, my husband is waiting there. I will message him.”

I wanted to see what they are up to. So I took out my mobile and sent her a message saying, “I will go and buy some innerwear for myself. It will take half an hour or so.”

I told her to be in the shop till I come back. I saw a sigh of relief as my wife saw my message.
My wifee turned back from the mirror and I saw her pallu in her hand and both her boobs firmly in the bra.

Her cleavage and the front of the bra were exposing almost half of her boobs. The salesman was struck with a lightning seeing her. She asked him, “Barabar fit huva Raja? succh batana.”
Raja moved forward to perhaps adjust the portion below her bra. Maybe a part of her left boob was coming out of her bra, or maybe he wanted to squeeze my wife’s boobs, I don’t know. Rinsha moved back.

Raja said, “Madam, don’t worry. I am not going to touch your lovely boobs. I just wanted to adjust the bra.” I had a gush of blood rushing into my cock..

I pulled my rock-hard dick from my pants. I wanted to join them but controlled myself as I would hinder the erotic drama brewing in the room.
Raja went near her and held her waist and started adjusting the bra. While adjusting, he was running his fingers on her boobs. My wife’s breathing could be heard in the next room.

She lifted her head up and was enjoying the sensation of a young 18-year stud running his fingers over her. In a jerk, Raja lowered himself and lifted her saree.

Then in a fraction of a second, he caught hold of her pubic mound with his right hand and started caressing it over her panty.

My wife got into full steam of ecstasy and started moaning as never before. The guy with both his hands lowered her panty and started licking her cunt as I had never done before.

Rinsha was no longer ready to tolerate the tempest and went back and lay on the bed. Raja removed his t-shirt and his pants along with the underwear.

Now I could see his cock in its full glory, 7 inches long and must be 5 inches thick, fully circumcised and conical in appearance. It was a perfect manhood that any woman would love to have at least once in her lifetime.

Raja went near my wife and opened her thighs and witnessed my wife’s cunt with lots of black hair around. With one stroke he entered her to the hilt and started pumping her. My wife was enjoying every stroke of his and was pushing up at the end of his stroke. They were kissing each other and got locked in a deep embrace.

The show had gone on for 10 minutes and I had a shuddering ejaculation! After 5 more minutes, I saw Raja stop his movements and the muscles of his hips tighten. He had his peak and my wife hugged him and showered some more kisses.

Then both of them lay still in each other’s arms. While I was paying for the panties and the bras, I saw both Rinsha and the salesman smiling at each other.

That night I and Rinsha had a very powerful sex bout and during which I narrated what I saw as a fantasy. This fantasy still goes on even after 5 years.

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