Wife’s short-sighted cuckold fantasy ruins a good marriage

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Cuckold, how to Destroy a Perfect Marriage, Wife’s short-sighted cuckold fantasy ruins a good marriage, I once read, “If you believe you’re able to break a thing, you should believe in yourself enough to find a way to fix it. Never give up hope!” I hold on to that thought always and repeat it to myself aloud several times a day. That’s all I have left now.

Where to begin? I destroyed a perfect marriage. Mine. What does it matter now anyway? I can’t go back in time and change things. I had it all, but couldn’t see it at the time. No, that’s not correct. I knew very well what I had, but for one week of my entire life, I choose to not appreciate it. That’s all it took. One week. I want to blame it on a temporary bout of, “sexual driven insanity” that allowed my fantasy world to spill over into my real world. And by allowing that to happen, I murdered a very good, man, husband, and father. That’s what happens for my stupid behavior. You don’t break someone’s heart who loves you. You murder them. The person they were. That’s what I did and I can’t find a way yet to fix it. If it weren’t for my children, I would have lost my sanity. The love and the demand of raising them, keep me focused. The children are my whole world now and give purpose to my life to carry on with no Danny.

The wicked witch of this tale of woe is me, Carrie Wilson. The man I murdered is my husband, Dan Wilson. A really nice, gentle, and easy-going man who everyone likes. Once upon a time, we were a couple everyone liked.

I met Dan when we were both 14 in 9th grade. We both lost our virginity at 15 in my parent’s backyard under the stars one hot summer night. We gave ourselves to each with adolescent love on an old bed sheet I snuck from my parents home. And I believe it was true love even then and not just two horny teenagers hormones running wild. Why? Because we were together since then until I destroyed it all. The worst part is I used his love and trust for me to get what I selfishly wanted. I can see clearly now how evil a thing that was to do with Dan. I take full responsibility for what happened. Who would do that to another person? A horrible human being. And that’s what I see now in the mirror when I look.

Dan and I were from the same middle-income background. If you saw us together you would have thought we looked more like a brother and sister than anything else. Maybe that was part of the physical attraction we shared. Not just looks though. We shared the same interest in everything. He was the first and only boy I could speak with about anything. Anything at all. He was so easy to be with and was always trying to make me laugh. I was taller for a bit but when Dan hit his growth spurt, he topped out at 5’10”. Had brown hair and the clearest blue eyes I’d seen. He ran long distance later in high school and was in really terrific shape. He was so cute back then. He is even more handsome today.

Today, I am 5’7”, brown hair, brown eyes, and still, have a good figure after giving birth to three children. I was a copy of my mother, who my dad called a ‘hottie’. That’s what he told me one evening while our family was all are watching the television together.

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