His pretty wife loved him but wanted more

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His pretty loved him but wanted more, Brad watched the video on his laptop in grim silence.

On the screen a petite, blonde woman entered the room, wrapped tight in the arms of a tall, muscular man. Her short hair was fixed in a playful, curly style he was familiar with. The woman was smiling. As she ran her hand across her lover’s chest her expression filled with anxious delight.

The guy was tall and much younger than her. He had dark, short cropped hair, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Brad estimated the guy was a few inches taller than him, and about the same weight. But when the guy pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor, it was clear he had very little fat on his lean, well defined physique.

The passionate couple barely entered the room before the young man began kissing her using lots of tongue. She offered no resistance when he raised her blouse above her bra, lifted her small breasts out of the cups and pinch her distended nipples. The video had no sound. But it was clear by her eager expression the rough groping of her breasts had the intended effect.

During the hot make out session, the guy unsnapped her rose colored bra and shoved her skirt down her , stocking clad thighs. With a well practiced motion he spun her around, lifted her off the floor and cradled her in his arms with almost no effort. She was giggling merrily as her bra and skirt fell to the floor leaving her naked, except for dark stay up hose, and skimpy rose colored bikini panties.

Brad bitterly recognized the matching bra and panty set. It was the sexy ensemble Marie wore last month on the night of their Anniversary. Being their twenty fifth Anniversary he wanted to make it special. So after a nice dinner with their daughter and her husband, Brad took his wife dancing at an expensive night club. After sharing many romantic dances, they procured a room at a nearby luxury hotel. They were pleasantly inebriated and made love as they had for the past twenty seven years, twenty five of them man and wife.

Brad savored the memory of that night. His wife’s slender body was erotically revealed when Marie slid out of her dress at the foot of their bed. She smiled invitingly as she performed a sexy dance, then twirled around playfully, displaying her new matching undies. Brad fondly remembered her erect nipples and fleecy, dark brown pubic hair showing through the filmy pink material. He was very pleased with her choice, because the rose color material seemed well matched to her flawless, pale white complexion.

Now those cherished memories were ruined. Bile rose in his throat as Brad forced himself to watch the rest of his wife’s betrayal.

Carrying her like a child in his strong arms, the tall man walked across the small room and unceremoniously dropped her onto the sofa. Undeterred by the rough handling, Marie scrambled to a seated position and deftly undid his pants. She pushed his pants and underpants to the floor and grasped his large erection in her small hand. She gazed longingly at his stiff organ, took the thick prong in her mouth and began sucking it like a pro.

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