Summer of gym sex with the trainer turns me into a hot wife

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Summer of gym sex with the trainer turns me into a hot wife.. I smelled the vanilla candle as I was blindfolded and tied to my king size bed in our bedroom. My husband said he wanted to turn on a porn movie on the big screen television in the corner of the room and I heard him messing with the remote control. It was a quiet Saturday night in August and we would often crawl into bed and fool around watching porn. We always had more sex in the summer months, maybe because we walked around with fewer clothes on. I liked the orgy type vid’s with the more the merrier and I liked the lesbian video’s even though I’ve never licked a pussy.

“What do you have to watch I asked my husband of twenty years.” Tim was a sexy, good looking middle aged man that was six feet tall and 200 pounds. He spends plenty of time in the gym and at 48 still gets some attention. He has a decent tuft of brown hair and is well-endowed where it counts. He is the biggest I’ve ever had and I’ve been around the block at 47. He is strong without the bodybuilder muscles and is damn good in the bedroom.

“Be patient horny lady,” Tim replied. “This is one we have never watched together I can promise you that.” There are times we have watched the same porn video a second time because it was easy or convenient.

I was spread eagle on the bed. My arms were tied above my head to the corners of the bed. My legs were spread and they were tied to the corners of the bed too. I had a blindfold on that I slept with every night. My dark olive Italian skin had a deep summer suntan but I always sported nice tan lines on my ass and tits. Since I’ve had kids I’ve not been naked once in the sun.

With the cool air from the air conditioner blowing across the room to calm the hot August night, my nipples were coaxed to full sized, erect pieces of sexual hotness.

A pair of white crotch-less panties hid my black landing strip though with the panties it wouldn’t take much to find the magic spot. I had a sheer white uplifting naked push-up bra with an under-wire below my breasts. There was no material covering them so my 34C’s were jutting up toward the ceiling and were fighting the wire to slide down to either side of my body. I had dark brown areola’s the size of silver dollars with very erotic nipples that were erect and measured three-quarters of an inch when erect, and were just waiting for Tim to caress them.

I could now hear the television starting up and I could smell the familiar smell of coconut massage oil. I knew what that meant so I relaxed in the dark, knowing my feet and legs were about to be massaged by Tim’s strong hands.

“You have such a nice ass babe, You look great in those tight black yoga pants.” I heard the sound coming from the big television. “Of course the peach colored gym top you are wearing looks great too. Looks like its having trouble keeping everything contained.” The video on the television continued.

Tim had lifted my leg and I felt the warm coconut massage oil being applied to my feet. Outside of having my pussy licked, getting my feet rubbed with oil was my favorite thing on the planet. I’m happy I had a pedicure earlier in the week as I like to look good for my honey. I should have gotten the wax this week but I declined. I shaved my landing strip in the shower so I think I looked hot enough for Tim tonight but he loved a full bush too “You like the package?” I heard a woman on the porn vid but I was now getting lost in the foot massage.

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