More than Just Mother and Son, He did mom’s lez lover too! (True Story)

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True Story More than Just Mother and Son, He did mom’s lez lover too, I have one child (Robert) and I have been given my ‘Freedom Papers’ recently from my ex-hubby. I work as a stripper and do erotic posing for a couple of photographers, including my best friend and lover, Karen. I know that sounds kinky, the three of us, but I’ve never been a conservative or conventional type of person.

That is not to say I don’t have a sense of morals or feelings of guilt sometimes. I do. But sometimes things have a way of pushing past the boundaries we thought we had. Then, you wind up on the other side of events realizing that the world has not ended, just that something new has started. In our case, it has become a wonderful new kind of stability, where the tripod provides a steady balance to our unusual ménage a’ trois.

This is the way that our new dynamic began.

I was walking by my son’s bedroom one bright Sunday morning, when I heard a funny sound coming from inside. It sounded like a drum being struck in a slow, steady, heart pounding rhythmic beat. Thump, thump – thump – thump, thump – thump. My curiosity was aroused. I gently pushed my son’s bedroom door open a crack and peeped inside. There was my son, totally nude, with his feet toward the door.

His eyes were tightly shut. Legs pressed together and his hand clenched around his erect cock. The thumping sound was coming from him jerking his piece of meat while lifting his hips in a rhythmic fashion. I had not seen him naked since he had entered puberty. His cock was at least eight inches long. Slim, with an upward curve and a fantastic head. His balls were two small, smooth, hairless sacks jerking up and down to the rhythm of his stroking fingers.

His crotch was lightly covered with a tangle of dark blond fuzz. I could see the head of his cock was covered with pre-cum, making it glisten in the dim light from his computer desk. I glanced over at his computer and saw a porno picture of a young man face fucking an older woman. There was cum all over her face. I wondered why he was jacking off to an older woman. Weren’t there any younger ones he was interested in? It then dawned on me. My son was sexually aroused by mature women. I heard him muttering something over and over. I could barely hear what he was saying.

It sounded like, “Oh Mama, suck it faster. Make me cum in your mouth.” As I said, I could barely hear him. I wasn’t sure if that was what I really heard. I watched him as now his whole body started to rise and fall on the bed. I knew he was close to shooting his man-seed all over his body. I was feeling a little guilty, spying on my son as he was pleasuring himself, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I felt my pussy start to itch and just knew that if my fingers searched out my cunt, there would be plenty of lubrication for finger fucking. He was moaning loudly now and I distinctly heard him say; “Oh yeah, Mama, take my jizm down your throat. Swallow my cum, you… you’re so sexy!” just as he shot a long stream up toward the ceiling. It arched up and fell back in a line from his ankle to his crotch. I had never seen a squirt like that before.

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