Family Secrets: Have sex with my brothers

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My name is Ann and I’m about to get married to the guy of my dreams. He loves me, loves to fuck me, and lets me fuck other guys including my brothers! Our relationship might seem a little different but it sure works for us.

You see, during college Mom and Dad fucked around. Their friends were all equally active and there was quite a bit of exchanging of girlfriends and boyfriends. Eventually they got married and had us, two boys and two girls.

Years later my brothers suspected that their uncle was having sex with Mom and confronted her. She knew it wouldn’t stay a secret forever and decided they were old enough to know. She told them about their college days and the rather casual sex in their group. Mom said she fucked lots of guys and that include our uncle Paul.

Later Mom and Dad lived together for a couple of years during which time they were mostly exclusive to each other and a year later they married. They wanted to start a family but another year went by and nothing happened. They got tested and the problem was Dad, minimal sperm. They decided to ask his brother, Paul, to be the donor. That way the genes were similar and their kids would look like they belonged.

Dad talked with him and he agreed to be involved. Paul had been a regular participant in their earlier days so it wasn’t difficult to persuade him to do Mom. She told my brothers that he was quite the stud and she was all for the plan.

She said once they started it was difficult to stop since he was such a splendid lover. Dad didn’t mind and she still accommodated him whenever he wanted. Anyway, from what I understand, Mom and Paul fucked many times during the next two months. Dad continued to fuck her too but Mom knew if anything happened, it would be from Paul.

She got pregnant with Shawn, my oldest brother. Paul and Mom continued to get together and Dad was still getting his so he didn’t mind. They both stopped fucking Mom after her sixth month.

So now my parents had a baby boy, Shawn, but wanted at least one more so Paul had more work to do. Fifteen months after Shawn my brother James was born. Both were spitting images of Dad and, naturally, Paul.

My uncle continued to be a frequent visitor and, low and behold, Mom was pregnant again, this time with me. Three years later my sister Renee came along. At this point Mom stayed on birth control so Paul could continue to spend time with her. He still does.

“So please don’t think badly of your Dad and me,” she told my brothers years later. “You guys wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your uncle and Dad’s generosity. We have a most loving relationship and no one has ever been hurt. I don’t mind telling you I’m probably the best fucked mother in the neighborhood,” she told them with a laugh. “And, besides, I’m pretty sure you guys inherited Paul’s big cock.”

As I grew older I began to notice some things. Eventually I cornered Shawn to find out why Mom was spending so much time at our uncle’s place. “You need to ask Mom,” was all he would say. So I did and were shocked when she told me the same story.

When next I saw our uncle I appraised him from a different perspective, that of father and stud. He is a very handsome man and could easily visualized him in bed with Mom. It was a somewhat disturbing image but also rather titillating. Now that I knew what was going on there was a decided relaxation around our house. Mom no longer made excuses for visiting our uncle, merely kissing Dad as she left for his place.

My eighteenth birthday was this past Saturday and we had a big family party. Immediately I noticed a change in my brothers. I got more than occasional glimpses as one or the other got up with morning wood clearly showing in their shorts. Once I ‘accidentally’ saw James nude as he went from the bathroom to his bedroom. He paused so I could get a good look. On another occasion Shawn called out from the shower for some soap. He opened the shower door, giving me a full frontal view. I think he intended to shock me but I just gave him a long look and smiled.

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