Family Secrets: Have sex with my brothers

My name is Ann and I’m about to get married to the guy of my dreams. He loves me, loves to fuck me, and lets me fuck other guys including my brothers! Our relationship might seem a little different but it sure works for us.

You see, during college Mom and Dad fucked around. Their friends were all equally active and there was quite a bit of exchanging of girlfriends and boyfriends. Eventually they got married and had us, two boys and two girls.

Years later my brothers suspected that their uncle was having sex with Mom and confronted her. She knew it wouldn’t stay a secret forever and decided they were old enough to know. She told them about their college days and the rather casual sex in their group. Mom said she fucked lots of guys and that include our uncle Paul.

Later Mom and Dad lived together for a couple of years during which time they were mostly exclusive to each other and a year later they married. They wanted to start a family but another year went by and nothing happened. They got tested and the problem was Dad, minimal sperm. They decided to ask his brother, Paul, to be the donor. That way the genes were similar and their kids would look like they belonged.

Dad talked with him and he agreed to be involved. Paul had been a regular participant in their earlier days so it wasn’t difficult to persuade him to do Mom. She told my brothers that he was quite the stud and she was all for the plan.

She said once they started it was difficult to stop since he was such a splendid lover. Dad didn’t mind and she still accommodated him whenever he wanted. Anyway, from what I understand, Mom and Paul fucked many times during the next two months. Dad continued to fuck her too but Mom knew if anything happened, it would be from Paul.

She got pregnant with Shawn, my oldest brother. Paul and Mom continued to get together and Dad was still getting his so he didn’t mind. They both stopped fucking Mom after her sixth month.

So now my parents had a baby boy, Shawn, but wanted at least one more so Paul had more work to do. Fifteen months after Shawn my brother James was born. Both were spitting images of Dad and, naturally, Paul.

My uncle continued to be a frequent visitor and, low and behold, Mom was pregnant again, this time with me. Three years later my sister Renee came along. At this point Mom stayed on birth control so Paul could continue to spend time with her. He still does.

“So please don’t think badly of your Dad and me,” she told my brothers years later. “You guys wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your uncle and Dad’s generosity. We have a most loving relationship and no one has ever been hurt. I don’t mind telling you I’m probably the best fucked mother in the neighborhood,” she told them with a laugh. “And, besides, I’m pretty sure you guys inherited Paul’s big cock.”

As I grew older I began to notice some things. Eventually I cornered Shawn to find out why Mom was spending so much time at our uncle’s place. “You need to ask Mom,” was all he would say. So I did and were shocked when she told me the same story.

When next I saw our uncle I appraised him from a different perspective, that of father and stud. He is a very handsome man and could easily visualized him in bed with Mom. It was a somewhat disturbing image but also rather titillating. Now that I knew what was going on there was a decided relaxation around our house. Mom no longer made excuses for visiting our uncle, merely kissing Dad as she left for his place.

My eighteenth birthday was this past Saturday and we had a big family party. Immediately I noticed a change in my brothers. I got more than occasional glimpses as one or the other got up with morning wood clearly showing in their shorts. Once I ‘accidentally’ saw James nude as he went from the bathroom to his bedroom. He paused so I could get a good look. On another occasion Shawn called out from the shower for some soap. He opened the shower door, giving me a full frontal view. I think he intended to shock me but I just gave him a long look and smiled.

As they continued to tease, I decided to tease back. I bounced around in baby tops and panties in the mornings and when getting ready for bed, giving my brothers good night kisses on the lips. Mom must have noticed and set up an appointment for me to get birth control.

“You are an exceedingly pretty and sexy girl, honey, and boys are going to be all over you. I suppose we should talk.

“A boy I knew in high school was my first. We almost did it prom night but I got scared. A week later he invited me over when his mom was gone. That first time was nothing special and would have been much better if he had experience. By the time I met your Dad several other guys had fucked me but he was the best. Handsome, smart, and, oh, that big cock of his. Once I had it I couldn’t get enough. So he became a favorite.”

“My friends and I were rather wild back them,” she continued. “I went down on a few girls and once I had a guy in my pussy and one in my ass. I told you uncle Paul was part of the group. After a while I mostly just fucked him and your Dad since they had the best cocks. I couldn’t marry them both and picked your Dad but your uncle and I continued to have sex.”

I had to ask: “When you come back from his place you and Dad have sex, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess it must be pretty obvious and goes back to our wild days. Your Dad loved to lick me down there after I was fucked by one or two guys. God, that was such a turn-on! Then he would push his big cock into my slippery pussy. I absolutely loved how it felt, my pussy all squishy with lots of cum, his big cock easily sliding in and out. No other guys would eat my creampie, that’s what it is called. I suppose that’s why I decided to marry your Dad rather than Paul.”

“So your pussy is full of Paul’s stuff when you come home and Dad eats you out? That’s gross,” I declared.

“Let me tell you, honey, if you ever find a guy who will do that, marry him. Sure, it’s kind of nasty but that’s what makes it so exciting. And afterwards his hard cock slides so easily into my juicy pussy. Your Dad is a fabulous lover.”

“Um, I guess I don’t know how to ask this. You said lots of guys have fucked you. Did that stretch you out? I mean, when you come back from Paul’s, are you different?”

“If anything, having the four of you stretched me out but afterwards I did lots of exercises to tighten up my pussy. I don’t think cocks do anything long-term. Both Paul and your Dad have big cocks but I still feel snug. Maybe I’m a little looser immediately after Paul fucks me but your Dad never complains.”

“How big are they?” I blurted out.

Mom looked at me for a moment and then smiled. “Big, I measured them. Dad is eight inches and about 6 ½” in circumference. Your uncle is about half an inch longer and same diameter. They are big! Like I said, back then I had lots of cocks and only one guy could come close to them.”

She had a wistful expression and I waited, hoping to hear more.

“He was a black guy.” She saw my shocked expressions.

“My roommate in college fucked several black guys from the basketball team. She would go on and on about how big and hard their cocks were. They were always hitting on me and one night I decided to find out for myself. I hadn’t met your dad or Paul yet and all the cocks I had were average size and this guy was big, bigger then Paul.

“I was shocked when I saw it, maybe ten inches, and really black. He pushed me to my knees and I licked and sucked. Then he bent me over the sofa arm and gradually stretched me out, then fucked me hard. Afterwards I decided that just being big wasn’t enough. He had no finesse and I didn’t orgasm. But he sure was big … ”

Afterwards I had lots to think over. In the meantime, my brothers dropped lots of hints about sex. Shawn kissed me hard on the lips one day. Another time James came up behind and cupped my breasts, rubbing his crotch against my butt. I tried to laugh off their antics.

I conclude that my brothers wanted to fuck me. In fact, Shawn pretty much confirmed it. He said our family is very special and we should continue the tradition. I’m sure he was referring to Mom and Paul. Then he said Mom told him I was now on birth control. That really surprised me. He said Mom expects me to have sex pretty soon. Since I don’t have a serious boyfriend why would she think that? And with whom?

I saw Shawn’s cock that day in the shower. Of course his cock wasn’t hard but it sure looked nice. I wanted to touch it. I had never seen either of my brothers with a boner but they both had big bulges in their underwear in the mornings.

I decided I wanted to have sex but my sometimes boyfriend was wet behind the ears. I wanted someone who had experience, like Mom said.

My brothers organized the whole thing. They booked a motel room for the night and stocked up with some rum and cokes. I wanted to be half drunk when it happened. I remember Shawn was on top of me and I felt a sharp pain. My hymen, I assume, but the pain didn’t last long. He got excited and I felt something warm squirt inside me. Then he pulled out and James pushed inside me. He only lasted a few minutes too.

We snuggled together, the three of us. About an hour later James pushed back into me. He went slower this time and this time I got really excited. Ann, you have no idea, it felt terrific, like nothing I have ever felt before. My pussy was tingly, my whole body was tingly, and a flushed feeling came over me. When he finished Shawn did me again. He had me roll onto my tummy and pushed in from behind. I liked that and soon got excited again.

So I got fucked four times and climaxed twice. Not bad, I thought for my first time! My pussy’s a little sore this morning.

From that point on my brothers and I had sex whenever our parents were out of the house. Truth be known I’m sure our parents knew exactly what was happening. We had a big house and separate bedrooms. The boys would alternate who went first and liked to surprise me. All through last summer we fucked like rabbits.


I was now a busy freshman but all too soon that familiar ache returned, I needed sex. I was used to fucking my talented brothers and sought out upper classmen with experience. Naturally I had no difficulty getting laid. My brothers and I also got together at Thanksgiving. They rented a motel and we had three days of hot sex. I had been homesick and it was really nice to settle back into family loving. We did more at Christmas.

Bobby came along at the start of the next semester. He was dating a girl but frustrated that she needed lots of persuasion to get anywhere, which wasn’t far. I bumped into him as we were leaving the library. Apologies led to some mutual appraisal and we had a date set for Saturday. I invited him back to my dorm room, having made sure my roommate would be gone. Bobby had absolutely no experience but was very, very cute so I decided to fuck him anyway.

“Honey, I’m going to teach you all kinds of things,” and I proceeded to suck his beautiful cock. He was very excited and lasted only minutes. Then I peeled off my jeans and taught him to eat pussy. Might as well see how adventuresome he was. He did ok, not great, but I gave him good marks for effort.

By then his cock had recovered and I turned onto my tummy and guided his big cock into my tight pussy. His hard cock filled me but just as it was getting interesting he climaxed. Oh, well, everyone has to have a first time.

“Next time you won’t be so quick, honey.” He was relieved to hear there would be a next time.

We fucked several Friday and Saturday nights but he wanted more. “How about going out Monday?” he suggested. “There’s a new movie out.”

“Sorry, Bobby, I’m tied up with one of my other guys.”

He looked at me with surprise. “Other guys?”

“I thought you knew. There are a couple of guys that I see.”

“See, like in sex?”

“Yeah. Right after I started college several guys put the make on me. I picked out a couple, one is a Junior, the other a Senior. Both have experience and smooth moves. Now don’t get your nickers in a wad, Bobby. I like lots of sex and they are good at it. You and I will be doing plenty of fucking and I will teach you how to really satisfy a woman. Remember when we first fucked, it was your first time and I pretty much needed to help things along?”

We set up a date for Wednesday. I arranged to fuck one of my regular guys beforehand. Then, my pussy full of cum, I took Bobby to my bed. “Stick your cock in me, honey. I want to be fucked.”

“Don’t you want me to eat you first?”

“Not this time. Just fuck me.”

I turned onto my tummy and he lined up his cock. “Oh, you are really juicy,” as he rubbed his cock head up and down between my pussy lips. Then he pushed, half his length entering.

“Oh, baby, you are so slippery!”

“Like how that feels? I was just fucked by one of the guys and brought back a full pussy for you to enjoy. Now fuck me hard.”

He did just that. My pussy was making squishy sounds as he pumped with his big cock.

Bobby now was getting plenty of sex from me and getting better at it. We had traditional dates on the weekends and sloppy seconds during the week. His cock felt so good sliding into my well-lubricated pussy. Now I want to persuade him to eat my sloppy pussy before we fucked. This was my all-time favorite thing ever since I learned that my Dad goes down on Mom after my uncle fucks her. My brothers always alternate, one fucking me, the other eating creampie.

Anyway Bobby and I went to a party and we did some drinking. I had arranged for one of my guys to meet me there and we fucked in a back room. Bobby waited at the bar for me and then we hurried home. I spread my legs and pushed down his head. “Eat me, Bobby. I need you.”

I was hoping the booze had loosened him up just enough to do this and still have a stiff cock to fuck me.

He looked at my pussy. “Looks like he did a good job fucking you.”

I knew my pussy was red and gaping and could feel a little fluid run down between my lips. Bobby was getting lots of sloppy seconds but this time I wanted his tongue.

“Honey, you know I really want you to do this. Please do it for me.”

He still hesitated.

“Please, honey, just stick out your tongue and taste. You like to eat me, this won’t be that different.”

I knew, of course, that there was a big load of cum inside but I had to get him to try it. Once he started, however, he got with the program and didn’t falter as I pushed out more and more cum.

Eating sloppy seconds eventually became a regular part of our loving. I was so pleased that he really seemed to get turned on tasting me. His cock entered me so easily because I was stretched out plus the extra lubrication. When I got on top and rode him his cock would go deeper and nudge my cervix, giving me a tingle down to my toes. No one else ever did that.

Bobby never wanted to know who was fucking me and he never wanted to watch. During the three years that he and I dated the guys came and went. I tried to keep two or three interested but some graduated, some dropped out or transferred. Finding a suitable replacement was not always easy. Really big cocks, the eight-inch variety, are not all that common. And some guys had the equipment but were duds in bed.

Bobby and I were laying bed, fully satiated by my latest sloppy seconds.

“We are pretty good together, aren’t we?” he made conversation. “Who would have guessed I would be eating some guy’s creampie. I was the ultimate virginal nerd when we met and totally surprised that you went out with me. I felt like such a clod that first time. I didn’t know a thing and hardly lasted any time at all. I appreciated your patience. Those other guys you were dating back then, did one of them take your virginity?”

“No. Just after my eighteenth birthday my brothers Shawn and James did it. More precisely, James was first.”

“No shit! Your brothers fucked you?”

“Oh, yeah. All along I knew they would be the ones when I got old enough. We had sex many times last summer and at Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I love them so very much.”

I wanted to introduce Bobby to our family, probably at Easter break. Up till now he did not know, nor care to know, who else was fucking me. This would be different, meeting my brothers, knowing their cocks had been inside me. I hoped he could handle the Moment. And, of course, he knew nothing about Mom, Dad, and Uncle Paul. I didn’t intend to tell him, at least for now.

“Nice to meet you, Bobby,” my brother Shawn extended his hand. “Ann has told us so much about you. I’m glad she is so happy.”

Bobby made good eye contact but after the handshake I saw him glance at Shawn’s crotch. He refocused as James greeted him.

Later Bobby and I had time to ourselves. “They both have big cocks.” He looked at me and blushed. “I know what you were wondering. Big cocks and they use them very well. I like having them inside me. You knew I was far from being a virgin when we met. Sure, I was fucking several guys for sex but with my brothers it was always loving, giving sex. And they love to eat each other’s creampie. That’s how I got hooked on that.”

“You said you and your brothers had sex at Thanksgiving and Christmas. What about now, on Easter break?”

“I would love to have them fuck me and then you do me, sloppy thirds. Would that upset you?”

The next evening, I lay with my legs spread wide as Bobby tasted my dripping pussy.


Three years have gone by. Three years of companionship and love, three years of sexual adventure, three years of sloppy pussy.

Honey, I think we should get married after we graduate,” I suggested.

“What brought this on?”

“I’m going to be twenty-two and think we should start a family. I don’t want to be old and decrepit and still raising some kids. We have so much in common and get along great. I love you and you love me. You are so talented in bed, eat pussy after I’ve been fucked and like sticking your big cock into my sloppy pussy. You let me fuck my brothers and other guys and don’t get jealous. Put it all together and we are a magical couple. I would love to be married to you.”

I could see that Bobby hesitated to respond. I worried that he might not want me to fuck other guys if we married. I was doing it when we met and for the three years we dated but as his wife he might feel totally different.

“Jeeze, Ann, I don’t mind us getting married, in fact I think it’s a great idea. But I didn’t know you were wanting to start a family so soon. I’m not against it, I guess, if that’s what you really want. So you would go off birth control and I go about trying to knock you up?”

“After we’re married, of course. That’s kind of crude, Bobby, but you have the idea.”

“And what then? How many kids do you want?”

“I was thinking two, only one would be a spoiled brat. Two would have each other as companions.”

I was surprised he didn’t bring up the elephant in the room, my continuing to fuck other guys.

We married in a simple ceremony with family and a few friends. We spent the summer trying to make a baby and it really didn’t take very long. End of July and I was pregnant.

“Isn’t that great, Bobby? Your sperm must be pretty powerful to work that fast.”

“I was hoping it might take months and months of trying,” he joked. “Now what?”

“The doctor says I can continue to fuck for five or six months. Of course he didn’t put it quite that way,” I added with a laugh. “When we tell my family, you know what my brothers will be wondering, don’t you? And the other guys? OK if I let them know?”

It had been just Bobby and me since we got married and off birth control, and we had not talked about eventually bringing others back into our bed. If he said no I would respect his decision but be sorely disappointed. Now the moment was at hand.

I decided to add some incentive.

“And don’t forget about Renee, my younger sister.”

“What about your sister?”

“She just turned eighteen.”


“And she thinks you are really cute. I imagine you could get her into our bed.”

“No shit? She’s a real looker. A virgin?”

“Of course not. My brothers have seen to that.”

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