Daughters and Sidenifil


I notice as I get older the more I need Sildenafil. I suspect that it is because that I am 51 years old but I know that it is not the entire reason. Sildenafil allows me to fuck like I did in my 20’s. It is nice to have a rock hard cock to not only prolong my ejaculating but to increase the pleasure and orgasms that my partners enjoy.

I have been married for 17 years. I finally gave up the crazy bed to bed sex life and settled for one woman. But when I married, my wife had already had a six year old daughter Nadine and an eighteen month old daughter Sara. I had no problem taking on the daddy role. I considered them both my two little girls. Their mom was 31 and she loved to fuck. Well, make love. Her blowjobs were out of this world. She had a nice body, nice snugly pussy and a beautiful set of 36-C tits with nipples that got hard just by me looking at them

We got married not long after meeting, so some of her habits or should I say Nadine’s habits I was not aware of. The thing was that Nadine had been sleeping in the same bed as her mom for a couple years and when I came along that was something that I felt needed to stop so I could get that newlywed pussy. But with Nadine’s carrying on and beginning to resent me she ended up in bed between her mom and I anyways. Luckily Nadine was older enough to go to school, so daddy’s nooky was usually in the morning or during the day when Sara was sleeping. I loved how Lisa would pull the covers off me and suck my morning wood. She hardly ever left my cock unsatisfied. As much as I loved her blowjobs, I looked forward to Lisa straddling me and riding my throbbing cock. Her pussy fit around my cock like a glove. She had the one pussy thst hit my cock just right that would allow me to almost cum when she did so she could feel the warmth of my jism exploding inside of her.


A couple years passed and a third daughter came along. Even though she was my blood, she still slept in the crib. Luckily Nicki didn’t end the on going sex life between my wife and I it was like we could never get enough. So to not take anymore chance on surprises we decided that I would go get snipped. Cumming didn’t feel any different for either of us.

As time passes for Lisa and I, our kids get older too. Nadine was about eleven and began asking a lot of questions about sex, penises and vagina’s. She had learned from the other kids at school that daddy’s had a penis that got real big when it got close to mommy’s vagina. Nadine had scene quick glimpses of my dick from time to time but I tried to protect her eyes. Although when curiosity was getting the best of her. Well my wife had to have a talk with Nadine, but the conversation was not good enough for the inquisitive eleven year old. She wanted to see a big penis. No if, ands or buts about it. When I heard this, my eyes opened wide and I began to fear. I told Lisa. “Don’t even think of it.”
She may have acted dumb but I knew what she was thinking. Lisa told me that she would rather That Nadine saw my boner for a couple seconds then some other guys. I was terrified. I didn’t want to be thought of as a sick child molester. But I loved and trusted Lisa so I agreed that Nadine could get a quick educational look at my erected penis.

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A couple weeks went by and the subject seemed to have faded away. I was so relieved. Until one evening before bed I went in to take a shower. I was anticipating a nice blowjob from my bride and shooting the load of white cream built up in my sack from her week on her period.

I took a little extra time washing my eight inch rod, or I guess you could call it masturbating without ejaculating. But as I pulled the shower curtain back, low and behold there stood Nadine staring about eye level at my hard cock. Her eyes were big and She was even licking her lips. She had a towel wrapped around her. I figured she was just waiting for the shower until she dropped the towel. I won’t describe what I saw but she was starting to become a woman. I grabbed the towel that I was going to use to dry off and covered her up. She began twisting and turning as she fought me to get out of the towel and be naked. My wife heard the commotion in the bathroom and opened the door. She knew that I wasn’t trying anything inappropriate but as I stood there naked talking to Lisa. The eleven year old girls hand wrapped itself around my boner to hold it as she opened her mouth and attempted to put her lips around my cock. Quickly her mother stopped her. Nadine was laughing as her mom pulled her away and I covered up with the towel that Nadine had dropped. Unfortunately Sara had gotten a good look at what was going on from behind her mom.

My boner quickly died and all excitement turned to fear. All I could think of was. “This got way out of hand very quickly.” I put my shorts on and climbed into bed. Nadine hopped into the shower and her mom sat on the bed and asked me a question that changed the lives of my family forever. She said. “Honey, how do you feel about a clothing optional home?” I asked with confusion. “A what?” She said “A clothing optional home were we are free to roam the house naked. There are many family’s who do it and are part of nudist colonies. Mom’s, dad’s, daughters and sons see each other naked on a regular basis and curiosity is fulfilled.” At first I was very reluctant. However my wife kept bugging me for about a week.

On Saturday morning I was laying in bed and enjoying a nice blowjob from my wife. I was grunting. “Ooo baby. Awww that is good. Mmm that’s feels good.” It was evident that someone heard us when Nadine walked in. I knew that I should have closed the bedroom door. But I pulled the covers over my wife’s head as I was about to explode into her mouth. she slipped her lips off my cock and came up to lay along side me. She waved for Nadine to come up on the bed. I was thinking. “Oh no!” Then she pulled the covers off of me. My eight inches were still at attention. I glanced down between Nadine’s leg only to discover that she only had a long t shirt on, but no panties. I looked at my wife shaking my head. She smiled at me and said. It’s okay, just relax. If we don;’t show her she will keep bugging me and may even look to see someone else’s penis and what it does.” I asked with confusion. “What do you mean, what it does?” She leaned over me and took my cock into her mouth. I laid there watching Nadine softly lick her lips like she wanted a taste. I began breathing hard as I watched Nadine’s hungry eyes and enjoyed her mom sucking my cock. My wife knew that I was about to cum so she slipped her lips off my boner and stroked my cock with her hand. She called Nadine to get closer right before I exploded. I watched Nadine slide her hand between her legs and rub her young pussy. I said to my wife. “I don’t know about this.” My wife got in my face and said. “I know my daughters. You have nothing to worry about so just enjoy it because I am officially naming the home a clothing optional home. You are going to be seeing a lot more of you daughters naked and they will be seeing you penis when it excited and when it’s not. And maybe they can all watch and learn how a woman should pleasure her man.”

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The next thing I knew Nadine took her long t shirt off and called in her sister Sara. Sara froze with wide eyes as she saw us all naked. Nadine instructed Sara to take her pajamas off. Sara looked at her mom for approval and then followed through. I got to admit that my cock was tingling again at the eroticism but I knew that I had to get My mind out of that gutter. My wife called Sara up on the bed, she sat alongside Nadine and my wife and I had a long talk about our family nudity and how no one says anything to anyone, no matter what.

Another seven years rolled by. Nadine was eighteen, Sara was thirteen and Nicki was ten. There were no problems with our clothing option home. considering it was pretty much a non clothing home. By that time all three of the girls had seen my hard cock many times. Nadine and Sara knew where their clitoris’ were and how easy it was to get carried away with enjoying certain sensations to It. However as far as Lisa and I knew Nadine and Sara were still virgins. Our family was very tight and did not keep many secrets.

Nadine had a nice size pair of boobs with light colored nipples and a light brown bush that she began shaving bald at thirteen. Sara had filled out nice too and had a full dark bush blooming around her little slit with red nipples on Jer handful size boobs. And Nicki was starting to develope physically but understood why her sisters were so well into physical development and she would too one day.

Late one night I was over taken with fear. My wife allowed Nadine to sleep between us because Nicki’s puppy peed on Nadines bed. I won’t get into details with that. But we were all naked which was nothing new to us. Nadine and her mom kept whispering in each others ears and giggling. I was a little irritated that I wasn’t getting Lisa’s pussy as I massaged my cock while laying on my side facing the back side of Nadine. My wife popped her head up over Nadine and whispered to me. “Honey, just so you know when Nadine turned fourteen I bought her an eight inch dildo to experiment and explore with. It had been four years, she is old enough to make her own decisions and she and I feel that it is time to experience a real eight inch cock inside of her. Her hyman has been broken by the dildo but she is still a virgin of the dream thing.” I was shocked, scared and excited all at one. Nadine turned over and asked those magical words of me. “Daddy will you fuck me like you fuck mom?” I trusted my wife and I trusted Nadine. And with my cock begging for her eighteen year old cunt that was now legal. I moved my hand down between her legs to feel her freshly shaved pussy that was radiating a warm moisture of pussy lubrication.

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I rolled on to my back, Nadine moved down over my cock. She grabbed hold of it and slid her mouth over it. It was so warm and it felt so good. All I could is breath hard, moan and enjoy her maiden blowjob. She was good. I just figured that it was her mom that taught her everything that she needed to know with the toy that she gave her. I reached between her legs and fingered her wet pussy. She moaned and squirmed as my finger went in and out of her tiny unmanned hole. After a few minutes my wife told Nadine to squat down over me and let my hard cock enter her. It was the best sensation that I ever felt when she slid down onto my boner with ease. I didn’t have to stretch her. I didn’t have to train her. She knew how to ride a cock. And me? I hadn’t fucked a eighteen year old pussy since I was twenty. Her pussy was shaved like her mother but definitely felt different. Her tits were firm but her nipples stuck out like her mom’s. I felt my cum brewing I was getting close to releasing it. I had Nadine kneel on the edge of the bed and I entered her pussy from behind. She squealed and moaned with pleasure. “Oh Daddy, daddy fuck me like mom. Fuck me Daddy. Oh, oh I am going to cum.” As I pumped her cunt she slipped into another orgasm. I laid back down and Nadine slid her pussy back down on my cock. I was loving Nadine fucking me. Her mom must have instructed her well, because she rode her dads cock like a pro. Her tight wetness was more than any man would want to stand. Nadine screamed. “Oh Daddy fuck me Daddy talk dirty to me.” I looked at Lisa and she smile back at me. I got into it even more. “Nadine you fucken who’re. Fuck your daddy’s cock like you never fucked before. You fucken slut. You love fucking your daddy don’t you?. One day your daddy is going to fuck you and uour sisters at the same time. you no good whore.” Nadine screamed. “Degrade me Daddy. I know that you want to feel Sara’s cunt on your cock. Think about her black bush tickling your cock as you slam her sweet pussy. Oh Daddy I’m going to fucken cum again. Oh,oh daddy, arrrrhhhh.” I filled her cunt with every drop of jism that I had.

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