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When I was about twenty-nine my nephew came to live with me. Troubled punk ass loser was an understatement but I figured with the right support and to tough love that I could help the kid in the right direction considering he was in his early teens.

It wasn’t even three days with him at school that I got called by the school. He was about to be expelled. Apparently he lost his temper and punched and dented a file cabinet. So I had to take the rest of the day off from work. Luckily it was after lunch and I wouldn’t miss too much work. but luckily for him I got the principal’s decision overturned and her got another chance.

The end of the last period bell rang and Brian and I headed to his locker to get his other books for homework. suddenly three girls surround us. I couldn’t believe that three beautiful girls with knockout bodies were flirting with my loser of a nephew. He smiled at me like he thought that he was Casanova. I wasn’t irritated I was just curious. Then one of them winked at me. I figured out quickly that her name was Candy, and she was definitely eye candy. but too young for me and most definitely jail bait. I smiled back at her and made sure that she noticed me looking her up and down. I noticed on her finger was a high school graduation ring. I though to myself. “Hmm. She must like older guys.” then my invisible me kicked me in the butt and told me to forget it. I told Brian that I would meet him in the truck and don’t waste my time.

I was in the truck about five minutes when he came out and got in the passengers side. I asked. “What the heck was all that?” He gave me their names but I could only remember Candy. Then he said. “What? Are you jealous? I can get young sexy bitches and you get all the older bitches. too bad their moms are not single.” I snickered and replied. “You are one of those BOYS who have a dick but no idea how to use it. Maybe Uncle Don should show you sometime.” He laughed his punk ass laugh and said. “Yeah whateva.”

As time went on he did better in school and seemed to build a little bit more of a female following to where he was always talking about wanting to fuck this one and fuck that one but never had the chance to. I came to notice that most of, if not all the girls that Brian was just a friend to them and it was he that wanted more. Nicky had a boyfriend, Cheyenne too had a boyfriend. Billie was gay as two others seemed very snobby to him but were good friend to the other girls then Candy had some interest in him but always called him a little boy. I always got a good laugh when she called him that. because he didn’t act like a young man he acted like a punk little boy.

But unfortunately for him he lost his cool again and did get expelled. I had to enroll him into another school. He didn’t seem to have much of a following there considering that he was at a school for kids who couldn’t handle regular school. He was a transparent baby to them.

A few months later I was cruising home from a bike show on my motorcycle. I saw Candy walking. I spun around the block, she seemed to look a little snotty until I removed my shades and smiled at her and winked. Her face lit up when she realized that it was me. Offered her a ride home and she accepted. so I unfastened my other helmet from the handlebar risers and handed it to her. She asked me to take the real long way home. So I accepted the request. We rode for about forty five minutes then I asked her if she wanted a burger. She was all over that idea. We pulled into a burger place and ate our food outside at a table. She told me that she like Brian a little bit but he was too much of a loser. She also said that he tried to have sex with her but she had to demand that he stopped so he stopped talking to her and tried moving on to one of the other girls.

I found out that she was three months shy of her sixteenth birthday. She began to flirt with me and said that she likes older men. Then I notice that the ring was gone. I didn’t ask about it. I just figured that they had broke up.

She caught me checking out her cleavage and her nice size tits a couple times but never said a word about it. We eventually hopped on the bike and left. it was cooling down so she cuddled closer to me. Pushing her boobs against my back as she rubbed the top of my thighs with her palms. I could feel my cock throbbing but I knew that she was off limits for three more months. I thought about taking a chance but the last thing that I needed was to get busted.

I dropped her off at the corner, about four houses before hers. I turned off the bike, killing the lights to hide us in the darkness. She handed me back the helmet, I strapped it back to the risers. She kissed me on the cheek and said that she will come see me again when she gets her drivers license in a couple months. Then she asked me for my cell phone to program her number in. I wanted so bad to grab her boob but I put my arm out to get a hug and squeeze her boobs against my chest. She teased me as she walked away by saying. “Three months.”

I wanted to call her many times but knew that I had better not she was still fifteen. However I did lose track of time when Brian moved back to his mothers. Then one night I was laying on my bed watching a movie when my phone rang. I looked at the name. “Candy.” but it didn’t register in my head until I pushed the green button.

I was excited to hear from her and the thought crossed my mind that she was now Legal at sixteen years old. We talked until her battery was about dead which was about two hours. she told me how much she wanted to feel me inside of her. I told her that I look forward to seeing and touching her naked body. We talked about getting together and her spending the night with me but we never agreed on a time and date.

I thought about her for a few more days and wanted to call her but didn’t. One night I finally did I got her voicemail. and decided to hang up.

About a month or so later I was sitting in the recliner after getting out of the shower. It was feeling good with the cool AC against my damp skin. I dozed off from the extreme comfort but was awaken by a knock on the door. I got up and walked over to the door to discover Candy standing there in a summer dress. It was yellowish with thin shoulder straps and hemmed right above her knees. I also noticed right away that her nipples were hard, indicating that she didn’t have a bra on. She was carrying a paper sack with burgers and fries along with a drink holder carrying two 20oz. drinks. Of course I invited her in. we both sat on the couch and utilized the coffee table for our meal.

I was a bit of a womanizer back then so I had a good supply of Viagra. I excused myself for a moment and went in my room to get me a blue pill. I took my time eating to let the pill take its course. We were both engaged in the movie and comical conversation but we also had sex on our minds.

We were finishing up our meal about the time the movie was over. My cock was throbbing pretty well with the Viagra doing its thing. Suddenly my phone rang. I got up off the couch and sat in the recliner to take the call. When I heard the voice I cheerfully said. “Hey Brian.” While looking at Candy. I k new better to say anything about Candy being there. I listened to Brian talk away as I watch Candy slip one strap down off her shoulder then the other strap. It didn’t take much longer for her to pull her dress down low enough to show her pink nipples on her big firm titties. I took a deep breath as my cock grew to its capacity. she began to lick her nipples and squeeze her tits. I tried to get rid of Brian but his mouth just kept going about something that I can’t even start to remember. My heart pounded as Candy stood up and wiggled out of her dress. She had no panties on and a full dirty blonde muff that was shaved around the bikini lines. She walked over to me and knelt down in front of me. I took another deep breath as she pulled the leg of my shorts up to grab hold of my throbbing hungry cock. I kept the ear part of the phone to my ear but raised the mouth part over my head so Brian could not hear me breathing hard and moaning as Candy sucked my cock.

A few moments later she finally whispered. “Hang up the phone and fuck me.” I told Brian that I had to go and hung up the phone.

Quickly we traded places I got between her legs and started licking her little clit. Her pussy was so soft and tasted so good. It reminded me of licking pussy in high school. I looked up at her head back and her eyes closed. She was pinching both nipples as my tongue tickled her clit. Her body began to freeze up and then started quivering as she moaned loudly. she tried pushing my head back but I pushed forward to intensify pleasure of her young, inexperienced cunt. I made sure that her orgasm was lengthy and extremely pleasurable.

When I backed away I could tell the Vixon needed a break so I sucked on her nipples for a couple minutes to keep her juices flowing then I guided her down on the floor. I got in behind her. My cock slid into her with some resistance despite her well lubricated cunt. Harder and harder I thrusted her cunt with my piston. Her body tightened up again. She moaned. “Ohhhh fuck me good. ohhh don’t fucken stop, I am cumming”. I was close to blowing my load but I wanted her to straddle me. So I got up and sat on the couch. She looked so sexy walking to me.

She stepped up onto the couch, placing a foot on both sides of me then eased down onto my shaft. She had her hands on my shoulders as I had my hands under her thighs helping her move her body up and down my cock. I could see by her tightening and pushing against my shoulders that she was cumming again. Her pussy muscles tightened up just right to milk the jism from my cock into her.

The young lady collapsed on top of me to regain her strength.

When she left thst day we were both beyond satisfied but she never came by again. However, a couple weeks later I got a knock on the door. I was just being lazy in my shorts and t shirt. There stood another girl from Brian’s hierum, Cheyenne. She asked me if she could talk to Brian. I told her the news but still invited her in.

I went much more into detail as I sat back down in the recliner. She stood in front of me in her pink t shirt and denim mini skirt. She kept glancing down at my shorts. My curiosity got me so I looked to notice that my sack was sticking out the leg of my shorts. I was embarrassed so I adjusted my equipment. It quickly became evident what she wanted Brian for when she sat on the arm of the recliner with her legs open a little. I couldn’t help but to glance down, knowing she was watching. She readjusted her body and opened her legs more while pulling her skirt up a little. I could barely see her matching pink panties. I took a wild chance and placed my hand on her knee. She placed her hand on top of mine and slid it up her thigh a little bit.

As I rubbed her thigh I got closer and closer to her pink panties before her legs opened up more.

I looked into her eyes as my finger brushed over her panties causing her to take a deep breath. Slowly I ran my finger up and down her panties, being caught in her valley. She took more deep breaths, encouraging me to slide my finger inside her panties. I could feel her warm juicy pussy. So I slid my finger into her little hole. She moaned with pleasure.

I took hold of her shirt and pulled it up off of her. She reached behind an unfastened her bra. Her titties weren’t big but they weren’t small with. My lip quickly found one of her nipples.

I had just washed the linens on my bed and made it so I decided to get up and carry Cheyenne into my bedroom and lay her down on the bed. I pulled her mini skirt and panties down together. Her brown bush was trimmed short but shaved around the bikini area. I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and buried my tongue in her pussy while caressing her boobs and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She squealed like a little girl when she had her orgasm.

When I first set up my bed I strategically adjusted the height for me to stand on the floor and fuck. I stood up and lowered my shorts to allow me to freely slide my cock into her sweet young cunt. her tits jiggled up and down as I pounded Her cunt with my cock. It didn’t take long for me to hit the right spot causing her tiny body to cum again.

She whispered to me. “Lay down so I can suck your dick.”

I watched as her head bobbed up and down. That sixteen year old really knew what she was doing. I warned her that I was going to cum but she kept going and didn’t stop until she milked my cock of all my cream.

Cheyenne laid in my arms and fell to sleep. I wanted to fuck her again when she woke up so I slowly and quietly got up and took a blue pill. I climbed back into bed next to her naked body and dozed off.

The sudden pouring rain outside woke us up. She got up to use the bathroom and returned to a Viagra induced hard cock. She began sucking it again as I fingered her little clit.

She threw a leg over me and let my cock into her sweet young cunt once again. I held on to her tits as she rode me. She orgasmed from my cock filling her little pussy followed by another moments later which squeezed the remaining juice from my cock.

Cheyenne got up to take a shower. I made us some spaghetti and meat sauce. We had a nice meal before she left.

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