Exploring love between mother and son

Exploring love between mother and son, My parents stayed together until I graduated high school. I knew that they were not getting along well but didn’t realize that my father would disappear from my life and my mother’s life the day after graduation. He was legally bound to pay for my college education and he settled with my mother with a continuation of health insurance and with a lump sum in lieu of alimony. My mother, Gwen, knew she could not live forever on that lump sum and used it to buy into a small business. I, Richard, went on to pursue my education at the most expensive university in the California. I actually hated to leave my mother alone so soon after the divorce but the demands of her small business and its’ success kept her mind and activities occupied.

I loved being in college and away from home for the first time. The California environment and lifestyle was a big change from the Illinois town where I grew up. As much as I was having a good time, I was a little homesick and concerned for my mother. After the first semester, I came home for Christmas break. It was really nice to be home again and winter setting in was a nice change from the sunny weather of California. Being gone for several months, you notice things that you would normally take for granted if you were around all the time. I noticed how attractive my mother was. Gwen lost some weight spending so much time with her business and cut her blonde hair into a shorter business style. We spent a great deal of time together that December as I helped her in her business during the Christmas rush and of course we were together as a family for the two holidays. After New Years, I headed back to school.

The next semester I got involved in an outdoors club at school where we spent most of our time backpacking in the Shasta area on weekends. I was never much of outdoors person and I was surprised at how much I loved backpacking. I became good friends with a senior who was president or director of the club. Over one of those nights around the campfire and a couple of beers, he told me and 2 other male students about this incest club spreading underground in the college campuses. The Club of the Sons was about mothers and sons having sex. This lead to a lot of bad and old jokes about mothers and sons but it did set my mind thinking about it. I never did hear anymore about the club nor knew if it existed on my campus but the intrigue of incest engaged my sexual interests. I began to look at more items on the internet about the subject from photos to stories and had some intense masturbation sessions looking at it. I was really turned on by brother and sister stuff and I have to confess to having an occasional fantasy about my mother, Gwen.

The spring semester flew by and soon I was on a plane back to Illinois for the summer. I planned on spending the three months working at my mother’s business and weekends backpacking in the rugged terrain of far southern Illinois. I started to work with Gwen and within a day or two, realized that she was so over stressed with the business. I suggested that she go walking with me in the evenings to work off the stress and stay in shape. There was a two mile asphalt walking trail close to the house that meandered through a county park. My mom agreed to walk with me as she realized the job was getting to her.

Everyday after work, mom and I would change into t shirts and shorts and walk the trail. The walk provided a place for us to relax, really talk, and draw close to each other. We talked about the business, college, California, and sometimes about the divorce. She enjoyed hearing about my backpacking adventures so much that she wanted to try backpacking with me. I didn’t realize my ambition to backpack every weekend but did convince my mother to close down the business for the week of July 4th and take a short vacation with me. Mom was 39, in good shape with strong long legs who could handle a light pack for a couple of days. During those walks, I noticed we would get looks from others on the trail as they saw this attractive older woman with an attractive younger man. I knew that those looks boosted my mother’s ego. Certainly I was enjoying my mother’s company and more once in awhile admired her body as much as I looked at other attractive women passing by on the trail.


I made plans to walk this trail through the GG Forest area which would be an easy hike over three days. The weekend before the fourth, I went to the local mart store and bought some inexpensive backpacking and camping gear which would be sturdy enough for the hike or at least it would hold up for three days. I had everything ready so when the July fourth weekend came, Gwen closed up the business and we threw the gear in the trunk and drove into deep southern Illinois. After driving for about three hours, we arrived at the park. We decided to spend the night in one of the park cabins and start fresh in the morning for the trail. We stopped at the ranger’s office and exchanged mom’s credit card number for a cabin key for the night. The cabin was small and basically two beds and a bathroom with some heating or air conditioning. We dropped off our gear in the cabin and then drove back up the road to a fast food place for dinner. Mom was getting tired from all of the driving as well as being excited about the hike.

After dinner, we decided to get to bed early. There was no TV to watch anyway. It had been a long time since my mother and I shared such close quarters. Gwen took her shower first and came out of the bathroom in a long t shirt. She laid on one of the beds and looked over the trail map while I headed for the shower. Mom looked quite striking lying on the bed with her long legs. I began to shower and felt my cock rise as the warm water covered my body. I knew it would be awhile before I could get some sexual release and decided to do a quick jack off in the shower. I chuckled to myself thinking if mom only knew I was stroking my cock while she was a few feet away in the other room. Then I began to think about her in a sexual way while rubbing my cock. My imagination got carried away as I thought about fucking my mother and soon I shot streams of white cum against the tin shower wall.

I let the water run a bit more, seeing all that the evidence went down the drain. I dried off and put on a fresh pair of briefs. I walked out and sat on the edge of the other bed. I answered some questions that Gwen had about the trail. I thought she was going to ask why I was in the shower so long but that never came up. Normally I have on more than just briefs around my mother and felt almost completely naked next to her. Mom was very casual about it and I could tell that she took an admiring look now and then. After some small conversion, I switched off the lamp and we went to sleep. Early in the morning, we got up and had a small breakfast of coffee and doughnuts.

I shaved while mom dressed. She left off her makeup and still looked beautiful, even youthful without it. Gwen had on a tank top, stretch hiking shorts, and low top hiking shoes. I dressed and then we drove the car to the ranger’s station, returned the key, and pulled out the backpacks from the trunk. Mom began to do a few stretching movements before putting on her backpack. She bent over to touch her toes and giving me a great view of her small butt pressed against the stretch fabric of her hiking shorts. I enjoyed the view and would have creamed in my pants except for taking care of business in the shower last night. When she was done, I helped her put on the backpack and adjusted all the straps for a comfortable fit. I put mine on and we began to hike along the trail.

We covered about seven or eight miles that day. It was a hot summer day but the trail was in dense woods where we were shaded most of the time. Mom enjoyed the hike and the many scenic views on the trail. Late in the afternoon I choose an area to spend the night. It was a small clearing that you could tell had been used by backpackers many times before us. We dropped our packs and set up the small popup tent. I began a small fire and began to fix the campfire dinner. After dinner, mom and I sat around the campfire talking until it became very dark and then just stared at the many bright stars in the clear sky which you never see in the city. Gwen was getting tired and wanted to get some sleep. I agreed and let her change in the tent first. I watched as the silhouette of my mother from the lone flashlight moved against the tent wall. It was quite erotic to see her shadow remove each piece of her clothing and then put on long t shirt. She yelled that it was OK for me to come in the tent. I unzipped the door, slid into the tent and then zipped it back up. Mom was in her sleeping bag smiling as I stripped down to my briefs and slipped into the adjacent sleeping bag.

I switched off the flashlight plunging the tent into absolute darkness. It was very quiet except for the constant background noise of cicadas. After a couple of hours, I felt this tugging at my shoulders and slowly awoke from my sleep.

“Richie” said my mother, “Wake up”

“What?” I muttered

“There is something out there” she whispered, “I think it’s a bear!”

“Mom” I said, “There hasn’t been any bears in Illinois for the last hundred years.”

“Well” she said “What is it. I’m scared!”

I listened and heard the sounds she was talking about. “Probably a raccoon or small animal, maybe a deer. Nothing to worry about.”

“Well, I am a little shook up” she said. “My hands are shaking”

I pulled the sleeping bag down to my waist and reached over to feel her hands. I groped around in the dark until our hands met and I can tell she was unnerved. I wanted to calm her down and make the trip still a pleasant experience for her. “Rest your head on my chest and I will hold you, mom. There is nothing to worry about.” Gwen pushed aside part of her sleeping bag and rested her head on my chest with her right arm over my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her back and felt her breathing became calmer and her body began to relax. I kept one arm across her back and began to stroke her short blonde with my free hand. I heard Gwen quietly whisper “thank you” as the outside noise disappeared.

I was glad that it was very dark in the tent as my cock grew hard while caressing my mother’s hair. I could feel her breasts underneath her t shirt flatten against my chest. Occasionally I could feel her nipples harden and then grow soft again. Mom had nice size breasts for her height, about a 36C with large nipples and they feel so good pressed against me. Her breathing became more rhythmic and she began to softly snore. I continued to gently stroke her hair but slowly lowered my other arm back her back and rested it on her butt. As I enjoyed the feel of her silky panties, I thought I had heard my mother made a pleasant “hmmm” sound between snores. My mind started to go wild at that point. I wanted to slide my hands in her panties or under her shirt. Maybe I would take off her shirt and play with her breasts. My thoughts grew more erotic but I did nothing but hold Gwen as before.

My imagination was deep into having sex with her and the feeling in my cock interrupted my flow of thoughts. I could not believe it. I had not even touched my hard cock and yet it was ready to erupt. I could not mentally stop it and cum began to spurt out of my cock and into my briefs. I enjoyed the feeling of cumming while holding my sleeping mother and let the hot wet cum spurt across my lower stomach and hips. After the good feeling passed, I wonder do I do now? I very slowly rolled my mother from my chest and on to her back in the sleeping bag. I covered her with the fold of the sleeping bag and gave her a light kiss on her lips. I quickly got out of my bag and very quietly unzipped the tent. I was outside the tent in a flash. Being careful walking barefoot, I got a few feet away from the tent and removed my briefs. I wiped myself off with the dry back side of the briefs and then tossed it far into the woods. Bare naked, I returned to the tent and quietly zipped the door and slid back into my bag. I relaxed and figured I would be up first to get dressed before she awoke. Then I thought how cool. If my mom only knew how close she was to her nude son in the bag next to her.

The rising sun woke me up early that next morning and I did get dressed before Gwen awoke. I pulled my pack outside and started to get some breakfast prepared. I checked to make sure my briefs from last night were nowhere in sight. I let her sleep at late as possible and then woke her when breakfast was ready. Gwen came out of the tent in a tight fitting T shirt and a new pair of stretch hiking shorts. She began to brush her hair and then donned a tennis headband to hold her hair in place.

Gwen walked to the campfire and said, “Coffee smells good and I’m starving.”

I smiled and said, “Good Morning, let me pour you some.” I proceeded to pour coffee into a thermal cup and handed to my mother as she sat by the campfire. She took a sip and let the hot fluid wake her up. “Looks like you are still half asleep.”

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“Do I look that bad without makeup or doing my hair?” she asked.

“Oh no” I said, “You look great without it. You just look a little tired, that’s all.”

“I did a lot of walking yesterday” Gwen said, “and I’m really not used to that much hiking, especially with a pack. Besides I was really scared last night.”

“That’s OK” I said reassuringly, “You are not used to being in the woods. After awhile you ignore most of the noises at night.”

“I’m glad you understood” she smiled, “You were very comforting last night and I did sleep very well afterwards. You made me feel so secure. I mean not only out here but when you are home from college. I feel better in the house when I know you are home with me.”

I handed mom a large bowl of oatmeal with syrup and some freeze dried sausage on the side. “You spent many years comforting me when I was little. I’m glad that I can return the same love.” I said.

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“You are such a dear” smiled my mother as she leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead. We finished our breakfast, cleaned up, and broke camp. We resumed walking through the heavily wooded trail. It was still cool that morning and the birds were chirping loudly as we hiked the path through the shady trees. After a couple of miles, the trail went through a section of prairie where we were surrounded by tall grass plants and flat land. It was easy level walking but it was very hot with no shade and the grasses seem to hold in the heat. The heat from prairie started to tire us and we began to walk slower, gaining less distance than planned. After three hours of prairie, the trail gained some elevation and we were in the woods again. Rounding a bend in the trail, I began to hear a loud roaring sound. The trail began to descend a large slope by switchbacks and as we got closer to the bottom of the slope, I could see where the noise was coming from. At the bottom of the slope was a base of a bluff where a natural spring was pouring out water that seemed to be from nowhere.

“Will you look at that!” Gwen said in amazement.

“Wow” I said, “I think this is the headwater for the river we crossed over when we drove into the park the other day.” I leaned over and placed my hand into the upsurge of water. “Man, it’s cold!” I looked to where the water was flowing and saw that the spring water was collecting into a wide pool before it became a narrow stream rushing through the woods. I motioned Gwen to follow me and we walked beside the stream for about 50 yards. The water flowed into a wider area that was about twelve feet wide and looked to be about four feet deep before it overflowed as a narrow gushing stream through the woods.

“I think it’s time to take a break and cool off” I smiled.

“Do you think it’s safe?” asked Gwen.

“Sure” I said, “I don’t know if I would drink it but looks good to go in and cool off.”

Gwen put her palms into the water and said, “That does feel nice.”

“Want to go skinning dipping?” I asked half teasing and half serious. Would I get lucky?

Mom was slipping off her pack and laughed, “You wish! Richie, sometimes you are so funny. You go in first and see how the water is.”

I slipped off my pack and sat on a rock where I removed my hiking boots and socks. I saw that she took that comment as a joke then I wondered what she would say if I took the rest of my clothes off? Then I thought that I better not and then slowly walked into the water in my shirt and shorts. The water felt very cold but really felt really good after the hike in the hot prairie. Finally I was half floating with my feet on the bottom and I could feel the sweat and salt rinse from my body and clothes. Mom was watching me in her bare feet as I motioned for her to come in. She lightly placed one foot in the water and then the other. She slightly gasped from the cold water then slowly waded in until the water was at her shoulders.

“This feels great” she sighed. “Especially after being so hot” We stayed in the pool of spring water for awhile, slowly floating around, and reviving our bodies. Then Gwen said, “I’m getting cold and I think I dry out in the sun for awhile.” I nodded and watched my mother waded out of the water to a large smooth flat rock by the waters edge. I could see the water made her clothing translucent and I could clearly see her large brown nipples through her bra and t shirt, especially in the bright sun light. She basked in the sun as small trickles of water seeped from her clothing on to the rock. I decided to join her and soon enjoyed the same drying power of the sun. After awhile, I announced it was time to continue the hike but I think we could have lounged on that rock all afternoon. Slowly we put on our backpacks and then resumed following the trail to another stretch of prairie. The prairie did not feel as hot as before since our damp clothing kept us cool from the summer heat.

It was late afternoon and he decided to make camp. Gwen was starting to get cramps in her legs and needed to rest anyway. We had about seven more miles to finish tomorrow and I knew that we would not be back by noon as planned. Instead of driving home tomorrow afternoon, we would probably have to spend the night in the cabins or a close motel. We set up the tent then mom rested while I made a campfire and cooked dinner. After dinner, Gwen was still having soreness in her legs. I gave her some pain reliever tablets from my first aid kit and asked if she would like me to massage her legs. She did and I laid out my sleeping bag outside for mom to lie on while I had the pleasure of caressing every inch of her long legs. Her shorts had hiked up her body from the water and drying in the sun which gave me more of her thighs to touch. After an hour, her legs were feeling much better.

Gwen sat up and said, “Richie, I feel so much better. You give the best massages.”

I stopped the massage, sat next to my mother, and said, “Thank you and some time you will have to take care of me when my legs are sore.”

“Sure, do your legs hurt now?” she asked. I said “no” but a second later thought, why didn’t I say yes. She turned her face to mine, looked into my eyes, and said “thank you”. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t passionate but it lingered a bit too long and the moist insides of our lips touched. Her eyes were closed then opened in surprise then pulled away. “I’m sorry” she said.

“Sorry for what?” I asked, “It was a very nice kiss.”

“Since your father left and I started this business, I haven’t had any time for companionship, if you know what I mean” she said, “With your eyes closed, a kiss is just a kiss.”

“I understand” I said consolingly and trying not to get a bulge in my shorts.

“I wouldn’t want either of us to get the wrong idea.” She said.

“Its OK” I reassured with a smile. I thought to myself maybe mom does think about me sexually, sometimes. I could see that she was getting uncomfortable trying to explain the kiss and I changed the subject of the conversion.

It became pitch black outside and the fire was dying out. We decided to go to sleep and as with the night before, I let my mother change in the tent before I got in. Again I was treated to her silhouette strip show. It had been an exhausting day and we both fell into deep sleep until the rising sun and singing birds woke us. We broke camp and went on to finish the remaining seven miles. The trail went up a steep slope for a awhile which caused my mother’s legs to ache. We stopped and I removed about ten pounds of gear from her backpack to mine. This helped Gwen but added more strain to my legs. Fortunately the last five miles was downhill or level. It was late afternoon when we reached our car and the ranger’s station. It was too late to drive home as I thought and we were too tired to drive. The park was full for the holiday week. Lucky for us, the ranger had a last minute cancellation and had a cabin available for that evening. It was smaller than the one we had when we arrived but it beat sleeping overnight in the car. We carried our packs into the cabin and both of stared at the one single bed in the room.

“I guess I will sleep on the floor on the sleeping bags” I sighed.

“No” my mom said, “You have carried almost everything in my pack today. You deserve a comfortable bed tonight. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

I didn’t want to argue about the sleeping arrangements and simply said, “We’ll see.”

We were getting hungry and too tired to go anywhere. I thought that there was a little general store next to the ranger’s station that still might be open and decided to check it out. There was some left over trail food if it was closed. I left mom at the cabin to shower and relax while I walked to over the ranger area. It was still open and it turned out to be more like a quick shop or seven eleven in a cabin. I bought some high priced sodas, chips, sandwiches, and chocolate bars then headed back with my paper bag of goodies. By then Gwen was out of the shower and in a fresh night shirt. She had fixed her hair and put on some makeup after three days of roughing it. She even got a tan from being outdoors and she looked very attractive.

She sat on a chair and I sat on the edge of the bed and shared the nightstand for our dining table, feasting on junk food after days of dried foodstuffs. After finishing the chocolate, I headed for the shower as I was still dirty, smelly, and unshaven from the hike. The warm shower felt so good as three days of hiking washed off me. I shaved and put on fresh briefs. When I came out, mom was already setting up one sleeping bag on top of another on the floor. I just shook my head and sat on the edge of the bed looking at my mother arranging the sleeping bags.

“Mom!” I said, “I will sleep on the floor. You take the bed.”

“Richie” she said “You carried all that stuff for me. I know you are exhausted and your legs must be sore. Besides it’s rather soft here using the two bags on top of each other.”

“Well my legs are really sore” I said reluctantly.

Gwen smiled and said, “You lay down and it is my turn to massage your legs. I owe you one.”

I nodded and laid back on the bed. It felt like my head was sinking forever as my head rested on the pillow. I relaxed and closed my eyes as my mother’s soft fingers and hands moved from my feet to my thighs. After a few minutes of relaxing, I didn’t know if I fell asleep or passed out but I certainly lost contact with reality for about ten minutes. I came back to consciousness to feel my mothers hands still working on my legs as I fluttered my eyes open. My eyes opened to first see her face smiling back at me and then looked down to see that my cock was hard and bulging in my briefs. I was too relaxed or tired to really care and mom continued to massage my legs as if she didn’t notice. I thought how cool she was to continue even though this big tent in my briefs was almost in her face. I should have been embarrassed but I was so tired that I fell back to sleep. I woke up about two in the morning and wondered where I was. Half asleep and half awake, I could see that I was lying on my side in the cabin bed and mom was lying with me. She was lying on her side as well with her body pressed close against my back. I thought it was a dream and fell back asleep. I woke up the next morning hearing Gwen call my name. I opened my eyes to see my mother dressed with coffee and doughnuts ready for breakfast.

“You are up before me?” I asked.

“I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep” she smiled, “So I got myself together and went to get some breakfast.”

“What time is it?” I asked as I sat up in bed.

“Around nine” she said, handing me a hot container of coffee.

I drank some and said, “I must have been really tired.”

Mom laughed and said, “Honey, you were snoring about 2 minutes into your leg massage. I hope you didn’t mind sharing the bed later on. My back was hurting from sleeping on the floor.”

“That’s OK” I said, “I kind of remember you being in bed with me but I thought it was a dream.”

Gwen extended a bag of doughnuts before me and said, “Well it hope it was a nice dream.”

I picked one from the bag and said, “I only have nice dreams about you, mom.”

After finishing breakfast, I cleaned up and dressed. Soon we were on the road back home. Life was rather routine for the next week or two but I still was having lustful thoughts about mom. A special letter came in the mail for Gwen from the state women’s chamber of commerce. Apparently she was chosen to receive an award for her new business venture. I’m not sure what it was all about but the award ceremony was being held in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Mom asked me to come with her.

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“Richie” asked Gwen, “I know this is so close to when you have to go back to California but I really would like you to go with me. I don’t want to go there by myself.”

“Cool” I said, “I’d love to go. I haven’t been to Chicago since I was little.”

“I remember that trip” she said, “Your father and I couldn’t get you out of the science museum.”

“Yeah, I really liked that place.” I said, “I had so much fun there. Where is it being held?”

“The ceremony is on a Saturday at one of the fancy hotels on the Navy Pier.” she said, “We could drive up on Friday and spend some time sightseeing before the ceremony and leave on Sunday.

“Two nights at that hotel sounds like a lot of money, mom” I said.

“Yeah, but ceremony attendees get a deep discounted rate.” She then smiled, “Besides, the business is paying for it and it is a deductible expense.”

“OK, sounds fun and old times” I smiled. “That will be our weekend as I will have to fly to the west coast the following Friday.”

The time passed quickly and before we knew it, our bagged were packed and we were driving to Chicago. The traffic was bad and we arrived at the hotel around six in the evening but we did have a little time to explore the Pier and have a nice dinner there. The next morning we explored some of the downtown shopping areas and Grant Park. The shopping was great but the park was not as much fun as when I was younger. Mom and I had a great time and returned to the hotel in the afternoon. We began to dress for the evening’s award ceremony. I cleaned up and put on the best suit that I owned.

I was putting my tie tack when Gwen came out of the bathroom and said, “Hey handsome!”

I blushed and said, “Don’t let anyone steal you away from me. You look very pretty too!”

Mom laughed and said, “Richie, you are so silly. I’m only half dressed.” I had to laugh at myself as mom was in just a black slip which would have been considered a dress in California. She pulled a black dress from the room closet hanger and maneuvered each leg inside of it. Pulling the dress over her body, flipping the straps over each shoulder, she returned and asked, “Would you zip me up please?” I pulled the zipper up the 18 inches of the back of the dress although I wanted to do the opposite. She turned and said, “What do you think?”

“You are absolutely gorgeous mom!” I said. My tall blonde mother looked so sexy in that black dress that exposed just a touch of cleavage. She put on her high heels and looked in the mirror for a last minute touch up of makeup.

She took by the arm and said, “They will be so jealous of me with this handsome man by my side.” We walked arm in arm out of the room and caught the elevator to the hotel ballroom. Gwen’s perfume filled the elevator as it zoomed down the 20 or so floors. I loved the smell but it just intensified my desire for her. We entered the ballroom and were escorted to our table. There was a large crowd at the ceremony which had a few older couples but was mainly single business women. I got see the looks from many of the attendees that mom was right. They were jealous. The award ceremony started and it was long and boring with opening speeches from the state women’s chamber of commerce. Finally the awards were being handed out and somewhere in the middle they called out mom’s name. I was so proud to see her walk to the podium and receive the heavy glass award and be given a few accolades from the chairperson. At the end of the presentations, champagne was placed at the tables where round after round of toasts were made to the attendees and the chamber of commerce leaders.

The ceremony was finally over. Mom was very proud of that award and carried it prominently for anyone walking by to see. We killed the bottle of champagne and both of us were feeling happy. I opened the room with my key and mom set her award on top of the dresser. We kicked off our shoes and then she stared at the award for awhile, smiling. Mom went over to the window and gazed out at the lights of Chicago. I took off my suit coat and stood behind her, putting my arms around her waist.

“This was a great evening” I said, “I am so proud of you mom.”

“This is special” she smiled, “I am so glad you are here to share this moment with me.”

I stood there for awhile with my arms wrapped around her and looked over her shoulder at the lights as well. The perfume mom was wearing had faded but sweet scent still filled my nostrils. I turned my head and planted a light kiss on my mother’s neck, just below her blond hairline. To my surprise she did not do or say anything and she was still relaxed. I slipped my arms from around her waist and placed a hand on each of her shoulders. I slowly moved her dress and slip straps over her shoulder and along her arms.

Gwen giggled and playfully said, “Stop that Richie.” Her eyes were looking at the window but not at the scenic view but at our reflection in the window. I returned to wrapping my arms around her waist and held her close. She could feel my breath at the back of her neck and again her perfume filled my head. It became completely silent in the room as I removed my right hand from her waist and grasped the talon of her dress zipper. It seemed like an eternity deciding whether I would pull it down or not do anything. Finally the sound of the unzipping filled the room. Gwen let out a gasp and said, “Richie, I love you but you shouldn’t be doing this.”

I replied in a whisper, “Mom, sometimes you just have to let go.” She offered no resistance as I slide the dress straps off her arms and let the black dress flow to the floor. I repeated the same with her slip and it floated on top of the dress around her ankles. I couldn’t believe what I had done. My mother was in her black bra and dark pantyhose and I know she could feel the bulge in my trousers pressing against her butt. I began to unhook the clasps of her bra and after it sprung open, I slowly it drop to the floor. Mom slowly turned around and looked me in the eyes with the most serious look on her. I thought that now I was really in for it, I went too far. She placed her hands on each side of my face and kissed me passionately.

I placed my arms around her warm body and held her close. Her soft breasts pressed against my white silk shirt as mom’s smooth moist tongue touched mine. Her hands squeezed between our bodies and her fingers quickly unbuckled my belt and zipper. My trousers fell to the floor then her long fingers grasped the waist band at my hips and pushed my briefs to my middle of my thighs. It felt so good for my cock to be free of my briefs but pressed against the slick nylon of her pantyhose, leaving a small trail of pre cum on her hose. Our tongues caressed the inside of each other’s mouths then mom placed her cheek against mine and pleasantly stayed there for a minute. She stepped back slightly and placed both of her hands on my hard cock, lightly stroking it.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. Almost breathlessly she said, “You know that last night at the park and you fell asleep.” I nodded. “Your cock got so hard and I pulled down the waist band to look at it. I wanted to put my lips around it so bad and suck you off. You don’t know how hard it was to resist!”

I placed a hand on each full breast of mom and enjoyed the wonderful touch that I had desired for so long. I leaned over and placed one of her large brown nipples in my mouth, sucking on it and teasing her nipple with my tongue. Gwen leaned her head back and gasped while her hands stroked faster. Mom’s hands were wet with precum and I could hear the sweet slick sound as she stroked me. I lifted my head with mom’s nipple softly but firmly in my lips and then let go, watching her breast bounce back. I backed away and pushed my briefs and socks off. I took my mother by the hand and guided her to the bed and said, “Mom, this is our night.”

She sat at the edge of the bed while I knelt on the floor in front of her. I quickly stripped off my remaining tie and shirt then placed my hands on mom’s hips, sliding the pantyhose off her legs. In plain view was what I had longed to see. Mom’s pussy. It was beautiful, covered in light brown hair, and all mine. I grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs in the air and moved them to the right where she completely flat on the bed. I jumped on the bed, letting it bounce once or twice. Gwen pushed me on my back and said, “Save the bouncing for later.” Gwen got on her hands and knees and crawled between my legs. She spent a long time looking at my hard cock, lightly feeling every inch before playing with my balls. Then she placed her moist lips just over the head of my cock and ran her tongue around it. Her tongue continued to massage the head of my head as her mouth slowly enveloped the length of cock. I had never had a blow job that felt this good. Gwen had my cock completely in your mouth, sucking hard while she gently played with my balls. While sucking hard, mom slowly backed my cock from her mouth where it made a popping sound as my cock head left her lips. Mom sat back on her knees and smiled while her hands stroked my cock. She softly said, “You liked that?” I nodded and Gwen lowered her face to my cock. In a kind of see saw motion, mom moved her mouth up and down on my cock while moving back and forth on her knees.

I was enjoying every touch of my mother’s mouth and tongue on my cock but I knew that I could not last forever. Did I want this to last forever! I began to feel my cum start to surge at the base of my cock and mom sensed that I was about to cum as well. She wrapped her lips tightly around my cock head and with her hand wrapped tightly around my shaft, stroked me as fast as she could. There was no holding back as I shot load after load of hot cum into mom’s mouth. I loudly groaned with each spurt that pulsed through my cock. I had closed my eyes and then opened them to see mom sitting back up and enjoying the taste of my cum in her mouth. Gwen slowly stroked up my cock shaft with her thumb pressed tightly against the back of my cock. The last drop of white cum oozed from my cock head. She wiped it off with the tip of her long index finger and rubbed it across her lips.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“Oh god, that was so good” squealed mom in delight. “Who would have thought that I would suck off my own son. Man, was that good!” I watched as my nude mother left the bed and walked over to the wet bar. She took a glass, filled it with water, and drank half the glass. She licked her lips then returned to the edge of the bed. Standing next to the bed, she lifted her head back and ran her fingers through her blonde hair then looked down at me with a smile. She slowly ran her fingertips over my chest and then over my soft cock until it became hard again. “You know this is such a nasty thing we are doing, Richie.”

“Mom, I have wanted you so bad these last few months” I said, “I love you and I can’t help the way I feel.”

“I love you and want to share all my love with you” she said, “This is a little weird but it makes me so hot and I feel more alive than I ever have been with any other man.” Gwen took one hand from her chest and began to run her index finger along the narrow line where her pussy lips met. I watched as my mother stood next to me and began to masturbate. Her other hand was still playing with my cock and I lightly wrapped my hand around her’s as both of our hands began to pump my cock. She looked into my eyes and widely grinned as her finger disappeared between the folds of her pussy lips. Mom closed her eyes as she slightly moaned while her finger reappeared and ran small circles on her clit. “Richie, I don’t want any foreplay or anything right now. I want to you to stick it in me and just fuck me good. I haven’t been with a man for so long and I just want to feel your cock in me.”

Mom removed her hand and mine from my cock. She placed one knee one side of me and then lifted herself from the floor on to the bed where she straddled me. She placed both of her hands on my hard cock and in one motion, moved her hips, guiding my cock deep into her pussy. I was flat on my back with my hands reaching up to caress mom’s breasts while her hips slowly rode up and down on my cock. It seemed that with every upward movement, her pussy lips pulled sweetly on my cock. Mom’s eyes were closed with the most intense look of pleasure that I had ever seen on anyone’s face. She placed up hands on my upper thighs as she rode slowly up and down with her back rubbing against my raised knees. I enjoyed playing with her breasts with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. This pleasure seemed to go on forever until her hands squeezed hand and her fingers dug tightly into my skin. She pushed down hard and leaned her head back while moaning in pleasure.

Moments later mom raised up her head and looked at me with a glazed look in her eyes and her lips in an open smile. My mother was in lustful wanton bliss as I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. Our two chests met as her legs were still scissored around me and my hard cock was still in her. Our lips met and with wild excitement we exchanged deep tongues. I pulled my lips back, looked deep into Gwen’s eyes, and did my best acrobatic move to roll her onto her back with me on top of her. Without my cock slipping out, I was now on top of mom with her legs wrapped around my hips. I was slowly moving my chest across her nipples as my cock stroked her pussy. I wanted to fuck my mother all night but I could feel that unstoppable pleasurable sensation in my cock begin. I placed each of mom’s ankles on my shoulders and pumped as fast as I could. Mom was panting in short breathes and letting out small squeals of excitement as my stroking went faster. Suddenly I pushed hard and the streams of cum erupted from the head of my cock. Mom wrapped her arms tightly across my back and whispered, “Ohh baby!” I lost touch with reality from a few minutes as the pleasure burned in my head. We were still locked tightly in each other’s embrace as my mind came back to earth and I gave my mother a light but wet kiss. Her eyes fluttered open to meet mine and then broke into a big grin.

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“That was great.” She said breathlessly.

“Mom, you are the best.” I whispered as my soft cock began to slide out.

“I wish you could stay in there all night.” she said, “We should have been doing this long before now. ”

I said slowly. “You don’t know how long I have wanted to touch you and enjoy your body this last year. You are so beautiful.”

“You really think I’m pretty?” asked Gwen as if she was a child.

“Mom, you are” stroking her ego and gently caressing the side of her face with my hand, “I am so lucky that we discovered each other’s feelings and enjoyed this evening. We could have gone through life and never known how we felt each other.”

Mom nodded and said, “I loved it. It feels a little weird but god, how good that was! You know this is just you and me. No one and I mean no one must know about this.”

“I understand” I affirmed, “You have my promise that no one but you and me will ever know. I would never want to hurt you or embarrass you. This is our personal pleasure and love and nobody’s business.

“Richie” mom said slowly, “This is incest and it’s a little weird but I love it but the world frowns on it and it would make our lives difficult if this got out. Our special secret, OK?”

“You have my word.” I smiled and gave my mother a big kiss before rolling off of her.

My rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom as cum began to run down the inside of her thighs. I laid back and thought what had just occurred. It was as wonderful as I had ever imagined. The last thing I remembered was hearing the water running in the bathroom as then next thing I knew was the feeling of fullness and some pain woke me as I had to pee. I looked at the alarm clock through bleary eyes and saw it was about 4:30 in the morning. It had not been a dream as my naked mother was in bed with me. I quietly slipped out of bed and used the bathroom. I returned to bed and cuddled with my mom. I fell asleep again and I awoke with Gwen’s gentle shaking of my shoulders. It was now 10 in the morning.

Room service had brought up some breakfast which mom had already ate and was packing our belongings. We didn’t have a lot to say that morning and mainly exchanged smiles. I ate, showered, finished the packing, and soon we were on the long drive home. Mom was quiet and deep in thought during the first few hours on the interstate before I pulled off the highway for gas. Mom used the restroom and bought a couple of sodas for the remainder of the trip. I paid the attendant for the gas and we were back on the road.

We had drove about 20 miles when Gwen said, “Richie, lets get off at the next exit and take the old highway the rest of the way.”

“OK” I said, “It will take us an extra hour to get home.”

“That’s fine” she smiled, “We have plenty of time.”

I made the exit and began to drive on the old highway which used to carry all the interstate traffic thirty years ago. It was a slower and more leisurely pace. I was glad that mom was smiling and not so silent anymore. I was worried that last night was to be our last and only time. She reached in the plastic shopping bag and cracked open two sodas.

She handed me and said, “Sorry so being so distant this morning.”

“That’s OK mom” I said, “I knew you had a lot to think about.”

“Well, last night doesn’t happen to too many mothers and sons.” she spoke seriously, “I have gone over this so many times in my head this morning. Is it really right for us to do this? Should we stop and never talk about it again? What would people think of me if this got out? Am I leading you into something that isn’t good for you? It has been really awkward for me and just didn’t know what to say to you this morning.”

I heard her out and said, “Mom, I am the happiest person in the world today and proud of the love and pleasure we gave each other last night. I do not think bad or poorly of you, just the opposite.”

Gwen took my right hand from the steering wheel, held it tightly in hers, then rested her head on my shoulder. “I have come to realize all of that and know this is good for us. Good for me and good for you. You are right. When you just let go, it seems like the natural thing to do. Richie, I love you and please tell me if our love ever becomes a problem.”

“I will but I don’t think it will ever be a problem.” I said reassuringly, “Remember when we went to that parent-student college introduction seminar last summer?” Gwen nodded. “The college heads told everyone that the students’ relationships with their families will change. Once students are away from home, we will grow and become adults. The relationships with the parents will become more like friends and peers than children. Gwen nodded again. “Our relationship changed even before last night or last month. We really are more like really close friends than mother and son. I think that is why this love works for us.”

Mom pleasantly smiled and said, “I think you are right. You were always so smart. I am going to miss you when you are at school the next couple of months.”

I grinned and said, “I think we can pack plenty of fun in the next few days to make up for that.”

“You betcha” laughed Gwen as she gave me a kiss. “I was wondering. When did you start thinking about me like that? I never really suspected that you were interested in me sexually years ago.”

“I have thought a lot about that.” I said, “Most of my interests came about over the last year but in looking back, I probably was interested but never consciously admitted to it. I have always loved you so much and always thought you were beautiful. I never really jacked off as a teenager thinking of you but about women like you. I was really glad when dad left the house and he always made me mad how he treated you. I think now that I was jealous of him being with you.”

“Don’t be mad at him.” my mother said sadly, “Things happened that way and our relationship while long and happy at first, didn’t end that way in the final chapters. We both have new lives and mine is much happier than 2 years ago. Things work out for the best.”

“I do believe that.” I said, “Anyway, in college I heard about this crazy mother son sex club at some of the campuses.”

“Is there one where you go?” asked my mom in surprise.

“No” I said, “It is just something I heard about and maybe it is just one of those urban legends, you know. It did pick my curiosity and I began to look up stuff about incest on the internet. I really got into the stories about it whether they were fictional and supposedly true. I don’t know mom, at some point I began to really think about you and how pretty you are and how I love you. I began having you in my fantasies and during this summer break, my desire for you just went wild. Nothing was ever planned. Things just happened.. in a good way”

“Wow” said mom, “I didn’t know that I was the woman of that much desire. Honestly, and this is the truth. I have always admired your athletic body and wondered how the school girls liked you in bed. I kind of suppressed those thoughts. It has been almost two years since I have had any kind of sex with a man and missed the companionship since the divorce and you being away at college. Since you have been back, I picked up on the sexual tension at the house but always tried to keep our relationship normal. It was so hard sometimes especially when you running around the house in just shorts.

“Mom” I said, “You have to stop talking like that. My cock is getting hard and I have to drive for another hour or two.”

Mom laughed and said, “Why would that be a problem? Pull off to the side of the road for a second.” I pulled off on to the shoulder of the almost deserted highway. I put the car in park and looked questioningly at mom. “Now pull your shorts and briefs down” Which I did. “Take your right leg out of your clothes and start driving.” I did as she said then put the car into drive and headed back on the road. It felt really cool to be driving nude from the waist down and mom was laughing hysterically. After a mile or two, she stopped laughing, wiped the laughing tears from her eyes, caught her breath, looked at me, then broke into a fit of laughter again.

“What’s so funny?” I asked as I was laughing myself.

“Oh no” mom said trying to regain her composure, “You are not funny. It is just driving half naked that is funny. It is so wild and unrestrained that’s so funny.”

Mom calmed down and moved close next to me. Her hand moved between my legs and my cock which was limp from laughter, grew into her awaiting fingers. She began to give me a slow hand job as I drove along. She ran her tongue along the edge of my ear and whispered, “Tell me when you are close to cumming and I’ll stop. I want to jack you off until we get home then let you cum.” I could have cum then with those sultry words in my ear. The next two hours were pure driving pleasure on the slow road as mom stroked me to the brink of pleasure then stopped and started again after a minute of rest. The rest breaks became more frequent as we got closer to home. It was dark as I motored half naked through our home town. How cool was this! Mom was still slowly stroking me as I pulled into the driveway. She stopped and opened the garage door with the remote, then returned to my cock as I pulled the car in. I switched off the car as mom bent over and placed her lips over my cock head. Her hand pumped my cock so fast and with all the cock teasing over the last two hours, I came right away. I moaned out as rivers of cum poured from my cock and I don’t think that I had ever cum so much or so hard in my life.

I looked up into the darkness of our garage as the pleasant sensation filled my head. I had my hands on my mothers head, caressing her face and hair while white cum filled her mouth. I could feel her throat move and swallow my sperm. When we both were done, she looked up and smiled at me in the dim light of far away street light. She kissed me and I tasted my own salty cum lingering on her lips. Mom patted my butt and said we needed to get the bags and in the house. While mom got out and opened the trunk, I put my foot back into my clothing and pulled up my shorts as I got out.

The following days were pure intense sex sessions with mom. How she kept her mind on her business that week, I will never know. Soon I was on a jet headed for the west coast facing a new college semester. The challenge of this semester was being away from mom when we wanted each other so badly. I decided to call mom everyday and have phone sex as often as possible. The possibility of mom changing her mind about our love could easily change without frequent contact. I had some photos of mom loaded on my laptop that dad took of her with she was younger as well as some recent photos I took. Mom had some photos and home videos of me to view as well. If we could struggle through these months of separation, the homecoming at Christmas break would be so special.

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