Exploring love between mother and son

Exploring love between mother and son, My parents stayed together until I graduated high school. I knew that they were not getting along well but didn’t realize that my father would disappear from my life and my mother’s life the day after graduation. He was legally bound to pay for my college education and he settled with my mother with a continuation of health insurance and with a lump sum in lieu of alimony. My mother, Gwen, knew she could not live forever on that lump sum and used it to buy into a small business. I, Richard, went on to pursue my education at the most expensive university in the California. I actually hated to leave my mother alone so soon after the divorce but the demands of her small business and its’ success kept her mind and activities occupied.

I loved being in college and away from home for the first time. The California environment and lifestyle was a big change from the Illinois town where I grew up. As much as I was having a good time, I was a little homesick and concerned for my mother. After the first semester, I came home for Christmas break. It was really nice to be home again and winter setting in was a nice change from the sunny weather of California. Being gone for several months, you notice things that you would normally take for granted if you were around all the time. I noticed how attractive my mother was. Gwen lost some weight spending so much time with her business and cut her blonde hair into a shorter business style. We spent a great deal of time together that December as I helped her in her business during the Christmas rush and of course we were together as a family for the two holidays. After New Years, I headed back to school.

The next semester I got involved in an outdoors club at school where we spent most of our time backpacking in the Shasta area on weekends. I was never much of outdoors person and I was surprised at how much I loved backpacking. I became good friends with a senior who was president or director of the club. Over one of those nights around the campfire and a couple of beers, he told me and 2 other male students about this incest club spreading underground in the college campuses. The Club of the Sons was about mothers and sons having sex. This lead to a lot of bad and old jokes about mothers and sons but it did set my mind thinking about it. I never did hear anymore about the club nor knew if it existed on my campus but the intrigue of incest engaged my sexual interests. I began to look at more items on the internet about the subject from photos to stories and had some intense masturbation sessions looking at it. I was really turned on by brother and sister stuff and I have to confess to having an occasional fantasy about my mother, Gwen.


The spring semester flew by and soon I was on a plane back to Illinois for the summer. I planned on spending the three months working at my mother’s business and weekends backpacking in the rugged terrain of far southern Illinois. I started to work with Gwen and within a day or two, realized that she was so over stressed with the business. I suggested that she go walking with me in the evenings to work off the stress and stay in shape. There was a two mile asphalt walking trail close to the house that meandered through a county park. My mom agreed to walk with me as she realized the job was getting to her.

Everyday after work, mom and I would change into t shirts and shorts and walk the trail. The walk provided a place for us to relax, really talk, and draw close to each other. We talked about the business, college, California, and sometimes about the divorce. She enjoyed hearing about my backpacking adventures so much that she wanted to try backpacking with me. I didn’t realize my ambition to backpack every weekend but did convince my mother to close down the business for the week of July 4th and take a short vacation with me. Mom was 39, in good shape with strong long legs who could handle a light pack for a couple of days. During those walks, I noticed we would get looks from others on the trail as they saw this attractive older woman with an attractive younger man. I knew that those looks boosted my mother’s ego. Certainly I was enjoying my mother’s company and more once in awhile admired her body as much as I looked at other attractive women passing by on the trail.

I made plans to walk this trail through the GG Forest area which would be an easy hike over three days. The weekend before the fourth, I went to the local mart store and bought some inexpensive backpacking and camping gear which would be sturdy enough for the hike or at least it would hold up for three days. I had everything ready so when the July fourth weekend came, Gwen closed up the business and we threw the gear in the trunk and drove into deep southern Illinois. After driving for about three hours, we arrived at the park. We decided to spend the night in one of the park cabins and start fresh in the morning for the trail. We stopped at the ranger’s office and exchanged mom’s credit card number for a cabin key for the night. The cabin was small and basically two beds and a bathroom with some heating or air conditioning. We dropped off our gear in the cabin and then drove back up the road to a fast food place for dinner. Mom was getting tired from all of the driving as well as being excited about the hike.

After dinner, we decided to get to bed early. There was no TV to watch anyway. It had been a long time since my mother and I shared such close quarters. Gwen took her shower first and came out of the bathroom in a long t shirt. She laid on one of the beds and looked over the trail map while I headed for the shower. Mom looked quite striking lying on the bed with her long legs. I began to shower and felt my cock rise as the warm water covered my body. I knew it would be awhile before I could get some sexual release and decided to do a quick jack off in the shower. I chuckled to myself thinking if mom only knew I was stroking my cock while she was a few feet away in the other room. Then I began to think about her in a sexual way while rubbing my cock. My imagination got carried away as I thought about fucking my mother and soon I shot streams of white cum against the tin shower wall.

I let the water run a bit more, seeing all that the evidence went down the drain. I dried off and put on a fresh pair of briefs. I walked out and sat on the edge of the other bed. I answered some questions that Gwen had about the trail. I thought she was going to ask why I was in the shower so long but that never came up. Normally I have on more than just briefs around my mother and felt almost completely naked next to her. Mom was very casual about it and I could tell that she took an admiring look now and then. After some small conversion, I switched off the lamp and we went to sleep. Early in the morning, we got up and had a small breakfast of coffee and doughnuts.

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