A mom’s fantasies come true

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Two years ago I threw my ex out of our small home. That left me with my daughter Karen and son Matt. Yep, a single mom with two constantly hungry and demanding adult kids, but of course I love them to bits.

I lost all interest in forming a relationship with anyone following my split with my ex. I threw myself into caring for my adult children but I wasn’t prepared for the consequences of that.

I guess all moms want to make perfect kids and and with Matt I wanted him to be everything his dad wasn’t; something so much better. I was already in love with him but soon that love turned to something more. Soon I found myself fantasizing about having him as a lover and would even inhale his scent from his jocks in the laundry, then have to retreat to my bedroom to finish off.

He knew nothing of my taboo thoughts and things settled down into a routine where basically, I played the role of chief cook, and bottle washer, laundry maid and well you get the picture. I was a domestic slave taken for granted it seems.

Whilst Karen 18, is glued to her social media and phone, Matt 21, is a lazy sod. He is constantly glued to sport on the TV. I don’t know how he does it but he seems to attract the most gorgeous petite girls you could ever hope to meet who run around after him while he treats them like shit and therein lies the rub.

One late afternoon Matt, Helen Matt’s girlfriend and Karen were watching the game on the TV in the lounge. They were enjoying a few leftovers, while I was in the kitchen, washing up at the sink. Helen walked in and up behind me with some dirty plates and put them in the sink with the others. But instead of going back to join the others she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me.

I felt her stomach pressing against my ass and her little tits, hard against my back. My legs went a little weak and my dishwashing gloves filled with soapy water as I leant forward, plunging them into the warm suds.

My mind raced. Was my son’s girlfriend making a move on her boyfriends mom? “No, get a grip Ann” I told myself.

I wiggled around in her tight embrace and was about say “You’re very affectionate today Helen” but before I could get a word out, she planted a full on, passionate kiss on my lips. I was shocked but…I kissed her back. Her lips tasted familiar, salty and sweet at the same time. I knew instantly that I wanted more. Helen’s tongue parted my lips and I eagerly sucked it in, devouring all the taste and sensations like a woman dying of thirst in the desert, coming upon a cool oasis.

My heart was racing, my breath coming in short pants. Matt and Karen were just feet away in the other room and could have walked in at any moment. The absolute terror of being caught was almost overwhelming but only added to the heightened sensations.

Helen reached up and grasped my breasts and kissed me again, then turned to go before I had a chance to feel her gorgeous ass or perfect breasts. My nipples were standing out like rocks, making two very obvious little tents in my blouse, yearning to be touched, to be released, wanting to be sucked, bitten, pulled and caressed.

It was the first intimate, physical contact I had had with another human being in over two years. It lasted all of 20 seconds and burned forever into my memory.

I was left leaning against the sink my yellow dish washing gloves comically dripping suds on the floor.

Helen turned to give me a cheeky grin as she left the kitchen with a wiggle of her ass.

Before I could drag my gaze away from where Helen’s ass had been, Karen walked in with more washing up. I turned quickly to hide my erect nipples and busied myself at the sink.

“You OK mom?” she said.

“Yes dear, just put them there will you?”

She leant forward to catch my eye and smiled as she dropped the plates on the bench.

Oh my God I thought. What if she had seen my very obvious state of arousal? Or worse still, what if she had seen Helen kissing me?

“Matt, Helen and me are going to see the new Bond movie at the Mall” She said. “Is there anything you need?”

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