Coming Home for Christmas

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Jack was upset. Or maybe he was annoyed. Or just uncomfortable.

On reflection Jack admitted that he didn’t have any right to be any of these things. Due to the heavy snow, his last shift before the Christmas Shut Down was canceled so he had an extra evening at home, snuggled up on the couch with his curvaceously sexy wife, Marion, drinking some wine and watching a Christmas movie.

Except they’d usually be naked save for their thick bathrobes and as the evening crept on, gentle fondling, caressing and teasing beneath folds would lead to oral pleasuring of each other and then loud passionate fucking while porn played on the large screen TV. If Eleanor, their daughter, was home, like tonight, she’d be joining them, Sixty-Nining with her mom while her dad rammed his cock into one of their luscious pussies. He especially liked it when whichever woman was on the bottom would alternate between licking their lover’s clitoris with sucking on his balls as he thrust above their face. With Hal home for the Christmas break he’d join them and make it a foursome. Only last night Jack had been plunging into his daughter Ellie’s tight, wet cunt, while Hal was opposite him, pleasuring his mother with his thick, youthfully hard shaft.

For obvious reasons, it had become their favourite group position.

But tonight, they were dressed and looking respectable. Marion was gorgeous in a tight sweater and woolen skirt that accentuated her heavy breasts and curving hips. Jack was in a red plaid flannel shirt and jeans, trying to look like a regular dad. Tonight, their other daughter Isobel was coming home and bringing a friend. So, they needed to look as normal as possible. Isobel hadn’t come home during the summer, so she didn’t know about the family fucking.

Agitated, Jack kept getting up to stare out the window. “God it’s bad out there! I wish we’d gone to get them, or told them to wait a day.”

“They’ll be fine dear. I’m sure Isobel would call if they ran into any trouble.” Marion was covering her own anxiety by soothing Jack’s. “Now sit down and cuddle up, I’m cold.” She patted the tuft of chest hair poking out from the collar of his shirt and gave him an affection peck. “It’ll be fine love.”

Jack looked around. “Where are the kids?”

“Oh, when I peeked in on them, they were switching from Hal going down on Ellie to a Reverse Cow Girl.”

Jack sipped some wine. “Damn, now I’m jealous.”

Marion cuddled in closer and whispered in his ear. “I may have dropped my panties and ridden Hal’s face for a quickie.”

“Damn, now I’m really jealous!”

Jack shifted uncomfortably, his swelling member getting caught up in his pants. “Ya know, I could be real quick and just fuck you over the coffee table right now.”

Marion laughed. “Patience my lusty stag. I’ll tell Ellie to come visit you tonight after we go to bed, OK?”


Izzie gripped the steering wheel and stared unblinking into the swirling flakes caught in the headlights of the car.

“Are you OK babe? You seem kind of tense.” Lakshmi asked from the passenger seat, her almond eyes searching the side of Izzie’s face. “You want me to drive for a bit?”

Izzie sat back a bit and blinked. “Oof! This weather is awful! But I’m afraid if we stop, we’ll get stuck!” She looked sidelong at her lover sitting in the car. “And yeah, bringing you home to meet the parental units isn’t exactly relaxing either!”

Lakshmi smiled brightly. “That’ll be fine! Your parents know I’m a girl, right?”

Izzie laughed, remembering the phone call with her mom.

“Hey, ummmm…. mom?”

“Yes, sweetie, what is it?” she could hear her mother’s bright smile on the phone line.

“I… uh… have something to tell you…” her voiced trailed away shyly, twisting away from the truth she wanted to tell.

“You aren’t dropping out of school, are you?”

“No, mom.”


“NO mom!”

“Ok well you aren’t in jail, are you? We can come bail you out.”

“Oh God no! Jeez mom!”

“Well, whatever it is it can’t be that bad then, can it?”

A pause.

Another pause while she listened to her mother’s loving patience on the other end of the phone.

“I’m gay.” There, she blurted it out.

Her mother laughed gently through the speaker. “Is that all? Your dad and I had figured that out last year.”

“What? How?” She’d had a couple of boyfriends in High School. Even been caught blowing one of them in the family room one afternoon when mom came home earlier than expected.

“We noticed how you’re with your friend in the photos you post on Facebook. How you look at her. How she looks at you. It’s pretty obvious that you love her.”

“Yeah, I do, mom.”

“Well then, why don’t you bring her home with you at Christmas?”

And that settled it. So here she was driving through a blizzard in a rental car with her girl friend to spend Christmas with her family.

“Yeah, they know you’re a girl.” Izzie smiled.

“So, what’s the problem?”

“They might not like you. You might not like them.”

“Hey babe, your parents are great. Your dad seemed nice when you moved in last year and your mom is always nice on the phone.”

“Yeah, but my parents are not normal.”

Lakshmi snorted. “No one is ‘normal’.”

“When we were little and if it was hot out dad would fill our wading pool in the back yard and mom would sometimes strip off and join us. She used to sunbathe in the nude too.”

“Really!?” Lakshmi gasped. “What about the neighbours?”

“We’ve got big hedges and she’d lay out in a corner that the neighbour’s upstairs windows couldn’t see into. But I’m pretty sure Mr. Van Housen next door spent a lot of time trimming that section of the hedge.”

Lakshmi laughed. “I bet he did!”

“At Hallowe’en Mom liked to dress up as Elvira to hand out candy at the door.”

“Elvira? The outrageously hot B-Movie host on late night TV?”

“Yup. That’d be her. She’s got the figure to pull it off too. The neighbourhood dads were always pretty happy to bring their kids by. Lot of teenage boys too, in their hockey jerseys. She kept a bowl of condoms to give to the teenagers instead of candy.”

Lakshmi laughed. “Oh my God! She sounds like a howl!”

“We were naked around the house a lot. Mom, my sister, my brother too. Dad was always grabbing her and they’d disappear to their bedroom.”

“Wow.” Lakshmi laughed.

“I didn’t know what they were doing until later. Once Ellie hit puberty dad started avoiding us and we had to cover up more. It got weird.”

“Huh. Yeah, I can see that.”

Izzie paused, staring ahead some more. “Oh hey! I recognize that gas station! We’re almost home!”


Marion brushed Jack’s wandering hand off her thigh as they heard the front door. “Mom! Dad! We’re here!”

“Yay! You’re here!” Marion got up and hurried to the front hall.

Isobel got mobbed by tight hugs from mother and father. “Oof!” Collecting her breath, she straightened herself. “Mom, dad, this is Lakshmi. My… uh… my girlfriend.”

Jack shook her hand, smiling broadly. “Well, of course you are! So happy to meet you properly at last!”

Marion folded her into an embrace. “My goodness! Aren’t you beautiful! Jack, isn’t she beautiful? Just like a Bollywood dancer.”

Jack nodded appreciatively. “Now I’m sure she has many other reasons why she caught our Isobel’s affections.”

Lakshmi blushed. “I’m so happy to meet you too, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson.”

“Oh, you can call me Marion, or Mom if you’d like.”

Jack laughed and took her bag. “Call me Jack, honey. C’mon this way!”

Jack led the way upstairs calling out “Hal! Ellie! Your sister and her friend are here, come say hello!”

Hal and Ellie appeared. Hal doing up buttons on his shirt. Ellie was tucking in her top. Izzie frowned. Wasn’t Hal’s room the other way?

“Hey sis” Ellie hugged them both. “Hi Lakshmi, welcome to the fam.”

“Hey” Hal grunted. He was trying to act disinterestedly cool, but Lakshmi felt his eyes slide over her body.

“Here we go. Your old room Isobel, just as you left it.”

Izzie looked around at the posters and book case and smiled. “Yup. Herd of unicorns still on guard.”

Dad set the bags down inside the door. “Lakshmi, the bathroom is right across the hall.” He turned the bathroom light on to show them. “We did a few renos this year. Put in a bigger shower stall.”

“Family sized!” chimed in Ellie.

Izzie thought that was a weird thing to say but she had to pee after the long drive. “OK great. Gotta use the new facilities. See you all downstairs!”

When she emerged, she found Lakshmi on the L-shaped sectional with Ellie, while Mom and Dad were on the other side. “Great you’re here! I bet you’d like a drink?” Dad got up and went to the kitchen. He soon reappeared with a tray and some mugs. “I bet you’re freezing, so I made Irish coffees.”

“Daddy! You’re under the mistletoe!”

Jack paused holding the tray and looked up. “Why so I am!” He set the tray down as Ellie got up and went over to him. She slowly molded herself to her father’s body, wrapping her arms around him while she gave him a full, wet, lingering kiss with open lips. Finishing the kiss, she stepped back and started handing out warm mugs. Ellie bent over in front of Izzie and Lakshmi, the buttons on her blouse open to give them a good view of her full breasts.

“Uh… sis? Your mouth is hanging open.”

Izzie and Lakshmi stared at each other, wide eyed. Did they just see Ellie kiss her dad like that? Mom, had watched but didn’t blink. She accepted her mug with a soft peck on the lips from her husband. “Thank you, sweetie.”

Izzie looked around admiring the Christmas decorations and noticed some new art on the walls. She got up to inspect them more closely. “New paintings Mom?”

“Oh, those are old. We’ve had them in the closet for years. I just decided it was time to put them up again now that you kids are adults.”

Izzie got closer and saw they were all nudes. Some paintings and some black and white photographs. Lakshmi joined her and gasped. “Mrs. Robinson, is that you?”

Izzie whispered “I told you they were weird.”

“Yes, dear, that’s me. I used to pose for art classes when we were young and penniless.”

“Oh my God, Mrs. Robinson, you’re beautiful!”

“Now dear, call me Mom, please.” Marion pointed to a couple of the paintings. One of a pair of naked lovers embracing on a bench. “That is Izzie’s dad.” Lakshmi’s mouth dropped open. “And that” she pointed to another, more impressionist piece, all passionate brush strokes and bold, hot colours “is Izzie’s dad with me and his artist friend Angelica. It’s a fine tribute to our first threesome. Angelica painted these. ”

Izzie and Lakshmi both gasped, staring at the artistic presentation of her dad like a wild beast, mounting a heavy breasted woman laying on her back, legs spread wide while another woman kissed her. Marion turned to indicate the photographs, all black and white. They were clearly of Marion mostly naked as she posed on a couch and suggestively touched herself. “These were taken by your dad’s friend John. You remember him, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah. Uncle John. He takes us out for lunch when he’s in town.”

Marion smiled. “Oh good. Your dad keeps the more explicit photos John took in a drawer.”

“More explicit?”

“Well, I got pretty excited and put on a bit of a show for your Uncle John that day.”

Jack spoke form the couch. “Your mom does like posing naked and being watched. Actually, we sold some of those pictures to a German porn magazine for some quick cash back in the day.”

Marion laughed at the memory.

“God, Mom, you did porn?”

They didn’t notice Hal blush as he remembered the videos he had found of his mom uploaded onto a sharing sight.

“I guess technically I did. Now, if I’d wanted to do bondage porn, I could’ve made more money honestly. But I’m choosey about who I have sex with.”

“Your mom does look pretty hot in her leather corset and boots!”

“Dad! Oversharing!”

“What? It’s the truth. Although maybe it’s the whiskey talking, too.”

Later that night in bed, Lakshmi held Izzie against her naked breasts and gently caressed her back, easing the tension out it. “See? That went fine. I think your parents like me.”

“I told you they were weird.”

“I think it’s cool how relaxed and open your mom is. Is it weird if I say your mom is pretty hot?”

“Yeah, it’s weird. But it’s true though. Mom is pretty hot.”

“Looking at those pictures of her really turned me on.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Izzie slid down Lakshmi’s stomach, kissing at the soft fuzz of her bush before going lower. “Maybe we should do something about that?”

Lakshmi leaned back on the pillow. She grabbed one of Izzie’s stuffed unicorns to bite it before she cried out in ecstasy and woke the house.

After they had brought each other to gentle orgasm, they cuddled again listening to the darkness. They could hear moans through the wall. “Oh God my brother’s watching porn again!”

“I’ve got to pee.” Lakshmi got up and covered her nakedness before going out to the hall. Leaving the bathroom, in the night light spilling from the open door, she saw Ellie leaving her parent’s bedroom. Ellie was clearly and proudly naked. “Ellie?”

Ellie smiled and held her finger to her lips. She beckoned Lakshmi to Hal’s bedroom door and gently opened it, indicating that Lakshmi should peer in. Lakshmi could see, illuminated by the moonlight, Mrs. Robinson riding Hal. She moaned and her heavy breasts bounced as she rode up and down her son’s long cock. “Oh God!” voices moaned in the dark. “Ungh! Mom, I’m coming!” “Oh yes, baby! Come in your Mommy!”

Lakshmi stepped back, eyes wide. Hal definitely wasn’t watching porn.

Ellie moved up to her. She gave Lakshmi’s round breasts a gently squeeze and with open lips gave her a full, luscious kiss. Taking Lakshmi’s hand, she drew her into her own bedroom. “It’s time you were welcomed properly into the family” she whispered. She pushed Lakshmi down onto the bed and got between her thighs to begin licking. “Oh my!” Lakshmi gasped. “You’re as good as your sister.”

“Thanks. I practice on Mom a lot.”

“You and your mom?”

“And Dad too.” Ellie pivoted around to Sixty-Nine with Lakshmi. “You can clean his cum out of me if you’d like!”

A drip of semen landed on Lakshmi’s nose. She giggled as she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into Ellie’s wet slit. “Ok. It’d be rude not to.”

Later, a glowing, happy Lakshmi slid back into bed with Izzie and spooned up to her contentedly. Izzie stirred awake. “Took a while.”

“I bumped into Ellie in the hallway. We got to… talking.”

She hugged Izzie tighter as she heard Hal’s door open and she assumed Marion’s soft footsteps pad away to her own bed. “Now go back to sleep my love.”

In the morning Isobel awoke, greatly refreshed, the tensions of the previous evening having been washed away with sex and sleep. She looked up to see Lakshmi standing at the window. The morning light gave her dusky skin a golden glow, highlighting her full breasts and brown nipples. Her blue-black hair tumbled down her bare back to touch the curve of her round bottom. “You’re beautiful” Izzie declared.

Lakshmi turned and gave her a full wattage smile. She bent down to kiss her. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Izzie listened to the house some more. “Sounds like… and smells like, breakfast is being readied.”

Lakshmi tossed Izzie a long tee shirt and her house coat. “Well, we’d better get some clothes on and join them!”

They followed the breakfast smell to the kitchen. Marion and Eleanor were busy making breakfast while Christmas music played from the stereo. Ellie managed to look elegant while spreading butter on toast in a rich purple peignoir that set off her golden wavy hair. Marion was humming along to the music in a deep red peignoir with white fuzzy trim. Izzie and Lakshmi were a mixture of embarrassment at their tired and ratty student dorm bed clothes, while simultaneously enjoying the way the lingerie clung to both women, accentuating their curves.

“There they are, the sleepy heads!” Marion smiled brightly. She looked up over their heads. “Mistletoe!” Izzie and Lakshmi looked up to see the Christmas greenery hanging in the archway to the kitchen. With a smile and a shrug, they gave each other a quick kiss.

“Oh now, where’s your Christmas spirit!” Marion and Eleanor came over quickly to envelope them in tight embraces, pressing their breasts and thighs against them and showering each with deep lingering kisses before also kissing each other sensuously. “There now! That’s a proper Christmas kiss under the Mistletoe. Tea’s ready.”

“Oh God yes please!” Lakshmi slumped into a chair. She accepted the steaming mug from Marion while trying hard not to stare at her girlfriend’s mother’s expanse of bare cleavage barely contained by the silky fabric. “Thank you. You look really festively beautiful this morning Mrs…. er Mom.”

“Thank you dear. Sometimes a girl’s just got to get her Christmas ho on!”

Izzie set her mug down. “No, really. You guys look really fabulous for this early in the morning.” She looked down at her old Doctor Who tee. “We get kind of used to being a bit ratty at university.”

“Well, have you been Naughty or Nice this year?”

Lakshmi laughed. “Maybe I was nice and naughty?”

Ellie passed by and whispered in her ear. “You were pretty naughty with me last night, weren’t you!”

Marion began setting out the plates. “Well, maybe Santa will bring you something nice.”

Eleanor went to the door and opened it wide to call her father and brother in from their snow shoveling. She stood defiantly in the door like a proud Viking Princess, defying the cold breeze that rippled at her silky clothing, pressing it against the curves of her hips and breasts. Lakshmi watched her over the rim of her mug, remembering briefly exploring those soft expanses of flesh last night. She rested a hand on Izzie’s thigh under the table and softly stroked it. Izzie leaned over and rubbed her head against her cheek affectionately. She was quite enjoying coming here for the holiday.

“Hey Loser!” Ellie shouted into the wind. “Tell Dad that breakfast is ready!” She shut the door and turned around, her nipples proudly erect beneath the silk.

After breakfast, the morning was spent in the kitchen. The stereo cycled through modern and traditional Christmas music as Marion set them all to chopping, stirring and measuring ingredients. Jack kept the dishes running. While Lakshmi sat at the table chopping celery for the turkey stuffing, she noticed a lot of casually brief touching as the family danced around to the music. “All I Want for Christmas is You” seemed to be especially popular, no matter who was singing it. Hands brushed against bottoms. Breasts leaned in to rub shoulders. She felt an electric charge as Marion’s breasts rubbed against her, lingering longer than they needed too as Marion set some shallots down on the cutting board. “Would you peel and chop these too please, my love? Thank you.”

Lakshmi turned to her and smiled, aware in her loins of how close Marion was, how easy it would be to kiss her breasts and suck on those nipples that she could see highlighted under her lingerie. “Sure, Mom!” Marion smiled and kissed her. “Such a good girl! I’m positive Santa will remember that.”

Izzie leaned over and whispered. “Feeling like a kitchen slave yet?”

“No, this is great. I’m used to it. My Mummy always made me help too. It’s nice your dad is doing the washing up and your brother is doing the stirring and stuff. It’s great to see a happy, close family that obviously loves each other.”

“Yeah. Good thing. The kitchen is kinda cramped.”

Ellie moved behind them, slowing to rub her breasts across her sister’s shoulders and kissing the top of her head. “We like it close. Don’t we Mom?”

Marion patted Hal’s bum. “We certainly do!”

After lunch Marion suggested boardgames. Izzie groaned. “I always lose these things.”

Lakshmi gave her a friendly shoulder bump. “C’mon, baby. It’ll be fun to play with your family. That’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?”

“I suppose so.”

While they played, they ate shortbread and drank mulled wine. The warm, spiced wine fortified them against the snow continuing to fall outside. Dean Martin crooned “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

They were all a little tipsy by the time they started playing Monopoly. Marion moved her piece along the board. “Oh poo! Five hundred dollars. I’ve only got three! I guess I’m out.”

Jack smiled. “I’ll give you the two hundred you need if you give me your top.”

Marion smiled. “Well! The banks will just take the shirt off your back won’t they!” She quickly pulled her sweater off and threw it at her husband. Izzie noticed everyone smiling and looking at her mom’s expansive breasts, now open to view.

“For another two hundred I’ll buy your bra too mom,” said Hal.

“Deal! As a matter of fact, I think we should have a new rule. You can sell your clothes to the bank to raise extra cash.”

This fueled an explosion of real estate development around the board. Marion and Ellie were the first to be fully naked. Izzie noticed they seemed to be basking in the admiring stares that they were getting from Hal, her dad and Lakshmi. She saw that her brother and dad were getting semi-hard too. Their swollen organs bobbing in their laps. Lakshmi began her turn. “Could I sell my panties and bra for say, $300?”

“Certainly dear.” Lakshmi stood up and unashamedly pulled her panties down and undid her bra. She tossed them to Jack, who gave them a brief sniff before adding them to the pile beside the bank.

Izzie began her turn. “Well, I’m feeling pretty weird being the only one still dressed here, and I could do with some extra cash.”

Her dad gave her an appraising glance. “What do you think Marion? Six hundred for the complete ensemble?”

“I like her bra. Make it seven.”

Soon, Izzie was naked in front of her entire naked family. She noticed Ellie and Hal looking at her hungrily. “Like what you see sis?”

“Oh definitely!” Ellie purred.

“You girls do take after your mom in the looks department.” Jack was also looking at Izzie with a new expression Izzie hadn’t seen before.

Izzie covered her embarrassment by taking a pull on her drink.

The dice rolled again. Pieces moved. Houses and hotels were purchased, driving up the rents every time anyone landed on a square. Marion drew a card. “Go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.”

“Oh poo.” She struck a pose, thrusting her breasts out and pouting. “Honest, officer, I didn’t mean to. I’d do ANYTHING to get out of jail!” She said in her best Betty Boop voice.

Jack looked stern. “Well young lady, I think you may be better come over here and give Officer Johnson a kiss.”

Izzie and Lakshmi stared wide eyed as her mother crawled over to her father and knelt before him. She gently took his cock in her hand and slowly kissed the head and shaft, her tongue swirling around the head. “How’s that?”

Jack groaned. “I think you can get out of Jail for that.”

Ellie went next. Landing on one of her mother’s properties. “That will be six hundred please, dear.”

“Oh, I’ve only got four hundred. What’s a girl to do?” She wailed.

Marion spread her thighs to reveal the dark mass of her bush. “Oh, I think we can work something out!”

Ellie smiled as she took her turn kneeling and began licking at her mother’s pussy. Marion leaned back and sighed. “Ummm, that’s what Mommy needs!”

The dice rolled. Lakshmi landed on one of Hal’s properties. “Damn, I’m seven hundred and fifty short. Want a blow job?”

Hal smiled. “I’m thinking of something else.”

“Oh, like what?”

“How about a fuck? Say… a hundred bucks a thrust?”

“What about the fifty?”

“Hey you owe me. We can round up.”

Lakshmi leaned back on the couch with her head in Izzie’s naked lap and spread her legs. “It’s a deal! C’mon and fuck me, big boy.”

Hal got between her legs and positioned his cock at her slit. “Everyone keep count” Marion said.

“One! Two! Three!” they all counted in unison as Hal’s muscular buttocks pumped in and out between Lakshmi’s smooth brown thighs. “… Six! Seven! Eight!” Lakshmi pushed her hands against Hal’s chest to stop him. “Ok debt paid.”

Hal withdrew reluctantly, still hard and engorged. “Damn, I hope you land on my hotel again.”

Ellie took her turn. She landed on Hal’s hotel as well. “Oops, I seem to be a bit short as well.”

Hal did the math. “Hmmm… looks like a cool grand you owe.”

“Well,” Ellie philosophized. “I’m just a girl selling her ass to get by in the Big City. What do you want?”

Hal looked at her. “You know what I want, sis. Bend over.”

Ellie laughed. “OK bro! Although I like it this way too.”

Izzie watched in shock as her sister got on her hands and knees while her brother positioned himself behind, grabbing her hips. “Hundred a thrust? OK everyone count!”

Izzie watched her mom and dad as they looked on, smiling and counting. When Hall pulled out at stroke ten, her mom leaned over. “It’s alright honey. We’ve all been fucking since the summer.”

“What? Really?”

Lakshmi nodded. “I saw Ellie coming out of your parent’s room last night. She was naked.”

Marion looked at the board. “It’s your turn dear.”

Izzie rolled the dice in a daze. She moved her piece. “Ooooh!” Ellie clapped. “Hey sis, you owe me four hundred.” Izzie looked at her pot. She had fifty. “ummm… well what would you like sis?”

Ellie smiled and spread her legs. “I know you know how to lick a rug. Why don’t you come over here!”

Izzie knelt in front of her sister and lowered her head to her wet slit. She extended her tongue and began stoking it over the button of her sister’s clitoris, swirling it around and then stroking up and down through her pubic hair and sucking on Ellie’s labia. Ellie gripped her head and tensed. “Oh FUCK!” She arched her back, squirming as an orgasm rippled through her body. “Oh fuck! Oh God!”

Izzie stopped and looked up, her sister’s juices on her chin. “You like?”

Ellie gasped for breath. “Oh yes! I like very much. I may have to sleep with you and Lakshmi tonight!”

“Maybe I should join you girls” Marion said. “I bet your dad would like to watch.”

Jack growled appreciatively, his cock hard and red with his excitement.

Hal took his turn, landing on one of Jack’s properties. He came up short by five hundred. “Huh. Well, this just got weird.”

“Well son, there’s something else you can do for me. I like to watch your mother and she likes me watching her while she gets fucked. So, you’re going to put on a sex show for us and fuck your mother!”

Hal smiled and looked at his mom. “Shucks, dad. I’d do that for half the price! I think I might even pay you for the privilege!”

“A hundred a stroke?”

“Nope. Fuck her until she comes.”

Marion smiled. “Oh, I do like the way you think my love!” She got on her hands and knees on the couch so that everyone had a good view as Hal knelt behind her. “Ready baby? I know I am.” Hal gripped his mother’s curved thighs and slowly slid his cock into her waiting pussy. “Mmmm… that’s so good baby boy.” Marion crooned. She put a pillow underneath her so that her nipples brushed against it as they swung back and forth with each thrust and then reached down to rub her clitoris. She groaned. “Oh yes. Oh yes! Oh God! Keep… that… up…! That’s right, fuck your Mommy!” She looked around at smiled at her daughters as they watched. A delicious thrill coursed through her body with each strong thrust. “Oh! Oh my! Oh yes! Harder! Harder! Mommy’s coming! Mommy’s coming!” She collapsed wailing and moaning onto the cushions with her bottom in the air as Hall still thrust away, puffing like a steam engine. He couldn’t stop now if he’d wanted too. “That’s right baby, come inside your Mommy!” she crooned to him and reached back to stroke his balls.

With a grunt, Hal gave one final mighty thrust, pushing like he wanted to bury his entire body inside his mother’s vagina. He held it there, his buttocks flexing as he pumped his seed inside of her.

Hal rolled off. “Well, I think I’m out!” He laughed. “Good game. This is my new favourite on Family Boardgame Night.”

Marion spread a towel on the cushion so she could sit down with her son’s cum dripping out of her pussy. “Hal sweetie? How about you get everyone some more drinks?”

“Sure thing Mom.” He bent down to give her an affection kiss.

Izzie and Lakshmi were stunned, having just watched the passionate play before them. Ellie smiled. “Better than porn, isn’t it?”

After that, seeing Ellie and Lakshmi taking her dad’s cock in their mouths seemed pretty tame. As she got up from servicing a debt to her mother, licking her brother’s semen out of her pussy, Izzie got an idea.

Soon it was her turn again after watching Lakshmi finger Ellie to another orgasm. She hoped she rolled what she needed. The dice rattled. She moved her piece and landed on one of Daddy’s hotels. Jack arched an eyebrow and looked at her. “That’s a big debt. You want to work it off with a blow job?”

Izzie sat close to him and reached over to stroke his cock. “Well Daddy, that would be a lot of oral. How about I let you put this in me?”

“Are you sure? You don’t like boys.”

“Well, I’ve never actually done ‘it’ before, you know. Technically I’m still a virgin. I think that should count for something extra.” She looked up at him and batted her eyelashes coyly. “Yes, I’m not attracted to boys, but I love you Daddy, and I want you to have my virginity.”

“Oh Izzie” Her Daddy took her into a strong embrace and cradled her into his chest hair. “I’d be honoured.”

“For an extra grand I will let you come inside me.” Izzie said as she lay back and spread her legs, displaying her bush for her father. “Please daddy. Fuck me,” she whispered.

Marion lay down beside her youngest daughter and held her in an embrace. “I love you, Isobel.” she whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. Jack knelt over her, his arms on either side, his hard, throbbing cock twitching at the fuzz around her opening. “Are you ready, sweetie? Are you sure you want this?”

Izzie bit her lip and nodded. “Yes Daddy. I want you inside of me.”

Lakshmi reached over and took Jack’s cock in her hand and guided it into her girlfriend’s waiting slit. Then she lay down on the other side and stroked Izzie’s breasts and kissed her.

Father and daughter both gasped, wide-eyed as he took his first gentle, slow thrust into her.

“Oh Daddy!” Izzie whispered.

“Oh Isobel!”

Izzie watched her father’s face above hers, his eyes closed as he concentrated on talking slow gentle thrusts, making her first time special and loving. She ran her hands across his hairy back and down to his butt, caressing each cheek. Is this how Mom feels? Is this how it was like when they made me? Is this how Ellie feels? She felt his hardness moving within her, pushing in and sliding back out, filling her with strength and warmth and his love with each stroke from his manhood. She felt her mother holding her in her loving embrace as she watched her husband make gentle love to her youngest daughter. She gasped as a ripple of pleasure ran up from her loins. She loved how her father filled her. She felt like he filled her so completely that there wasn’t room for anything else. The entire universe spun around her and collapsed into the space where her daddy’s cock thrust in and out of her wet, hungry vagina.

She turned her face to see Lakshmi beside her, smiling and crying. She realized she was crying too. “I love you.”

“I love you too” Lakshmi whispered and kissed her slowly.

As they kissed her dad’s breathing got faster, more ragged. His thrusts became more urgent. With a final grunt he gave a mighty shove, burying his cock as far as he could and the built-up arousal from the afternoon’s games exploded, filling her with a sudden warmth. Her father stayed over her, gasping and pushing as he kept coming. Coming and coming and filling her with his warm love. Izzie wrapped her legs and arms around him and pulled him down onto her breasts. “I love you Daddy!” she whispered in his ear.

Jack got off of her and Izzie sat up. “Right. I’m going to use that extra cash to build a hotel!”

Jack took his turn. He moved his piece and landed on Izzie’s new hotel. “Well, buying your virginity cleaned me out. What can I do to pay the rent?”

Izzie smiled and pushed her father onto his back. She straddled his face. “I think you can clean me up and give me an orgasm now!”

Jack opened his mouth and began eagerly licking at his daughter’s pussy, dripping with his own warm semen. Marion watched her daughter, eyes closed and riding her father’s tongue to ecstasy and smiled. Lakshmi and Ellie crawled over and began licking Jack’s sticky cock clean.

She looked around the table at the game. “Well, it seems we’ve all had enough. It looks like Izzie is the winner, too!”

Izzie raised her arms in victory as her daddy licked her to orgasm. “Yes! YES! I WIN!”

After she got off, Jack sat up, wiping the juices off his chin. “I dunno. I sure don’t feel like I lost!”

Marion laughed. “We all win when we spend time together as a family.”

Lakshmi was searching in the pile of clothes. “Oh sweetie” Marion said to her. “I don’t think you need to get dressed again. You’re a part of the family and we’re a pretty loving, sexy, clothing optional family as you can see.”

“But I’m getting kind of cold.”

“Look under the tree. See the big box with the blue snowmen and red bow?” Lakshmi crawled naked across the floor to the tree, her shapely bottom and dark pussy displayed towards them. She held up the box.

“That’s the one. Open it. It’s for you.”

Izzie sat on the floor beside her, feeling like a little kid again under the Christmas tree. She enjoyed the way the lights played over her lover’s smooth skin. She delighted in the joy Lakshmi felt from being given a gift. Together they pulled apart the wrapping. “Oh, thank you!” Lakshmi cried, holding up a thick, fleecy house coat and slippers. She ran over and kissed Marion on the lips. “Thank you Mummy! I love it. This means so much to me.”

Ellie had in the meantime gone to everyone’s rooms and brought them their own robes, which they all put on to relax in. “There!” Marion declared. “You’re part of the family now.” She turned to Izzie and Hal. “I think we could all do with some dinner now, don’t you?”

After dinner, they all had some group showers. Hal with his mom and sister. Jack sandwiched in between Lakshmi and Izzie as they rubbed soap over each other’s bodies. Then, the rest of the evening was spent in the quiet glow of the Christmas tree, all of them snuggled up on the sectional watching holiday movies. Jack felt a hand under his robe softly stroking his penis and looked to see that it was Lakshmi cuddled up to him. She looked up at him and smiled while Izzie was on her other side, softly caressing her breasts. Ellie was on his other side, but she was cuddled up to her mother and she and Hal were taking turns stroking and caressing Marion. Lakshmi continued to smile at him while gripping his swelling cock, gently tugging it to hardness. Jack bent down to kiss her, their tongues meeting. She then turned and knelt on the sofa to kiss Izzie slowly while pulling her robe up to expose her backside to Jack. Jack got behind her and gently slid himself into her. He heard a slight moan, but Lakshmi and Izzie continued kissing while he slowly pumped into her warmth. As the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was busy scaring Ebenezer Scrooge on the television he felt his balls begin to twitch. “I’m coming!” he grunted.

Lakshmi broke off kissing Izzie long enough to gasp. “Come inside me, Daddy-ji! I want to feel your cum inside me!”

That was all Jack needed, and with a grunt he buried his cock as deeply as he could, almost pushing Lakshmi off the end of the couch while his hot cum spurted inside of her.

The next morning, Izzie was the first one awake. She turned to Lakshmi asleep beside her. “Merry Christmas!”

Lakshmi opened her eyes and smiled. “Merry Christmas! What time is it?”

Izzie looked at the clock. “Ugh. Early. I’m a grown assed 21-year-old woman and still wake up early and excited on Christmas morning like a little kid!”

Lakshmi kissed her. “I think it’s cute. Since we’re up, why don’t we go make some tea?”

Pulling her new bathrobe on, she relished the sensation of it moving over her naked flesh as she walked through the house. It still felt exciting and daring to be totally nude under just a robe. Something she’d never be allowed to do in her parent’s house. She loved the feeling of it and let the robe hang open so that her breasts and pubic triangle were exposed to view as she walked down the stairs. She noticed Izzie doing the same. “Feels great, doesn’t it?”

They stopped at the entrance to the kitchen and looked up. “Mistletoe!” they laughed and gave each other lingering kisses while breasts rubbed against each other and hands wandered under robes.

They took their tea into the living room. Stockings had been hung after they had gone to bed as Mom and Dad had done since they were little. “Family tradition is that we can get into our stockings as soon as we’re up, but we can’t open any presents until everyone is up. I think Mom did that so they could get some sleep.”

She handed Lakshmi her stocking. “See? You got one too!”

Lakshmi was overjoyed at the simple gesture. Inside was a magazine, some cosmetics, chocolates. “It was always stuff to keep us quiet and amused until Mom and Dad got up. See? There’s always an orange in the toe, so we have something nutritious to start the day.”

“This is great!” Lakshmi said as she popped a chocolate in her mouth.

“And, there’s always things to keep us amused too!” Izzie held up a bottle of massage oil with a smile. Lakshmi saw that she got one too.

Marion and Jack finally emerged to join the family. Marion had dressed for the occasion. Red heels, white stockings and a red dress that hugged her body and stopped at mid-thigh. She was pantiless, so they could all see the curve of her bottom and the dark triangle of her sex whenever she turned or bent over. The collar was fur trimmed but cut low and Marion left buttons undone so that her breasts were exposed for all to enjoy. To finish it off she was wearing a red Santa cap. She stopped in the door to enjoy the sight of her family on Christmas morning. Lakshmi was massaging Izzie and Hal was doing the same to Ellie.

“Great stocking stuffers Mom!” Ellie announced from her spot on the floor. “Mistletoe!”

Marion looked up in mock surprise. “Well, so it is!” She laughed as all four kids swarmed around her to cover her lips and breasts in loving, lingering kisses.

She made the family sit on the couch while she distributed presents, making a great show of bending over to show her bottom and cleavage to them all. As each present was delivered, they rewarded her with a kiss and a caress on her round bum.

Marion waited for each present to be opened before delivering the next, so that everyone could see what each got. There were the usual, books and clothes, jewelry and gift cards for music.

“Now it’s time for the Santa presents. I hope you’ve all been Nice and Naughty!” Ellie got a lushly illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra. “Oh goody! Daddy can help me with my homework again!”

Jack laughed. “Well, I’ll be better at that than your accounting work.”

Izzie and Lakshmi got their own silky peignoirs. “Now you girls can have sexy date nights and don’t have to live in student shabbiness anymore!”

Hal got a box. “That’s a two-part gift, dear.” Hal opened it up to show everyone a Fleshlight and some lube. “To go with it, Ellie and I made you your own personal video. For when you go back to school and miss us.”

Hal put the DVD, titled “Hal’s Home Alone!” into the player. The menu had thumbnails to different scenes. Ellie. Mom. Ellie and Mom. Ellie POV. Mom POV. “Your dad helped with the camera work and provided the penis for the POV scenes.”

Jack shrugged. “It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.”

“This is great! I’m going to enjoy this a lot.”

“Well, we had a lot of fun making it.”

Hal selected a scene and they watched as Ellie whispered to the camera and then sat back to finger herself. Hal switched to another scene and they watched Marion, her breasts heaving, lying on her back as a cock thrust into her and she cried out “Yes, Hal! Fuck me! Fuck your Mommy!”

“Oh, I may have to have ear buds in so my room mates don’t hear that!”

Hal picked up the remote to turn it off. “No, wait,” said Izzie. “I want to watch some more.”

“What’s this? Jack, we’ve got a present from Lakshmi!” She turned and smiled at her brightly. “That’s so thoughtful of you dear.” Inside were layers of round, baked sweets.

Lakshmi was suddenly embarrassed. “It isn’t much. Some Gulab Jamun that I made for you. They are traditional at Diwali.”

Marion moved over and kissed her gently on the mouth, cupping her firm young breasts in her hands. “Oh, my new daughter, you’ve given us yourself, which is the best present!”

Marion stood up. “Now it’s time for your father’s sexy Christmas present. Every year I always gave him a blow job before we got up.” The children all cheered.

“That’s why it always took you guys so long!”

Marion nodded. “That’s why one of you always got a video in your stocking too. Thomas the Tank Engine is a great marital aid really.”

They all laughed.

Marion moved over to stand in front of her husband and lover. She knelt before him. “But this year I thought you kids could watch too.” Slowly she took Jack’s cock between her lips and felt the same thrill she always felt as it got hard and swollen in her mouth. With one hand she gently caressed his swollen balls while the other stroked up and down his shaft, now slick with her saliva. Her tongue twirled and licked. Her lips sucked. Her mouth slurped as her head bobbed up and down. She felt his hands on her head in both benediction and control as she worked to pleasure her lover in the most selfless way possible.

As Jacked leaned back and groaned she looked to the side to see that the children had joined in. They were all moaning in pleasure as Lakshmi rode Izzie’s face, and Ellie had her head between her sister’s thighs working with an eager tongue, and Hal took Ellie from behind, thrusting enthusiastically, while above them on the large screen TV a video of herself masturbating for her son played. She loved having her family around her. She felt an overwhelming glow of joy at the same time that she felt Jack begin to pulse and throb in her mouth. She pushed a finger up his anus to push on his prostrate and was rewarded with a geyser of hot semen. “Ooh!” She laughed as Jack’s cum exploded over her face and into her mouth and gushed across her breasts.

“Merry Christmas everybody! God bless us, everyone!”

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