Unwrapping Christmas Presents

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Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen. Assuming this goes up before Christmas, Merry Christmas to anyone who gives it a read.


Molly sat up by herself by the fire. It was late, and the book she was attempting to read was only marginally holding her attention. She would have been in bed long ago, but she had something important to wait for.

She was half-dozing by the time she head the front door open, but the sound jolted her awake immediately. She grinned wide, tossed her book aside, and dashed toward the sound.

Jade, Molly’s older sister, was just kicking the snow off her boots as Molly burst in. The sisters’ eyes met for a second before Molly was launching herself forward.

“Hey, let me get my jacket off fir–”

Molly ignored Jade and tackled her in a big, sisterly hug.

“You made it!”

“Of course I made it,” Jade said, returning the hug. “You’re gonna get melty snow all over you, you know.”

“Shut up, like I’m not gonna hug my sister immediately.”

“Fair. Can I get my boots off now?”

Molly shook her head. “In a minute.”

Molly continued squeezing Jade hard, even though with her jacket in the way the contact wasn’t nearly as great as it could have been. She only eventually relented and let Jade get her outside stuff off.

“See, you’re all wet now,” Jade said as she shed her outer layer.

“Oh gee, what a problem.”

“I meant your clothes.”

“Hehe, yeah. I didn’t.”

“You goof.” Jade’s eyes flashed past her sister. “Everyone else asleep?”

“Mom and Dad? Yeah. Jax isn’t here yet. Gonna be in later.”


“Like early in the morning. Something like that.”

Jade frowned. “Early enough?”

Molly grinned. “He’s a smart boy. He’ll make it work.”

“Sure hope so.”

Jade pulled off her sweater, ditching it along with her jacket. Her thin shirt underneath made for a much nicer and warmer hug as she embraced Molly again. This time, secure in the knowledge that they had the house practically to themselves for the time being, Jade gently placed her hand on Molly’s cheek. With Molly’s eyes shining and hopeful, Jade ever so slowly moved in for a tender kiss.

“Mmm, merry Christmas,” Molly murmured.

Jade pulled her in tighter, taking possession of her lips and preventing more commentating. Their mouths and tongues locked together for a small but intense moment. Molly melted into Jade’s arms and moaned helplessly.

A small trail of spit connected their bottom lips for a second as Jade pulled away. She delicately swiped her thumb across Molly’s mouth, then gave her another soft kiss, just a quick peck.

“Merry Christmas it is,” Jade belatedly agreed.

Molly nodded earnestly. “I got the fire still going. Wanna come in?”

“Yes. Yes I think I do.”

The sisters pattered in by the fire, Jade pausing only a moment to admire the Christmas tree by the firelight. Molly sat down in front of the fireplace, and Jade joined her.

“My shirt’s kinda damp now,” Molly said.

“I did warn you.”

“Yeah, you did. Maybe the fire will dry it.”

“Maybe,” Jade said agreeably.

Molly cozied up next to her sister and leaned her head on her shoulder. Jade put an automatic hand around Molly’s shoulders and held her close.

“It’s a nice fire,” Jade said. “I always forget how much I enjoy coming in from the snow and sitting in front of it.”

“Mmm, very nice,” Molly said.

“How have things been?”

“Oh, you know. Pretty good. Aced my exams.”

“I heard,” Jade said, rubbing Molly’s shoulder. “You always were the smart one.”

“Oh psh. Lots of studying is all.”

“Mmhm, sure.”

“What about you? How’s that boyfriend doing?”

Jade eyed her sister sidelong. “Is that a note of jealousy I detect?”



“… maybe.”

Jade laughed. “Oh, Moll. He was just a fling. I told you that.”

“I know. But… a girl gets worried sometimes.”

“You think that I’d come home and not want my Christmas present?”

Molly squirmed. “It might happen.”

“Not likely.”

Jade, abandoning her role as a warm shoulder for Molly to lean against, instead wrestled her sister to the floor. It wasn’t much of a wrestle, as Molly surrendered immediately and let herself be pinned down.

“I’ve been looking forward to unwrapping my present the whole way here,” Jade said. “You’re not getting out of it so easily.”

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