My Mom My Lover

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Hi I am Ramesh 26 years old (tamil guy) from Chennai. This is a real incidents happen in my life.

This is an incest story where I have got experience of with my mom and sister. we was a middle class family mom, dad, me, I have to elder sisters..

One day during the night I was Thirsty and I wake up around 11:30 pm and went to the kitchen to drink water when I look back my mom and dad was missing in the bed and I hear some voice is coming from the next room, slowly I open the door what I saw was the first time in my life both my mom and dad were naked and my mom is moaning my dad is hitting my mom faster during at that time I doesn’t know what is happening. I was shocked and I ran back to my bed, after 2 to 3 minutes I got some feeling to see that again. When I saw first time my mom is down and my dad is up and my dad is fucking my mom.

When I went to see the second time this was my heavenly experience which I couldn’t never forget in my life my dad was down and my mom was completely naked on such a wonderful beauty is in front of my eye.

(My mom amma is black with big mountain breast 42D, I came to know her size by seeing her bra, with normal back. If any one see my mom first there eyes will be on her breast such huge melon) my mom mountains hanging on a breast when my mom was jumping to fuck my dad it jump this was the first experience about sex of seeing my mom’s big boobs.

At the same time my mom is moaning ,slowly my penis started to get erected for the first time in my life of seeing my mom and dad.

The next day in the morning when is saw my dad has scratches on his back on his face because of the enjoyment of my mom. I came to know that my mom is not a just a wife of soft nature.

When she enters into sex she became uncontrollable. The next day dad wakes up early and he told to me and sisters mom is not feeling well, my sister ask mom what happens you can take tablets, I doesn’t ask anything because it’s the fucking of my dad makes her hot. When I saw my mom in the morning I can imagine her boobs and my eyes also looks only there.

I am very eager on the whole day dreaming about the night and when the night will come. I act as I slept in the middle of my mom and dad after 15 minutes passed slowly my dad voice started to call my mom

“Hey are you slept”

my mom :”what”

Dad: “vadee, Come”
Mom: “Children’s are not slept”

Dad: “They have slept”

Mom conforms that me and my sisters are slept by calling our names and we have not responded so they decided we have slept. Mom asked dad yesterday only done its not enough for you. Dad said no not enough. Slowly dad makes me to pull in one side and he joined with my mom side.

Today my experience is entirely different because the sexy conversation from my own mom and dad.

Mom: Yesterday only we have done. It’s not enough for you.
In tamil (nethu thana panunom adagamatigala , enadee mariyatha)
Dad : Is it enough for you. (Unaku potuma)
Mom: No, not enough (Pothathu venum da)
Dad start to kiss my mom in near me in the same bed ( I have never moved my body just heard and in the dim light I can see my dad on the top of mom).
Dad: you looks sexy with your big boobs and ass. I want to be fucked daily.
(Nee sema sexy dee unn periya mulay kundi unna daily oka vaikanum dee)

Dad start to go keep his hand and kiss my mom in stomach and she is in saree. Slowly I can start feeling my mom’s body is getting hot.

Mom: Do it well bastard.( Nalla panuda tevidiya payalay)
First time in my life hearing my mom speaks bad words.
Dad: Are you a prostitute dear? (Nee tevidiyava)
Mom : Yes dear (Amma da na tevidiya than da)
Dad : Is one Pennis is enough for you? (Oru sunny pothuma unaku)
Mom : No not enough, What to do?(Pothathu enna panalam)
Dad: I like you to be a real prostitute (Enaku unna unmaya na tevidiya va pakanum dee)
Mom was just in hot and I use this situation and keep my hand on her stomach and slightly I touch her boobs and enjoyed . My mom hold my dad tight and both start to have lip kiss. My dad ask my mom to give her tongue. Mom ask dad to suck her boobs
Dad: Give your tongue. (Naka kodu dee sappa)
Mom: Suck my boobs. (Mulaya sappu da)
Dad start to suck my mom’s boobs and I enjoyed all this in the dim light.

Dad: hai I have some desires in sex. Can I ask you?
Mom : Tell me ( Sollu da)
(kalaila appa va ega nu soluvanga ippo only da than)
Dad: I like to have sex by watching sex movies.
Mom: children’s are there how we can see?
(Pasanga irukanga epadi pakurathu)
Dad: Tomorrow when our childrens went to school we can take leave and see.
Mom: said, Yes.

I am upset of hearing this from my dad and mom. As per there plan morning mom told she will be on leave to office as she is not feeling well. My sister said ok take care mom. I knew their plan and I also said mom I am also not feeling well I will also take leave. But both of they forced me to go to school.

When I came back in the evening with great eagerness. I found our TV position was changed. I asked mom why TV position is changed she manned it by telling she cleaned it.

Again I start to kill the time and waiting for the night. This night was again a surprise for me. At 8:00 pm we had dinner regularly we will have dinner by 9:30 pm both my parents asked to have our dinner and makes us to go to bed. I am very happy that some thing is going to happen tonight. As I went to the kitchen to keep my vessels I saw drink bottle was there and near it one glass of drink was there my dad when inside the kitchen and came back , when I went inside the kitchen the glass was empty after some time my dad filled it up and around 9:00 they make me and sister to go to bed. My sister usaly will sleep down in the room me, mom and dad in same bed. After 10 min I start to hear the voice of my dad.

Dad: Go and drink. (poi kudichitu va) I was shocked that my mom will also drink.
Mom: Children’s are there .
(she conform by calling my sisters name and my name. we didn’t respond.)
Dad: They are asleep? (Ellam thugitnga)
Mom: You won’t stop. (Nee nerutha matiya)
Dad: No, I won’t morning we have seen different position. I want to do like that. Go to the kitchen and drink and come.

(Mom moves to the kitchen and she make some noise and rush back soon) I was also shocked what happens but I didn’t react to that. Mom came back to the bed and ask dad how he came in. It’s our neighbor he may be 5 years older than dad.

Dad: I only allowed him inside. Morning movie we have seen know he only gives the CD. When we drink together he has told that he loves your boobs and he is willing to fuck you.
Mom: No chance. (Mudiyathu)
Dad: You just enjoy what we are doing.
Mom: No chance she refused .

My dad make her convince and at last she accept. Dad ask my mom to come to next room. Mom refused.

Dad: I will ask him to come here.

As a son I am hearing all this that my mom is going to have affair with my neighbor in front of my dad. After a I feel some one is pushing me.

will continue in part 2

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