Avinash, His Sister Megha and his 2 best friends Keshav & Raju

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Hi, readers, my name is Avinash 22 yrs. old from Chennai I am currently doing my final year of engineering in Coimbatore. This is a sex story of how I and two of my roommates(Raju and Keshav)seduced and fucked my sister in the hotel during a trip. I was living with my friends on the college campus and my sister Megha 18yr old was also doing her 1st-year arts at a private college in Coimbatore.

My parents accepted to send her out of Chennai only because I was there to take care of her, my parents made her stay in hostel out of her wish. She uses to visit my room on weekends and even use to stay in the night in my room and watching movies with my friends, we cook together and sleep together. She started to become close to them and treated them her best friends.

Things started to change when one fine morning after a night over, I wake up and came went to the kitchen when I was returning to the bedroom, I noticed both Raju and Keshav commenting on my sister’s boobs whose still in her sleep. I heard it and felt awkward and didn’t say anything. Later Megha left our place and we all went to college, the comments they made on my sister initially disturbed me but later I felt happy when I pictured her boobs in front of me, that evening I went back to the room and I saw my friends talking something about Megha.

I asked them what’s going on they told me that lets have party tonight we will drink as much as we can I too said okay, everything was going smooth suddenly Keshav asked me can we bring in a call girl and fuck her together, I told them no, what if Megha gets to know about it, they tried to convince me since I was drunk then they told me why can’t we fuck your sister, she’s here only for u, she is damn sexy and why can’t u use this opportunity to seduce and fuck her.

I was damn angry on him and told him to stop this shit, but Raju too joined with him and told me dude yes, we will seduce her and can make use of her body till we stay here, we both never had sex with a girl, do this for your friends, please. Seeing my anger they now started to beg me literally and also told me that your sister is not a virgin as she had sex with her bf in her college which we got to know from my friend studying in her.

I didn’t say anything, that night, I pictured Megha getting fucked by me and my friends. I got an on erection next morning and felt some shock passing through my body and told them dude I am okay with you guys seducing my sister. They both thanked me and told me we both will make a plan to fuck her and I was eagerly waiting to see my sister naked, in the evening they told me that lets tell ur sister that we all are going to trip to Ooty and me and Keshav will seduce her into bed then later u can join us.

I said OKAY but make sure she doesn’t tell anything to our parents, I told her about the plan and she was happy as my parents don’t take us to tour generally.

We all reached Ooty and booked a single 3-bedded room and decided to sleep and will go to visit places next morning. We went to many places that day and returned back to the room in the evening around 6:30 pm, I noticed that Raju and Keshav getting close to her and touching her boobs during the photoshoot, but she was casual with them.

After we reached the room, I asked them what the plan, they told me that Raju has bought sleeping pills which will be mixed with juice and will be given to Megha so next day, she will be waking up late so let’s tell her to stay back in the room and we will go out and u stay out somewhere and me and Raju will seduce her and will fuck her, so u can join us when we send u an SMS.

After dinner we all had dinner, she drank juice mixed with pill and slept very early, we all woke up at 7 am, except Megha and we all left to visit places, Raju told me that “Avinash you stay, me and Keshav will go to room and will enjoy with your sister”, I also told them to be slow and be gentle and use condoms, as I also care for her since she’s my little sister.
Raju told me not only this we are going to take video and can watch it later. They went to the room and Megha was wearing a pink t-shirt and black track pant, they asked her whether she had her lunch as it was around 3 pm, she said yes Anna, where is Avinash Bhai, they told her that he is buying stuff for you and your parents.

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