Story of my life (chapter-4)

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“CHAPTER–4: paradise resort-part 1”
Welcome back people to another chapter of my life story, hope you enjoyed the previous chapters.
To continue reading my story please read previous chapters first. Thank you.

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Story of my life (chapter-3)

So coming back to the day when i got fucked by two dicks in both holes at same time……

It was an amazing experience for me, a new world of sex had opened up for me. And i was glad that i would be getting more because i really liked the feeling of taking two cocks at once.

So after that night I wasn’t able to get up till noon next day, but my cousin woke me up because my mother was worried. So when i was out of bed naked i freshened up and got dressed and said goodbye to my cousin and left for home, his best friend had already left.

When i reached home, my mother was in a serious mood, i was scared because i thought she might have discovered about what i had been doing for past few months, but that was not case. Actually she had got my report card from school and i had really bad grades in every subject.

As my mother had decided that i had to take medical entrance test to get into medical college, she told me that she was sending me away for few months, to take a regular course for exam, to live with my uncle in another state. I wasn’t happy on hearing this and tried to rebel but you all know how persuasive mother’s can be so i lost to her and eventually agreed.

I was sad that i won’t be getting any cock for months now and i had to resort to my fingers for that time but if i had known what was waiting for me in another state i would have never wasted any time went there as soon as possible.

I still had few days at home before i had to leave, so my cousin and his best friend organised a trip for only three of us, ofcourse for my mother we were only girls for the trip but actually i was the only girl on the trip and i was going to enjoy this trip very much. So we left in the evening and reached the resort during midnight and got to our rooms but only after few minutes i heard knocks on my door and i knew who it was so i immediately opened the door and they both got in.

So for next 2-3 hours they fucked me like a bitch in every hole and in every way possible. They used me like a toy and i was going crazy by how good they were fucking me. Suddenly my cousin’s best friend lifted me up in his arms and opened the door and took me outside in that cold. I was shocked, but i kept silent and he put me down in the corridor and told me to face the wall in the middle of the corridor and in the chilling cold. I then faced towards the wall and put my hands on the wall, he then pulled my ass towards him a little and inserted his rock hard dick in my ass, God that feeling i got there was unbelievable because the cold, fear of getting caught, fucking in a public place and the thought that anyone can come anytime was amplifying the feeling i was getting.

After fucking me there and dumping his load deep inside my butt he told me to go to the next room and whoever is inside ask him a piece of cloth, i was scared and told him how would i do that, he said that it was my problem and i had to deal with it, he also told me that he wouldn’t open the door to my room if i am naked and went away.

I was left there naked and alone in the hotel corridor, so i gathered up some courage and went to a room door and knocked at almost morning hour, there was no answer for few minutes as anyone would be sleeping at that hour, but after sometime door was opened and it was an elderly man, i guess he would have in his 50’s. He was angry when he opened the because i had disturbed his sleep but as his eyes saw my naked body that too soaked in sweat he eyes almost popped out and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

I kinda got wet by seeing his reaction, but i kept my cool and asked if i could come in to which he said no because his wife was sleeping inside. So i told him it was okay and asked if he could lend me some clothes and i would return them in the morning, he thought for a moment and told me that he had a condition, i had a feeling what he was going to ask, so i asked him about his condition and i was right, he wanted a blowjob.

Well it was a treat for him as a naked 18 year old girl was on his doorstep in the middle of the night, how could he not take the opportunity. So i told him okay but asked him where would he like it, he said right then and there on his room door. I said okay and went on my knees and pulled his track pants as well as his underwear down, i was surprised to see his uncut not that long but really fat dick, i held it in my hand, gave it a few strokes and tasted it, it was nice to be honest, his dick had a mixed smell of urine and some kind of perfume, that smell drove me crazy so i forgot about everything else and started to suck him like a slut.

After some time i opened my eyes and felt my pussy juices were dripping down my inner thighs, i was really horny again because of the smell of his cock so I don’t know how i managed but i got up faced towards the opposite wall, put my hands on the wall and parted my legs and invited him to fuck me, he didn’t waste any second, he closed the door behind him and grabbed my ass and put some spit on my asshole and in just one stroke he was all inside. He fucked me there for some time and i began to feel my legs were trembling by his fucking, that old man was an amazing fucker.

He then pulled out and told me to kneel infront of him which i did and he came inside my mouth and i drank all of his cum. By the look on his face i was sure that he had a really good time and i felt the same way. He then told me that he liked my body and he would like to fuck me again to which i told him to give me his phone and gave him my number, he was happy and he then kissed me and then gave me few clothes and closed his door.

I then put those clothes on and went to my room and as i went inside both guys asked me did anyone fuck me, and i said everything that happened. They both got horny again by listening to what happened earlier and were about to fuck me again but i told them no because my legs were shaking because of the non stop fucking, so instead i gave them blowjobs and we then slept naked in the same bed, i was in between the two guys.

Next day i again slept till noon because i was tired from last night’s dicking. It was 2 past noon when i woke up and saw my cousin was sitting near the window enjoying the view while smoking. I said good morning to him and he did same. I then went to the shower and had a warm long shower because i needed it. When i came back i checked my phone, i saw text from the elderly man who fucked me last night, he said that he would be alone in his room for few hours after 4 pm that day. I became excited and told my cousin about it and he said that if I wanted to go then it was okay with him.

So it was time and i got ready and went to the door and knocked, he opened the door and welcomed me inside, but as soon as i went in i got scared, there were two other men sitting on the bed in just their underwears. I turned towards the man who invited me, he just smiled and put his hands on my shoulder and told me that they were his best friends and they also wanted some release from a beautiful young girl like me.

I was a bit scared because they were all strangers and i never had sex with three persons at the same time. It was my first time so i kept silent and looked down towards the floor, and suddenly one of the men told me that i was a good girl and he came towards me and started to undress me. Within no time i was naked and they too removed their underwears. When i saw the cocks of other two men i got scared because they were huge, uncut and i had never seen that big cocks, they were almost 10″ long and very fat. They were all in almost same age group.

They all sat on the bed and told me to service their cocks, so i got on my knees infront of them and started to suck their monsters one by one. After i sucked all three cocks one of them lifted me up and tossed me on the bed and positioned himself behind me and started to lick my asshole vigorously. Meanwhile other two men came infront of me and i started to suck their dicks.

Soon after some licking he inserted his monster cock inside my asshole in just one thrust and tears escaped my eyes and while my mouth opened for a scream other man inserted his dick directly into my throat and my head started to spin by what they were doing, i was in paradise. My was being fucked like never before at the lightening speed and other dick was opening up my throat, i could barely breathe. He then pulled his dick out of my mouth after some time and the third man put his dick deep inside my throat now and started to face fuck me.

At that time two dicks were going in and out of me, one in my asshole and other in my mouth. After some time the man who was fucking my asshole pulled his dick out and the guy who was standing took his place and put his dick inside my ass now without any problem because it had already been stretched now. The man whose dick inside my asshole now came infront and put his dick inside my mouth and god i loved the smell of his dick, it smelled of my poop and it even tasted like it because he was really deep inside my asshole. He literally fucked the shit out of me. I had become a dirty cheap whore, the thought crossed my mind that instant, but i was enjoying every bit of it.

Then after some time the man fucking my asshole pulled me up keeping his dick still inside, he stood up holding me by my legs and another man came infront and slid his dick inside my pussy while i wrapped my arms around his neck. They began pounding my both holes while standing, and i was getting chrushed between their strong hairy chests. God i was in heaven, i was going crazy, i could hardly breathe because two 10″ dicks going in and out of my both holes and they were fucking me slowly using their entire length in the thrusts.

Meanwhile the man who invited me was stroking his dick while watching his friends pound me mercilessly, and after some time he replaced the man who was fucking my ass. My every hole was being used and i loved the feeling. I thought to myself that if this is what sluts and whores feel then hell yes i would love to be a permanent whore. It was overwhelming, i was lost in pleasure and i was close to Cumming for the fourth time when they filled my holes with their thick cum, the feeling of their cum inside all my holes made me orgasm instantly again, god i was having multiple orgasms, it was really unbearable pleasure and i passed out.

After i woke up i saw the three men were still naked, they were sitting on the sofa and they were laughing and chatting with each other. I got up and they all smiled at me and praised me for being such a dirty slut. They told me that i have talent because not every women can handle 3 dicks at same time. One of them offered me a job to shoot for pornography which i declined immediately. He still gave me his card and told me if i ever needed anything i should call him and he would help me out as he had enjoyed my body very much.

So after that i took a short shower and got dressed and said my goodbyes and was about to leave when the man who invited me again told me that next time he would be alone and it would be nice if i could join him to which i said yes happily and left the room.

If anyone wants to know more about my experiences, they can contact me on this mail adress “[email protected]

“End of chapter–4”

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