The Great Sen Family : 7

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The Great Sen Family – Episode : 7
Just for readers’ convenience, I think it would be better to introduce the main characters of recent developments ( even in upcoming incidents ) once again.

1.Munmun/Mona : 28 yrs, actress
2.Manish : 30 yrs, businessman
3.Chitradevi : 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother
4.Prankrisno/Kesto : 25 yrs, Munmun’s Odisan Cook/Driver,/Gardener… all in one
5.Parveen/Mala : Maid, Prankrisno’s wife
6.Fatema : 38 yrs, Mala’s widow mother
7.Hafiz : Mala’s brother
8.Aparna/Rina : 38 yrs, actress/director, Sanjay’s 2nd wife
9.Sanjay : 40 yrs, Aparna’s 2nd husband
10.Kamalini : Aparna’s daughter
11.Suman : Aparna’s stepson/Sanjay’s son
12.Sanjit : 19 yrs, actor
13.Pallabi/Poly : Sanjit’s sister
14.Supriyadevi : 49 yrs, Veteran actress
15.Soma : 29 yrs, actress
16.Rahim : 22 yrs, Soma’s husband
17.Rahamat : 40 yrs, Rahim’s father
18.Sandhya : 35 yrs, actress
19.Probhaboti : 48 yrs, Kesto’s widow mother

And more…..


Film actresses are always the hot topics for all….. especially among the daily labourers…. like servant, sweeper, gardener, driver, Cook etc who worked in their houses. Prankrisno Mohanta and some of his friends were certainly not exception…. always dreamed about the hot bodies of their Mistress.

Although these highly rich personalities were their employers…. provided them employment, that didn’t matter. Rather, if anything, it only served to fuel their fires of fantasy. Their hot topics were….. seen her naked? Seen her pussy ? Does she trim it? Would you fuck her if she would let you?

When these low level service providers got together, their gossips were always the same….. varying only in where they fell in the conversation. Answers normally varied on the openness of labourer. Prankrisno’s answers never wavered, they were always the same.

Yes….. Yes, A little bit; Oh, Yeah!

Without worrying, they normally expressed their views. If there were a way for these labourers to bury their meaty bone between these top level celebs’ inviting legs without attracting the attention of their husbands, these young or old servants would never hesitate.

Prankrisno’s friends, continually pined him with the desire to fuck his sexy and sweet mistress, Munmun Sen. Yes, it was Munmun, Prankrisno’s Didimoni that always seemed to garner the most admiration and lusty comments from them.

However their Malik / Sir / Kartababu / Dadababu were not excluded from their discussions either.

Their gossips normally were…… How often does they crack that sophisticated pussy? Are they doing it any good? Have they come to the place that they need some help? Can they keep it up after they get it up?

For the most part of their conclusions were all the same. Sure, their employers were undeniably bedroom buffoons for which the husbands had lost all respect from their celebrity wives.

Mostly they laughed and joked about the fact….. their Masters had long ago forgotten that the center of the universe was between a woman’s legs, if indeed they ever knew. They shared the overheard arguments and gossips about their high profile employer among themselves…. and passed their leisure by throwing numerous filthy jokes.

And naturally from the rumors, it revealed how unhappy these top level wives were…. due to lack of attention and passion in bed. On the other hand, to the husbands….. gossiping, golfing, TV watching, manicuring lawns etc. were more interesting than their wives’ hot pussy. The evidences were enough to the servants that their Maliks were no longer the master in the bedroom. And now, they had simply found something more important than their hot wives.

No doubt, their judgment or evaluation about their Maliks / employers were somewhat cloudy but not to be dejected totally. They realized that their Maliks were brain-dead from the waist down. Just one look at these beautiful sexy heroines and anyone would be able to conclude that the bedroom should be the busiest room in their house.

But actually the fact was different in many cases and that wasn’t unknown to these low level service providers. Naturally they didn’t want to skip these favourable scopes. Typical for these young horny cocks, they crowed that if it were up to them, these exquisite feminine creatures would continually wear the glow of sex on their faces. And from their perspective view of life, it seemed to play a cruel joke.

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