Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

Josh and Toby wore sunglasses as they laid back on their elbows and kept their eyes out for sexy females in bikinis. They were the best of buddies, eighteen years old, and enjoying the last bit of summer before they had to begin University. The beach was a bit windy today and there was not

A Loving Lockdown Christmas, A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas.

A Loving Lockdown Christmas A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas. Prologue 1 year ago… “Do I have to? I got offers from both state colleges I applied to.” Vivian Kesley grimaced as she glanced over at her son, knowing exactly why he was reluctant. “And miss out on Stanford? Seriously Jason, do

Creampie Mother and Daughter

Creampie Mother and Daughter – Threesome¬† She was Latina with a beautiful face, jet black hair which was kind of poofy if that’s the proper description. It had that slight wave to it, as though it was undecided as to be either curly or straight. Volume, that sounds best, she had black mid back length

Creamy Mother and Daughter

Clarissa had finished another semester at college and once again, aced all her subjects. Her mother and I were very proud. A lot has changed in that amount of time. All the good things have become better, but with bumps along the way. We grew very comfortable in our little world of love and lust.