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Last month my friends and I threw a birthday party for one of the guys in our group who was turning 40 and to him it was a big deal so we decided to go all out for it. This guy is one of the nicest and he always goes to great lengths to help others and he helped my husband with alot while we set up a law firm, so i wanted this party to be amazing.

I talked to my best friend and we was talking about gift ideas and slightly joking I told her I’d give him a blowjob for his birthday if I could and instantly she took me seriously asking me, why couldn’t you, explaining he’d never see that coming. I got this sudden rush just from the idea and we sat thinking of ways for me to do this.

The night of the party comes and With my husband being at the party i was going to need some help keeping him occupied so we had him doing a bunch of different things and I went and grabbed the birthday boy and led him outside to the pool and I sat him down on the lounge couch and while telling him about getting him something special for his birthday I got on me knees in between his legs and slide my hand up his shorts touching his cock. He took a nervous look around and as he did I was wrapping my lips around his cock he then leaned back on the couch looking into my eyes.

I slowly got into a nice rhythm sliding hid hard cock in and out of my mouth. His eyes was locked on me the entire time he was very relaxed and obviously really enjoying my gift.

After about 15 minutes I hear the back door sliding open and then voices. I slowed down a bit not knowing who was heading out that way but I also didn’t want to stop, I hear my friend talking then stop talking so I kinda glanced in that direction I was surprised to see about 10 people looking our way.

The birthday boy hadn’t noticed them at all and he was building very close so I kinda lost focus of anyone watching and really got into sucking his hard cock. It didn’t take much longer and his hand reaches up and grabs a fist full of my hair and I feel his cock beginning to pulsate pushing down on my tongue, he then pulls my hair super hard pulling his cock in and out of my mouth in a rough manner then stops holding his cock just inside my mouth as he begins to gush a really big load of the warmest smoothest cum I’ve ever had, his dick kept pumping over and over with each squirt just as big and tasty as the last.

As the pumping slowed he began to push his cock into my mouth again holding it deep in my mouth now and then as it would let out another gush of cum then he’d slide back out then in again and he slide my head all the way down till his whole cock was into my throat holding it there.

He let go of my head so I slowly kept giving him head making sure he really enjoyed it but then he started to get hard again so I got into a steady firm motion using my mouth and my hand at the same time taking his cock all the way into my throat over and over till he just couldn’t take it anymore and he let out a loud moan and he started to cum harder then the first time so I gave him a firm grip with my hand helping his cock pump out his creamy load sucking on the head giving him some firm tongue action with some good sucking force on the head.

After I got done I stood up and we started to walk away he noticed everyone watching and all he could do was smile.

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