Hostel SSlut

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Hi, my name is Anjum, I was sent to boarding school I was very thin They boy started with boys asking me:

“How is it you are so skinny, don’t your parents feed you at home?” They started. In the dormitory, changing my clothes was a problem because looked at my body and laughed. I don’t know why when they did that, I would have erection and my cock would be wet, had my back towards them so they would not see.quickly wear my vest and underwear. I tried to peek at the cock and balls of the other boys, whenever I saw them, it would make me hot.
Evening was bathing time, with nothing but a towel around my waist and my soapbar I went to the common bathroom. A senior Naved leered at me and with one flick made my towel drop; I was naked in front of everyone,(I was so delighted)_ and they were laughing when they saw me. their laughing made me hotter. I tried to pull the towel up, when another senior Saeed says
“I will help you”

As he does , he fingers my asshole (it felt so wonderful, I wanted it to stay inside) with his help I had my towel back on. Went into one of the showers hung my towel on the door and started bathing. What had happened had made me so hot I masturbated.
When I finished bathing I noticed my towel had disappeared, I had another erection thinking I would walking out of the bathroom naked. Outside the door I hear Sajid
“Here take your towel”
“Thank you” I say

Secretly I wished he had not done that, I wanted to walk out naked and everyone should see my naked body. Some days later, my dorm mate Majid tells me that Naved wanted to see me. I go over to the small room, where all the seniors were in. Some were in shorts, others were in their underwear. I could not see those who were standing behind them, In front of all of them was a table. All of them were ogling at me, though I was not naked, it was enough to give

“Naved wanted to see me?”
Naved had a wicked grin on his face
“Climb on the table” He says
I climb on and lie on it. Someone was pulling off my shirt, the other my shorts along with my underwear. They notice my erection
“Look! he is already knows what we want” Saeed says, pulls my cock. I was lying naked on the table, my legs were pulled up and was on the shoulders of Naved, his cock had slipped into my asshole. He was fucking me. My head was pulled down edge of the small table My mouth was slapped open and a wonderful big cock slided into my mouth was in my throat; My ass and throat were being fucked really hard. It was one thing getting hot seeing cocks and balls and very much another to have them inside me, which I used to wish for. I had first taste of cum. There was another cock in my mouth and another in my asshole.
I was so hot I had lost all sense of time, I was pulled up from the table and shown my face in the mirror, it was covered with cum I was smiling.

I went along with one of them, we shared the shower, the senior knelt down before me and started sucking my cock. he had his hand on my ass rump, I turned around and he fucked me.

As word got around, I was called to that small room again, there were other seniors there. I just dropped my clothes and started sucking the cocks of each and every one of them and later they fucked me. I came to be known as the hostel slut. My dorm mates decided I should have nothing on at night, so that all of them could fuck me or suck their suck them off. I was their sex slave.

During class they would show off their cocks to me and I would show my hanging tongue, begging them to fuck my mouth. At break time, other boys were out playing, my classmates and boys from other classes wanted me to fuck me. So I spent break time getting fucked and sucking.

I stopped wearing a towel around my waist before going to bath and never
bathed alone, always with one or more boys with me. They would fuck my mouth and asshole. By the end of the bath I would be washing of all the cum on my body. I masturbated really hard after that. Out of the shower, I still had an erection.
“Who has been fucking you this time?” I would be asked anyone passing by. I would shamelessly tell them
“What is bugging you?” I would ask. They would jump on me and start fucking me in the corridor others watched.

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