How I fucked poojitha`s sister

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Hello everyone. My name is Bhanu Prakash. I am from Hyderabad. My age is 26. My height is 5.9 feet. Color is brown. My cock is 7 inches.

This story is about my classment, her name is Sreeja (name changed). She is two years younger than Poojita. She is 5.4 feet. Her sizes are 34-28-32. This incident happened when she saw Poojita and me having a romance. We didn’t have collage that day. Her parents went to the office.

Poojita called me and came to her house. My mother took me to her house.
Just like home, he entered. Shusta Yavarula wants to bring me inside.
I asked if Poojita had it.

Poojitha comes out of the bathroom just as she is trapped in her bedroom, see me standing at the bedroom door.

Tana’s body is completely wet, is holding a towel over his body, water drops are falling from his body. Seeing him like that gave me a full mood. She spread her wings as a suddan and swept her body. My self-confidence is blackening me from my pant pina.
Tanu sweeps the door behind her as a suddan. Yathi raised his head and was shocked to see me.

Poojita: Orai, what are you doing here?What are you looking at?
Me: Abba what are you doing?, you are very beautiful Talusa. Hide your beauty for so many days.
Pujita: Listen well to oboe’s words. Fingers out before I dress myself.
Poojita degaraku me and put her on the lips. She also responded to me.
He threw me on the bed and let my dress fly and jumped on his face. I am kissing all over her face and squeezing her breasts.
Poojita: Hmm Hm Hm Ha.

I went down a bit and stroked her boobs, rubbing her pussy with one hand and pleading with her nipple with the other.
Poojita: Hmmm ha sound.

Suddenly memmuDon’t listen to the song OMG, the sound came from the bedroom door. Pujita and I were shocked to see the door open. Poojita’s sister is at the door.
His face was almost red. Tana’s left hand is between Tana’s legs, the right hand is above the breasts. She is also in full mood. She came to us, pushed me on the bed and jumped on me. She kissed me on the lips. I felt jealous seeing Poojita Sreeja kissing me like that. Trying to push Sreeja away from me. Creation is not coming down from me. I was in complete shock. Lacchi as Suddan from the middle of Srika.

Sreeja: Wow, what are you bro, now you are mine too.
Pujita: Osai Vidu is mine, not yours. Go out first.
Sruja: Not at all, this is mine. Before you go out.
Poojita: Oh no, this is my boyfriend, I like him very much. Come in the middle and talk about it, go outside.
Sreeja: Abbo boy friend, I have love since Vidi Modi China. I am hiding this from both of them. I thought that I would come here on the day of purchase, what kind of day will come, I did not think that it would come so soon in this time. Anta Niwalan.
I was shocked to hear Srija’s words.
Poojita: What are you talking about?, why do you love Vidi, you are killing me love you from the beginning.
She kissed me on the lips.

Sruja pushed Poojita to the table and fell on me. Hugs me. Poojita got angry and saw that she will beat Srija. Srija Poojita’s hand lying downstop it Meanwhile.
Me: Ha both will stop. What is this, you two children, why are you fighting. I like you both.
I kissed poojita first then sreeja. They both responded to my kiss. I pressed Srija’s boobs with my hands.
Sreeja: Hmmm.

I put my right hand on Srija and rubbed it. I took my left hand and placed it on Pujita Puku. Both of them enjoying my fingers on puku.

They: Hmmm hmm hmm…
Pujita: Come to my place, please kiss me.
Me: Puji, can I ask you something.
Poojita: What.
Me: Don’t think so, please. I am first your sister, your demon, Pooja. Please. She’s a virgin, let me fuck her Ra Pooji, please.
Poojita saw her younger sister’s face, closed her eyes and enjoyed my rub.
Sreeja listens to what Mamu has said.
Sreeja: What?, Puji, don’t disturb me so much.
Poojita: Ha, and you have Vada Dick. Look at a dick as good as yours. Try a saree which is super. You will feel a little pain at first and after 5 minutes you will feel pain. After that comes a good feeling. You cry out that you want more.
Sreeja: Okay.

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