The New Girl-11

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I freshened up putting on my nighty and joined mom in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was dad totally drunk. His friends had come along as he could not even stand by himself.

I supported him over my shoulder with his one arm around me and made him sit on the sofa. Mom came and there was a big scene in the house between them. She went back to the kitchen, I supported dad and took him to the bedroom.

While carrying him, his hand was cupping my boobs but I ignored it and walked. Soon he was squeezing my boobs triggering horny feelings inside me. I managed to get him to sit on the bed and he pulled me on his lap.

He cupped my boobs with his hands squeezing them while kissing me on my lips. I got carried away and only came to my senses a few minutes later when mom called me. My pussy was dripping wet by now.

I saw dad had opened all the buttons of my nighty squeezing my naked boobs and sucking my nipples. I got out of his grip correcting my clothes and went to see mom in the kitchen. She was still fuming with rage because of dad.

I assured her I would take care of him and meet her at the dinner table soon. I went back to dad, I felt whatever just happened between us was an accident but even then my mind wanted more. I saw dad’s clothes were messed up so decided to change his clothes.

I removed his shoes and socks, I unbuttoned his shirt making him sit hugging me trying to remove it. During this he kissed my lips, ears and neck while his hands were squeezing my butt hard. I had to remove his pants but was not sure so went to ask mom.

She was busy cooking, I told her dad’s clothes were very dirty and if I should help him change. She said do whatever because she does not care anymore. I opened his belt and trouser trying to lower them but could not because of his weight.

I climbed on his chest facing his feet and started pushing his pants and his undies also came with it revealing his big cock. His cock was erect and I daringly touched it. It was over 7” long and more than 2” thick making my pussy even more wet.

I felt his hands rubbing my naked pussy and I lost full control. He grabbed my hips pulling my ass to his face and began eating my pussy. When I came back to my senses after some time, I got off his chest and lowered my nighty.

I managed to pull back his undies to cover his cock. I remembered what Khan told me about fucking his own daughters and how much they enjoyed. I dismissed the idea but dad’s actions had got me very aroused and horny.

Dad kept murmuring “come here darling, I want to make love to you darling”, etc. etc. while I managed to remove his pants completely. I thought of putting his night clothes on but it would be another struggle so I left him sleeping in his undies.

I put a blanket on him and he fell asleep. I went to mom telling her “dad is asleep”, I saw she was still boiling with anger. She said “setup your bed inside the bedroom, I am going to sleep outside where you used to sleep, till dad apologises to me”.

I knew this was never going to happen in a thousand years because both had inflated egos. Not wanting to trigger her any more I went and made her bed outside and my own inside keeping my diary under my pillow.

We both had dinner and I went to sleep inside the bedroom on my bed. About 10mins later I opened the bedroom door slowly peeping in the hall and saw mom was in deep sleep snoring loudly. I closed the door locking it from inside.

I went and slipped under the blanket beside dad. The picture of his big cock was constantly flashing in front of my eyes. Dad rolled over facing me and placed his hand on my boobs. He was feeling my boobs softly squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

I was still very aroused by his earlier actions so I decided to enjoy without caring about anything. Dad kept constantly murmuring “darling I want to make love to you, why do you keep running away”. I knew he was thinking I was mom and soon his legs were on mine.

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