The New Girl-11

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I freshened up putting on my nighty and joined mom in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was dad totally drunk. His friends had come along as he could not even stand by himself.

I supported him over my shoulder with his one arm around me and made him sit on the sofa. Mom came and there was a big scene in the house between them. She went back to the kitchen, I supported dad and took him to the bedroom.

While carrying him, his hand was cupping my boobs but I ignored it and walked. Soon he was squeezing my boobs triggering horny feelings inside me. I managed to get him to sit on the bed and he pulled me on his lap.

He cupped my boobs with his hands squeezing them while kissing me on my lips. I got carried away and only came to my senses a few minutes later when mom called me. My pussy was dripping wet by now.

I saw dad had opened all the buttons of my nighty squeezing my naked boobs and sucking my nipples. I got out of his grip correcting my clothes and went to see mom in the kitchen. She was still fuming with rage because of dad.

I assured her I would take care of him and meet her at the dinner table soon. I went back to dad, I felt whatever just happened between us was an accident but even then my mind wanted more. I saw dad’s clothes were messed up so decided to change his clothes.

I removed his shoes and socks, I unbuttoned his shirt making him sit hugging me trying to remove it. During this he kissed my lips, ears and neck while his hands were squeezing my butt hard. I had to remove his pants but was not sure so went to ask mom.

She was busy cooking, I told her dad’s clothes were very dirty and if I should help him change. She said do whatever because she does not care anymore. I opened his belt and trouser trying to lower them but could not because of his weight.

I climbed on his chest facing his feet and started pushing his pants and his undies also came with it revealing his big cock. His cock was erect and I daringly touched it. It was over 7” long and more than 2” thick making my pussy even more wet.

I felt his hands rubbing my naked pussy and I lost full control. He grabbed my hips pulling my ass to his face and began eating my pussy. When I came back to my senses after some time, I got off his chest and lowered my nighty.

I managed to pull back his undies to cover his cock. I remembered what Khan told me about fucking his own daughters and how much they enjoyed. I dismissed the idea but dad’s actions had got me very aroused and horny.

Dad kept murmuring “come here darling, I want to make love to you darling”, etc. etc. while I managed to remove his pants completely. I thought of putting his night clothes on but it would be another struggle so I left him sleeping in his undies.

I put a blanket on him and he fell asleep. I went to mom telling her “dad is asleep”, I saw she was still boiling with anger. She said “setup your bed inside the bedroom, I am going to sleep outside where you used to sleep, till dad apologises to me”.

I knew this was never going to happen in a thousand years because both had inflated egos. Not wanting to trigger her any more I went and made her bed outside and my own inside keeping my diary under my pillow.

We both had dinner and I went to sleep inside the bedroom on my bed. About 10mins later I opened the bedroom door slowly peeping in the hall and saw mom was in deep sleep snoring loudly. I closed the door locking it from inside.

I went and slipped under the blanket beside dad. The picture of his big cock was constantly flashing in front of my eyes. Dad rolled over facing me and placed his hand on my boobs. He was feeling my boobs softly squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

I was still very aroused by his earlier actions so I decided to enjoy without caring about anything. Dad kept constantly murmuring “darling I want to make love to you, why do you keep running away”. I knew he was thinking I was mom and soon his legs were on mine.

His hard cock was rubbing my thighs thru his undies. He pulled up my nighty to my neck and got on top of me sucking my nipples driving me crazy with pleasure. After letting him enjoy my boobs for some time I removed my nighty completely.

I somehow removed his undies too and we were both fully naked. I got back in bed with him, he was on top softly caressing my boobs. I was desperate for dad’s cock to be throbbing inside my pussy. Dad kissed my face then my neck, my boobs saying darling “your boobs are feeling so big today”.

I remained quiet and just kissed him back pressing his head harder against my boobs. He had spread my legs and his cock was rubbing against my dripping wet pussy. Dad went lower kissing my stomach, navel and stopped at my pussy.

He dived in with his mouth and went crazy licking my juices. He said “your pussy is tasting like honey today”. After eating my pussy for a while he got on top and I guided his cock in my pussy. Dad started pushing slowly till he was fully inside.

I was feeling slight pain because of his thick cock but quietly endured it because I wanted him inside me. He was fucking me with slow long strokes pulling out till just his tip remained inside then pushed back with full force.

I was on cloud 99 and did not care about any right or wrong. I just wanted to enjoy this priceless moment with dad. He fucked me for a good 15mins after which he pulled out. I remembered watching mom and dad fuck and knew he would take mom in doggy style next.

I got in position and he entered my pussy from behind and resumed fucking me. After another 20mins he released his cum in my pussy and my orgasm hit too. Both of us collapsed on the bed lying sideways with his cock still touching my pussy.

I know at this stage mom would go to sleep but I was fully awake and I was ready for more. Dad continued fondling my boobs from behind with his hands. Soon I felt his cock get hard again and he whispered in my ears “darling can we please do once more”?

To avoid talking and getting caught, I held his cock from behind and guided it into my pussy pushing my butt against it. He got the signal and resumed fucking me lying sideways. He lifted my leg pushing his leg in between penetrating me deeper fucking me in a steady rhythm.

He continued for another half hour when I had another orgasm and he had still not cum. Some more time later he hugged me tightly giving a few powerful strokes and came inside me. We stayed like that only and drifted to sleep.

I was damn tired now having broken my previous sex record by double and slept feeling proud. In the morning I was woken up by dad, he was upset and angry realising that he had sex with me thinking I was mom.

He was sitting on the bed with a hangover from previous night’s drinking. I saw he had his undies on but I was still fully naked. I decided to talk with him and set things straight for our future together. I caught him constantly stealing glances at my naked body.

I got up and poured him a glass of water making him drink it. His eyes were glued to my boobs which were inches from his face. I kept the glass aside and cuddled up in his lap resting my head on his chest.

I told him everything that happened last night after he came home drunk. I told him about the fight with mom and the numerous abuses both hurled at each other. After listening to me he was no longer regretful of everything that transpired between him and mom.

Now he sat rather proudly saying he will make her suffer. I had crossed one hurdle and was happy. He lifted my face and asked me “baby why did you not stop me when I was having sex with you knowing very well that I am your father”?

I kissed him on his lips saying “dad you know I really love you and you can see that I am grown up now. I also have physical needs, so instead of me going to other men, if I do with you then I would feel a lot safer and satisfied”.

“And my friends have also been enjoying with their dads since many years. I have seen you having sex with mom many times and I know you love it. I always dreamt about it and last night when mom ditched you saying she did not care about you anymore”.

“I stepped up because I saw you longing for sex and I also wanted so we did it. He said “baby you know this is a big taboo in society and what if your mother or anyone finds out, we will be ruined”. I said “Dad why would we even tell anyone about it in the first place, this stays only between us”.

“About the sex we had, look at me as a grown woman with physical needs and not as your daughter. Last night I really enjoyed the best sex ever with you. I am so impressed with you because even at this age you fucked me twice back to back”.

“I know mom does not allow you second time. Right now I am horny for sex once more with you because I know you beg mom every morning. She always refused leaving you to use your hands to satisfy yourself. I love you till eternity and want to take care of all your needs”.

Dad had a blank look on his face and I saw the time it was 5.30am, I smooched him on his lips and took out his cock from his undies and started stroking it. He held my face and asked “are you sure about this baby?”

I said “Yes Dad, we don’t have much time before mom wakes up”. We locked in a very passionate smooch, he said “Preeti, you have grown into a very sexy woman and I don’t know why I never noticed before”.

I kissed him again and said “forget everything and from today treat me as your girlfriend for the rest of our lives”. He made me lie down on the bed and got on top and my pussy was already wet. He started kissing my forehead and slowly worked his way down.

He kissed me everywhere till my toes and came back sucking my nipples and gently squeezing my boobs. He said “you have the biggest and most beautiful boobs I have seen”. He came down to my navel and sucked there for a while sending tidal waves of pleasure thru my body.

He went further down and stopped at my pussy separating my hairy jungle and eating my pussy. His mouth felt so good on my pussy that I had an orgasm right there, he drank all my juices. He mounted me and I guided his cock into my pussy.

He pushed slowly till he was fully inside and began fucking and said “your pussy feels like heaven; I don’t know if I can ever live without you anymore”. I said “dad your big cock is the best and is driving me crazy. Don’t worry I will tell you what you need to do so we can enjoy every day and night”.

He increased his speed and I was nearing my next orgasm. After nearly 20mins of fucking I asked him if he wanted me to get into doggy position and he smiled. I got on all fours on the edge of the bed, dad came standing pushing his cock in my pussy fucking from behind.

I was feeling so proud turning a problem into a life time opportunity. Dad was holding my waist firmly fucking me full force. Another 5mins later dad said he was going to cum. I told him I wanted to drink it, he looked surprised and pulled out.

I took his cock in my mouth. He released a big load in my mouth and I drank it all sucking him dry. He said I seem to have a lot of experience already. The time was almost 6am and mom wakes up at 6.30. I sat again in dad’s lap with his soft cock between my legs.

He spread my legs little wider putting his hand on my hairy bush. He said “your mom also has a very thick jungle and yours is also the same”. I asked him what he meant, he said having a hairless pussy is very important for good hygiene and also looks very sexy.

He said he always tells mom to shave her pussy but she refuses to do it. I asked him “Can you please shave my pussy dad”? He took me to the bathroom making me sit on the bath stool spreading my legs.

He took his shaving kit and applied shaving cream all over my pussy shaving with his razor. He said till I learn how to do it myself, he was going to shave me. He washed my pussy and brought me to the bedroom facing the mirror asking me to take a look.

My clean shaved pussy was looking beautiful, I hugged and kissed dad for it. Dad reminded me about the time and we both freshened up and came out to the hall where mom was still sleeping. I went to the kitchen and made tea for us while he sat down reading the newspaper.

Mom soon woke up and looked at both of us and quietly went to the room. She took a bath and got ready. She went to the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch without saying a word. We both sat at the dining table.

Mom served me breakfast and gave me my lunch box and left to work taking hers. I was shocked to see that she had not prepared anything for dad. Mom was quickly out of the door and she closed it behind her.

I sat in his lap kissing him said I was sorry for what she did. He kissed me back saying this was expected and it was not my fault. I asked him if there was any chance she found out about us because of which she was behaving like this.

He said no, she always does this when she is angry and will cool down in a few days. I took my plate and we had breakfast together with me feeding him. I felt his cock getting hard again between my legs thru his pyjama.

I held it pushing it against my pussy and closed my legs around it. I smooched him, he asked me to join him in the bathroom so we could take a bath together. I removed my nighty and joined him. We got under the shower and we gave each other a bath.

Dad hugged me from behind trying to push his cock in my pussy and thanks to all the soap he penetrated my ass stretching it. I screamed telling him he was in my ass, he pulled out and said he was sorry.

I said “dad, I am all yours however you want to fuck me, but your cock is very big so it stretched my ass like never before”. He asked me if I had anal sex before, I said yes and enjoyed it. Dad said he always begged mom to let him fuck her ass but she never allowed.

I guided his cock back in my ass and he fucked me nonstop for over 20mins. He said he was going to cum, I told him to cum in my ass. When he took out his cock, his cum flowed out and dad washed me under the shower.

We towelled together and came out of the bathroom. Dad made me bend on the bed while he licked and tongue fucked my ass and pussy for some time. Then I got dressed in front of him showing him my new bras and panties and he loved it.

He said he would bring me sexier ones when he goes to the big city on work next time. I again sat in his lap and asked him if he could take half a day off from work so we could talk about mom. As always Hardeep came to my house.

I told him I was not going to school today because I had to take care of dad and he left. Dad asked me about my school. I told him I can afford to bunk the morning session and go for the 2nd half. I asked what he was going to do about mom after her actions last night and today morning?

He said from now on he would tell her to sleep in the hall only. That way I would get to sleep in the bedroom and enjoy sex with him every night. I was happy to hear and told him what if she gets suspicious about us.

He said that might never happen and even if it does then he will tell her to leave this house. I asked what will people say if mom leaves us, he said it does not matter. I smooched him and he placed his hand on my boobs squeezing them.

I removed my school kurta and bra and sat again in his lap and we continued for a while. We both got up and removed all our clothes. Dad made me lie down on the bed and came on top kissing my body from head to toe.

He sucked my nipples till eternity, then my navel and my pussy. He went on doing oral for a long time giving me many orgasms with just his foreplay. I pushed him on the bed making him lie down and got on top of him in 69.

We were enjoying eating each other together. I changed positions pushing his cock into my pussy riding him. Dad told me to stop so he could get a condom. I told him my periods were yet to start so it was safe.

I said I use condoms with everyone else and resumed riding him cow girl style while he played with my bouncing boobs. He asked me “how many is everyone else”. I smiled saying quite a lot actually. He said my baby girl has really grown up.

I kissed him saying I actually grew up only last night after he made love to me for the first time. He signalled me to change position and he got on top. He pushed his cock in my pussy missionary style. I was on cloud 99 relishing this moment.

He fucked me for a long time before he got me into doggy style pushing his cock in my ass. His big cock was stretching my ass giving me crazy pleasures. I was so happy with his stamina that he had been fucking for so long.

After a while he stiffened and released his cum inside my ass. We both collapsed on the bed panting. We took a quick nap in each other’s arms. We went to the bathroom and took a bath again where we fucked once more.

We both got dressed and came to the hall. He asked me if I was tired and I said a little. He complimented my stamina having fucked 4 times today and still only a little tired. I said I could go on because I love him and really enjoyed with him.

I told him I need to complete my homework which I could not do last night and prepare for 2nd half of school. Dad said he was going out and would be bringing lunch by 12.30pm after which he would drop me to school and he left.

I took out the envelop Prakash had given me and counted 20k cash inside. I tried to think why he gave me so much money. Anyway I kept the money safe in my area of the cupboard and finished my homework and took out my diary to write down my previous day’s scores.

I figured I had lost could of how many times I fucked since yesterday and decided to ditch the diary.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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