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Muz’s heart skipped a beat from the moment he laid eyes on Zu. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and he couldn’t help but feel drawn to her infectious laugh and radiant smile. As a shy and nerdy 19-year-old, he never thought he would have a chance with her, but fate

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I feel that you reach a certain stage in your life when you feel like, and need, a change. I suppose that is what happened to us. Sally and I had both reached our late forties and our children had flown the nest and left home for college. Our life was reasonably content, we loved

A Loving Lockdown Christmas, A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas.

A Loving Lockdown Christmas A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas. Prologue 1 year ago… “Do I have to? I got offers from both state colleges I applied to.” Vivian Kesley grimaced as she glanced over at her son, knowing exactly why he was reluctant. “And miss out on Stanford? Seriously Jason, do

Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration:

Record #2 Treating Illnesses with Vaginal Penetration: Patient George Nunan (50), accompanied by his wife Amy Nunan (52), has been called to seek sexual treatment for his illness at our facility. According to him, and his medical records, Mr. Nunan has been diagnosed with a symptomatic illness in his pelvic area and would need a

Fucking Mom, Sister and Neighbor – Part. 5

When Max’s alarm went off the next morning, he punched it off. He lay back on his bed and thought about yesterday. He had been embarrassed by Mini’s girlfriend, Meghan at lunch in the cafeteria at school only to fuck her senseless later in the afternoon in Mini’s bedroom. (Prev story Fucking Mom, Sister and

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Sitting telling about myself is such a vulnerable thing to do. Telling about yourself, every piece of yourself, is the strangest feeling. As I hear her speak, I look at the way her mouth moves across her lips. Her lips draw back slightly over her teeth as the words flow out. She speaks with such