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I am in my parent’s home for last 2-3 days.we have a great sex yesterday in the outskirt of town.my younger brother jeet have given me immense pleasure yesterday as he fucked me twice in a dense forest zone.last night i slept in my bedroom as i got the sexual pleasure in the day light.I am bina mishra,a 26 years lady with lovely physical appearances of 34-26-36 and white complexion,lovely boobs like a two mountain peak on my chest and flat tummy with deep belly,my strong thighs are smooth as my round dome shaped ass can make any guy cum if they look it while i am walking fast.my reddish vagina is hairless as its labias are well distanced and its depth and flexibility is well enough to have 8-9 inches long and 2-3 inches thick cock inside it.Its a sunny morning as i am sitting with my mom in the balcony having coffee ,Jeet walked towards me with his cell phone……..”Hi sunny
…..yes sister is here for last 3-4 days …..” and jeet gave me his mobile to talk with sunny as my mom left the chair……”hi sunny,how are you?
(sunny)fine and you bina
(bina)enjoying my life with
(sunny)love to meet you in the evening .”I am well aware of sunny’s plan as time passed and i took a nice bath before lunch.In the evening i wore a deep necked crop tops with leggings and a high heel sandle as jeet put his jeans and shirt and we both left towards sunny’s outhouse.while sitting on bike i have put my arms on his waist and pressing my breasts on his back before reaching the outhouse of sunny.
Its 06:05 pm as we both entered his premises and sunny gave me a warm welcome,he hold me in his arms and kissed my lips at the entrance of house as i can see a maid and servant watching us.we three are inside as maid put glasses and a bottle of wine on table before leaving the dinning hall.now jeet as well as sunny is sitting on sofa as i moved towards refrigerator to have chilled water and soda.now sunny started putting wine and soda in glasses and jeet walked towards door to close it.we three took glass full of wine and a slow voice”cheers for a hot evening with my friend’s sister bina” showed the begining of hot evening.I am drinking wine slowely as both friends have it fastly and looking at me ,sunny asked…..”bina please drink fast darling
(Bina)oh sunny i am not intrested in too much wine.” while drinking wine i am feeling its impact on my mind and body as i took a second drink ,sunny started removing his shirt and jeans as my younger brother jeet is making himself nude.after a while both guys started kissing my lips and face as they both have hold my breast to press it hard.sunny started sucking my lips as my hand pulled down his undies to grab his long cock as jeet started removing my leggings.I pushed my long tongue in sunny’s mouth as he is sucking it with his hand lifting my tops to neck ,jeet removed my G string as i took out my tongue from sunny’s mouth and sunny removed my tops and brassier to make me nude.Now sunny is kissing my neck to chest as i can see my younger brother jeet on my legs ,he stretched my legs and put his two finger in my cunt to finger it as sunny took my breast in his mouth to suck.my younger brother is fucking my cunt with fingers as sunny is sucking my boobs,a
later on jeet took out his finger and put his tongue inside my vagina to lick it.I am screaming in pleasure as my both boobs have been sucked and its a hot red zone and sunny hold my breast again to lick my long nipple with his tongue as jeet is fucking my vagina with his tongue like a dog and i am screaming….”oohh uummm jeet suck my cunt dear aaahh.” and sunny stands in front of me,you can think a lady nude on sofa as a guy sitting on his legs and a guy standing in front of me with his long hard cock.now i hold sunny’s penis and started rubbing its glans on my face and lips as jeet took my both labias in his mouth to suck.sunny hold my hairs and pushed his long cock in my mouth to suck as he is fucking my mouth with his long thick cock,now jeet left for washroom.after a while ,i am still sitting on the corner of sofa as jeet is standing in front of me and sunny is on my legs.looking at me,sunny poured some wine on cunt and started licking it with his tongue as jeet is standing infront of me ,i am kissing his penis while holding it but took his long cock in my mouth to suck like a pro.i can feel sunny fucking my cunt with his tongue and i took out my brother’s penis from my mouth to lick it,i am rolling tongue on it as i can feel sunny sucking my vagina and now jeet is a hot guy .He pushed his long cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with his dick and i am feeling the heat of sex as well as wine.after 4-5 mnutes of my mouth fuck ,i took out his penis and shouted “oohh uummm aahhhh sunny i will cum aahhh.” .my vagina become wet and he licked my cunt before we three moved to washroom.
I am standing on floor as my elbow is on dinning table,my legs are wide open as i am like a four legged animal.now sunny pushed his long cock in my vagina and started fucking it,while holding my waist he is fucking me with speed as well as power as i started swinging my bum fast and sunny hold my breast…..”make your ass swing you bitch
(Bina)sure but fuck me hard .” he is fucking my cunt for 5 minutes and than left my cunt as jeet came there to fuck me.now my younger brother is fucking me with his hard dick and i am swinging my ass fastly,coming back sunny came in front of my mouth as i hold his waist and put his long cock in my mouth.Sunny is fucking my mouth with his penis while holding my hairs and jeet is fucking my vagina with his hand on my waist.later on jeet shouted…. “Oooohh aahhh i will cum baby .” and he poured cum in my vagina as sunny ejaculated cum in my mouth.I taste it and we three have nice bath all together.

Added by Bina mishra

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