My First Love Navya – Part 1

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Lavanya Sister Seduced Me before starting this.

Everything is going normal and one day there is artistic club events are going on in the college and we are in full enjoy mode. Some of my seniors and friends are participating in that events and me and my friends are in the last of the crowd and enjoying the event by jumping and dancing along with the people on the dais. Initially our staff tried to control us but later on they left us and many of people joined with us. By the end of the event most of the people in the hall joined with us and enjoying. We are in full enjoy mode and jumping and dancing.

At that time I saw a girl standing outside through the other entrance. She is standing outside by showing her back to the entrance. I can’t see her face clearly. She standing there like nothing is happening in the hall and standing outside and enjoying the sunset in the evening with cool breezes and warm light from the sun. She looks beautiful. I stopped enjoying and starring at her. I just want to know who is she. Suddenly she turned back and looked at the crowd. I saw her face. She is Navya. My classmate. I can’t believe myself for few minutes. Is she is the one I didn’t noticed from these many days by keeping her in the same class which I goes daily. I saw her before many times but she never attracted me like this. We knows each other but never interacted with each other. I stopped dancing and standing and looking at her. Sweety came to me and asked

Sweety: Why you stopped dancing?What are you looking at?
I pointed towards Navya.
Sweety: Who is she? Are you going to fuck her?
Me: No, Actually I don’t know.
Sweety: Then why are you starring her?
Me: Don’t know. She is attracting me.
Sweety: Did you knows her?
Me: Yes, she is my classmate. Her name is Navya.
Sweety: Oh, then go and talk to her.
I am getting excited to talk with her but not getting dare to talk with her. I don’t understand why it is happening like that. Sweety is pushing me to go and talk with her. I stood like that for few minutes and finally took dare and decided to talk with her. Within the time I am going towards her, her friends came and they all went away from there.
Sweety: Hahahaha….. Today you can’t talk to her. Come let’s go and dance.

She took me into crowd by holding my hand. But still I am in the thought of Navya. I am just dancing and jumping without my senses. I am in complete thought of Navya. After sometime event was completed and we all starting back to home. Me and Sweety are going by bus. Remaining all my friends also had started in their way of transports to home. All the time me and sweety going to the bus stop I am asking sweety

Me: Why she suddenly looked so much beautiful to me? Was she really beautiful?etc.,

I asked some questions randomly to Sweety.

Sweety: I don’t know. Tomorrow when she comes to college you go and ask her. Now don’t irritate me.

Within in the time bus came and we boarded the bus and went and sat in the last seat. It is almost night and bus is also empty. People are getting in and out to the bus but no one is coming to backside. We took tickets and conductor went to his seat. I keep on asking something randomly about Navya. Sweety got irritated and closed her ears and looked at me in anger. She suddenly changed her expression and given a smile to me and started scratching on my hands like she wants something. I looked at her and asked

Me: Hey why are you scratching my hand.
Sweety: Brother I want to suck your dick
Me: Oh, sister you can suck and even get fuck with my dick after going to the home.
Sweety: I want to suck it now.
Me: Now? How is it possible?
Sweety: I have a plan. I will sleep on the seat by keeping my head on your dick. You cover my face and your dick with my dupatta.

She immediately slept on seat by placing her head on my dick. Since most of the seats in the Bus are empty so no one questioned us. She opened my pant zip. My dick is already semi erected due to the thoughts of Navya. Sweety took it into her hand and straight away kept it in her mouth. That feel is so good. Within few seconds it got fully erected and she is sucking my dick like hungry wore and leaving all her saliva on my dick. My dick became completely wet. She given her dupatta to me to cover her face and my dick. I placed it on her. Her cleavage is clearly visible to me and I started to squeeze her boobs. When she is sucking my dick I am in a thought of Navya is sucking my dick. Bus came nearby to our stop and I intimated her. She stood up and I adjusted my pant and we both get down. When we reached to our houses she is not going to her home. She is coming to my home behind me.

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