Drunk mom: Son’s sexual desires

Hello friends,
It’s a monsoon season as clouds are hovering in sky and I am alone in home as my two sisters are in their college trips.Vaishali and Varsha are my elder and younger sister as Vaishali is of 20 years ,my younger sister is of 17 years and they both are out of town for 2 days as their college and school trips are there.so my dad is out of town as his business trip have made mom & son alone in home,my mom Juhi ,a matured lady of 37-38 years is a gorgeous lady as her life style have been influenced with modern thoughts and her addiction of drinking as of young guys have made family members bit ashamed of her acts but it’s within limits as we live in the city of Ghaziabad ,our society don’t know about it as closed model society is prevalent there and it’s a nice but humid weather.so Rohan a young guy of 18 years is sitting in balcony while eyes are on sky,he is a tall figure and his physique looks great as Rohan loves to enjoy spending times in gym .

So as feeling bored there ,while maid is cleaning utensils in kitchen ,I shouted”prepare a cup of coffee for me”and my mom Juhi have left home in the evening as darks prevailed,I am sitting there and there I got a cup of coffee as I am drinking it .so as maid came to me again and said………”I have finished my works ,so going to my home.”and she left my home as I put cup on floor,now my eyes are looking towards main gate of my home ,it’s 07:45 pm and I called my mom………

“mom ,where are you ?
(Mom)coming soon as my car got some problems.”

And than I walked inside my bedroom, switched on my laptop and started watching a movie in it,later on I heard horns of car as I walked towards main gate of my home.so I opened the main gate and mom drove the car as I locked the main door,now mom came out of car as she locked it’s door and while holding a carry bag in her hand,she smiled on me………..

“feeling too tired ,so bought meals for us from a restaurant.”

And as I hold carry bag, she is walking towards home,as I can smell alcoholic flavour and as we are inside home,I locked the main door.so mom walked into her bedroom as I am in dinning space,now it started drizzling and I am bit romantic as I put packed meals in kitchen .so I walked towards mom’s room and as I put my foot inside her room,my eyes caught her lovely boobs nude as she is nude infront of a mirror,it’s reflection is giving me a nice visibility.so juhi’s sexy buttocks is nude and I put my foots back as I stand behind curtain to see my sexy mom nude,she is in drunkun State and than I can see her black brassiere with a panty on bed as she walked inside washroom.now feeling bit horny as I have loved my sexy mom earlier on (read previous story”Seduced my mom” & it’s parts with “Mom’s fuck fest” ),I came inside bedroom as I sits on her bed waiting her to come outside of washroom nudely.my wait lasts as Juhi is out of washroom and as she opened the door,looking at me ,she is shocked as she put door closed in hurry and I shouted

“mom ,come out ,how many hours you will live inside”and after a while ,she is in bedroom as her night wear is on bed ,I have hold it and as I am sitting on bed’s corner,she hold my wrist to have her gawn but I have hold it tightly as i said……….

“you are looking sexy ,what’s the use of clothes on your body
(Juhi) please let me wear my clothes.”

And like a hungry wolf ,I hold her waist as I took Juhi on bed,she is still showing her resistance and anger but I have hold him in my strong arms as I started kissing her face to neck,her hand is pushing me back and lastly she pushed me harder as i fell on bed .so feeling bit horny while looking at 37-38 years old lady with her soft 36dd boobs and flat tummy to waist,I have seen her reddish vagina with black mounds on it.so I am on bed as Juhi took his gawn and put it on her body ,now I wake up as I moved towards my bedroom,let him show her desires or resistance ,I am not going to force him for sex .so I am on my bed as I have switched off the bulb and there rain is outbursting , so it’s a dim light in my room coming from outside,as it’s 08:30 pm ,I am thinking of juhi’s drunkun State as I guess she have enjoyed sex also with a guy , so she is not interested in doing so.lastly,I closed my eyes as I am diverting my mind from a nude body,after 10 minutes as I heard some footsteps in my room ,I opened my eyes and there my mom Juhi is standing nude as rain is making weather cool,it’s her sexy nude body that’s making me hot.so looking at him,I said……….”mom why you are here and nude also.”she switched on the night red bulb as I can see her nude body glittering like please,like a hot lady ,she put her one leg on bed as her legs are wide,I got the visibility of her hole and I smiled………

“you don’t know your ideat son,I am not going to be hungry looking at your nude body .”

And Juhi is on bed as my room’s windows are opened ,nature is making us hot and romantic, so she surprised me as she sits on my face like she will urinate in my mouth.juhi’s ass is on my face as her legs are wide and in different direction, so it’s her vagina that’s on my mouth,as I hold my mom’s waist and started kissing its labias,she is provoking me for sex and now as my lips are sealed on her vagina,she hold my hairs as my finger widend it’s labias.so I started licking my mom’s vagina and now her sexy voice

“oohh aahh Rohan never going to resist again as I am just making you a hungry wolf looking to rape me.”

And it’s my pleasure to lick my mom’s vagina,it’s wet as I can’t say it’s cum or water in it as she is smelling with fragrance of roses,may be she have had a bath and my penis started erecting as I have hold my mom’s breast to massage and she is screaming in joy”oohhhhh uuhh fuck fuck my vagina fast”and my tongue is rolling inside her deep vagina,she have got penis for last 21 years ,so vagina is getting loser as it’s depth can’t be measured with my penis or tongue or fingers,so tasting my mom’s vagina with my tongue is making me hot.so she left my face and than sits near my waist as her hand is on my bermuda ,she is looking at me,now my bermuda goes down as my semi erected cock is nude with dense pubic hairs on it.juhi hold my penis and started masturbating it fastly as I am shouting”oohh you bitch suck suck it ,don’t masturbate it”and she leaned her face as she smiled,like a hot blonde ,she swallows my 7-8 inches long and 2 inches thick cock.now feeling mom’s mouth’s saliva on it as penis is getting the love of her mouth,I put my hand on her saggy boobs as I put other hand on her hairs and started fucking her mouth with my cock from below as she is screaming “oohh aahh “and my glans is hitting her throat as she is in fire,now I am enjoying my mom’s mouth on penis as after a while,she took out my wet penis and now looking at me,she said ………..

“today you will fuck my ass and will make me cry on bed
(Rohan)tough to do it as you are a experienced whore ,I will try to do so.”and she put her tongue on my penis as she starts licking it ,my penis is fully erected and we two are enjoying physical love on bed,it’s a nice weather as rain is outbursting and as her tongue loved my penis,I walked towards washroom to urinate and than washed it before coming back on bed.

I am sitting on bed as Juhi slept on it and than I thought to love her ass hole,so I walked towards dinning space as I took out a butter cake with a bottle of oil also to lubricate her ass and to make her satisfy.now Juhi turned her back as I got her sexy bum to love,now I put my lips on her ass as I started kissing it ,her round dome shaped ass is like a watermelon into two parts and than i started licking her ass crack with my tongue as it moves to ass hole,it’s a sexy hole as I put my fingers to open it’s flexibility and than I put my tongue as my 1/2 of tongue is licking her ass hole,she is screaming louder”oohh uuhh it’s great today only ass nothing more”and I licked her ass hole as I put a pillow under her waist,just to make her sexual organs straight to my penis and there I widend its hole as i put oil inside it as it’s a burning hole,ass is getting lubricated and than I put my one finger in her ass hole as I put other hands finger in her vagina and now both holes are getting fucked with my fingers and I can feel it’s hot and sexy.so Juhi is rubbing her legs and thighs on bed as I am fucking fast her ass hole and vagina,she is shouting louder”oohh uuhh my son please penetrate your penis inside”,so my cock is fully erected and than I started rubbing butter cake on my dry penis as I want to lubricate both sexual organs to enjoy sex.later on ,I put butter cake on her ass hole as I pushed it hard inside ass hole,let it melts to make it wet and than I knelt on my mom’s bum,so hold my penis as I started pushing my glans in her ass hole,she is screaming “oohh aahh Rohan it’s feeling bruised but don’t wait and fuck me like a prostitute”,so as my half of penis moved inside her ass,I put my both hands on her buttocks and fucked her hard as she screamed louder “oohh my son,my ass is getting rough bruises but do it ,fuck fuck hard”and as my penis is in wet hole,I started fucking my mom’s ass with speed and power as I am fucking her vagina,it’s a different hplevas it have no natural lubrication ,so i am feeling my cock getting hard path inside it but butter have melted ,so my penis is hitting her depth hard and it’s my cock going fast in her ass hole .so as my fuck is in 5-6 minutes span ,I took out my penis as her ass is burning like a hot hole.

Juhi left bed as she frisked inside washroom and than I goes inside as I urinated there in presence of my mom juhi.we both walked to bedroom as our sexual organs are hot,she slept in missionary position as she put her legs wide and started rubbing her glory hole,so I hold her wrist…….

“mom it’s my work ,so leave it”and I put my hand as I started rubbing fingers in hole,it’s wet ,so I put a pillow under her ass as I started licking mom’s vagina and it tastes sweeter as her legs are shivering and she lastly pushed my face back.so I left her cunt but it’s my cock that’s in my hand as I put it’s glans on her hole, slowly pushing it inside,as 1/3 Rd cock vanished ,I hold her waist and fucked her hard and mom smiled”great to feel son’s hard penis inside it”and I fucked her again as my whole penis is in her vagina,I moved on her nude top as I am penetrating her hard,she hold me tightly as her lips are kissing my lips and face,she is too hot as she started bouncing her sexy ass fast and my penis is hitting her vaginal walls frequently,it’s my cock inside mom’s cunt that is making her feel like a hot blonde as she is bouncing her ass fast and after 5 minutes of fuck ,I shouted”oohh aahh bounce fast you whore ,I will cum”and it’s my penis pouring cum in her vagina as she is on my top ,lastly she sucked my cock and our night have one more sexual encounters,but wait for it.

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