Black camp councilor – Part 1

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Summer had just started and I landed a job as a Jr camp councilor. I was a 16 year old boy and I loved working with kids. The day came when it was time to go to camp. It was a really long bus ride but we finally arrived to Camp hope. As we got off the bus I was shown to where I was going to be living for the next two months. The camp had six living areas. 3 for the boys and 3 for the girls. I was assigned to work with the 8 year boys. The next day all the campers arrived.

There were 4 cabins and 4 boys were assigned to a cabin. I was sitting in my cabin that I was going to be in charge of, when four cute black boys came walking in. All four were so cute, but one of them really caught my eye. He was so cute and I could see his nice round butt, nice and plumped through his clothes. We introduced ourselves to each other and gave each other high fives. I knew these kids would only be at camp for ten days before they went home and a new batch of kids came. I knew I had to work fast. As night fell it was time for showers, I was in charge of monitoring them as they showered.

Every few minutes I would walk past their open stalls to make sure they were alright. All of the 4 boys bodies were so fucking sexy, but the boy I liked the most, who’s name was Derick. His body was a dream. He had the nicest but I’ve ever seen. As I walked past his shower stall, my dick jumped in my pants as I watched him soap his butt with bubbles. After 10 minutes shower time was over and it was time for bed. All the boys in my cabin fell asleep rather fast. I heard someone snoring and found that it was Derick. I got out my bed and walked over to him. I placed I hand on his head as he layed on his stomach. I rubbed my finger on his lips, over his ear and back on his head. I lowered my hand and rubbed his back.

The whole time I could not keep my eyes off his mountain sized ass, as I looked at his ass through the covers. I put my hand on his ass very carefully and gently. He still kept snoring. So I started to rubbed ass fat young ass and again my dick jumped in my pants. I started to squeeze his nice soft but and noticed he was still snoring. So i started squeezing harder and harder. He was out cold and I knew I was going to have some fun. I pulled the covers down and saw him in his cute pajamas. Again I started rubbing and squeezing his ass. I lifted his shirt a bit and started to slowly pull his pajama pants down, when I heard the cabin leader walking and talking next to my cabin. I quickly pulled Derricks covers up and jumped into bed. Its was getting late so I decided not to try again tonight. I really could not wait until tomorrow night.

(To be continued) If you would like to read part 2 of this fantasy, leave comments.

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