Black camp councilor part 4

Please read parts 1,2 and 3 before read part 4.

The name of the boy looking at us was Bobby. I stayed there silent for a few seconds. I then said, we are playing a game Bobby. Bobby said, are you licking his butt? I said, yes that’s part of the game. Bobby said, can I paly too?
I could not believe this was happening to me. I said, yes you can play, come over here and get on Derricks bed with him.

Bobby climbed onto Derricks bed. Derrick looked over to Bobby and said, take off your clothes Bobby. Bobby took his shirt off first. He then took off his pajama pants. Finally he took off his underwear. As he pulled his underwear down, his dick was already hard and it popped out his underwear. Derrick smiled and so did I.

I told Bobby to get on his knees with the top of his head facing the wall. As Bobby was in this position I rubbed lotion on my hands and rubbed it all over his sexy dark ass cheeks. Both Derrick and Bobby had very nice asses. After the lotion dried up, I opened Bobby’s ass cheeks and started licking his tight hot ass hole. Bobby started moaning louder then Derrick did. I stopped licking so people would not hear him.

I told Bobby to sit down next to Derrick. I then told them to kiss each other. They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips, then started giggling. I said, that was nice, but this time try putting your tongs in each others mouth. I also told them to go slow. Derrick and Bobby moved their lips closer and closer to each other until their lips met. Both of them opened up thier mouths just a bit, and rubbed tongs. Derricks tong was in Bobby’s mouth and Bobby’s was in Derricks.

I told Derrick to lay on his back so Bobby could suck his dick. Both Bobby and Derrick had nice size dicks for their age. Bobby put Derricks dick into his mouth. Bobby started going up and down very slowly. I could see Derricks toes curling up and he tried he best to whisper while he moaned. After about two minutes Derrick put his hand over his own mouth and let out a very loud moan. He put his hand on Bobby’s head to stop him from sucking. Derrick came and he came hard. Derrick stayed there for a few seconds and finally sat up. Derrick looked at Bobby and said,it’s your turn lay down.

Bobby did what Derrick asked him to do. Derrick put Bobby’s dick into his mouth. Derrick went up and down a few times and then started licking the tip of Bobby’s dick. Bobby could not control his body. Bobby griped the sleeping bag with both hands. Derrick slowly ran his tong down Bobby’s dick until his tong hit Bobby’s balls. Derrick started licking and sucking on Bobby’s balls. At this point Bobby was moving all over the bed. Derrick went back to Bobby’s dick. Again Derrick started sucking Bobby’s dick. Slow then fast, slow then fast. Bobby’s eyes looked like they rolled behind his head as he let out a very sexy and cute moan.

My dick was rock hard at this point and I knew even the slightest touch from one of them even holding my dick, would make me cum. Bobby looked at me and said, I want to see yours, I want to see that white stuff come out. My dick jumped in my pants when I heard this. I told Bobby if he wanted to see it, he had to pull it out himself.

Bobby got out the bed fully naked and pulled my pajama pants and underwear down to my knees. Derrick said, omg it’s so big, will mike get that big one day?. I said yes. Bobby grabbed my dick and my dick jumped in his hand. Bobby looked at Derrick and said, you lick his balls and ill suck it. Derrick said, okay. Bobby started sucking my dick, he was only able to put half of my dick in his mouth. As as Bobby sucked my dick Derrick licked my balls. Derrick was also squeezing my ass. I only lasted maybe two minutes and boom.

I unloaded a hug lode into Bobby’s mouth. Bobby kept sucking until I stopped squaring. I slowly pulled my dick out Bobby’s mouth and he opened his mouth to so me and Derrick the cum in his mouth. Bobby then closed his mouth and swallowed my cum. The sound of my cum going down his throat made me even more horny. Bobby and Derrick looked exhausted so I told them to put their clothes on and go to bed. Bobby said, but in not sleepy, can we keep playing this game?. I said, we can play again tomorrow night, it’s really late and someone might come in here. Derrick and Bobby went and got into bed. We all whispered goodnight to eachother and went to sleep.

I could not wait until tomorrow. I knew it was going to be fun.

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