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It’s a hot morning as I left bed at 08:15 am and than took refreshment,so walked in dinning space to see my stepmom Cathy and sister mom & sister is there as I sits beside them and looking at mom,I said………

“mom need a cup of tea
(Cathy)sure we will also have it
(Cathy shouted ) prepare three cup of tea and be ready with breakfast for sir.”


As I know it’s our household maid inside kitchen, so while sitting there I took newspaper and started reading news and after a while,maid came there with cup of my dad is out of bedroom and looking at Cathy he said………”have my breakfast soon.”as I can see him in his clothes of trouser and shirt ,so as dad is sitting there waiting for breakfast,we three are having our tea.later on ,dad have his breakfast soon and he left home and now feeling bit relaxed ,I am eyeing at Lili’s boobs and as Cathy stood there ………..”Garry ,Lili go and have your bath soon than we will have breakfast together.”so stepmom Cathy walked away as she frisked inside her bedroom and Lili than moved towards her room as I followed as Lili is in her bedroom, opened the wardrobe to select her clothes,I am standing behind him as I hold him from back and as my hand have hold her waist,she turned her face………….”Garry ,it’s interesting to see your love for me but it’s not a perfect time for us
(Garry)I want to have bath together as I want to clean your sexy body
(Lili took out a pyjama with tops)ok but if you will force me for sex there,than.”and lastly we both came inside washroom as Lili is bit shy and afraid of maid’s presence in she locked the door and we both are standing inside washroom,now my sexy sister ,a 17 years gal is looking hot in her nightwear as it’s upto her knees length and as I put my hand on her laces of gawn,she put her face down and than I started removing her gawn as I opened the laces and took it out from her body.she is semi nude as her 32C sized boobs are nude,her vagina is covered in a panty,so I put my hand on her waist and unhooked her panty,it’s on ground as Lili have put her thighs too close to cover her nude looking at me,she hold my bermuda as she pulled it down and it’s on my legs as I took it 17 years sexy gal is nude with her 19 years old brother as I hold Lili in my arms and as we both are standing under cascade,I opened it and water started flowing on our I put my lips on her face as her soft boobs are brushing on my chest,my hand started moving on her fleshy ass and she kissed my lips………

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Garry you have talked about bath together ,so you are not permitted to love me
(Garry slapped my ass)oh sexy,we will enjoy oral sex only.'”

And Lili’s tongue moved in my mouth as I started sucking it hard while water is flowing on our body and it’s getting wet,so my finger is running on her sexy ass parts as I am rubbing it hard to push it in her cunt from as Lili is standing with me ,her soft boobs are giving me a nice touch on chest and I pushed my long finger in her cunt as it feels like a burning after a while,I freed her tongue as both are wet with my finger out of cunt,so I put cascade on hold and than took a bottle of gel as both started having it in their hands as we both are putting it on eachother’s body.

So my hand is massaging her sexy boobs to waist but I am pressing her boobs and gels have made our upper portion gel covered,so Lili’s hand is moving on my chest to we two are getting hot and now I knelt down as I stretched her legs,looking at him,I put my face inbetween her strong thighs as my lips are kissing her my cock is getting harder and I put my fingers to widend its hole as I started licking it with my tongue,so Lili have put her hand on my hairs as she is screaming in pleasure”oohh Garry lick lick my vagina fast uummm”and than I left her cunt as I stand infront of sexy sister.she is bit horny as her face have become reddish,looking at my penis,she hold it tightly and than sits on my Lili is kissing my cock as she have removed it’s skin and as her lips are loving it,it’s getting erected and than like a hot gal,she put it’s glans on her nose and smelt it,than glans are moving on her face to lips as she is making my cock fully erected,I can’t say where our sexual love will end but I have to cum before leaving Lili opened her mouth and swallows my cock as her hand have hold my waist,she started giving my cock a fast jerk.she is a young girl as her sexual desires are mounting and her sexual activities have started a month ago,so as I hold her hairs ,she is sucking my cock and I am screaming in joy……..

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“oohh aahh uumm you sexy suck hard “and than Lili took out my wet penis as she put her tongue on it to lick,I am too horny as I want to fuck her mouth to ejaculate my Lili’s tongue licked it and than she stand infront of me,now our body are well covered in gels as I started putting it on her legs to thighs and my hand stops at her reddish vagina as I turned her back,so putting gels on her sexy ass to upper portion,I rubbed it and than I opened the cascade as both are standing nude under it.looking at me,Lili inches closer as she hold my erected penis and started masturbating it fastly and now as water is flowing on our body,we are rubbing eachother’s body to clean Lili is giving a hard and fast jerk on my penis and as her sexy body have been cleaned ,I put my face on her boobs and swallows it to as my cock is in her hand ,it’s going to ejaculate soon and my mouth is full of her tits as I am sucking it hard.later on ,I felt precum coming out of cock,so I took her other breast in my mouth and Lili is masturbating my penis fast,so I am sucking her breast and our body have been cleaned as I shouted

“oohh aahh it’s cumming my darling”and her hand is fast on it ,lastly Lili screamed”oohh it’s my vagina going to cum”and as I left her breast ,put my long finger in her vagina,my penis started pouring semens as I felt her vagina Lili’s hand is covered with cum and I took out my finger from her wet cunt .so as Lili wants to finish the bath,I sits on my legs and started licking her glory hole with my tongue and i got the taste of her vaginal our bath finished and both rubbed eachother’s wet body with a towel as Lili put her clothes,so I did.we both walked out of washroom to see our stepmom Cathy sitting on bed as she smiled looking at us and said……….

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