My intimate moments with Ashwini

Hello readers, Thank you for reading my real-life experience, this encounter happened between me and our family friend few weeks back.

I am Rocky, 33 years, IT professional residing in Washington DC suburb area in US. When we moved to DC, initially we were feeling very lonely as it was winter and there is no socializing in winters.

It was a holiday season; hence our residential community arranged a holiday party for community residents. There we met many Indians families and then we started socializing with them.


After socializing with couple of Indian families, we started participating in weekend parties, pot lucks, birthday’s etc. Once, after weekend party, I received a friend request on FB from an unknown girl and there was no mutual friend, so I realized, it’s just a Prank hence ignored. For a week, she used to send lots of shayari’s and jokes on chat. But one day, I got a message saying “Sorry for the inconvenience. But I genuinely want to be your friend. Please accept my request”

Finally, I replied saying “Unless and until you are not disclosing your identity, I will not accept your request”. Reply came “I cannot do that. You have to guess. You look handsome in casual blazer”

It was a mystery for me. I started recollecting and then I realized that, I wore same blazer on last family get-together. There were around 6 to 7 married ladies and was not sure among who was she. One morning message came stating “I will disclose my identity today”. Same evening, we were planning to meet same groups of people for another get-together. I was nervous but excited and was looking for a clue but didn’t get any.

After half an hour, Nilesh and Ashwini arrived. Ashwini was in Gray one piece. We both had an unusual eye contacts for multiple time. I was almost sure that it was her but I wanted to make sure so I accepted the request and got a reply saying “thank you”.

Now about Ashwini:
She is a 29 Y/O Marathi housewife married for last 6 years. A gorgeous fair lady with hourglass figure. She was slightly overweight but her features are still matching with her personality.

I replied her: “I know who you are..”
Ashwini: “Who am I?”
Me: “Ashwini”
No reply for 10 minutes. and then she replied back “Bang on; but sorry for all those messages. Just wanted to be your friend.”
Me: “But, we are already friends on your real FB account”
Ashwini: “Yes, we are. But wanted more private, hence created. Please don’t take it wrong.”
Me: “Fine Ashwini. I don’t mind. Let’s connect here”
Ashwini: “Thanks Rocky. Will see you tomorrow, Nilesh is calling me.”
Me: “Bye. good night”

After that, we used to chat every day. Her husband was my friend and Ashwini with my wife. Nilesh was not aware of our private friendship neither my wife. Whenever we used to meet with other friends, we used to be formal but talks were through eyes. Initially our chats were on general stuff but started personal in few days. We used to share everything as we became close friends.

On Friday late evening, I was out with my friends for drinks and she was chatting with me because her husband was out. I told her, “I am drunk”. She said do you drink often. I said only with friends. Though I was drunk but was in sense and wanted to use this opportunity for fishing.

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Me: “I like you a lot and loves to chat and share things with you. You always make me very smile.”
Ashwini: “Same here Rocky. Thank you.”.
Me: “Now You are like my girlfriend. Will you be?”

She took few minutes and replied “Rocky, we both are married, how it is possible.”
Me: “If we would not have married, then?”
Ashwini: “I guess u are drunk, let’s talk tomorrow.”
Me: “Loves you.”
She went offline. Next morning, I said “sorry” on which she replied “It’s okay Rocky

In the afternoon, we again started chatting.
Me: “I am not drunk today; can you please reply to the question which I asked yesterday.”
Ashwini: “Are you serious Rocky.”
Me: “Very much.”
Ashwini: “In that case, I would love to be But it has to be in between us only.. Loves you baby… Muuahh”

This sealed a deal for me. I was not in a hurry and wanted to open this envelope slowly to enjoy every moment. We had lots of chats over a month and we broke all the boundaries in out chat and started sharing all personal things.

It was her birthday and I asked her to send some hot pics and without any question she sent me picture. I was very happy and said
Me: “Babes, you look Gorgeous, Hot and Sexxyyyy. Wanted to hug you…. Can we go out and celebrate your bday?”
Ashwini: “Not today but some other day. Nilesh is on his way to take me out..”

For few months we used to have phone sex in afternoon hours and during get-togethers, I used to flirt with her as both the families are close to each other.

Last August, my family left for India so we decided to meet. One day, she came up with a plan to meet on weekdays as her husband is around on weekends. We finalized the date and venue near Sterling-VA for our first date. She arrived in her own car and looking beautiful as usual. She was in blue jeans and black top.

Ashwini: “waited for long?”
Me: “Yes, since last 6 months to have you…”

After Lunch date, we started heading towards my apartment (Actually we stay in same community but for safety reason, I parked my car at Walmart and travelled with her). I was eagerly waiting to finish this ride.

She broke the ice and asked: “how am I looking?”
Me: “you are looking very Super-hot and Sexy!!”
Ashwini: “I thought you will say beautiful or gorgeous, but happy with hot n sexy. Thank you.”

I was checking her out continuously and she noticed
Ashwini: “Don’t look at me like this. Will meet with an accident”
Me: “You enjoy the street view and let me enjoy your view”
Ashwini: “Ohh is it. We will reach in few minutes till the time, have patience.”
Me: “Unable to control Ashwini, I want you in my arms.! Six months are long dear.”

As soon as we entered the apartment, we started kissing each other. We were completely into each other. We were kissing for more than 15 mins and then we realized window blinds are open. We headed towards my bedroom. She was at window and trying to close the binds;I hugged her from behind.

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Ashwini: “Wait Janu, let me close the blinds”
Me: “Yes babes, but also It’s time to open you.”
she smiled and said “really?” and pushed me again… I allowed her to go because now my cock was rock solid and wanted to take it out sooner than later.

Ashwini: “Need water?”
Me: Yes, very thirsty…
Ashwini: “Okay, let me grab the water.”
Me: “No, It not for water. it’s for you.!)”

She smiled and we started kissing each other voraciously. she closed her eyes. Our tongues were fighting each other and trying to drink as much as saliva. I must say she was a passionate kisser. she broke the kiss to breath.
I was kissing her forehead, eyes and chicks. She enjoyed, hugged me tightly and said,
Ashwini: “Thank you so much Rocky for all your care and love. Loves you so much.”
me: “Loves you too Ashwini”

After that we lip locked again and kissed in different style. We were taking each step at a time and enjoying every moment. We were more into foreplay and wanted to make her comfortable as it was our first time with each other.

For the first time, while kissing I touched and squeezed her boobs over the top. she was enjoying. I realized that she is “wild cat” which I enjoyed a lot. I was enjoying her boobs and they were soft and big. I squeezed her boobs over the top.

Even I started squeezing her Butts with my other hand. she got excited and started kissing me wildly. Meanwhile I focused on other things. i.e. her BUTTS. I pushed my hand inside her panty over her jeans. Those were big, soft and amazingly smooth like a butter. I am big fan of her butts and was admiring her butts since day one. Even today, I love to suck her both the holes and specifically butt hole.

Ashwini: “aahhnnn Rocky, you are making wet.”

Now I kept one hand in between her legs and got shivered. I was rubbing her pussy over the jeans. She was out of control. I felt the excitement in her motion. Meanwhile I was also kissing her on neck, ear lobes and top of her deep cleavage. This made her more and more horny. She was moaning like anything.
I started undressing her by Remove your t-shirt and Jeans, meanwhile she removed my jeans and t-shirt. she was in black bra and black thong.
Me: “Ashwini, Take out your Bra.!”
Ashwini: “Feeling shy.!!! You open.”
I removed her bra and allowed her boobs to breath fresh air. She has marvelous boobs, they are still tight and soft with pink nipples. Nipples are surrounded with small areole. I started kissing and sucking her nipples. she started enjoying meanwhile I was still rubbing her pussy over her thong.

Now I went on my knees and started biting her soft butts and removed her thong with teeth. I asked her to sit on bed and opened her legs. Although she is married, her pussy lips are still intact and clean shaved. I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. she was getting hornier. I planted a kiss on her pussy. she was shivering and moaning. she was secreting more and more love fluids I was playing with her clitoris with my tongue and she was enjoying it.

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Ashwini: “Rocky … aa… aa.. aahhh.. aahhnn… I love you… I love you… More.. More..More.”

She was pushing my head towards her pussy and I put my middle finger inside. She was having double pleasure now with my tongue and my finger. This lasted for a while and all of a sudden, she stopped me and kissed me on my lips and said

Ashwini: “Not able to control Rocky, tear me apart. Never got so much wet before.. you made me cum…Now Its my turn to make you cum…”

she pushed me on the bed and removed my underwear. Now I was only in white socks. My penis was rock solid saluting her. she started stroking my shaft with her fingers. Then planted a kiss on top and started blowing. She was sucking like a lollipop. she was licking all the juices oozing out from the penis and making it dry first and again wet with her saliva. She was doing this very passionately.

I asked her to stop because I wanted to fuck her. She understood and opened her legs and pulled me over her. Her pussy was totally wet which allowed smooth entry of my cock inside her pussy. I pushed it with a single stoke and started fucking her.

Ashwini: “aahh.. aaahnnn..Ahhhnnn.. ahhhhnn…” she felt the pain. “please do it slowly… ur is big and thick compared to him and touching at the end… anyhow I am doing after a long time…”

I reduced my speed and was fucking her with moderate speed. She was moaning loudly.
Ashwini: “aah… aahhnn..Ahhhhnnn… awesome feeling Rocky … I love you… please fuck me fast…faster… why haven’t we met before…”

This encouraged me and made me hornier and again started fucking her with tremendous speed. She keeps on moaning. Her hands were on my naked ass.

I keep on fucking her for almost 10 minutes. she asked me to keep my thumb on her clitoris and rub it. I did whatever she asked. I was on the verge of orgasm. but fortunately, she had an orgasm before me. and she allowed me to let go my semen deep inside her pussy.
Ashwini: “aahaa.. aahhn..Ashwini… I love you.. aahaa.. aahhn.. You are too good..”

We were lying in the same position for 10 mins enormously satisfied. She was caressing my back and ass like a baby. Her eyes were wet but had a glow on her face. We kissed me gently and laying there like a husband wife. After while she got up and went to clean herself in the wash room. I was naked on my bed. she came out and was about to wear panty but I grabbed it.

Ashwini: “Give me, I need to wear. feeling shy in front of u”
Me: “Why shy, now we are into each other and we saw each other..”
Ashwini: “please give na”
Me: “No..”

She tried to cover her body with towel which I again pulled to exposed her naked body…. She had no other alternative but to obey me.

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