My mother in law

Well I have had this thing for my mother in law for quite sometime. She has always known about it as I could not resist catching a feel of her lovely bum whenever I got the chance,I would also play with her feet from time to time. She wears long tight pants every now and again and they show off her luscious curves.

So one day I was sitting in the lounge her hubby was in bed and her daughter was in the bath, Mom was on the phone in the dining room. I could see her reflection in the glass of the hifi cabinet and she was looking over at me which got me all hot and sweaty…I pulled down my zip and pulled my shaft out and started stroking it.

She saw what I was doing ended the call and walked up the passage. She came back very quickly, knelt down and started to stroke my shaft. She then stuck it in her mouth my God what a feeling I had wanted her for years. She kissed me and took my hand to her crotch and I started to caress it rubbing so gently.

She carried on sucking me and licking so so smoothly, next She stood up pulled down her pants lay on the floor…damn she was so beautiful, she took my hand and pulled me down on top of her…she took hold of my shaft gently guiding it into her…thank you thank you thank you I had wanted this for a long long time….I thrusted inside her long and deep her muffled moans were like pleasurable music to my ears…I then slid out and she pushed my head down I knew she wanted me to lick her..I pushed her legs up and looked at her juicy clit..It tasted so damn good she pulled my head hard into her crotch she smelt so sweet I had her juices dribbling down my chin she was groaning hell she tastes so good.She pushed me away and then held my shaft in her beautiful hand caressing it..

I was struggling to hold back this had been a desire for so long I thrusted inside her she groaned..I started to go a little faster and deeper and could hear her muffled moans …oh that music was pure joy..I bit on her ear and it was like instinctively she knew I was ready..we locked eyes and I thrusted I heard her moan and I moaned…thanks “S” the deed was well worth waiting for all those years..

We now meet up once a month for a bit of devious fun..hope it continues

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