Tailor made my mother wet

My name is Gautham (changed) from a Tamil family in Bangalore for three generations. The incident happened in 2014. You believe it or not, it really happened, but I have added some imagination to spice it up. It’s about my mother, who is traditional and deeply religious, everybody respects her, but also doesn’t know why, a few things happened. I’ve witnessed my parents having sex, which is a common occurrence in many homes. Seen her naked just in front of me and some more, which also really happened. I will tell continuations of this story.

For every son, it is sure that their mother is the first woman and crush they love and think they are our wife. Slowly as we grow up understanding they are mothers, not wives. It’s surely that the first naked women we see in our lives are our mothers. They think we are pure souls and show their bodies in front of us while dressing or doing something. And everyone surely saw.

I was 14 when happened. I have an elder brother and our mother is 42. My father distributor of Everest Masala and other consumer items. Busy from 9am to 7pm six days a week, other than that he is always with us only.

My mother’s name is Jyothi (changed). Fair skin, not thin or too thick, normal in size and has a tummy that can be seen. Breasts are slightly saggy. Beautiful and conservative in her looks. Her character is soft. But she gets angry if she doesn’t like something. We are happily living as a family.

It was November, my mother’s elder sister’s son’s engagement happened and the marriage was in December with only few days gap. Our family and relatives were busy in that preparation and discussion. For a week before they bought sarees and other dresses for the marriage. 

Mom needed a designer blouse for her Kanchipuram saree but was too busy with wedding preparations. With only 3 days left, she had to choose blouses for multiple events and few chudidars. After browsing designs online in my father’s office, we finalised a combination late at night 8:30pm and we went by walking to tailor. A medium-sized house they have used as a tailor shop.

Our tailor, Prasad Kumar, a Kannada man with lighter skin than my dad (who is brown), has been our family’s go-to for stitching for a long time, even before my mom’s marriage. Since we called ahead, he was waiting for us alone at his tailor shop, which is located near my grandmother’s house. 

The door was closed when arrived, so called him. He said he was inside. Opened it and welcomed us.

Jyothi: Prasad sorry, are we late?

Prasad: Hey nothing, this is marriage season. I had extra work, so I’m staying here only almost a week. Someone will come to chitchat, so only I had closed the door.

Jyothi: If you’re busy, then will you be able to give in two days?

Prasad: Jyothi, of course, I’ll stitch for you. You’ve been coming to me for stitching for as long as we’ve known each other. Even your mother has given for me only.

Jyothi: Thank You, Prasad. I only trust your tailoring skills, so if you had declined, it would have been challenging for me.

They briefly chatted about marriage and Prasad mentioned he was invited but could only attend the reception.

Prasad: Ok, come inside, let me close door or someone may waste my time. Show me the design you have selected.

We went and sat on a bench and he sat beside the table.

Prasad: Did you bring the reference blouse for measurements?

Jyothi: ha yes…

Prasad: Good. Show me the saree design and show me the designer blouse designs you selected.

Showed the design she selected on internet.

Prasad: Huh, I don’t know whether I can finish this design and give you in time.

Jyothi: why what happened…!

Prasad: You have come with rich looking design, full of stone works and due to some design patterns on that, the cutting also different.

Looking at it…he was thinking how he would do it soon…

Prasad: ok, will finish it soon for you…

Her face was happy somehow.

Prasad: (seeing saree box) You want to wear like this, the model in the picture?

Jyothi: I don’t know, is it possible to wear slim like that?

Prasad: You have to wear Mermaid petticoat (inner skirt) for that… Do you have one…?

She nodded no…

Prasad: I have to stitch that also.

Thinking a minute.

Prasad: What are the other dresses to be stitched?

Jyothi: Another blouse, 3 Chudidar and slim fit pants for that.

Prasad: Did you bring reference pants for that?

Jyothi: Aiyoo, I forgot in this marriage tension.

Prasad: It’s ok. Anyhow I had to measure for Blouse, as cutting is different for your design and you want a Mermaid petticoat also.

Jyothi: Thank God. Okay 

Then he suggested some other colour blouse materials for that saree and she also liked one.

Jyothi: Prasad it’s getting late, measure quickly.

Prasad: ok, will call my wife.

He called many times but she did not pick.

Jyothi: what happened…

Prasad: My wife is angry with me because I forgot to stitch a blouse for her relative’s marriage. I had many orders. Customer satisfaction is important in work. What can I do?

Then he said he would take the measurements.

Prasad: Jyothi, having less time to stitch, should take exact measurements so there won’t be chances of alterations and stonework can be done exactly, as it takes more time.

Jyothi: ok, any problem?

Prasad: no nothing, I need to take measurements, but cannot with what you are wearing.

Hesitantly he said. My mother simply thought her dupatta (shawl-like thing they wear with chudidar) and removed it.

Prasad: It will be difficult to measure with the chudidar also.

Mom was shocked but tried to act normal as I see, although her face turned pink.

Prasad: have to take measurements otherwise it would be difficult. Nothing to worry, it’s normal.

He said to her looking at me for my reaction. I was like sitting dumb.

Prasad: Come quickly, we will finish on time.

She handed me mobile and handbag, then walked to the curtain, making eye contact with Prasad and smiling briefly before breaking it. The curtain was to cover but allowing people at the table to see. She hesitantly removed chudidar. Both were showing themselves as if everything was normal. I was also looking and giving no reaction, but inside I was horny. Even though I was 14, I had a hard-on. The weight of the handbag on it was pleasurable.

She was wearing cream-white bra. Hung the chudidar on hook, and turned around. Couldn’t believe my mother casually removed dress infront of someone. Hadn’t seen anything like this at home. It was a decent bra with few turmeric stains was upholding and covering her breasts. Her gold Thali ( Mangalsutra) was boldly looking at her cleavage. That sindoor on her beautiful face. She was looking hot traditionally sexy.

Prasad: Jyothi, turn back, let me take shoulder measurements.

Tailor measured my mother’s shoulder with tape, his fingers touching her skin, making her shiver. Then he noted in a book under my mother’s name. Then measured her back.

Prasad: Jyothi is this length ok

Jyothi: ha (soft voice).

Prasad: turn Jyothi. Should take chest size.

She turned, caught his eye, and blushed with a shy smile, looking down with shyness.

Prasad: lift your arms about shoulder level.

Then he went near her like hugging but brought the tape around her. My mother was also shocked by a second. Then he measured just under and above the breast.

Prasad: I will take the measurements of the breast, tell me how tight you want.

He was standing in front of her, close to her, and holding the tape near her cleavage.

Prasad: Is this fitting tight enough?

Jyothi: yeah (with huge breath).

Prasad: Do you want your breasts to be cupped or normal?

Jyothi: cupped type (shy head down)

Prasad: Then I have to measure the breast also.

He himself sided the Thali (Mangalsutra), and circled the tape around her left breast. Surely he felt her heavy heartbeats. She was sweating, glittering for the light. When I peeped, could see he was holding tape in her cleavage. Then he noted in book. Then went and took from her neck to end of her cleavage. She was quiet. I could sense her aroma filling the room, mixed with the fan’s air. He was enjoying I guess.

Prasad: Jyothi lift your hands straight up.

She lifted her arms revealing underarm hairs in her armpit and slightly tanned skin, beautifully it was. He went next to her and took size of her arm.

Prasad: How long should the sleeves be? Should be short or it should cover the little dark area at your underarms.

Jyothi: (smiling) Cover that dark skin.

He placed tape from where the dark skin starts and placed it on her armpit, touching my beautiful mother’s underarm hair. Felt how lucky that bastard was, as her body glowed with sweat and a rosy hue. I was lusting towards my mom. When I saw her breasts again, I could see now her bra was pointed. I did not understand at that age. It was nipple erection. Only years later did I realise she had been aroused that day.

Prasad: Jyothi are you wearing saree above navel or below… I should measure for petticoat.

Jyothi: Thinking below my belly button. Just below it.

Prasad: Ok, good.

He glanced at her hip. Pants above the hip were covering navel.

Prasad: Jyothi can you lose your pants little down so that I measure?

She untied knot of her pant thread and carefully lowered holding it, revealing light brown panties. Tailor bent towards her and brought tape around her, due to her hands coming in the way, she left the pants. OMG, they simply fell. She was trying to bend to pick up the pants.

Prasad: it’s ok Jyothi, anyhow I have to measure your legs for petticoat and pants.

She watched him as he worked. My eyes looked at her thighs, fair and hot. Looking at her panties, it had a wet spot, the fabric near her vagina between her legs visibly damp. I thought maybe women sweat there more. Meanwhile, the tailor adjusted the tape, bringing it lower to encircle her buttocks.

Prasad: turn around, should take size of your back

View of her beautiful mature ass was making me jealous. Her underwear was tucked in between her ass crack, due to which we could see her ass shape. Could see some marks on her ass, making me crazy to touch them. Tailor held the tape against her ass to measure, I couldn’t help but feel he was intimately surveying my mother’s body. Saw her without blinking eyes. She had a mole on her back towards the right of lower part of her shoulder. Seeing her shape in semi-nude was amazing. Had plumpy hips and thighs. Saw few hairs on her legs adding to her natural beauty.

Prasad: turn Jyothi, let me take size of the legs together.

I was captivated by her traditional adornment, the sindoor, earrings, Thali (Mangalsutra), a sacred thread around waist, gold and glass bangles, the glinting silver anklets and the toe rings, all combined to make her the most alluring woman I had ever seen. Her figure, coupled with her shyness that day, left an unforgettable impression on me. Tailor proceeded to measure her thighs, knees, and ankles together, she wore a shy smile, her modesty evident throughout the process.

Prasad: spread your legs little bit Jyothi. For pants I need measurement.

To my surprise, she spread almost three feet apart. That was too wide. Was damn arousing looking in that position. Tailor measured the ankle and moved towards Lower part of her thighs. Then he brought tape to upper part of thighs. His hands brushed her inner thighs and touched her pussy. It seemed like current flowing through her body. Suddenly she placed her hands on his shoulder for support.

Prasad: What happened Jyothi?

Jyothi: nothing, felt tickled.

She was closing her eyes, enjoying. Then he got up and was sketching sitting on the table. My mother was seeing what he was doing, but I was enjoying seeing her. She turned to me casually and asked

Jyothi: What is the time Gautham?

Me: 9:18PM Amma…

Jyothi: Getting late Prasad…

Prasad: ha Jyothi…a minute…

She came forward and was standing next to tailor.

Prasad: Jyothi what kind of back do you want, normal or show your back full?

Jyothi: (Shyness) Full

Prasad: How much open should I keep? Do you want the mole on your back visible? That would be beautiful…

Jyothi: (eyes closed and smiling) ok… even I wanted like that.

Prasad: How deep should be in front neck?

Jyothi: Medium, not too much…

Prasad: How deep exactly, do you want the mole present on the right breast visible or not…?

I peeped to see and shocked. Mole was present on her right boob just by cleavage. This lucky tailor bastard has observed every inch and corner of her. I was already happy seeing her undressed next to me. But jealous of him touching her.

Jyothi: no, be just above that.

Prasad: ok… measurement over.

My mother bent to pick pants, her ass shape was so hot that anybody would love to touch and kiss it. The wet spot on her panties has spread and become large, I thought she had sweated too much. She took chudidar and sat on the bench next to me and wore it. Her Aroma was taking me to paradise with scent of femininity. Throughout the entire experience, both my mother and I acted as though everything was ordinary

Prasad: ok… Jyothi… I will make sure you look beautiful in entire function and smiled…

My mother blushed and smiled, then the man at the table offered me sweets from the drawer.

Prasad: Gautham boy, study well and be a good boy.

After paying ₹1000 as advance, we left the shop. On our way home, I noticed my mother’s smile and blush as she held my hand firmly. When arrived, my father had already brought dinner from  restaurant. Seeing her joy, my father inquired if she was pleased with her dress, but I understood the true cause of her happiness.

We slept. There was Pooja tomorrow in her sister’s home. I got up and had to take bath. In two bathrooms, one my father had just gone and in other my mother was about to come. My elder brother was at my aunty’s house. I heard the bathroom door open and saw my mother come already in chudidar. She urged me to hurry. I locked the door and went to put removed dress in laundry bucket. That’s where I saw her yesterday’s clothes. Found cream-white colour bra and light brown colour panties. I was on cloud nine sniffing her inner wears touching my dick with them. I remembered the wet spot she had yesterday. Her panties had some stains where the wet spot was there and kept that area in my mouth, chewing and tasting the salty thing, thinking it was her sweat, but only now I know, it was her pussy juices and cum she leaking, tells that she was aroused and horny that day. I wore them and was thinking about her.

Then after a day, we went to tailor, he gave only one blouse for the morning marriage and told he would give designer blouse for night reception by evening.

Next morning she was beautiful wearing stitched blouse. We went to marriage. As close relatives, we participated in the Pooja. After lunch, my mother chatted for almost 3:30pm. My father and brother had brought their dresses to the function hall so that they could get ready quickly and be there. But my mother’s blouse was still with tailor. We took an autorickshaw to fetch it, and she called the tailor on the way.

Jyothi: Hello, Prasad, is the blouse ready, I’m on the way to that shop?

She was listening to what he was saying and said

Jyothi: Prasad, I will go home and get Gautham ready and get myself fresh, can you please bring me there?

Hearing that, I was puzzled about the situation. Then she ended the call, thanking him.

Gautham: Amma, aren’t we going to tailor shop?

Jyothi: Gautham, the tailor uncle said he was finishing the dress. So, why waste time there? I asked him to deliver it to our home while we get ready.

We reached home, but she was tired as she got up early today. She slept on the sofa for a small nap. I also slept watching TV. She woke me later and took me to her room to wash my face. Still sleepy, I got scolded for being late. She dressed me in sherwani and combing my hair, just then doorbell rang. She hurried to open door, and I peeked out to see it was the Tailor uncle. She greeted him.

Then she came to the room, continued combing my hair and powdered my face. After few minutes tailor came into the room bringing huge cover.

Jyothi: Prasad can you help?

Prasad: Tell Jyothi.

Jyothi: These are the socks and shoes. Can you put this to Gautham, meanwhile I will freshen up.

Prasad: Sure.

He kept the cover he brought on the bed. He came and made me sit on the bed and he sat on the floor. While he was putting the socks on me, I saw my mother remove the saree there only infront of us. She was only in blouse and petticoat. She went to bathroom. We could hear her urinating and later washing her face. Tailor cleaned the shoes and made me wear them. Giving me chocolate, he sat next to me looking around. Few minutes later she came out and smiled at him. I noticed water marks all over her blouse and petticoat, and seemed to be hurry. Still confused why she was open in front of him.

Prasad: Jyothi, you have kept the house nice and neat.

She thanked for compliment. He opened the cover and kept the things on bed. There were some boxes. I was looking at it curiously. He showed designer blouse.

Jyothi: Wow Prasad, it looks beautiful. I love it, did not expect this would be good.

Prasad: wear it. It would be more beautiful on you.

She blushed looking at him. She was looking herself in mirror, keeping it on her. 

Prasad: Jyothi, this blouse has an open back and medium-deep neck. So I  brought innerwear to match. You can’t wear your regular bras with it, so I got this special one in a matching colour.

Jyothi: Thank you Prasad, what kind of bra is this?

Prasad: They are strapless. They don’t have shoulder straps.

Jyothi: Oh I know them, have seen online.

Prasad: also panties. I saw that day, your underwear was stuck in between. That would be uncomfortable for Mermaid petticoat. These are small and slim. They don’t create visible impression.

The bras he showed were in satin material and looked expensive. The panties were like a net in front and had some padding at back to avoid getting stuck in between asses. As he said it was less of the cloth, was just enough to cover.

Jyothi: Prasad you made things comfortable to wear. Thank you very much. I’m excited to see myself in the saree. 

Telling that she removed the blouse hooks she was wearing in front of him. She was wearing black bra. The way she was removing the blouse was an awesome act, like a shirt she was removing. I caught a glimpse of underarms, which were almost hairless, and even tailor noticed it.

Prasad: Oh you have trimmed the underarm hair, that’s good Jyothi. 

Jyothi: (with shyness) Yeah, that makes sweat a little bit extra. That’s why I trimmed using my husband’s trimmer.

Then she kept the blouse on bed and took the strapless bra. She turned opposite to us and removed the bra she was wearing in front of us. I was in shock, that my mother was half naked infront of her son and tailor. The mirror reflection allowed us a glimpse of her right breast. She had dark brown nipple, though the light’s glare obscured the view. She wore it and turned around to show it to him. The Thali (Mangalsutra) was boldly on her cleavage, looking quite attractive.

Prasad: They look beautiful on you.

She came near the bed, positioning in between me and tailor. She was close to me. Removed underwear she was wearing under her petticoat only, falling to her feet, which had a small wet spot, possibly from urination earlier, I thought. She kept it on the bed and put on new panties beneath her petticoat. Tailor with designer blouse approached her. She removed the knot of the petticoat thread she was wearing. It just fell. Now I was astonished. Literally her pussy visible through net material. Her pussy hair was trimmed. I also saw the pussy line. The net material simply was on the pussy, forming the shape of the pussy, made me look at that only. Her ass was not covered fully. Could see her round ass. It covered only the ass crack resembling bikini. She started wearing designer blouse, trying to put another hand in.

Prasad: Jyothi. Stones may fall. Wait, I will help you.

He helped to put and came in front to hook the blouse. I was jealous of somebody making my mother wear blouse. She admired herself in the mirror, proud of her appearance. He went near her again with Mermaid petticoat, opened that and kneeled side to her. Turning towards him and she put legs in petticoat as he was guiding in. Himself tied it to her hip asking her for tightness and adjusted it to her form.

Jyothi: Gautham, how do I look?

Me: You look good Amma.

He then brought the saree, folded a part for pallu kept on her shoulder and asked to hold. He tied the saree and folded the remaining and tucked in her petticoat touching her navel and pinned it. He then tied the lace of her blouse and assisted with jewellery she started wearing. He opened a box, took chain like and kneeled near her, tied it on her hip. Was a hip chain, looking beautiful on her navel. He then adorned her hair with jasmine flowers. He made her finally ready. She was happy and cute. It was 6 o’clock. We took autorickshaw and he followed on his bike. Everyone looked her and all ladies were asking about saree. Later the tailor said he had the dinner so he’s leaving as he has work.

I was confused about my mom’s behaviour, wondering if she was cheating or had a bad character. I read about women’s sexuality on Wikipedia and Quora to understand. I learned that women, like men, can be attracted to different people, even if they’re married. But this doesn’t mean they’re bad or cheating. It’s just a temporary feeling. Reading this cleared up my doubts because I had never seen my mom act this way before. She’s always been loyal to my dad and they’ve been romantic until now.

Will tell how I saw my parents having sex and seeing her nude. Will tell you in coming parts which are real. Also will tell you some imaginary fictional stories about my mother that I fantasise about during masturbation. Surely that will make you cum. I welcome your thoughts, reviews, and similar experiences happened for you. [email protected]

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