Birthday party:surprising gifts : part-2 (last)

It’s Nancy,a 37 years married matured lady as my birthday party is in process ,I have never expected such a gifts from my young son Rohan .He have been with his three friends…….Raj ,Firoz and James……all of them are Rohan’s classmates as I have narrated our sexual activities in last part( read previous story “Birthday party:surprising gifts).

I have been loved for last one and half hour or so ,as my vagina have been fucked with theirs cocks,it’s a great sexual relationship as my son Rohan cummed in my vagina hole,it’s a place where he got his birth and his friend Firoz fucked my ass as he poured cum in my ass and Raj as well as James have ejaculated semens in my as we five are nude in dinning space,I am lying on bed like a hot lady being fucked with large tools as my vagina is feeling it’s (penis’s) bruises ,my body is too I left bed as I walked towards washroom and as door is opened, while sitting on toilet pan ,I am urinating as I can feel lot of heat in my I washed my vagina as I walked out but I put a towel on my chest as it have covered my boobs to waist and some parts of I can see all four guys well exhausted as the first guy Raj who have lost his cum ,is eyeing at me but I want rest for half an hour,so I sits on sofa as I started pouring beer in glasses and my son Rohan and Raj came to me as we three started drinking beer.

So Rohan put his hand on my thigh as Raj put his hand on my shoulder,now my son started rubbing my soft thigh as Raj is kissing my neck to face,not going to get recess for a it’s 01:15 afternoon as I thought of meals to be delivered from a local restaurant and now Raj finished his drink as he pulled my towel from my wider chest,so it’s my nude body as son is rubbing my soft thigh and his hand is moving towards my vaginal zone as Raj put his lips on my lips ,now as my drinks finished I hold his back and started kissing him,so he took my lips to suck but I pushed my long tongue in his mouth and Raj is sucking it ,Rohan’s hand starts rubbing my soft vagina as he is rubbing it’s upper surface,having little hairs and it’s deep as well as wider hole is getting his as Raj is sucking my tongue hard,I started moving my palm on his chest as I am bit horny and we’ll satisfied due to four strong guys and as my vagina got my son’s finger in it,he is fucking it fast and I started pressing my boobs on Raj’s chest as his penis is in my hand .so as my tongue is feeling bit pain in Raj’s mouth ,I pushed his face and took out it ,so Raj is eyeing at my boobs as Raj took out his finger and like a hot lady I stretched my my son Rohan walked towards refrigerator as he came back with a piece of butter,now he sits on my legs as he put butter on my soft vagina and started rubbing it hard as Raj put his mouth on my breast and started sucking my soft my vagina got lubricated as Rohan is too hot and he put his finger on labias to widend it’s hole,so my son starts licking my vagina as Raj is sucking my breast and his cock is in my hand as I am masturbating it our sexual affairs begins again as two guys are loving my vagina and boobs ,so I am screaming in pleasure


“oohh aahh uumm suck hard”as Rohan’s tongue is fucking my vagina and I can feel Raj’s penis growing harder in my hand,so he left my breast as Rohan have made my vagina little horny.I can see even my son’s cock getting back his erection as Rohan’s penis is semi erected and now I am shouting”uuhh my son don’t suck my cunt hard”and I pushed his face back as my cunt is free from his two guys are enjoying my nice sexy body as both guys stands on ground and I knelt infront of them as I hold both cocks ,now Raj’s penis is on my lips as I am masturbating my son’s cock fast and both guys now made my mouth opened as both hold their cocks and started pushing it in my mouth ,so it’s glans are in my mouth as both glans are soft and round ,I started sucking it wildly,so Raj and Rohan have pushed his half of cock in my mouth and my fully opened mouth have swallowed their cocks ,so they both are trying to fuck my mouth but it’s thickness is a hurdle,so I took out my son’s penis and started sucking Raj’s penis as my hand have hold Rohan’s penis and now Raj is like a wild animal as he hold my hairs and started fucking my mouth with his 7-8 inches long cock,my deep throat is getting it’s hard hit ,so my sexy body is in sensation and I am dying for more as I took out Raj’s wet penis from my mouth ,he walked away and now it’s Rohan’s penis in my mouth,so putting his long cock in my mouth as I am sucking it hard,he is screaming”uuhh uumm mom suck suck hard ,make it fully erected ,I will fuck your ass “and as his penis started erecting ,I left his penis but my tongue is licking it and than I felt my legs in bit pain ,so I am on bedsheet as both guys are looking bit tired.

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I slept on bed with my legs crossed as my vagina is well covered with my thighs and Raj came there as he started rubbing my legs to thighs, so my legs started moving away and I can see him holding his penis as my son is also there

“Rohan I think she deserves cocks in holes
(Nancy)I can’t understand your position
(Raj)darling,I will fuck you from below in a cow girl position as Rohan will fuck your ass from upward position.”

And as they both have explained me the position ,I wake up as Raj slept on bed ,his legs are straight as I sits on my legs just putting my sexy ass up above of his penis with my legs wide and Raj hold my waist as I hold his penis ,now started rubbing it’s glans on my hole and started pushing my heavy ass down to swallow his long thick cock,so his 2/3rd cock is inside my vagina and as Raj hold my waist tightly ,he fucked hard from below and I shouted

“oohh yes it’s great to feel your penis in my depth”and now Raj is fucking my vagina like a monestar from below as I am enjoying his penis inside ,now I know my waiting son sitting in my back as Raj stops his penetration and I leaned forward on his body as I want to give my son a position to fuck my ass hole,so two cock will fuck my vagina as looking back,I can see Rohan’s penis in his hand and he started rubbing it’s glans on my ass his penis is coming inside my ass hole as one hole is full of Raj’s penis ,so Rohan holds my waist tightly and he fucked me hard as his penis crossed each and every hurdles inside my ass but it’s my sexy voice

“oohh my son don’t tear my ass ” ,as Firoz and James laughed on I started moving my ass fast as Raj’s penis is coming inside and going outside fast ,so Rohan is fucking my sexy ass and like a whore I am feeling too horny as both guys are loving me while two guys are in sexy buttocks is swinging as Raj’s penis is hitting my vaginal depth and Rohan is giving me s hard fuck in my ass ,so it’s a nice pleasure as getting fucked with two cocks at a time and Raj is kissing my lips as his hand is moving on my back,my saggy boobs are on his chest and after 7-8 minutes,my both holes are in fire as I am going to cum and after a while,I screamed louder “uhh fuck fuck me hard,I am cumming”and my cunt started pouring cum as both guys stopped their penetration.

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So my cum is coming out of my vagina as it’s on Raj’s pubic hairs and I left his body as I walked towards washroom,so I urinated there as I washed my vagina and back again there,I can see Firoz as well as James eyeing at me.all four guys cocks are erected and it’s my son’s cock which have made my ass like a hot boiler and Raj penis have made my cunt wet ,so both cocks are still waiting for fuck as they have not cummed I slept on bed as Raj sits near my face as he is holding his cock and Rohan is sitting inbetween my thighs,so Rohan started pushing his hot penis in my vagina and I got Raj’s penis in my mouth to Rohan started fucking me hard as Raj hold my head’s back and started fucking my mouth ,his glans is moving fast inside as his penis is like a hard iron rod ,so my wet vagina is getting the hard fuck and I am sucking Raj’s penis and as both are giving me a hard jerk ,Raj started shouting”oohh uuhh happy birthday you bitch have my cum drink it like milkshake”and his penis ejaculated semens in my mouth as I drink it and than licked it,so Raj left me as Rohan is hitting my cunt my vagina is in fire as I invite my son to sleep on my top, so his deep penetration is making me wild and I started bouncing my ass fast , after a while Rohan poured his cum in my I got satisfied and I licked Rohan’s penis to taste it’s cum.

I frisked inside washroom as I am too hot ,so I am under cascade as I started washing my body while my finger is inside vagina and I am making it clean ,free from semens ,so I am too rubbed my wet body as I walked nudely inside dinning space ,so Firoz and James are smiling on me as I sits on sofa .now both guys are sitting with me as they started preparing drinks and than I am having beer to get some energy as I have to enjoy two cocks again but it’s my first experience of getting four cocks at a we are drinking beer as James and Firoz are sitting to my left as well as right ,so their cocks are also semi erected and now I lit a cigarette to smoke as my son Rohan and friend Raj frisked inside bedroom to have as my drinks finished,I put my one hand on James penis as I started masturbating it fast and Firoz started kissing my face ti lips ,so James stand infront of me as his long cock is in my hand and I opened my mouth as I took it inside to suck but Firoz sits on my legs and he is rubbing his fingers on my vagina,so our round two session is in process as out of four guys two have ejaculated their cums ,now firoz’s tongue is licking my vagina as I started moving my face fast while holding James waist as my mouth have hold his penis to suck,Firoz is rolling his tongue in my vagina,so it’s a nice and hot experience with four guys as I took out James cock and started licking it with my tongue ,Firoz is rolling his tongue in my deeper vagina,god knows what guys get while licking cunt but I felt horny as I left James penis and Firoz took my fleshy vagina in his mouth to suck.

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In last 2 hours ,I have cummed thrice but I know I will cum once more if they both will fuck my vagina only ,so as I pushed firoz’s face back ,my vagina is free and than I walked to bed on ground.nancy is on her knees and elbows as she have put herself in a doggy position and Firoz screamed”darling we both want to fuck your both holes at a time “and I responded negative as my sexy position is inviting him for fuck, so James sits behind my ass as he started rubbing it’s cock on my hole and I got his penis inside but it’s half way inside ,so he hold my waist and fucked hard as my teeths are on lips ,my vagina is full of his penis ,so his cock is fucking me hard as Firoz sits infront of my face and now as he hold his penis and started rubbing it on my lips ,I opened my mouth as Firoz put his penis in my mouth ,so my vagina is getting hard fuck as Firoz is fucking my mouth and it’s my pleasure to get cums for six time till now as I am waiting for two guys to cum soon ,so as James cock is the longest of all ,he is pounding my vagina fast and Firoz is holding my boobs as he is massaging it hard,so my sexy body started moving as James is fucking the glory hole and after 5-6 minutes he poured cum in my hole ,left me as Firoz sits there and he cleaned my dirty vagina with a handkerchief as he pushed his penis hard ,so I know he will cum soon and I started swinging my bum fast ,after 3-4 minutes only ,Firoz cums in my vagina and I got its taste my birthday finished in a high note as four cocks have given me nice pleasure and I love my son’s gifts .

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