Indian maid seduction: 2

As she’s holding my cock and taking me to the room I was taken over by lust and following without resistance. Suddenly her hand slipped through my cock because of all the saliva but then she looked back at me while walking to the room and licked her sloppy hand and I followed her into the room with utmost ecstasy. Indian maid seduction part 1.

As soon as we went inside I held her hands and pulled her towards me to give her a kiss. Initially it was a passionate kiss that turned bit dirty when she shoved her tongue inside my mouth after which I obliged her with the same. The sucking of tongues continued for 15 mins after which I asked her.


Me – what about your husband? ( tumahara pati ka Kya?)

Shabana- I’ll tell you a secret tomorrow. For now please let us enjoy this endeavour( mai tumhe Baad Mai zaroor kuch bataongi par abhi sirf mai or tum bas)
After which she removed my uppers slowly while maintaining the eye contact and asked me to remove her clothes.
I removed her upper shirt and was amazed to look at her huge tits which had light brownish pinkish nipples and then when my hands touched her pyjamas she held my hands tight and looked into my eyes and said in slow and seductive husky voice

S- today you will not hold back and I want it all and I want it dirty like a bitch( Aaj tum apne aap ko nahi rokoge or voh sab doge jo mujhe or tumhe pasand hai or Aaj tum mujhe apni randi Banaoge)

I was taken aback by her language but then as she was holding my hands over her pyjamas she pushed my hands down in one go and what I saw was something that after which I thought to not hold myself back and give everything that I have to her.
She was not wearing any panties and her cunt was also the same colour as her nipples which was glistening with love juice and their were drops of her cunt juices that were flowing over her upper thigh to the knees. Her pussy was clean and giving out sweet aroma from a distance.
I went towards her knee and licked the drop and then followed licking the trail made by that drop towards her pussy. From knees to upper thighs to inner thighs, the aroma is also getting stronger and sweeter as I near her pussy, I licked her thighs and was half an inch away from her love hole. I can feel her long breathing as she’s expecting me to touch her cherry but then I suddenly came close to her pussy and was exhaling hot breathes over her pussy heightening her anxiety. I waited for few seconds and then I licked her clit.

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I made her lie down on my bed and continued my vocation. I asked her to open her legs as wide as she can and bend her knees and put her feet firm on bed. I entered her vagina with my finger and was licking her labia and clit at same time. Sometimes I’ll insert my tongue deep and give a swirl inside her pussy walls. And sometimes I’ll insert my middle finger to feel her pussy.

She was warm and juicy, my finger went in too easy so I added other finger. By now she was on fire and moaning heavy. I looked at her and started to vigorously push my fingers inside and out. After a while knowing that she’s about to climax I inserted only one finger and directed it towards her stomach to find her g spot all while aggressively licking her clit. And then I tasted the best thing in my life, a gush of liquid poured into my mouth and I tried to swallow all but some came out of my mouth and dropped down to my chest. I looked at her shuddering body for few seconds, spasms after spasms, her back arching up towards the ceiling, it was clear that she was on cloud nine and having one of the best orgasms. I went to her face as her eyes are shut in ecstasy I kissed her deep and held her boobs. I was pressing her and pinching her nipples when she started to moan again and then went to her soft huge tits and sucked them like theirs no tomorrow. I sucked them and bit them sometimes too aggressively that she uttered in her slow sexy voice
S- slow down ,they are all yours aaah please aaah slow down. ( Aaram se aaah arram se chuso tumhare hi hai)
After 10-15 mins of sucking she said.

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S- fuck me fuck me hard, now don’t tease me( chodo mujhe bas or nahi bardash hota ,chod dalo)

Listening to this I came up to her and placed her in missionary position.
I placed my 7 inches on top of her pussy and started to rub.

S – asshole put it inside( she shouted) stop teasing now.( Harami Ander daal( chila Kar boli) kyo chida Raha hai

I was enjoying all but then my cock was also on heat and to quench my dicks thirst I started to go inside her slowly.

It was my first time to be inside a women and it was blissful. Her vagina was moist, juicy and welcoming. Her pussy was tight enough to milk any cock and beautiful enough to make any man crazy to cum inside her.

I started to hump her with 2-3 inches of my dick, up to my glans, inside her and then the animal instinct took over me and in one shot I shoved my entire cock inside her, that stop her breathing for second and turned her slight moans to a surprise shock look. I could see her eyes were popped out and mouth bit opened for few seconds.
But after few long thrusts she was moaning and shouting at the same time

S- aaaah its so big I’ve never tried this big aaaah it’s touching places inside me that were aaaaaaaaaah unexplored( aaah Bohot bara hai aaah Meir chut aaj tak kisi ne aisi Nahi aaaaaah bhari)

Me- today I’ll fuck you like a whore and make you my bitch ( aaj Mai tujhe randi ki tarah chodunga, apni randi banaonga)

My pace was slow and long, I made sure to reach the farthest depths but as it was my first time I was not able to hold back after few mins so I took my cock out and changed her position to doggy style.

I grabbed her protruding ass with my manly hands and then I gave a light slap onto her right butt, to which she responded well with a moan.

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I smacked again a bit hard leaving a red mark, she again responded with high moan.
She liked it and she wanted more. Then, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled it a bit apart, I could clearly see her brown asshole throbbing in and out, I knew what I had to do as I leaned forward and gave it a slight lick.
It was clean and smooth so I gave another deep lick, as her body responded with spasms after which I could feel her approval to go further. So, I licked and tried to put my tongue inside that beautiful hole. It was tight and was difficult to penetrate with my tongue, so, I lubricated her asshole more with my saliva, licked it for sometime and after few mins of licking my tongue went in a bit.

I stood up on my knees and tried to put my finger inside her asshole, it went inside easy as it was lubricated and as I was doing this, she was moaning heavy and asking to fuck her, so, I kept my finger inside her hole and pushed her head down further to make her ass rise up.

With my finger inside her and thumb from the same hand stretching the end of her pussy towards her ass, I placed my cock over her glistening pussy.

She was pushing her ass back to get my cock in and I returned the favour by going inside her vagina in one go. This time it was easy and she was prepared.

My one hand whose middle finger is in her ass and the thumb is placed on her pussy slit with other three fingers on her ass, my other hand went to hair and pulling it towards me making her neck arch towards me from the back and cock inside her sweet pussy. The sight was mesmerising. Its was sexy and made me more hornier, which made me ride her fast and deep I rode her for another 10 mins, I was sweaty and was about to cum as I told her….

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