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It was a boring day as I have gotten long leaves from office and my parents planned to visit my relatives for a week, I am alone and bored at my house.

My 1st day at home alone was not so bright at the beginning as it was a lazy morning and I did not plan much for the entire day. My doorbell rang, which made me get up from my bed at 8 in the morning and it was my maid shabana, i knew it was her time to come so I disheartedly opened the door to see this 40 or 42 year old lady.


She smiled and greeted me but when I opened I observed that something was different about her today.
I noticed that shes wearing a bit tight clothes today which was unusual as she has a voluptuous body with 36d breast, around 32 waist and 38 bottoms, which were bit prominent at this moment with that kind of clothes.
I ignored that lady and sat in the middle of the house to inspect things as suggested by my mom.

I was watching YouTube in phone when my maid shabana asked to come in the kitchen and help her out with something, I went in and I saw that this lady was standing on the kitchen slab and was trying to clean the upper Cabinets.
S- could you please help me clean that corner of the cabinet. ( Bhaiya kya aap thoda sa madad Kardo isko saaf karne mein.)

Me- ok
S- ok then you Stand and I’ll hold your legs.( Bhaiya aap khare hojayo or mai Apke pao Pakadti hoon)

I thought this to be very weird as she never was this interested in cleaning before and holding my leg was a bit too much for me to which I declined the offer politely. But she was persistent and still glided her hands over my leg.

Me – ohh its ok ( arre theek hai mai nahi girunga)

S- no if anything happens what will I say to your mother( Bhaiya agar apko kuch ho Gaya toh mai kya bolungi bhabhi ko)
She gilded her hands over my legs when jumped up on the slab and then while I was cleaning those tricky corners which took hell of time I didn’t noticed that her hands had reached my thighs, but only when I was about to finish I looked down at her to say.
Me- see now it’s almost done( dekho ab yeh bas ho hi gaya)
I then noticed that she was holding my upper thighs in a way that her boobs were wedged and uplifted by her arms and I could see almost her entire huge boobs except for nipples. Also, she had this weird smirk on her mature pretty face.
S- it’s done( hogaya )( with the smirk)
I then thought that this was not good as per the societal norms to think about my maid like that but my dick was saying otherwise as it started to rise in its full glory.
I then just looked up ignoring and finished the cleaning quickly and when I was about to climb down I felt a brush of her hands over my dick which did not seemed to be a mistake.

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I was very embarrassed with the event because even though I am almost 5.10 height with slim body and a 7 inch boner, I was a virgin and the turn of events made me very horny and at the same time uncomfortable. So I took refuge in my room till she was done with morning chores and went away only to return in evening for making me my dinner.

I was confused and feeling strange as this lady is way to older than me ( I am 26 years old) but then all seemed to fade away till she again pressed the doorbell.

Me- ajao (come in)
S- how are you..?( kaise ho)
Me- good ( theek hoon)
She went in the kitchen to make food and then she called me again.
S- can I stay over tonight as my husband and children are not in home for another two days and I have to come here again in the morning from a distant place. ( Bhaiya kya mai aaj yahi ruk jaoo kyonki mera mard or bache ghar se 2 din ke kiya Gaye hain or Mujhe bohot Door se ana Hoya hai)

I thought this to be a bad idea as I now I was certain about this lady’s intention and I didn’t wanted to be the part of it so I said.

Me- but I am going with my friends for the entire night and I won’t be here after dinner it’s better you stay at your own place as I have to lock the entire house.( mai aaj apne Dotson ke sath bahar jaa raha hoon, apna Poora ghar lock kar ke or subah hi aonga toh tum apne ghar hi raho aaj)

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She was disappointed and seemed furious by the looks and she said it’s okay.
But I didn’t know about her other devious plans as the hour progressed and she called me to eat dinner, I went to table and she served me dinner after dinner she knew I would drink half glass of warm milk so she prepared it and as she was getting to the table she purposefully acted that she tripped and pour the hot milk on my shorts.
Me- ohh my it’s tooooo hot ohh ahhh( ahhh itna garam hai)
S- I am sorry i am sorry I am so soorrryy.( Bhaiya sorry sorry )

As the milk was unusually a bit hot I tried to go to the room to change but as I stood up she slouched down and holded me with my waist and asked me to remove my shorts
S- jaldi se isse utar do jaldiiii karooo( quick remove your shorts be quick what are you doing)

She didn’t gave me the chance to say anything and she pulled my shorts down even though I was holding it up but my hands seemed to have loose energy at that moment as she hurriedly removed my shorts.
Shabana- ab kaisa lag raha hai( how are you feeling now)

She was dangerously close to crotch as she’s sitting down and she could see that my inners are also wet and my dick bit risen inside my inners.
She looked at me and asked in a very slow and husky voice again
Shabana- ab theek hai( is it ok now)
Me – haan theek hai( yes it’s ok)
As my breathing was bit elevated and my dick was becoming harder every second I tried to rush to my room but she asked me with a worried face and with a little smirk
S- apka toh yeh bhi gheela hogaya hai kya mai isse bhi utar doon( even your inners are wet, shall I take this off as well)
Me- arre Mujhe Sharam ayigi kya solo Sharam nahi ayaegi Mujhe nanga dekh kar( I would feel ashamed standing in front of you naked aren’t you going to feel ashamed looking at me naked)

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She said with a very serious face
S- toh kya Maine pehle bhi admi ko nanga dekha hai issmai naya kya hai( I’ve seen guys naked before so what’s new)
Me- nahi nahi ( no no)
S- arre kuch nahi hota agar Apko Waha kuch hogaya toh. ( oh it’s okay what if something has happened their)

I resisted her pleas as much as I could but by cock was giving a different idea to her. She saw the tent over my underwear and she knew that the battle is over. I reluctantly holded my only piece of cloth but my hands betrayed me when she pulled down the underwear with full force.
As soon as she pulled down, my cock flunged in the air and tip of my dick touched her face .
She looked into my eyes deeply and then saw the cock right in front of her.
She looked at me again in aww at the size that I have. She then holded my cock with her soft hands while breathing heavenly and relieving a big sigh from her mouth.
Shabana- isse thora thuk laga deti hoon, apko aaraam milega( let me apply bit of a saliva on this thing you will feel good)

She holded tightly my hard cock and guided inside her silk mouth and while doing this she again looked at me . She maintained the eye contact and continue to see me while she’s moving her head up and down in slow motion but what she did next was so amazing that I couldn’t even think that a lady of her class would be so nasty and sexy.

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