Mom’s addiction : fucked by Paul

Hi everyone, It’s an incidence happened 6-7 years ago as I was just 19 years old with a slim figure of 32-24-34 as my tits are like pair of oranges ,my sexy ass is hot as well as wild.Bina have never got the touch of a guy as she is in 10+2class and her lover’s as well as admirers have been kept distant from him.Its my habit of fingering my cunt in a regular basis that have made my vagina satisfied but it’s unnatural ,not too many classmates have been with their boyfriends and some of them have lost their virginity listening love and sexual stories from them have made me horny but I have never been with a guy on it’s my family members who have kept me in disciplined manner but my mom Julie is a lady love to enjoy extramarital affairs as I know her illicit relationship with young guys .It’s a hot and humid evening as I am in home back from my school,feeling hot and tired ,I frisked inside room as I removed my dress in hurry ,so my sexual organs are too hot and feeling bit itched due to long day covers on it ,I removed it and walked nudely inside washroom with my shorts as well as I urinated as I washed my vagina and than put my shorts as well as tops on my body,feeling too tired after a day long classes,I slept on bed and after a while,mom came there as she asked…….

“baby don’t you need a cup of tea
(Bina)yes mom but I will have coffee.”and she walked away as I followed him towards kitchen,now drink some water as I sits in balcony with eyes on sky ,cloud is hovering there as I am feeling bit hot and humid.later on my mom walked to me with a cup of coffee as she sits beside me and asked……..

“Bina are you fine?
(Baby)yes mom bit pain in my waist
(Mom)oh I see have you done something indecent or your menustral cycle is in process
(Bina)no mom,it’s a day long classes which have made my waist painful
(Mom)ok take rest and I will leave for some work
(Bina)oh I see and dad’s arrival
(Mom)he is out of town as your brother will enjoy a late night party.”and I put empty cup in kitchen as I walked inside my room and slept on bed.while having a magazine in my hand,I started reading it and after 25-30 minutes ,mom came to me as she said…………….


“I will be back after an hour and you have to order for our meals
(Bina)ok mom I will call to a local food plaza .”

as my mom Julie walked away,wearing a blue leggings with crop-tops as well as high heal sandals and putting a purse in her shoulder,she is looking gorgeous and I locked the door.Julie is a 36 years matured lady with height of 5’6feet as her boobs are sexy ,her round dome shaped ass is her assets as it’s shakes well when she walks I am on bed with my mobile ,as I opened a porn video to watch and I can see Tera Patrick with her lover on sea beach,they both are nude and now tera knelt infront of her lover as she hold his long cock and started putting it lips on it,my mind is hot as body is horny and I pulled my shorts to legs as I started rubbing finger inbetween my I can see a horny lady sucking her lover’s cock while I pushed my long finger inside cunt to screw and I am enjoying porn videos making myself my finger is rubbing inner cunt ,it’s time to release my urine ,so I walked inside washroom and urinated there as I took refreshment.walking back ,I slept on bed with my mobile in hand as my finger is fucking vagina fast as I can see Tera like a bitch on sands as her lover is licking her cunt and his long hard tool is making me so horny to think oh !god when I will get such a long cock to love as my cunt is hot,I am screaming in joy”oohh uumm aahh”and my vagina lost her cum as I took my wet finger out to suck and tasted my cum.

I slept on a bed as I am bit exhausted and I got slept soundly as my eyes are slept with my lower parts nude ,my eyes opened as door bell started ringing ,I wake up in hurry as I opened the door to see my mom standing there while a guy have hold her waist with his strong I walked inside as they followed me and mom is in her bedroom,feeling bit angry with my mom’s drunkun status,I followed her as I can see my mom sleeping on bed and that guy is sitting near her waist .looking at me ,he stood and said…….

“aunty take care ,I have to go to my home.”

and he walked away as I locked the back in mom’s room,sitting near her waist,she smiled……..”Baby my friend Dipali have forced me to drink
(Bina)oh I see but Paul have given you lift
(Mom)I left bar as dippali was going to accompany me but as I looked Paul ,I asked my friend to leave for his company.”and she asked me to remove her dress as I pulled down her leggings and than removed her crop-tops.she is in her undergarments only as my eyes blurred on her wet looking at him ,I unhooked her panty and she put her hand on back to remove her brassiere .mom is nude as I can see her vagina covered with semens and I thought she have been fucked as I asked……..

mom have you been fucked
(Mom) actually Paul have given me lift but my semi unconscious body have given him chance to love me and she fucked me forcibly inside car
(Baby)oh I see ,you have been raped .”and I left her I am in my bedroom ,now thunderstorms with heavy rain started outbursting and I slept on bed as thinking my mom’s fuck.later on ,she came to me nudely and sits near my legs,said………

“baby trust me I have never provoked him to fuck
(Bina)I see but want to see you getting fucked with Paul.”and she is bit surprised as well as shy , walked away as it’s 09:05pm and I can hear mom’s voice on I walked to her room and she have invited Paul for an hour.

I smiled at my mom and after a while, door bell started ringing as I walked to door and opened it,service guy is there with packed meals as I took it and than pay put foods on table as I walked to my mom,she is not in her room as I can guess her in I sits on her bed and she came back nudely as I took out a gawn from her wardrobe,Julie put gawn on her sexy body.later on ,door bell started ringing as my mom walked to door and I moved to my standing behind curtain to see their sexual activities.Paul came inside ,he is a 26-27 years young guy with strong arms and nice figure as my mom hold him in her arms and started kissing him,his hand is on her buttocks…………”Julie where is Bina?if she looks at me

(Julie)no need to worry ,she is sleeping soundly.”and my eyes are looking at my mom’s hand removing his jeans and shirt,now as my mom knelt infront of him he pulled down his undies as I can see a long thick cock semi my mom hold it and started rubbing it’s glans on her lips to face and I widend my legs to put my finger inside vagina .now I removed my shorts as I started rubbing my vagina and my mom have swallowed his cock and she is sucking it hard like a pro.pauls hand is on her hairs as he hold it and started fucking her mouth with his cock fast,Julie is enjoying hard penis in her mouth and after sometime ,she put her tongue to lick it and Paul is “oohh aahh sexy you are a whore aahh I will fuck you soon”and my mom stood infront of him as Paul hold her gawn laces and removed it ,Julie is nude as Paul knelt infront of him and she stretched her legs and he started licking her wider cunt with his long tongue as my mom have hold his hairs,pushing his face towards her vagina and he is licking it fast like a dog as she is

“oohh uuhh Paul fuck me fuck me dear”

and he left her my mom is standing like a four legged animal as Paul is holding his cock while standing in her back,now pushed his penis in her cunt as he have hold her waist and my mom pushed back her sexy ass as it’s inside her Paul is fucking Julie’s vagina fast and hard as looking at them have made my cunt horny and age is not the bar while she is enjoying a young cock in her glory hole.I can see Paul’s 7-8inchss long cock moving fast in her vagina as my mom is moving her ass also “oohh aahh fuck fuck fuck me hard you dog”and Paul hold her saggy boobs to massage as she is moving her ass fast and after 9-10minutes ,Paul shouted “oohh aahh you bitch have my cum aahh”and I can see white fluid coming out of my mom’s cunt as it have filled her cunt ,she moved forward and than sucked his penis to taste it’s vagina become juicy as things become normal after a while .