Instagram virgin sex (True story)

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Hey boys and girls, I am Rajesh. I am a 27-year-old software engineer from Bangalore. This is my first story. So, sorry if there is any mistake. This is a true story that I would like to share with all of you.

I was casually browsing on Instagram. While browsing I came across a post by a girl in which she asked to give a caption for that pic. Being a shy guy I replied her with a caption in DM. She replied immediately that she liked my caption and appreciates it.

We started texting often with each other after that. I started flirting with her. About the girl, she is a fair looking Gujju girl, Neha (name changed) studying in Mumbai. Her stats are 33-27-35. She is an average looking girl.

Coming back to the story. I wanted to have her. Simple, I wanted to have some fun. After a few weeks, I ask her to meet me for coffee. She readily agreed to meet. She wasn’t showing but I understood that she is a horny girl.

We started chatting about common things and what we chatted on Instagram. After finishing the coffee I took her somewhere private as while drinking coffee she started a naughty conversation and double meaning talks. I am a straightforward person.

I directly asked her, “Wanna have fun?” She replied, “That’s what I am here for.” I wanted to kiss her immediately but controlled. I took her to a nearby flat which belongs to my friend. As we entered the flat we started kissing. She responded with the same intensity.

I could understand her thirst for sex. I held her against the wall facing me. I wildly started kissing her on her neck region. While both my hands were exploring her boobs. She started moaning and removing my shirt. By then I entered my left hand inside her jeans. She left a soft moan.

Then I removed her top and jeans. She was just in bra and panty in front of me. I was just mesmerized by just seeing her like that. She started removing my jeans and then removed my underwear. She was happy to see my dick. It is 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. She started to give me a blowjob.

M: Fuck you are such a pro, just don’t stop.
She stopped after some time and didn’t let me ejaculate. This made me angry and frustrated. I pulled her up. In anger tore he bra and panty.
N: Go easy. You just tore my undergarments.

M: You are going to pay for not letting me cum.
She gave a naughty smile.
N: Accha. What are you going to do of it?
I just had enough of it, I was losing my control.

M: You will see bitch, you will see.
Saying this I pushed her on the sofa and started sucking, biting, chewing and pressing her boobs. I had just gone wild. Neha started shouting and crying. She was regretting pissing me off. I was loving her shouting. Her boobs became red from my actions of wild sex.

N: Ahh, go slow, easy.
M: What happened? This is just the start.
N: Just go slow.

I had just pinched her left nipple while rubbing her pussy with my right hand.
She was having a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure.
M: You have made a mistake now bear the punishment.

Saying this I started kissing her and biting her. Neha’s lips started bleeding. I saw the pain in her eyes and expression.
M: Now the main course will start.
N: Oohh Yeah. Show me what you have got.

I took her bra and tied her hands from behind and put the panty in her mouth.
I love to hear suppressed moans of girls while fucking them. But I need to punish her first. I started licking her pussy while she moaned in pleasure. I started finger fucking her.

I was also playing with her boobs rather mauling them. I stopped fingering her just before she was about to cum. I could see the depression on her face.
N: What is this? I was about to cum.
This was in a suppressed tone due to the panty in her mouth.

M: Not so easily bitch.
I started slapping her on her cheeks, boobs and then asked to move in the doggy style. I freed her hands. I started spanking her hard, like really hard. She started crying due to the pain but was also liking the way she was treated.

I then told her to suck my dick to make it erect. I removed the panty from the mouth and started mouth fucking her. She was not very good at it but not bad either. I then started teasing her.
N: Stop teasing me and please fuck me.

M: I will, but first answer a few questions?
N: Now? Is it important to answer it now?
M: Yes.
I replied while teasing her. She had no choice.

N: Ask.
M: Are you a virgin?
N: Yes.
This made me very happy. I was just thinking about how lucky I am.

M: You told me you had 2 boyfriends.
N: I never let them fuck me. we used to just make out with foreplay.
M: You are a very cunning bitch.
N: Now just fuck me.

M(just playing her): But I don’t feel like.
N: What? Stop playing with me. Just do me.
M: But I want something in return.
N: Take anything just fuck me, please, fuck me.

“I have got a new slut,” I thought.
M: From now you are my slut. You will obey no matter what.
N: Yes I will. Now fuck your bitch, please.

After hearing that I started fucking her in her pussy. She was shouting loudly as she was feeling pain. When I entered her she started screaming. I saw blood all over the area. She was very tight of course she was a virgin. I started slowly moving.

As she became more comfortable and pleasure took over pain. Screaming turned in to moaning. I started ramming her.
N: Ooyye, harder. Yes. Don’t stop. Fuck your bitch. I am cumming.
She cummed like hell.

M: Turn around bitch.
She turned around and I started fucking in missionary. I fucked for more 2 times. She was exhausted. I was also tired. We rested for some time.

M: So bitch, be ready for a bitchy life.
N: Yes boss.
M: Be ready from now.

She just smiled shaking her head. Perhaps she just understood that she has landed in a very great mess.

Thanks for reading guys. If any girls are interested in sex (special from Bangalore) can mail me on my email [email protected].

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