Young guy Raj , part-03

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Hello readers ,
It’s natural to be impressed by younger ones as I know the truth of love and sex between guys and gals ,men and women.nature have made us to complement each other as I am married for last 04 years ,I have enjoyed sex with too many guys as well as with my hubbu (Prev story Young guy Raj part 2).

My younger brother Jeet and his friend Sunny fucked me prior to my marriage and than my hubby Anish as well as his boss Nishant have satisfied me on bed as in my sexual dairy ,Raj is new as he is 5-6 years younger to me and if ,readers can describe me as a dirty lady ,I will not mind it but I am a lady full of hunger and thirst for sex and change of taste is necessary for me .last weekend I have been with young guy Raj as he lost his virginity to me and we both have planned for love today.

I am Bina Mishra ,a married lady of 26 years with my height of 5’6 feet and white lovely tits are hot as my sexy round dome shaped ass can make any guy sexual organs size have enhanced as my vaginal elasticity is nice ,it’s a nice morning as my hubby Anish left home at 08:45 am and I am sitting in my balcony with a cup of coffee.

Raj is a young guy of 19-20 years as his sexual ability is beyond limit but sucking young cock is good for health.anyhow ,I put my cup on table as maid is cleaning the surface as I am waiting for her departure.its 10:25 am as my maid completed her work and left my home ,now I moved inside washroom to have sexual organs are dirty as my hubby have fucked me last night ,so I put gel on my body to clean it and lastly ,came out of washroom after having a nice standing infront of large mirror,I can see my nude body glittering like pearls as I stretched my legs to see my cunt having little hairs on it as shaving it frequently can make its surface hard and it can loose it’s I put a black brassiere as well as G string on my hot body ,than I put a transparent pink gawn on my body as my body can be seen easily through I took out a bottle of beer from refrigerator and started drinking it with my light breakfast.

I am ready for sexual activities as it’s 11:35 am and Raj have promised me for hot afternoon.I am in drunkun State as I slept on bed for rest and after 15 minutes ,door bell started ringing,I walked towards door as I opened it ,Raj was there with smile on his face as he entered inside ,I closed the door and both are sitting on sofa.looking at me ,Raj hold my wrist as he…….

“you are beautiful Bina
(Bina)thanks and you are smart Raj.”

As he took me in his arms and I sits on his thigh as my arm is on his I put my lips on his face as he have hold me tightly ,I am kissing his face as well as lips ,while Raj is rubbing my back.we both are getting hotter as I took his lips in my mouth to suck and he is rubbing my back , later on Raj pushed his long tongue in my mouth as I started sucking left breast is pressing his chest as I can feel his hand on my back.I am dominating him as I am sucking his tongue till he pushed my face.raj is hot as I left his thigh and sits on sofa ,now I started unbuttoning his shirt as he is pressing my breast hand is pulling his jeans as Raj is now in his undies and vest only ,I stands in front of Raj as I put my hand on gawn and removed its lashes to take it out from my hot I am in undergarments only as he is looking my hot body ,I moved closer and put my one leg on sofa as my legs are well spread and Raj put his face in between my thighs as his nose is smelling my G string.He is rubbing his nose on my G string and my labias are feeling it’s touch and than I removed my G string as it felled on ground ,my vagina is nude and he is kissing vagina is getting the love of Raj’s lips as he is rubbing my nude I put my fingers to widened the hole and Raj is now licking my cunt with his long tongue as I am screaming……..

“oohh aahh Raj lick it fast .” And he is rollinh his tongue in my vagina as my legs are shivering and than he left my I sits on his legs as I started pulling his undies and his long cock is in my while holding it ,I removed it’s skin as my lips are kissing its base to shaft as well as glans.while Raj is rubbing my back and I started rubbing it’s glans on my face as well as lips and he unhooked my brassiere as my both boobs are nude ,he is pressing it hard and now I took his cock in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and fast.He is shouting……

“oohh aahh Bina you are a bitch suck my cock hard.”

And he is pressing my breast hard as my mouth is giving it a nice jerk.after some time ,I took his penis out of my mouth as I am licking it and making it hard for my nice fuck but he is a not a matured fucker as he have fucked me once and his penis have ejaculated cum within 5-6 minutes in my I left his cock as we both walked towards washroom to urinate and for refreshment.after coming back in hall ,I am standing on my legs as my upper parts are leaned forward and my arms are on dinning a four legged animal ,I am standing as Raj is holding his penis behind my ass ,he started pushing his cock in my vagina.His whole cock is in my cunt as I started swinging my ass and Raj is fucking me fast with power.we both are enjoying love as Raj is giving me a hard fuck and his hand is on my breast as well as waist.I am moving my bum fast as our organs are hot ,I will cum soon,I screamed……..

“Raj fuck me hard aahh uumm I will cum.”

And my cunt started dripping juice as Raj took out his cock from my cunt and started licking it with his long tongue to taste it’s he pushed his cock again in my vagina as I am swinging my ass fast and after a nice fuck for 8-9 minutes ,his dick poured cum in my vagina as I sucked it to taste it’s cum.

Added by Bina mishra

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