Affluent Mormon Wife Shares with ex-con & Black Man

Carl had been really successful in business. Because of that his wife and family enjoyed the better things in life. Big vacations, fancy cars, and a lot of the right connections in life. Business and Mormon Church duties took up a lot of his time, but his personal life and love life seemed at the top of the heap. Two years into their marriage Carl was doing well for a service company when he realized he could make more money with his own company.

After borrowing twenty-five hundred dollars from his father-in-law Carl had his own used service truck, some tools, and a small inventory of parts. Properly licensed Carl began advertising his services at discounted prices by putting flyers on homeowner’s doors. Business started slowly. When Carl didn’t have a job he would be putting out more flyers. Then his wife would go out evenings passing out flyers while her parents watched their two younger children after she had gotten off work from her day job. Her job covered the groceries and part of the rent. Carl needed to keep busy.

His wife Anne would ring the door bells and was well received. She got Carl enough work to keep him busy. What Anne never revealed was that a couple of times per week she would encounter men at home alone and if cute enough she’d let him fuck her. Carl’s hard work kept him tired most of the time and this was a nice fill in and the occasional large cock was always a nice surprise.

Busy with family later and Carl’s business growing Anne stopped passing out flyers and spent her time raising three children and keeping the books for Carl’s business. As time passed Carl had several trucks on the road. He hired one of his men’s wife to keep the office open and relieve Anne from her bookkeeping chores. He also removed his new hire’s panties and gave her cunt a royal fucking on almost a daily basis. Their fucking undetected, Carl promoted the bookkeeper’s husband to service manager.

As the fleet grew Carl could guess which one of the new service crew member’s young wives wouldn’t mind some cock on the side. By the time he had thirty trucks in his fleet he had his cock in twenty of the workers’ wives. It’s funny how wives thought fucking the boss was good job insurance for their spouse. And, it was good job insurance. Also, Carl had a decent dick to pump into them and knew how to use it.


Twenty years later the kids were gone. Anne gave up getting fucked by strange cock back in her flyer distribution days, remaining otherwise faithful. Carl had that incident at the cabin in the mountains with his daughter that was still going on after two years. Anne decided that with all they had to be thankful about she would do some volunteer work after seeing an advertisement online for help at a local charity.

The main thing the charity was looking for was money. Anne could help with that, but wanted to be more involved. The charity was mostly providing a Counselor with paid staffers supplemented with volunteers. Most clients were newly released from jail and now on the streets or military with an aversion to the services offered by VA. In a volunteer position mostly considered to being the front desk receptionist Anne quickly learned two things.


Ex-cons made her feel threatened, but also made her nipples hard and her pussy wet.


Ex-Military in need of help made her grateful for their service. She wanted to help them the most. And, they made her nipples hard and her pussy wet.

There weren’t a lot of people coming in, but it gave Anne something to do. Her main job was to hand out a questionnaire that asked if the client had tried certain services, wanted to try certain services, or just wasn’t interested in certain services. Staff would suggest things from the survey. Anne sat sat behind a high counter with a low desktop that went the width of her office space. There was a closed door to her office and the patient rooms were behind her back wall.

One of her earliest interactions was with a white ex-con with prison tattoos and attitude. Ed was tall and thin, nice smile, haunting blue eyes. He showed an interest in Anne that made her squirm in her chair. Ed had taken consoling to mostly get some food vouchers and directions for a place to sleep. The job interviews that Anne set up for him didn’t seem to be getting any results. Ed was just twenty three and had resorted to crime rather than work. The charity was running out of patience with Ed when Anne explained the situation to Carl.

Carl couldn’t send an ex-con into his clients’ homes, but did arrange for him to work in his supplier’s warehouse. To make that work he offered to let Ed stay in the pool house in exchange for taking care of the pool and cutting the grass. City bus service got him to work each day. Ed soon learned that he could climb on a lower roof and see across the bedroom into the bath to watch Anne undress each night.

Ed got lots of pussy with his gangster attitude before getting sent up for three years on a robbery charge. The young Mormon girls loved his defiance of the rules and the law. Nothing makes a Mormon daddy cringe more than a hoodlum dating his daughter. Anne knew enough about Ed that he could get her juices flowing although she would die if anyone knew about her occasional stray fingers in her crotch.

Occasionally they would invite Ed to dine with them. Carl wasn’t happy with the way Ed would stare at his wife. Anne seemed to enjoy the attention and would get a little flirty making sure she would lightly rub against him and one evening revealed a massive tit shot down her blouse. Carl gave her an mean look which Anne returned with a look of defiance.

A couple of nights later there was some food leftover. Not enough to make a second meal. Anne proposed to take it out to Ed in the pool house. A glance in the window as she moved along the sidewalk froze her in her tracks. Ed was on the couch watching some kind of porn on his computer and had his cock in his hand One hand was wrapped around his prick as he slowly pumped himself while watching the image on the screen. As he stroked himself several inches of his meat remained exposed above his fist. Finally he stood and shot his cum into a paper towel.

It was Anne’s first clear look at the size of it. Her mind went back to the days when she helped Carl start the business passing out those flyers and fucking some large cock when the opportunity arose. Now she had gotten the “early grandmother” look about her. Young guys didn’t try to catch her eye, nor did they check out her body like early in her marriage. Anne hadn’t put on more than ten pounds since her youth. Most of that was tit and ass. Her stomach was still flat and she looked damned good in a shirt and jeans.

Young guys didn’t notice her any more. Except for Ed. Ed noticed. Ed checked her out. Anne stayed at the window. His cock softened, but still stood out and held most of its length. Anne’s pussy was flooding from watching this young ex-con. She started to retreat and throw the food in the garbage. Instead she stepped up to the door and knocked.

Ed hurriedly grabbed a robe to try to hide his still erect cock. Glancing at the door he could see it was Anne that knocked. He tried to bend forward when he answered the door. Rather than hand him the food she pushed past him and carried the plate into the kitchen. As Ed followed her in she stepped back from the table. As Ed went by the robe caught the edge of the table exposing his cock. Anne stared. Ed began an apology.

“Oh, God! Anne, I’m so sorry. I don’t have a girlfriend yet and I was taking care of business when you knocked.”

Anne still stared.

“Yes, I know. I saw you through the window as I walked up. Actually stood there several minutes.”

“Oh, shit. I’m going to get tossed out for being a perv.”

“No, you are not! It’s what guy’s do. Something I do myself some times.”

“You?? Why would you do that??”

“Because I don’t have one of those around.”

Claire pointed to his cock, that embarrassingly enough hadn’t gotten softer, but was back at full hardness.

“Would you have another load in that thing for me if I wanted it?”

“Yes. I mean, no! I couldn’t do that. You are so sweet and Carl has been so nice to me.”

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“Nice means you are stupid. Nice gets your wife fucked by another man.”

“But, Miss Anne. That just isn’t right.”

“I only have a few minutes. Are you fucking me or not?”

Anne was already undressing in front of him. God, she could feel herself so wet.

“But, we don’t have any condoms!”

“Did I say I wanted you to use a condom. Do you want to cum in me?”

“Yes! But, no. I can’t do this!”

“You look like you can do this. Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Anne went to his bed and spread her legs for him. It had been over three years since he fucked a woman. She wasn’t the kind you would crawl over to go jack off. He pointed the end of his cock at her pussy slit.

Anne liked the feel of it as it went in. Strange cock was twenty years in her past right up until this moment. Compared to her husband this was stretching her out. Anne needed stretched out. The head was soon against her cervix, his balls tapping her ass as he slow-stroked her trying to last. Anne would have none of the waiting. Carl was in the house. As soon as Ed could cum in her she was ripe to cum right along with him.

Ed held tight into her and grunted. Anne started to cum as soon as his seed started to flood into her. Anne moved him off her and started to dress. Feeling no guilt for what she had done she smiled at Ed.

“I guess this will be our secret.” Her voice sounded like honey.

“Um … yes. Sorry I didn’t last long.”

“We were in a hurry. Remember?? The nice guy is in the house waiting for his wife to come back inside. We’ll make it last longer next time.”

“Next time??”

“Yes, how can a girl resist a nice cock like that. How big is that thing anyway?”

“Nine … just a little over nine.”

Anne wiped her married cunt with a paper towel. Ed watched.

“Should I have condoms for next time?”

“Do I look like the kind of woman that would want you to use a condom?”

“No, Miss Anne.”

Ed wondered when he could fuck her again. The next night about 10:30 Ed felt Anne slip into bed with him naked.

“Husband’s asleep. Cum in me a couple of times and I’ll let you get some rest so you can work tomorrow.”

The next day Anne liked the idea that she had left most of Ed’s cum in her. The wetness made her horny. Right after lunch a black guy showed up at her window. Raphael looked like a bouncer. Acted like one, too. Anne wondered how it would feel bouncing up and down on him. He took the clipboard, had a seat, and started filling out the forms. The countertop between the two let Raphael see just Anne’s face. From her side she was watching him. Her workspace was a 30″ deep countertop about a foot and a half below that. It stretched the length of the front wall. Things were quiet.

“Why am I thinking black? That’s not me. I can fuck Ed’s big cock when I get home. Who knows if the rumors are even true.”

It would be several minutes before Raphael could finish the forms. One client was in back with a counselor. That meeting would not end until ten minutes before the hour. Anne had some time and an urge. She liked wearing a dress to work. Getting her underwear off and into her purse wasn’t a problem. Neither was getting a finger onto her clit and into her wet cunt. That felt pretty good. It wasn’t going to take very long. Boom! Orgasm! Oh, my!

Anne still had her hand under her skirt when the black man came to the counter. She blushed a little and took the forms he had filled out and placed them in a folder. She printed his name on a label and affixed it to the folder. She smiled at him and told him a counselor would meet with him soon. Anne went over his paperwork. Army Vet with minor war wound and trauma. That explained his nervousness and reserved demeanor. That made Anne think about fucking him. Her fingers went back to her exposed pussy as she read through his file. He had been homeless a lot and ended up in Utah.

“Hey, I picked up an extra taco for lunch and couldn’t eat it. It’s yours if you want it.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Anne put the bag on the counter.

“Thanks. I haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday.”

“Not feeling well?”

“No. No money. I hate to beg like some of those bastard’s that really don’t need it.”

“Well, you need to eat.”

Anne reached beside her chair for her purse. She pulled out a twenty to hand to him.

“Here, some people come in and leave cash to help people out. This will feed you a couple of days if you spend it right,”

“For real? You aren’t afraid I’ll spend it on beer or drugs?”

“Are you going to spend it on beer or drugs?”

“No way. If someone is nice enough to give it I’m going to spend it right.”

Raphael leaned on the counter as he visited with Anne. The conversation lasted more than twenty minutes as they discussed families. Raphael told her he had been married. His wife had cheated a lot while he was overseas. When he came home wounded to Baltimore she was soon gone with no word of where she was going. Without her salary he couldn’t keep their apartment. It was full of too many ghosts of her past sexual experiences anyway.

“You know. I like you. You remind me of my Mama.”

“Thanks … I guess.”

Anne wasn’t feeling like his Mama. Anne was feeling wet between the legs.

“I don’t mean like an old Mama … more like a hot Mama.”

Luckily for Raphael the phone buzzed to send him back to the counselor. Although there was a side exit for clients Raphael came back in through to get his duffle back of clothing and stuff. They talked a little while, Raphael telling her he would be back in a couple of days.

Anne had to slip out to enjoy Ed’s big cock in the pool house again that night. As much as she enjoyed it she found herself cumming while thinking it was Raphael’s black cock shooting seed deep into her cheating cunt. It was a wipeout orgasm for Anne. She cleaned herself a little and sneaked back into her own bed with her husband none the wiser.

She told Carl about Raphael the next morning as they shared breakfast.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the next time he comes in I can bring him home. Maybe get his clothes washed, him cleaned up so he can look for a job.”

“That might help. We’ve got two guest bedrooms in the basement. Maybe let him sleep in a real bed a couple of nights. Get him pointed in the right direction.”

Anne had a slightly different scenario. Maybe let him point his black cock in the right direction at her constantly wet pussy and push hard. The idea sent her to the pool house with Ed and his young and eager cock right after dinner when Carl needed to go back to the office a little while. Of course, Carl was letting a new hire’s wife show him a little gratitude for her husband’s job.

The next morning Carl left early for a meeting before work with the crews. Kind of a pep talk he liked to do from time to time. Anne had Ed over in their bed pep talking her horny married cunt before he had to catch the bus. This was the first morning Anne had gone in with such a cunt full of cum. She liked being at her desk with seed oozing from her slit. She fucked Ed again that night and quietly slipped back into bed with Carl.

Right after lunch the next day Raphael came in again to see the counselor, his real reason being to see Anne. The fortyish little Mormon wife had caused him to jack off several times since he had seen her last. She greeted him cheerfully with him having no idea of the offer she was about to make.

“Hey, Miss Anne. I made the twenty last. Bought a sausage muffin for breakfast with the last two dollars this morning. How ya been?”

“I’ve been fine Raphael. Been thinking of you.”

“Thinking of me? Why would you be thinking of me?”

“Just hoping you were okay and safe.”

“That’s mighty nice of you Miss Anne.”

“Well, just call me Anne when no one else is near.”

“Okay, Miss Anne.”

“Raphael … no one is around.”

“Oh … oh! Okay … Anne.”

“Listen, Raphael, my husband said I should bring you home tonight, let you get a shower, and spend a couple of nights in our basement guest room.”

“You folks would do that for me?”

“Sure. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. I don’t volunteer on Fridays. I can take you by Goodwill for some better clothes, maybe a haircut, see a movie … or something.”

“Ha, Ha! Me and you see a movie. That’s rich.”

“You wouldn’t go to a movie with me, Raphael?”

“Yeah, I’d go. You mean like a chick flick or something?”

Anne laughed. She told him to kill time until she got off work at five. He was waiting in the parking lot. Anne strode across the pavement making her heels click on the hard surface, shaking her ass a little to make it bounce under her skirt, letting the skirt ride up her legs a little as she drove. Her underwear was in her purse. Her bare pussy naked as she drove. Nipples hard against her bra cups. God! He was filthy dirty, but she wanted to have him fuck her hard and deep. That would have to wait for after some soap and water.

They pulled into the garage and let the door down behind them. They had a pleasant if not slightly flirty conversation on the drive home.

“So, this is where we live.”

Anne waved her arms in the air. It looked like a mansion to Raphael. Well, it was a mansion, actually. She showed him around the lower level, but not upstairs where the main bedrooms were located.

“Come on downstairs. I’ll show you the guest bedrooms.”

Anne directed him to the one in the corner. There was laundry room next to one side and a common bath was between the two bedrooms.

“Let’s sort out your clothes and get them to washing. We’ll do light colors first. Let me have you underwear.”

“I don’t have underwear. Wouldn’t like to wear them if I did.”

Anne started a load of his dark clothes.

Anne got him a snack and something to drink in the large stainless steel kitchen with the restaurant grade appliances. They talked until the washer beeped letting her know to put the clothes in the dryer. In the laundry Anne had him take the colored clothes from his duffle to go in the washer.

“Might as well toss in the ones you are wearing, too.”

“I told you I don’t have on underwear.”

“Are you telling me I’d be the first to see you naked? Surely your mother and your ex-wife at the least I am sure. Who knows how many more?”

She seemed to be scolding him to get naked. He unbuttoned his shirt first and tossed it into the washer. Then took the belt from his pants and dropped them to the floor. He kept his back to her as they went into the machine.

“You might as well shower while your clothes wash.”

She stood away from the laundry. Raphael had to turn to go the the shower or feel like a fool walking backwards to the bath. Anne tried to act like it was no special deal as his cock slapped against his naked thigh. There was a lot of cock for it not being hard. She showed him the towels and soap and shampoo, then turned on the water for him. All the time his cock flopped around until the experience made it too hard to flop any more. Anne was trying to be casual as she ushered him into the hot spray of the shower. Damn! That thing had to be almost a foot long.

“I’m not going to run upstairs just to pee. I’ll use the toilet right here.”

Raphael could see her raise her skirt, but not pull down panties. He couldn’t hear her piss, but saw her get up and reach behind herself to wipe her crotch. He thought she wanted him to fuck her. Better safe than sorry. She might just be a tease. Let her make the first move. He saw her move away from the toilet. Not knowing she stood in the doorway to watch him through the glass stall he started jacking himself off. Anne had to put her fingers into herself and although he didn’t know it she was cumming right along with him when he shot his load against the tile on the wall.

Carl would be home soon. Not enough time for anything but a quickie. When she got ready to fuck Raphael he’d beg her to let him fuck her. She had checked his blood test at work. No drugs, no STD’s. When she got ready to fuck him it would be worth her while.

Now she would cool him off by ordering pizza. Carl arrived at the same time as the pizza driver.

“How did you know I wanted pizza for dinner?”

Carl teased Anne, then extended his hand to introduce himself to Raphael. They chatted like old friends while they ate. All three watched TV together before bedtime. Carl would glance at Raphael. Raphael stared at Anne at every chance. He couldn’t figure out her signals, but was pretty sure she wanted him to fuck her. Anne was pretty sure of it, too. Rather than risk sex with the black stranger Anne slipped out to fuck Ed at the pool house. She stayed and fucked him twice before returning her own bed and her husband.

“What are you two doing today?” Carl asked at breakfast.

Carl never even assumed they’d stay home and fuck. Carl didn’t think of his wife as that kind of woman.

“I thought I’d take Raphael to Goodwill to get some better clothes, some lunch, then maybe show him around town a bit. Maybe see if there are any jobs available.”

“Well, if you don’t go overboard get him something new to wear. A couple of changes of clothes, some new shoes, and maybe a hat if he wants one.

Carl chuckled. Anne gave him an odd look. Anne kissed Carl goodbye as he left for work.

“I guess it’s just us.”

Anne smiled and winked at Raphael. Was she going to fuck him now?

“Looks like we are going to Target or Walmart. Do you have a preference?”

“What ever suits you. I’m just here being grateful. You are taking me to look for a job on a Friday, are you? That’s bad luck.”

“No, I couldn’t very well tell him we were going to a movie.”

They bought clothes and shoes. Raphael didn’t wear hats. He said he probably wouldn’t wear underwear if she bought it.

“Like to let it swing free?” Anne teased.

“Something like that.” Raphael laughed.

She let him choose seafood for lunch. She wondered if Raphael noticed she had driven him all the way across town so she wouldn’t run into friends. Anne picked a movie that wasn’t really a chick flick. Of course, the leading man was handsome and there was enough of a nude sex scene to make it interesting. They took their seats early near the back row. Anne took his hand and leaned in to speak him.

“Do you notice everyone looks at us like they think you are probably fucking me?”

Anne raised the arm rest to go hip to hip with her black friend. She could not keep her mind off seeing his cock and watching him jackoff in the shower. She needed to allow enough time to fuck him before Carl got home. Raphael decided to see if he could get his arm around the pretty forty-something. The theater had darkened and images filled the screen. There wasn’t any resistance as when he put his arm around her she snuggled against him.

The next move was to wait a few minutes and work a hand to a tit. He found a protruding nipple and no bra to slow his progress. She leaned a little tighter. Raphael lowered his head to sniff her hair. She pushed her hair over her ear allowing herself to feel his soft breath. He nibbled her ear lobe as her played with her hard nipple. He kissed her neck. She raised her chin for her lips to meet his. Their first kiss went French within seconds as her tongue traced his in his mouth.

The movie was forgotten. There were in the back row. The afternoon crowd meant no one was within a half dozen rows of them. Raphael’s hand went to Anne’s bare thigh. A few more moments Raphael learned she had spent the day with him not wearing underwear. His finger traced along her slit. Anne moved her thighs open for his finger to get access to her womanhood. Two fingers were soon plunging in and out of her white married cunt while images flickered on the theater screen. While others were watching opening scenes to the chick flick Anne was getting finger fucked by the dark man she had brought on this “date”.

“Oh, God … you are making me cum.”

“Do it! Cum on my fingers!”

Anne kissed him to muffle the sounds of her pleasure. She relaxed with his fingers still inside as she came down from an orgasm like she had seldom before experienced. As the little shudders subsided and she caught her breath Anne reached out for the lump that was his cock in his pants. She freed it and it leaped to full length. It looked obscenely large in the dark theater and even more so when a lighted scene appeared in the movie.

“We need to go home now!”

“And miss your chick flick?”

“Yes, miss my chick flick.”

Anne had both hands on his prick, slowly working it up and down.

“Put it in me before we go. I have to know how it feels inside me.”

This crazy white wife was taking Raphael on a wild and twisted ride. First he wondered if he could fuck her. Now he didn’t know how to stop her.

“You’re going to fuck me in a theater?”

“Just enough to feel it, then we will go home so you can properly fuck me.”

Anne was quietly panting. Raphael moved down in the seat. Anne swung a leg over him and settled down on his black cock. After the recent fucking of Ed’s nine inches Anne soon had Raphael all in. Even his ex-wife hadn’t taken him that easily. Raphael filled her womb with spurt after spurt of his seed after she wiggled a couple of times with him buried deep inside her. Anne felt it and smiled back at him.

“My God! You’ve made a mess.”

“I know. Felt good!”

Anne got off him and back in her seat. She had her naked ass on the seat and her pussy over the edge so when the creampie she knew would come out did come out it wouldn’t be all over her.

“Go to the restroom and get something to clean me up. You really flooded me.”

Anne felt sperm gurgled towards her outer lips. The first surge splattered onto the concrete floor below the seat. The little dribbles afterward made a dripping sound into the puddle as she waited for Raphael to return. Several paper towels later Anne felt it was safe to try to stand to leave.

The light in the lobby was bright on their eyes, but nothing like the afternoon sun in the parking lot. Anne took Raphael’s arm.

“Now let the bastards look at us like I’m letting you fuck me.”

“Do you think three strokes counts as fucking?”

“You’ll do better at home unless I stop the car on the way to fuck you in the back seat.”

“Sorry I went off so fast. You were so tight and hot. I hadn’t fucked a woman since I did my wife before I left on deployment.”

“Oh, wow! Maybe we should celebrate somehow.”

“My wife and I were high school sweethearts at Dundalk High in Baltimore. I never imagined she could turn into such a whore in such a short time and still video chat with me while I was laid up with my wounds waiting to come home.”

“You can fuck me with that thing whenever you want based on how it felt when you had it in me.”

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Anne parked in the garage. The pair raced each other to the door into the house. They arrived at the same time, then laughed at each other’s eagerness. Then they kissed and kind of made out until both were undressed. Anne dropped to her knees in the kitchen and starting sucking his cock. Sucking as much as she could for something so large.

“Don’t tell me you’d rather suck me dry than fuck me.”

“No! You are right. I need you to fuck me.”

Anne grabbed his hand to lead him to her bedroom.

“Shouldn’t we go downstairs to the guest room?”

“I want you to fuck me in my bed so when my husband sleeps next to me tonight I can think about you being there with your cock in me.”

Raphael loved the feel of her pussy sliding down over his cock at the theater, but he really didn’t get a look at it. Now she lay on her bed splayed wide open wanting him to black breed her. Anne was staring at his cock waiting for it to enter her wetness.

“God Damn, that thing’s a foot long, isn’t it?”

“You didn’t seem to have any trouble taking it at the movies. You have a snug cunt. It’s hard to believe you have room for me with your round little ass.”

The head was splitting her outer lips. A thrust us from Anne put the head through her inner lips. The long, fat cock followed into her passage. Hard pushing from Raphael and some squirming from Anne soon had the full length inside her.

“Holy fuck woman. You’re all cunt in there. Old Carl must have a hell of a cock on him.”

Anne smiled down at where his black skinned penis penetrated her through her reddish-brown cunt hair. She reached down to rub her clit as Raphael fucked his cock into her.

“My husband is just average. I’ve been blessed lately with a couple of new friends that are more like what I need.”

Raphael started fucking her really hard. He got his hands under her ass so he could fuck deeper into her. Anne began to cum hard. Raphael’s seed boiled into her spasming cunt. He kept pounding in to her until his hardon started to bend in the middle on the in stroke. Finally he collapsed onto her and leaned off to the side while his cum leaked onto her sheets. Anne got a towel and wiped between her legs and tried to keep the cum from soaking into the sheets. Satisfied that she could hold the rest of his sperm inside her she began cleaning and sucking his cock.

“You said you were blessed with a couple of new friends. I guess the other friend is the white guy I saw down around the pool house.”

Anne took his cock from her throat and held it.

“Don’t say anything to him. I’ll be the one to break the news.

Anne let the head of his cock into her throat again.

“What if one of us is the jealous type?”

Anne quit sucking him again.

“What’s to be jealous of?. Especially you. You stretched me out more and went in three inches deeper than any one I’ve ever had. Neither one of you is married to me. I’m not going to turn either one of you down.”

“I don’t know. I never thought my second and best fuck would be a white Mormon chick married to a white guy.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment. I never thought I’d be fucking a black stranger in my marriage bed and then sucking his cock in an effort to get him to fuck me again.”

“So, just to be clear … my dick is bigger than his, right??”

“Jesus! Men are so weird! Yes, your dick is quite a bit bigger than his.”

Anne swallowed his cock into her throat. When he was almost hard again she laid back and let him ease it into her. The fucking was a a slower pace this time. Anne was enjoying the massive invasion. Raphael was loving white pussy. He came in her twice. Anne had no idea how many times she had cum from his huge rod thrusting into her.

Anne showered, changed clothes, put clean sheets on her bed and waited for Carl to get home. The three of them watched TV and talked until Raphael decided to get ready to get some rest in the basement. Carl got up to use the toilet. Anne kissed Raphael and ran her hand over his half hard shaft.

“If I can get away I’ll come down and fuck you later.”

“What about pool house dude?”

“You mean Ed. I’ll have to go down there and fuck him and explain the situation.”

“Okay, but you’re sure I have the biggest cock?”

“Yes, Raphael. You have the biggest cock and you are the best at using it. You make me cum a lot.”

She kissed him again. The bathroom door opened. Raphael scooted down the stairs.

“The guy doesn’t seem too bad. It’s a shame his wife would leave a wounded soldier. Did he get to put his name in for any jobs?”

“He put it in several times today.”

Anne smiled. If only he knew what she really meant or what had been put in a few times and where. She made sure to show Carl disinterest about sex. From what she had gotten from Raphael and Ed, Carl wasn’t going to do her any good. And, as soon as Carl was asleep she would be sneaking down to the basement and Raphael’s huge cock.

Raphael awoke to a blow job. As the fog in his head cleared he realized Anne had found him asleep on his back with his dick hard and sticking straight up from his groin. She had worked it in and out to get it wet and was running her tongue in his piss slit. With him now awake Anne moved over the black shaft and settled her open cunt down over it.

They began fucking slowly. The second time he made Anne cum he followed right along with her. The rush of hot black seed into her womb almost made Anne scream from the intense orgasm. She cuddled with Raphael, his dick still in her. Then as she decided she needed to return to her husband before he missed her in their bed. She let Raphael fuck her again instead.

Anne let Carl leave the bedroom in the morning before she got out of bed so he wouldn’t see the huge cum stain left by the of loads from her new fuck buddy. She started to put new sheets on the bed as saw the still wet cum on the mattress. In all her years of marriage there had never been a cum stain on the mattress.

With one hand tickling her clit she thought about how evil she had become. Had it not been Saturday Anne would have flopped on the bed and had a go at herself. She could hear Raphael and Carl talking downstairs over breakfast. Carl liked cooking Saturday breakfast. Usually followed by ATV rides with his buddies up in the mountains where a lot of beer got shared.

Anne had been part of the group until she felt the other guys in the group wanted to fuck her in front of her husband. Carl didn’t seem to mind the flirting. Anne had dropped out, yet his office manager and her husband didn’t seem to mind the sometimes coarse comments and “accidental” touching. Tanya almost seemed to encourage it and her husband as service manager didn’t mind if his workers copped an occasional feel.

Some how Carl got Raphael pulled into the mix in spite of Anne thinking they could hang at home with Carl gone and attempt to fuck their brains out. Raphael was excited about hitting the trails on an ATV. A journey that usually ended up at their cabin in the mountains.

They bounced up the rough trail. Anne behind Carl on his ATV and Raphael learning how to operate the second one behind them. In the past it had been the couple rode separate machines. Shortly after starting up the mountain paths Tanya had been bantering with the three other employees on their own ATV’s when all suddenly stopped. Tanya got off from behind her husband after arguing that she wanted to drive. After some of her peevish attitude one of the others offered to let her drive his machine while he rode in the seat close behind her.

To Anne’s occasional glimpse around Carl it looked like “Mr. Drive my ATV” might have his hands under Tanya’s shirt and maybe in direct contact with her tits. Tanya and four guys? Would she be the kind to fuck all four of them? She knew that one of the other wives tagged along from time to time. Were they just along for a gang bang at the cabin?

Anne thought back to her last few trips. Tanya did go lay down with a headache a few times and the group of guys did have one missing either off for a “walk in the woods” or to go “down to the lake”. The little cunt was fucking them!! And, Carl was there. He wouldn’t be blind. He’d be fucking her, too.

“Damn, I should have been hunting big cock earlier.” Anne thought to herself. “Not that all the white dick wouldn’t have been as good as one session had been with Raphael’s twelve inches rammed in her.”

Anne needed to plot a way to get Raphael off to herself for their own little fucking in the woods. The little caravan snaked up the trail. The trail forked to the left to go to their cabin. The right fork went up the mountain to nice scenery and long vistas. When the leaders went left Anne complained to Carl.

“Hey, are we going straight to the cabin so you guys can drink beer and flirt with Tanya? I wanted to take the upper trail to show Raphael how pretty it is up here.”

Carl thought about his pretty office manager he’d been fucking for years and how she let all the guys fuck her while her husband looked on. He had just fucked Tanya before leaving work yesterday afternoon. Carl was wanting another shot at her hot cunt. His own wife was a better fuck, yet nothing beats fucking another guy’s wife when you get the chance and as boss Carl called first dibs on her cute little snatch. Carl’s cock was looking for an excuse.

“Why don’t you and Raphael take the right fork and work back down to the cabin later?”

Carl might as well taken his hand and guided Raphael’s black cock into his wife’s willing cunt.

“Okay, but I’m driving.”

Anne smiled at her husband and then Raphael. She slid towards the handle bars and motioned Raphael to get on behind her.

Carl bounced his ATV up the trail trying to catch up to the others.

“God, but my husband is a stupid fuck.”

Anne unbuttoned her jeans and slid down the zipper, then pulled out her shirt tail and unsnapped her bra. Then before accelerating up the right trail she leaned backwards to tell Raphael.

“Grab yourself something to hang on to so you don’t fall off.”

Raphael’s black hands cupped her boobs and pinched her nipples. One hand soon moved down into her pants and two fingers nudged into her slit. Anne needed to cum and the vibration from the trail, the attention her breasts and pussy were getting, and Raphael kissing her ear and neck almost sent them off the trail. Anne parked the ATV and cut the engine. Carl’s ATV could still be heard working through the trees down below almost to the cabin.

“Oh, God! You need to fuck me now!”

Raphael’s black cock was quickly buried into her to the hilt. Her excitement drove him into a similar frenzy. Soon a load of his black seed flooded her grateful cunt. Anne felt his sperm still pumping spurts into her as the ATV silenced down below.

Carl walked over to the others. Tanya was already naked from the waist up and was unfastening her pants for her husband to pull them down over her feet.

“Where’s your wife and your black friend?”

Tanya was unfastening Carl’s jeans to get at his cock. She was needing someone to fuck her.

“Oh, they wanted to ride up the other trail to look at the view and work back around the other side. We should have plenty of time to all take a turn with you.”

“I’m looking forward to that, but aren’t you afraid he will try to fuck your wife when he gets her alone?”

“He’s half her age and Anne isn’t the type to cheat on me … or fuck a black guy.”

“I’d let him fuck me if I was her.”

“Jesus, Tanya. You’d let a black guy fuck you?” Her husband was shocked at her statement.

“Hell, why not? I let five of you guys fuck me. What would be the difference if he is black? I might like it. Maybe like it too much.”

Tanya laughed at the look of fear in her husband’s eyes as she dropped to her knees to take Carl’s cock down her throat. She quickly moved up with her back on the picnic table and her legs spread wide. Carl started fucking her. One of the other guys placed his cock in her mouth. Tanya’s husband watched with a look of admiration at his wife taking on his boss and one of his crew.

Anne took binoculars from the gear bag and handed them to Raphael.

“Move around through the trees to see if you can get an angle to look down on the cabin.”

Anne and Raphael were both scurrying around naked through the pines, his dick flopping against his thighs and cum seeping from her cunt. A few minutes later Raphael called out to Anne.

“Found them. I’m not sure you are going to like it.”

Anne rushed up to where he was standing. Raphael handed her the glasses.

“Son of a bitch!”

Carl had just pulled his cock from Tanya leaving a trail of sperm and cum running from her pussy. They were close enough and the binoculars strong enough to reveal a lot of detail. Tanya had cum on her chin from the cock she was sucking. Another took Carl’s place and another cock went into Tanya’s mouth. Carl walked past Tanya’s husband and patted him on the shoulder. He proudly watched his wife like a pleased parent watching his little girl perform the lead in a school play.

“Don’t I get to look?”

Anne had almost forgotten Raphael was there as she admired Tanya getting all that cock.

“Sure, here. She’s had two in her mouth and two in her cunt. The only one not to fuck her has been her husband. Let’s wait to if there is going to be another round.”

Tanya had a pretty good stream leaking from her slit and the second guy had just cum in her mouth. The four of them had soon fucked her with hubby still watching. Carl lined up for a second, plunging himself in the sloppy mess. He turned her over to fuck her from behind gripping her ass tightly and fucking her hard.

“Oh, God. You are going to have to fuck me again.” It had gotten to Anne.

Anne presented her trickling slit to Raphael for an assault from behind. Raphael fucked through her cervix and into her womb. Tanya would have no idea that Anne had more cock in her now than the four fucking her had given her combined. Anne quickly began to cum as Raphael gave her a sturdy fucking. Soon another big load of Raphael’s seed filled Anne’s uterus.

Down below at the cabin the party seemed to move inside. It gave Anne a chance to slip away although she wondered how long Tanya would continue with only the four guys or if Tanya’s husband would take a turn. Anne had a good view of loads of cum from four guys draining from Tanya’s nasty cunt as she followed the men into the cabin. Carl stood by the door and gave a good look around before going inside.

Anne sucked Raphael’s cock when they reached the higher elevations with the view of the valley below. She thought the previous two fuckings would carry her through as she wasn’t that excited about fucking in the weeds on a blanket along the trail. Very near the cabin and the sex orgy she expected to go on until they heard her ATV approach that want of Raphael’s black cock pulsing inside her got to the married little wife.

They parked in a flat spot. Anne went to her knees on the blanket to let her black lover fuck her from behind. Another good orgasm came along with another good load of cum from Raphael. Enough to let Anne feel she would be okay until they got home.

At the cabin everyone tried to look not guilty. Tanya had a look that only fucking several guys and taking several loads of cum could provide. In a moment when Carl and Tanya were far enough away they didn’t think she could hear, her husband made a comment:

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you fuck Raphael. I hear those people have large cocks.”

“Well, I’m interested. Maybe I can get him alone.”

Tanya had shown some interest in talking to Raphael and was soon doing that woman flirt thing of touching him and moving her hand along his arm. A few minutes later Tanya announced she had a headache as was going to lie down. Anne recognized the look on Raphael’s face. She got him aside.

“Do you really think you want to fuck that little slut?”

“Looks like she’s offering.”

“Maybe it would serve her right. The next time this bunch of white-dicked clowns fuck her she will be really disappointed.”

“Then it’s okay with you.”

“If I get pissed at you I still have Ed at home. I’m not married to you, you know.”

That sounded like yes to Raphael. He hung around a few minutes before Anne realized he wasn’t any where to be seen. She remembered a similar scenario the last time she had been to the cabin when she and Tanya were the only women there.

“Shit! He had to shove his cock in her.” Anne muttered to herself.

Others were noticing and the shared looks confirmed that Tanya was probably getting some black cock. About a half hour later she walked gingerly into the room with the others. She was all giggly and bubbly. Everyone knew she had gotten black fucked. There was no doubt she knew everyone knew she fucked him. Her eyes kept darting from Carl to Anne. Finally Anne had enough.

“For God’s sake Tanya, everyone knows you fucked him. Why don’t you fuck him again so we can all watch?”

There wasn’t a look on anyone’s face to indicate they didn’t want to see that, including her husband’s. Tanya took off her blouse and bra. Then stripped off her shorts and underwear … very soggy underwear. Raphael unfastened his pants and pushed them to the floor. All the men cringed when his cock popped into view. Tanya lifted a leg over his legs and settled down on the black pole projecting from his groin. She took nine inches and began working up and down on it.

Everyone watched as Raphael continued to fuck her open slit. He flipped her around and started fucking her missionary style on the couch. Time went quickly and by the hour mark Tanya had all of him inside of her. Everyone paid close attention as Tanya would cum again and again and again. Finally Tanya had become almost mindless from the intense fucking and stretching. It was getting late and past the time that they should be headed down the mountain.

Carl looked at his wife and suggest that she should try Raphael’s big cock.

“I already have, Dear. I already have. And, I’ve been fucking Ed out in the pool house, too.”

The room hushed. All chatter subsided. Eyes went to see Carl’s reaction and back to look stunned at Anne’s and her statement.

Anne rode down with Raphael behind her, his hands all over her, hoping that fucking Tanya would be forgiven. They loaded the ATV’s without much comment. Mostly all being stunned to learn Anne was fucking around on Carl, the boss to the men and lover to many of their wives. The three guys along were wondering about their own wives now that secrets had been revealed. Without their knowledge Carl had left their wives filled with his seed.

Once in the truck not much was said. Anne sat in the rear seat close to Raphael. They stopped for a burger. Anne sat on the side of the table where Raphael ate, leaning into him. Her stealing French fries from Raphael and making the way she ate them look obscene to all that were watching.

Back in the truck Carl looked into the rearview mirror at Anne, becoming first to speak.

“You know … it’s okay that you did, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you fuck him.”

“I don’t think you have an okay in this, but sure, you can watch me fuck him any time you want. How about in about ten minutes when we get home?”

Carl swallowed hard. There was no doubt she’d have Raphael’s black shaft in her soon after he parked the truck. Anne and Raphael went into the house. Carl backed the ATV trailer into the shed and parked the truck in the garage. When he rushed into the house moments later they weren’t in the kitchen or family room. They weren’t downstairs in a guest room. From the stairway Carl cried out for Anne.

“Anne?? Anne?? Where the hell are you??”

“We’re in our bedroom. We decided we couldn’t wait.”

Carl rushed up the stairs and to the master bedroom. He froze at the door. They were fucking naked in his bed. Their bed. Their marriage bed. Raphael’s black ass was rising and falling between Anne’s legs fucking his cock into her at a steady pace. They would kiss and then stare into each other’s eyes. The tempo would change and Anne would cum while begging for more.

“Oh, Baby, Carl’s watching. Show him how you fuck me.”

Raphael started longer strokes, pounding harder into Anne’s reamed out cunt.

“That’s it, Baby. Fuck me like that. A little harder, a little faster. Fuck me. Fuck me with your big black cock.”

The rest got hard to understand. Lot’s of “Fuck mes”, “Oh, God, right theres” and finally “you are making me cum”.

Somehow Raphael held back. He had learned that he liked fucking for a crowd. He learned that fucking Tanya and now fucking Anne in front of her husband had his cum boiling wanting to fill Anne’s womb with his seed. The steady pace remained, now with slower, shorter strokes. Anne had her hands on his ass. Her wedding rings sparkled in the light as she ran her hands lovingly over his black skin.

“Push up from me so Carl can see your cock buried in me. Let him watch us fuck.”

With their bodies apart Carl looked at the huge black penis wiggling into his wife. Raphael pulled out until the tip was right at Anne’s outer lips the pushed back in inch by relentless inch until it was all buried again. Watching it come out was ever more erotic than watching it go in to Carl, knowing the length had all been in her.

“I love the feel of my cock in your gorgeous married cunt. Who’s cunt is it now Anne?”

“I love your cock in me and when you fill me with your sperm. It’s your cunt whenever you want it Raphael.

At sometime Carl had taken his own cock from his pants and had been jacking off while watching them. A small spurt of cum came out the end and made a wet spot on the sheet beside the two lovers.

Anne laughed at her husband. Raphael added:

“Jesus Christ, man. You’re jacking off to me fucking your wife?”

Then they both laughed. Raphael fucked her hard, making them both cum. Anne stood with cum streaming from her. She pinched her pussy lips together as best she could and stumbled into the bathroom to let the rest splatter into the toilet.

Raphael never left the bed. His softening was cock quite visible to Carl. Anne came back in the room and starting sucking Raphael clean. When she finished her clean up she had her cunt facing directly at Carl. Some remnants of Raphael’s seed trailed along her thigh. Anne sat up to speak to Carl.

“Well, you got to see your wife fucked black. Happy now?”

“Happy to get to see it. Not so happy that he actually fucked you.”

“You can’t have it both ways. Get used to it. If you don’t mind Raphael and I would like to be alone to take a shower. Maybe fuck again. You can sleep in a guest room. I have one made up for Raphael. He will be sleeping in here with me. There’s no reason for me to slip downstairs any more when I want properly fucked. I hope you like your little whores at work. That’s the pussy you’ll be getting from now on, not from me.”

Anne took Raphael’s hand to lead him to the shower. At the bathroom door she looked back to see her husband still watching.

“Why are you still here?”

“Uh, all my bathroom stuff is in there. My clothes are in the closet.”

“You can come up in the morning to get ready for work.”

Carl was sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer while thinking about what his wife and the black man must be doing in the master bedroom. The other women he had manipulated at work didn’t mean as much if he couldn’t give his own wife an occasional roll in the sheets. And, that black bastard had completely taken advantage of his good nature to fuck his wife. Carl could hear their voices as they came from the bedroom. They entered the kitchen complete naked.

Anne brushed by him, giving him kiss on the cheek and rubbing her nipples across his arm. She bent over to get two beers from low shelf in the refrigerator totally exposing her recently black fucked pussy. God Damn it. He had totally wrecked Anne’s cunt. It reminded him of his teenage years helping his uncle on his ranch. Herding from behind the cows looked almost like his wife’s fuck hole. When he would look at her in the future he would visualize her with a cow cunt where the once normal girl slit had been when he married her.

Raphael stood across the counter from Carl with his now limp but still huge black cock hanging down the front of him. Anne handed him a beer and stared across at her husband. Carl ran his eyes down her body noting the softness of her neck where he would kiss her in foreplay. Her tits were well formed and nice sized, but seeming a little larger than he remembered. The hickies were new. Her nipples looked a little chewed. Her stomach had a little bulge almost like a baby bump. That probably from making room for Raphael’s huge cock in her.

Anne moved to the end of the counter, her face just inches from Carl. She kissed him and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Carl wondered if she had sucked Raphael’s cock back in the bedroom. She tasted like toothpaste. She probably sucked him but brushed afterwards. Anne was persistent with her tongue. Carl found himself kissing kissing back at her, their tongues intertwined until Anne broke the kiss.

“Raphael, fuck me, Baby while I kiss my husband. Put that big cock in me.”

Anne locked lips with Carl again. He watched Raphael out of the corner of his eye as the black man pumped his cock into hardness, then guided the head into Anne’s gaping slit. Anne moaned into the kiss. In at full depth Raphael lifted Anne onto her toes when the end was buried into her. When Carl went for her tits Raphael already had them cupped in his hands. Anne broke the kiss again.

“You are the best husband ever. Getting fucked with his black cock is so good.”

The kiss resumed and then stopped again.

“It feels so good when his cum shoots in me.”

They kissed through several orgasms for Anne. She grabbed Carl’s hands and put her head down when she was starting to cum. Raphael blasted his load into her. Once filled with black seed she kissed her husband goodnight.

“See you in the morning.”

She led Raphael to the master bedroom, leaving the door open. Carl noted a trail of cum across the kitchen tile, grabbed a couple of paper towels so he could clean it up. He looked at the cum that had just been in his wife and tossed the towels into the trash. Once in the downstairs bathroom he jacked off a load of cum into the sink.

It was oddly quiet in the basement. Being alone in the bed was strange. No Anne to reach over to and touch. He wondered if she was fucking Raphael again. Carl quietly went up the stairs. A dim light in the master bedroom was enough for him to see Raphael pumping into her. Her legs were spread wide. She waved them around in the air as her black lover fucked her. The sounds of her enjoyment floated out into the hallway. Soon Raphael’s grunts were enough to tell him the black man was cumming deep inside Anne’s womb again.

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The thoughts of the reality of what was going in his own bedroom kept Carl restless and unable to sleep. Several times he would sneak up the stairs. Several times he could hear Raphael snore. Twice there were sounds of Raphael fucking her in their marriage bed.

In the morning Carl went upstairs to get ready for work. Anne said it was okay. Both were asleep. It was easy to tell they were both naked under a single layer of sheet. Carl showered, shaved, and brushed his teeth. It was his bathroom, by God. When he came out to go into the closet for his clothes they were fucking again. This time his naked wife was on top rising up the full length of the black rod and ramming down again. Carl heard her cum twice while he was getting dressed.

Downstairs Carl fixed breakfast for himself. Anne brought Raphael downstairs as Carl sat at the counter to eat. She took a piece of bacon from his plate and put it in her mouth. He wondered how she could chew bacon and make it look like she was sucking cock. Anyway it would be good to get to work and get out to see one of his worker’s wives from some normal pussy and a chance to shoot his load into a woman’s cunt instead of the bathroom sink.

When all trucks were dispatched Tanya was the last person Carl wanted to have a conversation with.

“I suppose your wife has been well fucked on a regular basis. She was always such a cunt anyway.”

“You should talk. You screwed the same black guy she did.”

“It’s going to be tough going back, like they say, after going black. But, my husband fucked me Sunday afternoon and got off. Of course, if Anne doesn’t quit fucking Raphael she won’t be able to do you any good. My husband didn’t really do me that much good … but, wifely duties, you know. How are you going to fuck Anne knowing she won’t enjoy anything but black cock filling her with cum?”

“I’m fine. I need to get out in the field to check on the crews.”

“No you are not. I know about you fucking the workers’ little wives for job security. I can tell by the looks on their faces. Why don’t you fuck me instead, Carl? Wasn’t I the first time you cheated? Didn’t we do it a couple of times last week here in the office? Hell, we just did it Friday and then you fucked me with everybody else at the cabin. What don’t you try fucking a woman after a black man has fucked her? You probably won’t be able to tell much difference, but I will. Come on, Carl. Fuck me.”

The words hurt and really pissed Carl off. Hell yes! He’d fuck Tanya. He dragged her to the couch in his office where they always fucked. Tanya laughed and pulled off her clothes along the way. Carl stood naked and erect above her.

“Come on, Carl. Show me what you can do with that white dick of yours shoved between my legs.”

Carl’s cock hit home, split her outer lips and plunged right in. First thing he thought about was Raphael fucking her and how she looked fucking him back. He thought about how hard she had made Raphael cum and how frantic she got herself as she got off right along with him. But, she was someone else’s wife not his. She was fun to watch. Nothing humiliating about some other guy’s wife getting black cock.

He did notice with Tanya’s legs wide open to take him inside her pussy that it didn’t look ripped apart like Anne’s from Raphael fucking her. It felt pretty good. He could understand how her husband got off fucking her. It had been two days since she fucked Raphael and he had only fucked her twice. She didn’t seem to be ruined. Except for the remark about her being able to tell the difference.

Carl had probably fucked Tanya more times than his own wife over the last twenty years of so. They had a rhythm and knew what the other was feeling. He knew when she was about to cum. Tanya was about to cum. He stroked hard into her and took her over the top. His own cum washed inside her. The mood was a whole lot different.

“So, do you think I am damaged?”

Tanya sucked their juices off the end of his cock and then took him down her throat to finish the cleanup.

“Oh, God, no. I think you are perfect.”

“After all these years have you ever thought of us?”

“I see you everyday.”

“No, I mean us. Like a couple. Have you ever wished we were the married couple? Sharing a home? Sleeping together at night?”

“I thought we had our own thing going. You and your husband both work for me. Your husband likes to watch. You’ve been crowd fucked a lot. Karen and Lisa are along lots of times when we party up in the woods, but you’ve been the only one there sometimes letting fifteen guys fuck you.”

“Still, I like it best when it’s just you and me, the two of us knowing what the other likes and how we always make each other cum.”

“How about you and Raphael? He fucked you out of your mind.”

“That was just twice Carl. I’m not going to continue fucking some black guy. I don’t want my pussy wrecked for you or any one else, apparently unlike your own wife. Did she fuck him after you took her home?”

“Oh, shit! Over and over. She’s probably fucking him now. I got moved downstairs so she can fuck him without leaving the master bedroom. I watched her fuck him several times. It’s hot, but her cunt looks like the joke about “you could drive a truck through it”.”

“Yeah, she not going to stop. That cunt’s too far into it. What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’ve got you and the others.”

“Do you? You’ve always had me from the first moment I realized I wanted you to fuck me. Any idea how many times we’ve done it? Three times a week is one hundred and fifty times per year. I don’t fuck my husband that often. And, twenty-some years, Carl. That’s over three thousand times and I’ve wanted to tell you that I love you every time we did it.”

“You love me??”

“Yes, how could I not love you?”

“I don’t know. We get together. You fuck a lot of guys from work.”

“Yes, and there’s been others. It’s not just guys from work. I fucked a guy I had a crush on from high school at a class reunion. I’ve fucked salesmen that come in the office when you are out in the field. I’ve fucked truck drivers delivering materials. Last month I fucked a guy I met at the grocery store. Hell, I even fucked a soccer Dad several times in my minivan when our kids were playing soccer.”

“Jesus, Tanya. What about fucking Raphael? Was he your only black guy? Can you leave black cock alone?”

“Yeah, duh! So far. I mean you saw me fucking him. I wouldn’t mind having black cock again. You know, maybe once a year or so. A couple of times black fucked and then I’m off it. I don’t want a cavern cunt rubbing between my legs.”

“I do enjoy watching Raphael fucking Anne, but I wouldn’t want you black cock crazy like that.”

“Okay, deal! Tanya put her hand out for Carl to shake.

“What do we do now?”

“I think you should fuck me again!”

Carl had her back on the couch … fucking her again. Maybe it was just the building orgasm talking, but Carl had to tell her.

“I love you, too, Tanya.”

They were into the moment. His cock moving in and out of Tanya’s talented pussy. Her legs wrapped around him as he put another load in her cunt. They got dressed and kissed. Kind of a more loving kiss than before. Tanya laughed.

“Was that just 3001?”

Half hour later they looked like office staff. Carl going over papers in his office. The deliver bell rang in the warehouse. Tanya checked the camera.

“It’s a delivery. I’ll open the overhead door.”

“Is it one of the driver’s you’ve fucked?”

“Yes. Yes, it is. Do you want to watch?”

“Sure … were do you fuck him?”

“In your office. It’s only been a couple of times.”

“Okay. When I see you with him I’ll hide in the supply closet.”

“You’re kind of in to this, aren’t you?”

“I guess I am. Put on a good show.”

“He doesn’t last long. Enjoy it while you can.”

After unloading the truck the delivery the driver was pawing Tanya’s tits. Carl could hear her squeal.

The supply closet was good size with shelves on both sides. Carl had a good angle through the louvered door. The guy was young. Maybe not much older than twenty, twenty two. Tanya was getting some young dick. She was over the desk, taking the kid from behind. Carl’s view was like a good camera angle in a porn film. Tanya looked really good fucking him. His cock was a little bigger than Carl, but not much. His youth let him fuck her twice in succession. Tanya was loving it and came hard when he pumped his second load into her. She was right. The first fuck couldn’t have been two minutes. The second fuck made up for it.

“That was pretty cool watching you like that. I mean in my office and everything. It looked like you were fucking some high school kid.”

“He’s not a kid. It gave it to me pretty good and lots of cum. I’ll leave my undies off. See if that gets to you.”

Carl watched her at her desk through the window from his office to hers. She had done some pretty nasty things when she knew he was watching. Within ten minutes she was sitting sideways, facing him, cunt in full view. She slid forward a little bit and pushed a stream of cum from her pussy that puddled below her chair. Carl just had to go fuck her again. Troubles at home seemed far away as Tanya grunted her approval beneath him. He wasn’t sure he could cum again, but she brought it out of him.

The drive home gave time to think. He and Tanya made a good couple. Her fucking around wasn’t a concerning as his own wife taking on Ed and Raphael. He wasn’t aware Ed was fucking Anne until she leveled into him at the cabin. Seeing the ex-con fuck his wife wouldn’t be as fun as Raphael’s black cock in her. Anne’s obsession was troubling.

When he got home his wife was fucking Raphael in their bed again. Nothing frantic. Just Raphael on top plunging in and out of Anne at a steady pace. Carl watched from the door for a little while, then moved into the room to get a good look at his wife’s juicy cunt taking on a foot of black cock. Anne seemed startled that he was home, but soon regained her composure.

“I’ll fix us something eat when we’re done here. How was your day?”

“Oh, alright I guess. What have you done today?”

“We mostly just fucked around the house.”

Raphael snorted and Anne giggled. Carl didn’t find it that funny.

Raphael came into the kitchen by himself. Carl gave him a puzzled look. The son of a bitch could have put some clothes on.

“Your wife will be out pretty soon. We had a busy day. Some of the seed way inside was still running out of her. She wanted to sit on the toilet until it quits running out.”

Nothing else was said. About twenty minutes later Anne came into the kitchen without a stitch on.

“Why don’t we go out to eat? I don’t really have anything out to cook.”

Raphael went downstairs to get clothes. Carl was in their closet to get a fresh shirt. Anne decided she needed a quick shower.

“Hey, Hon. Get me the blue skirt you like and the blue and white T-shirt.”

“No underwear?”

“Not tonight. It’s such a bother.”

Carl watched her through the shower glass. It had been a few days since they had been alone. Out of the shower Anne remained naked after drying off. She put on light makeup and reached for the skirt and t-shirt. Pulling them in place she smiled at her husband.

“All set. Let’s go.”

They had a favorite steak house. Carl hated the idea of spending thirty or forty dollars on Raphael, especially since he took the seat next to Anne leaving Carl on his side by himself. The waitress gave them an odd look with the black guy next to Carl’s wife. She looked like the type that liked black cock herself. She gave Raphael the once over to the displeasure of Anne.

It was pretty obvious to Carl and probably many of the people around them that Anne was getting finger fucked by Raphael while they waited for their meal. Then on the way home she sucked his cock in the back seat. From the groan from Raphael and the moans from Anne she had made him cum and swallowed the load. Five minutes in the door they were in bed fucking like teenagers. Carl checked on them for a few minutes. Anne still wore her wedding rings for some reason. Probably because Raphael liked the idea of wife fucking. She had her hands firmly on his ass making sure she was taking him deep. Anne watched Carl the time she was taking black dick. Carl would rather watch the expression on her face than the black cock working up in her cunt.

The next morning Carl couldn’t wait for the last crew to leave so he could fuck Tanya. Cumming in Tanya made the day a lot better. Tanya later fucked the office supply salesman and Carl stopped by Karen’s house and gave her a good fucking with her kids either in school or napping. Karen was only mid-twenties and a good fuck, but he realized what a gem he had in Tanya. Seeing his cum in the gap between Karen’s outer lips made Carl want to fuck her again. He drove away just in time to meet the school bus on his way out.

Carl didn’t go back to the office. Even after fucking Karen twice her couldn’t get Taanya off his mind. He wondered if he ditched his wife if Tanya would divorce her husband. Why hadn’t he thought of this before? Maybe it was because they wasn’t a Raphael before, even though Tanya had fucked him twice as well. Tanya fucking around was sexy. Anne fucking around just made her a cunt.

When Carl got home Raphael was alone. There wasn’t any indication that Anne was even in the house. After a few minutes Carl asked.

“Where’s my little bride. Do you wear her out?”

“No, she’s down at the pool house fucking Ed. When she saw he had a black friend with him Anne went down to introduce herself. She’s been gone about an hour. I assume she is fucking both of them.”

“Wow! And you are okay with that?” Carl’s tone was sarcastic.

“No, I don’t want the little bitch fucking other guys.”

“She’s not your wife. What do you expect?”

“I’d marry her if she’d let me. Put some babies in her, too, while she is still young enough to have them.”

Although the conversation was pretty weird they began talking wives and family. Talking about Raphael getting wounded and his wife leaving him before he ever got shipped home. Carl talked about the business, his own family … wondering if his daughters fucked black guys, then remembering times it seemed like they might be going black.

They made something to eat, wondering why Anne was taking so long at the pool house. A couple of hours after that both decided to turn in. It was odd with Raphael going into the master bedroom, Carl going downstairs to a guest room and Anne out there.

Carl lay in the dark thinking about Tanya. His cock got hard with the thought about her asleep in her bed with her husband, the master cuckold. It would be nice to reach across the bed and fuck her whenever he wanted.

Raphael was visibly upset with Anne. Carl listened for the door to open and a close for him to drag her white cunt back to bed with him. Carl found himself in the guest bath jacking off while thinking about Tanya. He had no thought about his wife or what she was doing with Ed and his black friend only fifty feet or so away from the house.

After dumping a load in the sink Carl crept up the stairs to check on Raphael and Anne. He could hear Raphael snore. There was enough light in the room so that Carl could see his wife was not in the bed and the bathroom door was open, the room dark. With another day ahead Carl managed to drift off to sleep with his pretty office manager on his mind.

The next morning Raphael was in the kitchen when Carl went to fix his breakfast.

“Your fucking cunt of a wife spent the whole night with those guys in the pool house. She’s such a motherfucking whore!”

Carl finished his breakfast and had showered and dressed, almost ready to leave for work when he saw his wife walk towards the back door with what little clothes she wore to the pool house draped over her arm. Cum was leaking from her and running down both thighs as well as dropping to the concrete directly from her fuck slit as she walked.

It was Raphael that went in to a jealous rage when Anne reached the house.

“What the fuck were you doing? You were going to give Ed a courtesy fuck and take on his friend. That shouldn’t have taken over an hour. And you were gone all night. What the fuck Anne! What the fuck??”

“I did Ed. His buddy watched. Then the buddy undressed and he had like a seven inch cock hard. I kind of snickered and might have said that I thought all black guys had huge cocks. He said if I wanted huge cock he’d call his friend to come over. He said his friend had fourteen inches. That’s a couple of inches more than you. I was thinking I wondered what that would feel like. I fucked the seven inch guy while we waited for his friend to get here.”

“So, you think the guy was bigger than me?”

“Oh, he sure was! It was like the fourth or fifth time he fucked me before I got it all in … and cum? God that man could cum! Well, look at me. You can see that.”

Raphael had nothing to say. Anne kissed her husband on the cheek as she walked past him.

“Have a nice day at work, Honey. Love ya! I only got a couple of hours sleep before I woke up with that fourteen inches starting up inside me again. I’m going to shower and crash.”

She went into the bathroom and started the shower. Carl still enjoyed her nakedness. He looked at Raphael before going out the door.

“Well Raphael. I guess … have a nice day!”

Carl was still laughing when he got into his truck and backed from the driveway. Fucking Tanya was great again. Carl had things to do so he only got to fuck her once. As the day was ending there wasn’t time to swing back past the office to fuck Tanya before any of his crews showed up. He wasn’t but a few blocks from Mandy. Her husband had worked for Carl about a year when they married right after her eighteenth birthday.

Being Mormon Carl followed the lead of hiring only Mormons to work in his business. It helped his business maintain customers and it gave him access to fucking the employees’ Mormon wives. Mandy was the typical blue-eyed blond Mormon wife. Carl loved her big D-Cup boobs and a tight tucked in little cunt. She was the only one he could remember where her wanted to eat her pussy before the first time he fucked her.

Mandy was a quick learner. Her husband was one of three in line to lead on the newest service truck. It meant a big raise in pay due to commissions. Her husband brought her by to introduce her to the boss right after the honeymoon. Mandy acted flirty and gave Carl a couple of “come fuck me” looks. Twelve days after her wedding day, four days after her honeymoon, Carl had stopped by their apartment and after eating that delicious pussy sank his cock in her smoldering hot twat.

The young girl had the most amazing pussy. Rather than outer lips or any protrusion Mandy’s entire cunt was inside her slit. It looked like God forgot to make her a girl and a surgeon fixed the mistake. Fucking Mandy was like fucking a buttered glove attached to a bucking bull. Carl wondered how her husband lived through the honeymoon. Carl wondered if she had even been told about birth control.

“Is it okay to cum inside you?”

“Oh, yes. I want you to cum inside me. I shouldn’t be fertile until next week anyway. My husband and I aren’t going to use anything. Maybe you can come by next week and add your sperm to the bank.”

“You are kidding, I guess.”

“No! Dead serious! I shouldn’t have been such a prude about holding off until the wedding. Things might have been different. My husband has a tiny dick. My only chance of getting his sperm in deep enough is to fuck him standing on my head. After he goes to sleep I fuck myself on the bed post. Your cock is nice. Make me cum. I want your seed in me!”

Carl was trying to hold off to be sure she would cum first when her fingernails clawed his back. She screamed and shoved against him. Between that and the baby talk with such a young bride, throw in the bedpost statement, caused Carl to send a load of sperm spurting hard into her depths. Mandy looked scared, surprised, and pleased as her first cock induced orgasm swept over her.

Both lay on the bed spent from their efforts. Mandy leaned up to thank Carl and kiss him, planting one of her big knockers on his chest. He moved her up to suckle her nipples causing the heat to move through the young bride again. Feeling his new found hardness poking at her Mandy reached back and guided his cock back into her wet snatch. Carl looked down at the spot where his cock slid into her as she moved up and down on him. The total lack of exposed female parts and the feel of his cock in what was truly just a little girl slit covered with a sparse patch of blonde hair was getting to Carl.

“I really meant what I said about you fucking me next week while I’m fertile. We really want kids and I don’t care who the is the father. I’d almost prefer it would be you so if I have a son he doesn’t have a four inch dick to disappoint his wife. Your cock feels good in me. Can I cum without getting you off? I really don’t want this to end yet.”

“Go easy. If you bounce too much I’ll lose it. I’m still stuck on your joke about fucking the bedpost.”

“Oh, that wasn’t a joke. I’ll show you when we are done here.”

Mandy lost control when she felt herself start to cum again. She rocked down hard on the cock of her husband’s boss. Leaning back her big tits swayed from side to side. Another loud scream escaped her mouth as the second orgasm was bigger than her first. She fell forward hard, planting her huge knockers into her lover’s chest. They lay together until Carl softened and slipped out of her little pussy.

After a few minutes rest Mandy staggered to her feet and to the foot of the bed.

“I promised that I’d show you this.”

Then was when Carl noticed the shaft rising up from the footboard. The top was a smoothly tapered piece of wood that started out about an inch round, then expanded to about two inches and back down to and inch again as it became a wider ring over a wider round shaft.

Mandy stood on her tiptoes and moved over the knob. A little move forward put the tip of the wood right at the little slit. Pushing down Mandy had about six inches of wood buried in herself. Some wiggling of her hips and she had the flared ring inside her and continued down until she had most of the next round section that ended at the footboard cross section.

Everything considered she had nine or ten inches of it in her. What Mandy seemed to lack in size, she sure made up with it in depth. She kept her eyes locked on Carl. Carl kept his eyes locked on her cunt fucking the bedpost. She kept the post in pretty deep and added some side movement to it.

Carl watched the look on her face and listened to her breathing. She was going to cum on the damned thing. Then she thrust up and down a few times really hard, almost losing her balance. Stumbling back to the bed she caught herself.

“Damn! That was even more intense with someone watching. But, let me fix you lunch and if you want you can fuck me again.”

She did fix him lunch. He fucked her twice. Before leaving she made him promise to fuck her every day the next week while she was fertile.

“I’ll be fucking my husband, too. But, let’s hope his little sperms don’t get anywhere near my egg.”

Back to current time, Carl parked his truck and walked to her apartment. That was one crazy eighteen year old newlywed. He had been there just two days ago to fuck her, but also check on her baby. She was two months pregnant now. Not showing at all unless you really looked for it. Carl stopped by often. If the baby was his he wanted to keep Mandy off the bedpost.

Carl called ahead. Mandy greeted him ready to fuck. He took her to her bed and fucked her hard causing her to squeal with each stroke. His load wouldn’t do her any harm. Afterward they were laying with her naked and her big tits over his stomach.

“I’m so sure this baby is yours. And, I want the rest of them to be yours, too. My husband would never figure it out.”

“Does he know I might have knocked you up?”

“I’ve never even told him you’ve fucked me. He doesn’t know you’ve been here, let alone between my legs pumping away the way you do.”

“It’s funny what men don’t know. My wife was fucking this client at work. Two of them actually. Now one has moved in and fucks her all the time right in front of me. I guess I have it coming. But, in my own house and in my bed.”

“Carl, Honey. You can’t stop women from fucking around. Since I’ve learned I’m pregnant I’ve fucked one the neighbors a couple of times. Mostly to see what it was like. Not so great actually. Maybe you’ve spoiled me. Fuck me again!”

He did her twice more, turned on by the idea she was going to have his baby. Then Carl had dressed. Mandy was still naked, sitting on the kitchen chair with his cum leaking from her cunt.

“You should take someone home for a few days and fuck her in front of your wife. That would teach her.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. That would be interesting and should fuck with her mind.”

“I’ll do it!” Mandy was enthusiastic when she volunteered.


“Sure. She doesn’t know me. It would be like our honeymoon. After all we are having a baby together.”

“It makes sense. How do you explain it to your husband?”

“He’s obsessed with work since you put him in charge of the new truck. Wives fucking the boss does pay off. I’ll tell him I’m going to help my sister in Lehi out for a few days. He won’t even bat an eye.”

Carl looked her over. Eighteen and pregnant she looked good. Quite an upgrade no matter how hot Anne still looked. He got that stirring in his loins.

“Maybe you could make it a permanent move.” Carl was half teasing.

“I’m not leaving my husband. You can knock me up all you want, but I’m staying in my marriage. I’m still in love with the guy.”

Mandy got to laughing so hard a glob of sperm spurted from her cunt onto the floor.

“That did sound somewhat ridiculous, didn’t it?” Tears of laughter rolled down her cheeks.

“Okay, so when do you want to do this? I’m all in.”

Carl expected her to back down.

“I’ll pack some clothes now and call my husband at work.”

Mandy walked naked in front of Carl to the closet and pulled a suitcase out from the floor. Then she started taking outfits from the closet and laid them on the bed.

“How many nights should I stay?”

“I don’t know. How about three or four?”

She put her arms around his neck, shoved her big knockers into his chest, and kissed him long and hard.

“How about five?. That will give us the weekend.”

“Okay, five.”

Mandy squealed and got out more clothes.

“I’ll need more room so I’m not taking any underwear. What do you think about that?”

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“I like it. You boobs moving around under your shirt will piss her off and distract her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend, huh? Does that mean I’m your girlfriend?”

“I guess so.”

That made her squeal again and rush into his arms. The big naked tits again on his chest. Carl dropped his pants with one hand and pushed her on the bed. He lined up his cock and starting pushing it in.

“Maybe we should wait to do this until after I get you home with me.”

“How about we do it now … and … when you get me home with you?”

Carl went balls deep on her and began their fucking motion. There was still a lot of cum in her from earlier. With him still fucking her Mandy reached her phone. Carl froze when he heard to line ring on the other end.

“Be quiet, but don’t stop fucking me.”

The phone rang a couple of times before he heard the answer.

“Hi, Honey. I’m going to help out my sister for a few days.”

“Probably through the weekend.”

“Love you, too.”

Mandy ended the call and kissed Carl hard on the lips.

“Looks like our honeymoon is beginning. Finish me up so we can go to your house.”

In the truck Mandy sat near the center of the front bench seat. Anne had always sat almost on the door of the passenger side. Everything Mandy said was light and sexy. All Anne had done for years was sit over there and bitch about things. Mandy worked her hand along his thigh and would fondle his dick through his pants. It was like a high school date.

The ride seemed too short when Carl pulled into his garage. Mandy’s youthful spirit was refreshing and Carl didn’t care to deal with his wife or Raphael right now. Carl carried the suitcase in front of himself and led his girlfriend into the house. He sat the suitcase down by the basement stairs and found Anne fucking Raphael in the master bedroom. The sweat on their bodies and the sounds Anne was making indicated that they had been fucking a while and Raphael was about to blow a load into Anne’s womb. Carl waited for the peak moment to speak.

“Hi, Honey. I’m home!”

“Jesus, Carl! You scared the hell out of me.”

“I just wanted to let you know I brought someone home with me.”

“It better not be some guy. I’m not letting anyone else fuck Anne.” Raphael grumbled.

“No, it’s not a man.”

Carl pulled Mandy to the doorway. Raphael gave Mandy the once over. Anne’s eyes got larger and her mouth hung open. She couldn’t believe Carl had brought some whore into their house.

“Let us finish fucking. After Raphael drains his balls in me again I’ll deal with you.”

“Okay. We’ll be downstairs.”

Mandy pulled him away from the doorway towards the basement stairs.

“Holy shit, Carl. You didn’t tell me the guy your wife is fucking is black.”

“I might have left out a little detail. There’s also a white ex-con staying in the pool house she was fucking before she started fucking black.”

“It’s like some porn site on the internet. I saw him pull about six inches out of her and shove it back in. What the hell is wrong with her. How big is it anyway?”

“You saw about half of it. It’s probably twelve inches. They got in a big fight because she fucked another black guy that had fourteen.”

“Your wife fucks black guys with huge cocks. Do they cum inside her?”

“Yes, a whole lot, actually.”

“I hope you aren’t still fucking her. I mean I don’t want her to give you some STD that makes our baby sick.”

It’s been going on for a while, but I’ve not fucked her in a long time. Not since I got to fuck you.”

They kissed at the guest room door.

“Do you think we should be fucking when she comes after you?” Mandy seemed concerned.

“Sure. Might as well hit her with it right off. We wanted to fuck with her mind. The shock will do her good.”

The two had just started. Mandy heard Anne at the door. She put her finger to her lips to silence Carl.

“Oh, Baby. I love that. You fuck me so good.”

The door flew open. Anne was staring straight at her husband between Mandy’s thighs pumping in and out of her cunt. Mandy’s big tits were standing proudly on her chest with Carl’s efforts making them jiggle. Mandy dropped her hands to his ass to draw him in tighter.

“You’re not going to bring some whore into my house and fuck her under my roof!”

“Oh yes, he is. He’s fucking me right now. And, I’m not a whore, but I know a whore when I see one. And, right now I am looking right at one.”

Mandy tried to reply sweetly to Mrs. Carl. The venom in her voice could be heard at the end. Anne spun around and slammed the door. They could hear her cursing as she stalked back upstairs with “Fuck this, fuck that. God damn it.”

“She seems nice.” Mandy laughed. “I think I am going to like screwing you in your house.”

They kissed and went to back their love making. When she finished she yelled as loud as she could.

“Oh, my God. That is so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Anne was fucking Raphael out of spite, giving him a really good ride. She heard the little bitch downstairs under her husband. Raphael heard it, too. They picked up the pace. Both had an orgasm, but it could have been better. Even more pissed about Mandy’s scream Anne muttered.

“There’s no fucking way he’s that good.”

Carl knew he was overmatched with the young teen wife. It must be some kind of father envy that got her off so hard fucking him. And, maybe some of it was her cheating on her husband with his boss. Whatever … it was good for Carl. He’d try to keep up.

It wasn’t so good for Raphael and Anne. Anne didn’t like the idea of the young twat fucking her husband. She would be even more unhappy if she knew Raphael loved her big tits and tight ass and wouldn’t mind fucking Mandy himself. They dressed to watch television in the family room.

Downstairs Mandy had Carl motivated to fuck her again after some time talking and giggling about the evil deed they were up to. Almost through with their second round Mandy’s husband called to see if she got to her sister’s house alright. Carl kept fucking her. She rolled him over and mounted his cock from above before answering. Carl was pinching her nipples and slowly fucking her when she answered. Mandy fed her husband a line of “visiting my sister” bullshit while she lowered herself up and down on his boss’s cock.

Her husband was telling her something about work and something about one of the neighbors when Carl felt his load release up his cock and into Mandy. While she was talking she went through a really naughty orgasm, almost screaming into the phone. After hanging up Mandy kissed Carl and the two laughed uncontrollably about what they had just done. Strangely, Carl was feeling eighteen again.

They decided go make something to eat. Carl dressed in a t-shirt and swim trunks and Mandy in a long t-shirt and nothing else went into the kitchen. There wasn’t anything in the fridge to warm up. Mandy started opening the cabinets telling Carl she would cook them something to eat. As she rummaged through the kitchen Anne came unglued. She ran into the kitchen screaming. Frightening anger on her face.

“You fucked my husband, but you’re not fucking with my kitchen. It’s my kitchen, God Damn you!

Raphael had hold of Anne trying to calm her. Anne didn’t let up.

“It’s my kitchen. My God Damned kitchen. Get your fucking hands off my fucking kitchen.”

Anne was about ten seconds from needing to call 911. Mandy stared her in the eyes.

“I really think this is more about your husband than your kitchen, don’t you?”

Anne screamed and swung around and punched Raphael for holding her back. Mandy sidestepped as Raphael got hold of Anne again.

“If you want, I can make you two something to eat, too. I think I saw some spaghetti and sauce in the pantry somewhere.”

The girl was younger than her own daughters, yet she had gotten the best of her. Anne starting shaking and then settled on the floor of the kitchen near the stove. Mandy stepped around her and got out a couple of pots to cook the spaghetti and sauce. Raphael stood in a defensive position in case Anne flew into another rage.

With the meal over Anne and Mandy washed and dried the dishes together. They didn’t say much, but did seem to have reached some sort of agreement about men and who was fucking who and why. Carl and Mandy went back to the basement bedroom. Upstairs it was a night Anne was mad enough at him she didn’t want to fuck Raphael. She went down to Ed and spent the night. Carl and Mandy fucked twice. It’d hard to beat a good “Victory Orgasm”.

The next morning Mandy opted to stay in bed while Carl went in to work for a while. When Carl hurried back home Anne was back in the house and apparently she and Raphael were having make up sex from what Carl could tell by a quick peek into the master bedroom. Mandy’s wanton cunt was waiting for Carl. Carl and Mandy took it slow and were still fucking when they could hear the other couple moving around upstairs.

Many got up and stood naked by the bed. Carl watched her marvelously huge tits as she stretched. He looked down at a dribble of cum about to escape her slit. She looked at him and reached into her suitcase.

“Time to tease the boyfriend.”

She pulled out a skimpy two piece. Okay, not two piece. A micro-bikini. The patch in front barely covered her pussy slit and the top was two patches that did little more than cover her nipples. Carl almost fucked her on the spot.

“Hold off now. This is just for show. You can fuck me after lunch. Right now I want to see what happens when a black man sees a young white woman in this outfit.”

“I know the answer to that. If not want to fuck you, he’ll want to do this…”

Carl laid her on the bed and got between her legs. He pushed the fabric aside.

“You can’t fuck me. It will soak right through my bottoms.”

Carl moved his face to her crotch and tongued her slip. Mandy lay back and started to give into his actions.

“You can’t do that. You just fucked me. There is still some of your cum inside me.”

Carl didn’t care. It was his cum and there was a lot more of her coating his tongue than him. Mandy relented and waited to cum. Getting eaten by a husband and then confronting his wife sent her into an overpowering orgasm. Carl kept sucking at her cunt, lapping her juices.

“We are going to be here all day. The more you lick the more I’m going to lubricate.”

Carl took a few more tastes and placed the patch of material over her womanhood. They joined Anne and Raphael in the kitchen. They seemed to be alright after Anne spent the night in the pool house leaving Raphael alone so she could fuck Ed. That was until Raphael saw the much younger Mandy in the tiny swimsuit. Anne noticed the staring and it was on again.

Mandy popped some frozen waffles into the toaster and heated syrup in the microwave. Again, making herself a little too at home in Anne’s kitchen. Anne’s temper simmered while Raphael’s testicles boiled. Mandy’s reaction indicated she had noticed the hardon she had caused in Raphael’ shorts.

The expected explosion didn’t happen. When Carl finished his waffles Mandy tripped off to a lounger at the pool. After making sure she moved it to the best spot for viewing from the house she laid out, turning so Raphael could she her huge tits and then her tight little ass.

Carl watched his wife practically drag Raphael to the master bedroom. Sounds of her fucking Raphael soon filtered throughout the house. Anne came back into the kitchen nude dripping cum from her snatch just to make sure Carl could see how hard Raphael had fucked her. Carl left to sit at the pool with Mandy.

“Well, did it work? Did she get pissed at Raphael for checking me out?”

“I’d say it did. She took him into the bedroom and about fucked the nuts off him. Came back to me naked and leaking sperm just so I’d know.”

“Hmmm, time for the next phase. See if he’s watching.”

“They’re on the back patio sitting in the chairs. They have to be watching.” Carl assured her.

Although it didn’t cover much anyway Mandy stood and took of her tiny swimsuit, standing fully naked in their view. Carl could feel sperm start to come up his shaft.

“Put lotion on me.”

Many lay flat on the lounger face down. Carl took his time to be sure it was a good show. Then on her back her youthful tits stood firm. Carl starting the lotion on her tits. Her nipples went rock hard. Carl started across her stomach knowing as he put lotion on Mandy he was rubbing over their unborn child. Pretty good for two months along, her stomach was flat like a board.

“Are they still watching?” Mandy cooed.

“Yeah. My wife has his cock out jacking him off … shit … she saw me look. She just took his cock in her mouth.”

“Okay. Do my legs, but don’t get lotion in my pussy. I want you to eat me.”

“With them watching?”

“Yes, with them watching. You like to eat my pussy and I might just drown you in juices.”

Carl finished her legs and went down on Mandy. She sucked in her breath when his tongue went in. She was wet as promised.

“Are they watching?” Mandy was really getting off on being watched.

“Now that I am down here I can look and they can’t tell I’m looking. Anne’s still sucking his cock..

“I want to see!”

Mandy got up and bent over to put the lotion in her tote bag. She bent over with her ass towards the patio. Anne still had her mouth over Raphael’s cock, but Mandy gave him a straight on look at her cunt. When she turned back to the lounger she got her chance to see Raphael’s black cock. Anne had just taken it out of her mouth to say something to him. Probably his reaction to seeing Mandy’s exposed pussy.

Mandy kind of paused to look again as she settled onto the lounger and guide Carl’s mouth back to her cunt. As Carl worked his tongue back up her pussy Mandy took a deep breath.

“Is that cock really that big, or was I seeing things. It must be a foot long.”

“That’s what I’ve been told. I’ve seen him fuck her with it. I don’t have any doubt that it is not.”

“There’s no way I could get all of that in me.”

“That’s not why you are here. Remember?”

“Yes, but … Jesus Christ … oh fuck!”

Carl’s tongue got to her. Probably not making her forget what she saw, but made her cum. He made her cum several times while she watched his wife suck Raphael’s black cock into her throat.

“Fuck me! I want them to see you fuck me!”

Mandy’s legs moved wide open as she grabbed his hair and pulled him up to fuck her. Carl’s cock pounded her gooey wetness. Mandy started orgasms on about the tenth stroke and just kept cumming. Anne was no longer sucking Raphael’s big penis. Both were sitting, watching the action at the pool, the huge black shaft straight in the air. Mandy had her face turned towards them watching them watch her fuck Anne’s husband.

Somehow Carl managed to last several minutes. Then they both stood. Mandy bent over to pick up her tote and tiny swimsuit being sure the two watching could see her open cunt and Carl’s seed. She walked past them into the house twirling her swimsuit around on her fingers. Raphael’s eyes never left her. Anne glared at Raphael for looking at Mandy. As she passed them cum spurted from his cock onto Anne’s fingers.

While getting drinks from the fridge cum splattered onto the floor. Carl knew more of it was her than him.

“I’d better clean that up.” Carl offered.

“No. leave it. Let them get it or walk around it.”

Carl had dressed. Mandy sat naked on the stool at the counter, more juices puddled below her cunt. Anne and Raphael came in. Anne grabbed a paper towel to clean up the mess from Mandy and threw it in the trash. Mandy smiled.

“Want to hand me one of those? I’m getting quite a little cum spot on the seat.”

Anne gave her a look, then handed her a paper towel before spinning on her heels and leaving for the master bedroom. Raphael followed right behind her, his cock bouncing in the air. Within minutes the sounds of fucking came from the master bedroom.

They couples spent the rest of the day ignoring each other. Carl took Mandy out to eat. He was proud to be out with such a beauty. When they got home Anne and Raphael had been watching something on television. When Carl walked in with Mandy Raphael was fucking Anne from behind.

Mandy sat where she should have had a good view if Raphael would pull his cock out far enough for her to see. Instead he had his hands on Anne’s hips bouncing her off his pubic bone. The whole length buried inside Carl’s wife, her tits jiggling with every impact. The young woman watched minute after minute. Finally Raphael grunted and Anne screamed as his cum shot into her.

Five minutes after finishing Raphael pulled out leaving a trail of cum from his cock to Anne’s pussy. He was still almost hard and probably still ten inches long as he had barely softened from fucking Anne. This didn’t go unnoticed by Mandy as she was visibly aroused from the scene that played out before her and the size of Raphael’s shiny black monster.

Carl took her downstairs and fucked her three times. She seemed to be quite the nympho, not getting enough cock. Sounds of fucking from upstairs continued through the night.

The next morning Mandy stayed in bed while Carl went to work. It was payday. Carl needed to spend a little extra time at the office. He smiled at Mandy’s husband when he gave him his check. The young man had no idea that his boss was fucking his wife instead of her being at her sister’s house for the week like she had said.

When he arrived home he didn’t see Mandy and went downstairs to see if she was still sleeping. Raphael and Anne were on the couch when he walked by. Anne had half of his cock down her throat. Carl went back upstairs to ask of her whereabouts and noticed her suitcase near the front door.

Raphael spoke as Carl’s wife never took his cock out of her mouth.

“Hey, man. She left you a note. Sorry. Things got a little crazy.”

“What did you do to her?” Carl threatened.

Anne’s mouth came up of his cock then.

“He fucked her. What do you think? We had her begging for it. But, nice try bringing home the sweet and innocent.”

Carl read the note.

“I’m sorry. I’ve done something terrible. I’m going home. Bring my suitcase when you can. I’m taking a bus home to my car at the lot.”

A fucking bus. Carl raced to the front door. Anne and Raphael laughed at him.

“Why run after her? She ain’t doing you any good now.”

Mandy answered the phone crying.

“Get off the bus at the next stop. I’m coming after you.”

Carl picked her up five minutes later. She waddled over to the truck like her thighs wouldn’t go back together.

“Shit!” Thought Carl. “He really got to her.”

Then her remembered their first meeting and her bedpost sex. She had the depth to her and the width wasn’t that much different. She was a good fuck when he had left this morning. She’s young she will be alright he reassured himself.

“I did something awful.”

“I know. Anne was gloating. It happened. I can’t blame you for wanting to know what it felt like. What happened?”

“Something woke me up. I decided to go upstairs to get a soda. Your wife was sucking his cock. It was so huge. I just sat and watched. I was so fucking wet just looking at him when he asked if I wanted to touch it. Your wife moved out of the way, and well, there it was. You know how big it is. I touched it. Then I moved my hand around on it feeling the girth of the thing. Then without realizing it I was basically jacking him off with my hands moving up and down the length.”

“I understand. There way no way you couldn’t touch it.” Carl tried to sound understanding mostly to hear more of the story.

“Your wife moved out of the way a little bit and I found it was just me and Raphael’s black cock. Anne had one hand at her cunt slowly fingering herself while she watched my amazement of his twelve inches of black manhood. I was thinking of you and how wrong it was to be doing what I was doing. Then your wife’s voice cracked the silence.”

“What does your man think of you fucking my husband and what would he think about where you are right at this moment?”

“How do you know I am married?”

“You are wearing your wedding rings while you are about to fuck my boyfriend.” She taunted.

“Your wife laughed when I said, I’m not going to fuck him I’m just touching it.”

Mandy did touch it. She touched it a lot. Then when some precum came out of the piss slit and ran across the head Mandy put her mouth over the head of it and sucked the fluid into her mouth.

“That’s when I lost control. I pushed my mouth down hard and kept moving up and down on his shaft until I had the head against the back my throat. He grabbed my hair and shot cum down my throat while I pumped the shaft. I went on my back and tried to get him to fuck me. Your wife wouldn’t let him. She made me beg. I sounded like a blithering idiot trying to get into a position to line him up with my pussy and fuck me.”

“Did you let him fuck you? It’s okay if you did. You had to want to try black cock after watching Anne getting it buried in her.”

“Raphael wanted to fuck me so much by then. His precum was lubricating me and God knows I was went enough inside. Your wife wanted to see him rip me apart, ruin me for you. It hurt so bad. The stretching and the pressure made a burning sensation as I tried to get open enough to take the head inside me. About half the head in made me cum. That was enough to make me slick enough and open enough to get the whole head inside. I was out of my mind from orgasms. A couple of inches of shaft followed the head in. I soon had half of him inside me. That’s when he blew a huge load of cum up my snatch.”

“Half way? I’ve been that deep.”

“Not like this you haven’t. I was getting busted up good. The burning feeling as he stretched me felt almost as bad as him fucking me felt good. As he softened a little and with the help of the slickness of his cum the whole thing moved inward”. There wasn’t a lot left to go but I made him stop because I was afraid he would go in my womb with the baby.”

“Still, not a lot more that you taking that bedpost.”

“Yes, but this was real and it had a black man attached fucking it into me. I was surprised how many times he could cum in me.”

“How many times he could cum in you? You fucked him more than once?”

“Uh, yes. You were gone quite a while. I thought it was three times, but your wife said it was five. Now that I think about it, it probably was five times. All I remember for sure was for as sore as I was how good it felt each time he fed his cock up my twat. That’s why I left. I couldn’t believe I lost control like that. I had to have his cock in me. I left when I realized you should be home soon, yet I wanted to fuck him again, have his seed in me.”

“So, if I took you back you’d let him fuck you again?”

“Yes, I think I probably would. I would. I know I would. I’d want him to fuck me. I need his cock and his cum in me … again … and again.”

Carl made a choice. If she wanted black fucked she was going to get black fucked. It would be her husband’s problem, not his. He turned his truck towards home. Mandy was looking out the windshield, biting her lower lip. Her chest was heaving, her legs apart as if she wanted to waste no time or that they just would not go all the way together as she thought of fucking Raphael soon.

When they got home Raphael was trying to fuck Anne in the bedroom. From the conversation he may have worn himself out. Mandy was a little shocked as she thought she could just waltz into the house and slide under Raphael’s black cock and work it into her. Temporarily defeated she took Carl downstairs with her. She tried to get him to fuck her. Carl played it cool as he knew what she really had on her mind.

With her legs open Carl looked in at her cunt. It wasn’t a tight slit any more. Her inner and outer lips now protruded and inch or so. Her pussy was so fucked out on the inside the lips to her vagina were now outside having a look around. If they could see they would notice Carl slowly shaking his head.

Carl and Mandy lay in bed. Both went to sleep. When they awoke it was almost dark. Upstairs Anne and Raphael were resting, too. A few minutes later Carl ordered pizza. After eating and no mention of her intent Mandy was fucking Raphael again. The only good part about it was that Anne was pissed and wanted all the black cock for herself. It was a victory of sorts for Carl. Watching the young wife and the huge cock was surreal. It didn’t matter to Carl, but bothered Anne a lot to see Mandy banging the hell of the black man she wanted to be fucking her.

The whole weekend went like that. Monday afternoon Raphael and Anne dropped Mandy off near her car and let her pull her suitcase the rest of the way. Carl had already fucked Tanya at the office twice by then. Plans needed to be made. Tanya’s husband didn’t do much other than watch her fuck other men. Carl and Tanya had conceded that they loved each other and things needed to change.

A divorce was going to be tough for Carl because Anne would clean him out for her half and blow the money on Raphael or some other black guy with a big cock. Tanya was up to moving away and living together. Competitors had tried to buy Carl out in the past. Maybe that was the answer. Plans like that need time to gel. Tanya and Carl would fuck at the office. Anne would be figuring a way to keep Raphael to herself after the anger she felt from him fucking Mandy all weekend.

Carl went home to a house with just Anne and Raphael. She chewed him out for bringing “that young cunt” and threatened him never to do that again. Carl figured he contributed to Raphael’s sex life twice and had no intention of repeating that mistake.

A week went by and a Tuesday came around. Carl came home with Tanya’s juices on his cock and was met with a quiet house. Anne’s car was missing from the garage. He checked the master bedroom almost expecting them to be fucking in there.

The note taped to the fridge was new. On a lawyer’s letterhead, addressed to whom it may concern and signed by Anne it read;

“I have taken the money from savings and checking. I am taking my personal belongings and my car. I hereby agree to a divorce leaving all other assets to my husband on the condition the house is sold and the proceeds split.”

Carl was blank for a few moments. His thoughts turned to Tanya. Would that be what he wanted? His next thought was about something Raphael had told him when he first started fucking Carl’s wife;

“I’d like to marry her and fill her cunt with black babies while she is still young enough to have my kids.”

Carl smiled. He guessed maybe Raphael had taken her back East to meet his parents.

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