A desperate mother is caught trying to sell her body online

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Incest stories,mom and son, A desperate mother is caught trying to sell her body online… I held my pussy open in front of the webcam. I felt like a fool once again sitting there at my piece-of-shit computer with my legs spread and my tits hanging out desperately trying to make enough money to pay the mortgage that was five months overdue. I must have been crazy thinking a forty-something-year-old broad like me with saggy tits, stretch marks and a used up twat could compete with the teen sluts offering up their perfect little asses and pert little tits for every pervert with two bucks to whack off to.

Me, bitter? What makes you think that? The sound of a door creaking and slamming shut let me know that the one person watching my preview “show” had left. BeaverMan415 was still there, but I didn’t count him. He was always there. He popped onto my channel a couple days after I first started this pointless effort to make some money, and, since then, every time I was online he was there. I’d never heard a peep out of him, gotten a single message, or (most obnoxiously) earned a single token from him. I’d ask him at least ten times a day if he wanted to go private, but never got a response. Fucking loser.

While I was deciding between waiting to see if anyone else showed up or going to take a dump, the tinkling sound of someone entering my virtual room perked me up.

‘wut u do?’ PussyLvr69 wrote in the message window.

“I do it all, pussy lover,” I said into my headset in as sexy of a voice as I could manage at ten o’clock in the morning. “I have different outfits and toys, anything you want, lover.”

‘fuck ur ass wit dildo while u piss,’ he typed back.

Goddammit. They never just wanted something normal. I’d refused to piss on cam several times already, but I was getting to the point where I couldn’t afford to be precious with what little dignity I had left.

“Oh, yeah, pussy lover, I’ll fuck my horny ass for you–”

“Holy shit, Mom! What the hell?”

A cold jolt of panic shot through me when I heard my son’s voice behind me. I slammed my legs closed and covered my tits.

“Why aren’t you at work?” I screamed.


“Again! What the fuck?”

“Hey, at least I’m not sitting around jacking it to porn all day like you!” He stomped off toward his room.

“Jesse, you get back here!” I scrambled for something to cover up with. I heard my son’s bedroom door slam at about the same time as the door on the computer slammed. So much for Pussylvr69 and my one decent shot at making a few bucks today.

I wrapped the towel around me that I keep nearby in case I squirt and marched down the hall to Jesse’s bedroom. I barged right in.

“Mom! Get out of my room,” he yelled, slumped on his bed about to light a cigarette.

“If I don’t come up with six-hundred and fifty dollars by next Monday this ain’t gonna be your room any more. Yeah, that’s how close we are to being foreclosed on, sonny boy.”

“Jesus, Mom, go put some damned clothes on.”

I was so spitting mad I didn’t even care if anything was showing.

“And now you go and get your ass fired! The only skill you got is pumping gas, and you can’t even fucking do that right!”

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