Birthday party: surprising gifts

It’s my 37 the birthday and I am much happier for last 2-3 months as I have got company of my son Rohan and we both have enjoyed physical relationship frequently but our blood relations as well as limits have been put on as our illicit relationship develops ,we never looked back as it’s a nice feeling of son’s cock in your hand or inside vagina,I know guys or gals,men or women will think me just like a paid prostitute but it’s true that oldest Roman civilization have great sexual bonds in between family members as they get married inside their families to keep their blood pure but if it’s a modern world with time to come when opposite sex marriage called natural will be just a fantasy and gay or/and lesbian’s marriage will be on rise ,so live in relationship have also prevailed in our society ,so if people permits all than why a son can’t make love with her mom or daughter can’t have a physical relationship with her dad,it’s a new phenomena as sexual organs are always used /misused for physical hunger or thirst to be fulfilled.

So Nancy is going to celebrate her 37 th birthday and as my hubby will not be there ,I am bit sad and he have assured me of some surprising gift after he comes back at it’s my physical appearance’s that’s not making me a mom of 18 years son and it’s my well maintained sexual organs that have got love for such a long period and still it’s in great shape.I have always put my body in great shape as I do morning walk daily while I put some artificial gels and creams on my boobs and vagina to keep it tight and as today is my birthday,my son Rohan have left for college and he have asked me……….

“mom , don’t be sad ,I will be back in the afternoon with lot of gifts for my lovely mom
(Nancy)oh I see !but let me explain about your gifts
(Rohan)it will be surprising.”

And my son before leaving for his college told me to be ready to accept gifts like a birthday it’s my first birthday as I have developed a sexual relationship with my as son walked out ,I locked the door and walked towards my bedroom,so opened the wardrobe as I have to select a sexy drees and lastly,I took out my brown coloured choli & lehnga ,so have a set of undergarments and than removed my nightwear as I walked nudely inside my body is nude as my armpits and vagina’s surface have little hairs on it,so sits on my legs as I filled water in a started putting shaving lotion on my armpits and vagina ,as it will take 5 minutes to dislodge my hairs,I rubbed it on vagina’s surface and on arms pits ,so my nude body is dry and I started putting little water on my sexy as my body got wet,I started putting body shampoo on it and lastly,my whole body is covered with shampoo and gels,so I can guess shaving lotion on my glory hole for last 4-5 minutes and than I stood up as I opened the water is flowing on my body from boobs to waist via thighs to legs as my soft back is getting water as I have my bath,I walked nudely while my body is still wet and as I stand infront of a large mirror,looking in it have made me feel like a hot lady as I took towel and started rubbing my body .so my sexy body is nude and than I put black panty on waist as I covered my boobs with a brassier,so looking too sexy in undergarments only,I have chosen a lehnga & choli for me like a newly wed I put it on my body and than walked towards dinning space,so looking at watch ,it’s 11:10 am and I am waiting for my son’s arrival but gifts matter as he will surprise me with I sits in dinning space as I switched on the t.v and started watching a movie on it, so I know my son will surprise me with his gift but what’s about party,so I called Rohan and he received it……….

“mom are you ready ?
(Nancy)yes but where we will go to enjoy ,my son
(Nancy)I am coming soon and be ready for your gift.”

So I thought to put perfume on my clothes as I am in dinning space and it’s 11:45 am as door bell started ringing,so walked towards door and opened son Rohan is there with a carry bag in his hand and three friends is also there,as I recognise one as Raj but two were never got introduced to looking at them,I smiled and Rohan came inside with his they all sits on sofa as Rohan came with me inside room and I said……….

“your friends are here ,so they know my birthday
(Rohan)yes they all are here to wish you your birthday.”and as he have not disclosed his plan ,I am bit surprised but looking at three friends I thought my son’s gifts to me,will they fuck me ?and I will get four cocks at a time,it’s making me feel as Rohan sits on sofa with his friends,I walked to kitchen and took four glasses as I put water in it , came back to put it on Raj smiled and said”aunty please sit here”and I sit on opposite sofa ,now I can see Raj putting canes of beer on table and Rohan smiled…….

“mom,he is my friend Firoz
(Firoz smiled)aunty ,he is James .”

And than four guys started opening the cane of beer as I am bit shocked to see my son Rohan going to enjoy party here with me .so I felt bit shy and I walked away as I am in my bedroom,later on Rohan came there and said………”mom why you came here ?
(Nancy)Rohan three friends and you , what’s in your plan
(Rohan)just join our drinks and get wishes from them,so no gifts for you”and I walked with Rohan to dinning space as Raj,Firoz and James are waiting for us,so I sits on opposite side as Rohan joined we five took glass full of beer as we started drinking it and than Raj lit a cigarette as I know my birthday’s wishes ,so I can see them eyeing my boobs as it’s a nice choli on it, clevage can be seen easily and as four of them put their empty glass on table,I prepared my mind to have gifts as it’s not a big task for me.

Raj ,Rohan,Firoz and James …….all are in jeans as well as short shirts, so they all put their hands on their buckles as they started removing their jeans.while looking at my son,I felt he is giving me a memorable gifts and as they removed their shirts also,I am feeling shy and there……Raj left his place and walked to me,his strong thighs with hard bulge on undies is making me horny and there ,I stood as he hold me in his while kissing my face as rubbing my sexy ass ,he said………

“wishing you birthday as it’s not a gift .”

And he is kissing me frequently on face to necks and like a hot lady ,I have surrendered myself to them .so Raj left me as Firoz is standing there and he hold me as he kissed my lips only as he slapped my buttocks twice before wishing me birthday and I am eyeing four guys in his undies and vest James came to me and he hold me tightly in his arms as he put his lips on my face and kissed me ,lastly four guys wished me .so I am looking like a newly married lady with my choli and lehengas on my sexy body,my flat tummy to belly are nude as my valuable assets are inside Rohan started pouring beer in glasses as Raj asked me……….

“aunty your figure is so hot that’s unbelievable that Rohan is your son.”and I stand infront of them as they are waiting for my clothes to be removed but I am not going to do so,there I sits on Rohan’s thigh as I put my arms on his shoulder and four guys started drinking beer as Rohan have hold my I took my glass full of chilled beer as I drink it fastly and now left my son’s thigh to stand there, so Raj is infront of me as I hold him tightly and started kissing his lips ,so he is rubbing my back.later on Firoz came behind me as I pushed my long tongue inside Raj’s I can feel a hand removing my choli ,it’s a nice day as four cocks will satisfy me ,now my hand hold Raj’s briefs as I pulled it down and his nude cock is in my he is sucking my tongue as I am masturbating his penis fast and there my choli have been removed as Firoz is kissing my nude back .so my eyes are closed as I can feel my lehnga going down to legs,I opened my eyes to see James pulling down my lehnga.

Now Firoz is kissing my nude back as he is pressing my left breast also and James took my right breast in his mouth to suck,so three guys are there and I put my hand on jame’s briefs as I pulled it down .so Raj’s mouth is sucking my tongue as I am masturbating his penis and James is sucking my breast as I hold his penis and it’s a nice experience as my both hands have hold it’s my pleasure to see four penis nude and than Raj took out my tongue as he put my left breast in his mouth,so James and Raj are sucking my breasts as Firoz is kissing my sexy body ,he removed my panty also and his lips are now loving my sexy ass as I am screaming in joy”oohh uuhh uumm suck suck my boobs hard sash three sons are loving their hot mother and what are you doing my son Rohan”and I can feel firoz’s tongue licking my ass hole ,so my body is in sensation as I can see Rohan looking at both guys left my boobs as Raj sits on my legs and Firoz came infront of me,my widend legs are shivering as Raj is kissing my vagina and Firoz as well as Rohan hold my boobs as they started sucking it hard ,so Raj is loving my back.we all are nude as our sexual organs are hot ,so Rohan’s undies is on my legs as I pulled it down and started masturbating it ,Firoz and Rohan is drinking my milks of boobs as Raj is licking my glory hole and it’s James ,who is licking my ass crack as well as ass I have hold cocks of Firoz and Rohan as its semi erected and after a while ,Raj took my vagina in his mouth as I am shouting louder”oohh my four young sons ,love your mom’s vagina ,ass and boobs”and my vagina is in fire as it’s a nice experience to have four penis at a time .
Raj left my vagina as he walked away but Firoz knelt there and he put his finger on my cunt to widend its hole as he put his long tongue inside and started licking it fastly .

So my son Rohan left my breast as he put his lips on my lips and than I opened my mouth as I started sucking my son’s tongue,it’s a hot lady as 37 th birthday is going hot inside home,as my hubby is out of time,my son have arranged for three ,no sorry,four hubbies for me and as Firoz is licking my cunt ,Rohan’s tongue is in mouth and sexy voice “uuhh aahh uumm”can be heard Raj came there as he sits on sofa and Rohan is on my legs as he is kissing my strong thighs ,so as James walked away ,I started screaming”uuhh aahh suck hard”and Firoz is sucking my hot I sits on sofa as Rohan sits on my legs and Raj is standing with his long hard cock ,so I stretched my legs as my son put his lips on my vagina and I hold Raj’s penis as I started kissing it ,Firoz and James are waiting near me for their chance and as Rohan started licking my cunt ,Raj hold my hairs and pushed his penis in my mouth to suck .so I started moving my face as I am sucking his long thick cock ,while my son is rolling his tongue inside vagina and Firoz as well as James took my saggy boobs in their mouths as they started sucking it it’s my hot body which is being loved by four guys as Rohan took my fleshy vagina in his mouth and started sucking it hard as I screamed louder”oohh it’s cumming”and my vagina is wet ,so Raj also took his cock from my mouth and Rohan left my cunt .

Nancy is sitting with her legs stretched as James sits on floor and he widend my hole as he put his tongue inside my wet vagina to he is tasting my cum and firoz stand infront of me as I am bit tired,I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it like a wild lady,so Firoz have hold my hairs as he is screaming”oohh aahh suck suck my penis hard”and it’s growing bigger in my mouth as James left my vagina.later on ,I started licking firoz’s cock with my tongue as he walked away and now fourth cock of James is in my hand .so a prostitute can only hold 4 cocks at a time ,but I took his cock in my mouth as I am too exhausted , James hold my hairs and started fucking my mouth with his long hard my body is too hot as I want a nice fuck and as James started shouting”oohh aahh suck suck my penis hard ,you bitch ” ,I am feeling on top of the world.

Rohan ……Raj……James and Firoz are in short break with Nancy as I have to wait for their penis in my Rohan put a bedsheet on ground as he ask me to be here ,so I knelt on bedsheet like a bitch and Raj starts the proceedings ,while sitting behind my body ,he hold his penis and started putting it in my wet cunt as firoz sits near my face and he hold my hairs as he started rubbing it’s glans on my lips,I opened my mouth and than Raj fucked me hard as Firoz started fucking my Raj is fucking my vagina with speed and power as Firoz is hitting my deeper throat with his cock,now Rohan and James sits near me to my left and right as they both hold my saggy boobs and started massaging it hard,so I am feeling like a whore as I started moving my sexy ass fast ,after 4-5 minutes Raj screamed”oohh aahh have my cum you bitch”and James give him space to pour his cum in my mouth ,so my cunt is hot as I swallowed Raj’s cum.He walked away and than James hold my waist as he started rubbing it’s glans on my vagina and lastly he fucked hard as I screamed”oohh it’s too hard be slow I have to swallow four penis”and he is fucking me as Rohan is sitting infront of me and he put his penis in my mouth as I am sucking it with my face moving james cock is hitting my vaginal depth and Rohan left my mouth as I can see Raj sitting on sofa as Firoz is drinking beer,so I started moving my bum as I am begging for cum……..

“oohh my strong son,now my vagina is in fire ,pour your cum”but he is giving me a hard fuck and there Firoz as well as Rohan sits to hold my boobs and squeeze it hard .so my gifts are in my cunt as I am in fire and as James is fucking me for last 8-9 minutes,he screamed louder”yes have my cum you whore”and as he took out his dick and put it in my mouth ,so his penis ejaculated and I tastes his feeling hotter and well exhausted ,I slept on Rohan came near my legs as he hold my both legs and widend it ,I want a short break but not going to be provided as Rohan hold his penis and started pushing it in my cunt , while on bed in a missionary position ,my son fucked hard as I screamed louder”oohh it’s hurting ,you four bastards will make me a prostitute”and Rohan’s cock is fucking me with speed and power as Firoz sits near my face as he started rubbing it’s glans on my lips,so I opened my mouth and he started fucking it with his hard cock, so one penis is hitting my vagina and other is in my I can see Rohan’s hand on my boobs as he is squeezing one and Firoz have hold others ,so my vagina is like a boiler as I am going to cum again and after 5-6 minutes of fuck,Rohan started pounding my vagina too fast as I am feeling both cocks too hot and hard,he lastly started ejaculating semens in my vagina and Firoz walked Raj ,James and Rohan have fulfilled my vagina with their sexual activities but Firoz is still available for I walked to washroom and took refreshment as I urinated also,back on bed but Firoz asked me to be on knees and elbows ,as he sits infront of my bum.He is rubbing his fingertips on my ass hole and he pushed his long finger inside as I looked back”oohh I see ,want to fuck my ass”and he smiled ,so Rohan came there with a bottle of oil and Firoz is putting oil in my ass hole.later on ,Firoz hold his penis and started pushing it’s glans inside as his 1/2 cock moved inside smoothly,so he hold my waist and than fucked my ass fast as I got his long cock inside my ass hole,I am in bit pain but it’s my strong motive as well as interest for all four cocks to get it inside with pleasure ,so as firoz’s cock is penetrating my ass hard, I started moving my ass at a great speed and he is fucking my ass with lot of power as I am screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh love your gift in my ass hole,really rohan have made me a whore on my birthday but I will get all four cocks again till night”,so my ass is hot as it’s not going to pour cum in it but it’s my luck that Firoz after 5-6 minutes , started shouting”oohh aahh move your ass fast I will cum”and his penis poured cum in my ass ,so I sucked his penis to taste it’s sleeping on bed like a whore as my both holes are filled with cum,even my mouth have tasted my birthday gifts have been accepted as we five will enjoy more…….so wait for its next part. Birthday party:surprising gifts : part-2 (last)

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