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We were staying the weekend at Pam and George’s house so I could check out a club. I was gonna work the weekend decide if we were gonna move up to the area so I could continue working at the club. So far I had danced at a lot of places around home but this would be the first in a different town. We went down there on that Thursday and checked out the club and I got hired. I worked the next night and came home you were still awake. We talked bout the bar and how I’d had a pretty good night then headed to bed. We had sex that night as we were in the middle I heard foot steps in the hall outside the room. Then a short time later I heard the water turn on in bathroom.

Thought nothing bout it and went back to enjoying what was going on in our room. The next morning Pam said y’all had a good night I looked at you and grinned but my face was turning red. She said yea we heard y’all. George shifted his weight and said yeah y’all are kinda loud you know. I could feel him looking at me when he said it. I looked up and caught him looking at me but as soon as he realized I seen him he looked away. We ran errands that day before I went back to take a nap before I had to get ready for work that night. It was an hour drive so I only got a short nap before getting showered and out the door to the club.


I had a busy night and was so ready to get back and hit the bed. We went to bed right after I got home. I woke up to footsteps in the hall again. They stopped for a couple seconds in front of our door then back up the hall. I went back to sleep thinking one of the kids had gotten up to go to bathroom or get a drink. I dozed back off for little bit before waking back up. I needed a drink so I got up. I only had a gown and panties on so I grabbed my house coat to cover up with. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I was standing at the counter with one hand holding m glass and other hand on the counter.

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George came into the kitchen and stood behind me against the fridge. He said O I didn’t know you were up and in here. I heard a noise and thought the kids were up to which I replied nope just me. I just needed some water. He stood there just kinda rambling on as I drank my water. I knew he was starring at me I could feel it. But I didn’t dare turn around. As I finished my glass he began to move around some but still behind me. I stepped over to rinse my glass and put it on dish drainer I felt him step closer.
I looked back and his hand where folded at his chest. He again started talking like he was trying to get me to stand there and talk or trying to get his courage up. I wasn’t staying to find out. I turned back towards counter and as I went to move and say I’ll see ya tomorrow he stepped right up behind me.

I moved and he push me forward up to counter. I pushed back and he pinned me into the counter. He said I know you want this. You must get turned on by all those guys at the bar wanting you. Why don’t you just be quiet and enjoy this. I told him no as his arms came around the front of me. With one pull he undid my house coat. He proceed to put his hand up under my gown. He started massaging my pussy atop of my panties and said tell me you like this.

When I didn’t say anything he got rougher. He said I heard you last night I know you like this. George told me to just let him do what he wanted because knew I wanted it to. He went on to tell me he would do what he wanted or he would go to you and Pam and tell y’all that I had came onto him and tried to get him to have sex with me and when he refused I got mad.
Whether it was true or not y’all would believe it and we would be leaving their house.
When I said no again he completely pinned me into the counter. He pulled my gown up over my hips and pulled my panties down. He began rubbing my clit hard and when I said ouch he told me to shut up.

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He was forcefully playing with my clit and pussy. He reached down and wedged his finger into my pussy lips and rubbed it up and down my lips before inserting is finger into me. He started fingering me with the one hand while he pulled his other hand up behind me. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He pulled his erect penis out of his pants. I felt him rubbing it up against my ass. He said you have a really nice butt feels good against my cock. You like it don’t you.
I didn’t say anything. I told him he needed to stop before Jack or Pam comes in and catches this. We would both be screwed.

He told me we were fine because y’all were both dead asleep.
I tried to push back against him to move him off of me with no luck. He was enjoying the fight. He pushed me over the counter. With one hand holding me down against the counter he used the other one to push his dick up inside of me. He force it in and automatic started pumping. He moved his legs to steady himself before starting to move his hips. He quietly said damn you have a little tight pussy just like I thought you would.
Just hurry up and do what your going to do asshole.

He began pumping and moving faster. With every thrust he tried to force himself further into my pussy. I could hear him saying “ o yes o yes”. I lifted my head as he pushed inside me harder and tried to say stop but he just pushed my head back down.
He was really into fucking me and being rough about it. He said I always knew this would happen but I really thought you would say yes. But this way is good too. Actually I think this way is better.

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He then started pumping and thrusting his hips harder and harder. He was moving faster and faster.
I came hard as I felt his fingers curl up on my back as his excitement grew.
He was turned on by the fact he was taking what he wanted the way he wanted. The more he pumped in and out of me the more his body tensed and the harder he pushed his hand and fingers into my back. I came again as He reached his hand from my back up to the back of my head and just held it there.

With every move he pushed harder on my head and in my pussy I could tell he was getting ready to blow his load. As he pulled his dick out for what seemed to be his last he then instead slammed it back down inside me. And then he pushed up inside me hard one last time before he pulled out and unloaded on my ass and lower back. I used a hand towel off the counter to wipe it off
.He grabbed my ass and pinched as I pulled away from him. I pulled my clothes back on correctly and went to head back out of kitchen and he said We’ll have to do that again.
I ignored him as i went to bed.

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